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2019 was a banner year for horror, seeing
top-notch terror being made at every opportunity. There were spine-tingling remakes of classics
like Child’s Play and Pet Semetary, wicked sequels like It 2 and the ten-year follow-up
to Zombieland, and singularly horrifying original ideas along the lines of Ari Aster’s Midsommar,
Jordan Peele’s Us, and Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse. Although its lots of fun to look back and
evaluate the frightening films of the past year, we have to make sure we’re prepared
for the bloodbath yet to ensue. Welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube,
Top5ScaryVideos. Today we’re counting down the top 5 scary
movies coming out in 2020. My name is Keegan Hughes, and I’m your newest
horrifying host here to guide you through the circles; from limbo to treachery. As always, make sure to give us a big thumbs
up and subscribe if you want to see more movies from the future. Let’s get started. #5: CANDYMAN Disembowelment by hook-hand,mouthfuls of live
bees, baby-snatching dog killers. Do any of these phrases freak you out? If so, this is the horror movie for you. Candyman is the long-awaited follow-up to
the 1992 cult classic of the same name. The original flick saw a young grad student
named Helen researching urban legends for her thesis. While researching, she comes across the legend
of the Candyman; a spectre with a hook jammed into his bloody stump of an arm who can be
summoned by saying his name 5 times while facing a mirror. As most protagonists in horror movies are,
Helen and her best friend are skeptical and decide to investigate further. This investigation sets off a series of brutal
events including the kidnapping of a baby, the evisceration of Helen’s friend, the
murder of a psychiatrist, and a giant people-frying bonfire. This remake has been in the works for a while,
and by the looks of it will be even scarier than the first. Jordan Peele, the director of hits like “Us”
and “Get Out,” has taken on a producer role for this. His outstanding track record and love of horror
should mean that Candyman exceeds expectations. If true to Monkeypaw Productions standards,
it could be pretty funny too! If you’re worried about remake fatigue setting
in, fret not: the remake has already been heartily endorsed by the original Candyman
himself: Tony Todd. Todd was quoted saying “the way Jordan Peele
explained it to me was that it’s gonna be applause-worthy moments … No matter what
happens with that, it’s gonna just put renewed attention on the original.” Todd has also been listed as cast, so there’s
a possibility he’ll be back to reprise his titular role! Could this mean there are two murderous mirror-spirits
in this one? I don’t know how many hook hands and bee-swarms
I can handle. And with that, I’ve realized that I have
the hook-handed man’s name five times. Are there any mirrors in here? Yes? Send help. #4: THE CONJURING 3 The wait is finally over! After seeing in-universe additions like Annabelle:
Creation, Annabelle Comes Home, The Nun, and The Curse of La Llorona, we’re getting a
new mainline Conjuring movie. Buckle your seatbelts, grab your bibles, and
prepare for some “hide + clap,” because The Conjuring 3 is coming. The first two Conjuring movies saw paranormal
investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren square off against some particularly bloodthirsty
(and blood-pukey in some cases) spirits. Each had to do with a family in danger of
being killed by these ghosts. However, James Wan has revealed that this
new Conjuring will have to do with a man on trial for murder. The plot, like those in all of the Conjuring
Universe movies, is based on real-life case files put together by the Warrens. It takes a look at a murder trial in the 80’s
where the crime was blamed on a posessed object. This real-life trial stirred up a lot of controversy
back in the day, and the Warrens were at the centre of the wild news cycle surrounding
it. There has even been speculation that there
might be some lycanthropy involved. Star Patrick Warren has dropped hints recently
that imply it could be “a beast” of a film. The Conjuring plus werewolves could turn out
to be a monstrous combination. The movie will likely develop some more of
the running themes that are common throughout The Conjuring Universe. Haunted objects, killer spirits, failed exorcisms,
you name it. We will learn more about the young Warrens,
and they have cast two new actors to play the investigative couple of years past. It makes me wonder: what kind of haunted objects
will we come across this time? What possessed antiquity will enter the Warren’s
collection? #3: HALLOWEEN KILLS As we have learned time and time again, it
is impossible to actually kill Michael Meyers. Even after being locked into a burning house
at the end of the previous movie, he has managed to live on to terrorize the Strode family. You can stab him in the eye, shoot him multiple
times, burn him beyond recognition, lock him up for 30 years, it doesn’t matter. He’ll always come back with a mask and a
knife. And he’ll always be ready to kill. Which is probably where they came up with
the title for this one! The latest entry into the legendary slasher
franchise is sure to get a scare out of even the most seasoned horror junkie. The 2018 version walked the fine line between
