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the top five films all law students
should watch my name’s Joshua remember to comment below if you want me to cover
a different subject but we’re starting right now
number five in justice this is a true story of a drug addicted lawyer taken
on a health supply corporation while spattering his own demons this is a
story that actually shocked me as we learn an after a nurse was infected with AIDS
by using a contaminated needle there is actually a much safer plastic needle out
there this prevents the reliance on the need to reuse glass needles which of
course if they are not sterlised after each use it runs that risk of passing on
diseases so why are these much safer needles available it’s because a big
health Supply Corporation providing these less safe needles want to keep
their dominance and profits in the market and bully anyone else trying to
come in Chris Evans plays the lawyer trying to put an end to this and it’s a
film well worth watching for any law students number four sleepers it is
more the second half of this film that has the law drama but it’s well worth to
watch if you can stomach the first half we see four boys all friends living in
Hell’s Kitchen New York where a terrible decision leads them to a young offenders
prison where they suffer at the hands of Kevin Bacon now the second half of this
film sees two of the boys on trial for seeking revenge and the prosecutor tasked
were put on them away behind bars is actually their friend who shared the
painful prison experience but instead of doing his lawful duty he instead used
the fourth friend as a go-between to not only get them off the hook with clever
courtroom tactics but also put a spotlight on the abuse at the boys
prison all without crimanting himself for deliberately losing the case number
three The Insider The Insider shows the legal challenges of taken on a big
corporation such as one in a tobacco industry after russell crowe discovered
with the companies not only knew about the dangers of their product but also
the lengths they were taking to avoid the public knowledge to keep their profits
growing we see how the tension of taking on such a big company with millions at
stake boils over and outside of the courtroom
and into the life of russell crows character as he carries the weight
of the world on his shoulders to make a difference this