nostalgia and new thrills like a seasoned circus performer. I love it when a flick can pay homage to the
original, but also bring something new to the table. I wouldn’t complain in Halloween Kills involves
more heads being crushed under boots, just saying. Here’s hoping for more incredible music
by John Carpenter as well. There’s not too much to go on yet, but there
was a teaser trailer that made its way online a little while ago. Behind-the-scenes footage shows us a few crazy
moments from set, with a bit of terrified screaming in the background. My personal favourite from the teaser is Lorie
Strode lying in a hospital stretcher, up to her elbows in blood. You gotta love it when a slasher turns into
a blood-splasher. On top of learning a little bit about Halloween
Kills, we also are made aware of yet another sequel already in development. Halloween Ends is following up right away
in 2021. That means more festive Halloween cheer for
years to come. It really is the most wonderful time of the
year. I for one am excited to constantly be looking
over my shoulder to make sure Mr. Meyers isn’t stalking me until then. #2: THE TURNING There’s nothing more chilling than a good
old-fashioned ghost story. I can still recall nights where a young Keegan
would stay up way past his bedtime to finish a spooky short story taken from the school
library. The uncertainty, the dread, the overall inability
to explain exactly what’s happening; all elements of a tale that will scare your pants
off. All of these are present in Henry James’
classic ghost story “The Turn of the Screw,” which “The Turning” is based upon. If we’re lucky, the same elements that make
the written word so lastingly creepy will be translated well on to the big screen. The movie seems to be a modernized version
of the novella, with a live-in nanny arriving at an old manor to care for two cute and creepy
orphans. From there, she realizes that the building
is most definitely haunted, and the children are more than likely possessed. Finn Wolfhard stars as one of the orphans,
which means that I can’t totally rule out the possibility of a demagorgon showing up
at some point. That would really turn our expectations “upside-down”
eh? Oh boy. Jokes aside, there is a lot of possibility
for this movie to be really disturbing. The trailer has its fair share of blood-curdling
moments, including a young girl either vomiting or eating a giant spider, a disembodied hand
scuttling around, and a Victorian-style ghost floating around an abandoned hallway. All good images that point to the possibility
of much, much more. #1: ANTLERS This one has a unique possibility to be something
really special. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, directed by
Scott Cooper, and based on a short story by Nick Antosca, it is being 100% set up for
nightmarish, hair-raising success. It follows the story of a young teacher who
takes pity on a very creative, yet poor student. He tells her the story of his life in the
form of a fairy tale, with some eerie illustrations to accompany it. She takes great interest in helping him, but
soon comes to realize a dark, deadly, shapeshifting secret that he’s been hiding. If you didn’t know, Nick Antosca is a modern
horror master. He has written countless creepypasta stories,
and adapted some of the best into the incredible horror anthology TV series Channel Zero. Channel Zero expands on the fantastically
creepy ideas behind these viral scary stories, and turns them into beautiful, compelling
horror television. If you haven’t seen any Channel Zero yet,
I’d highly recommend you do so. It will guaranteed get you hyped up for Antlers. I mentioned before that the movie is based
on a short story; The Quiet Boy by Nick Antosca. This is actually available for free online
on Guernica. If you can’t wait for the movie to shock
you into submission, take a look at the story right now. Obviously if you do this get ready for spoilers,
but it’s probably just going to get you super stoked for this flick to come out. If you read the story you’ll know that it
doesn’t end in a predictable way, which is big! A lot of horror movies can’t quite stick
the landing, but this one is a slam dunk. Here’s hoping the ending stays the same
in the movie! If done well, the monsters in Antlers have
the potential to be some of the scariest of the past few years. Bear-people-hybrids with antlers and a thirst
for blood and pain? A creepy family of monsters living alone up
in the mountains? A little boy who wants to protect his monstrous
family, but also wants to live a normal life? All of these factors add up to a ridiculously
scary movie. OUTRO Well that’s all we have for today’s list! I don’t claim to be a prophet, but by using
my spooky senses and creepy calculations I tried my best to give you a look at the scariest
movies coming your way in 2020. Did you like the list? Are you excited to see any of these movies? Are there any freaky flicks I missed? Let me know what you think down in the comments. Also, if you haven’t already make sure to
give this video a big thumbs up, and subscribe if you want to see more maddening movie content. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll
see you next time.

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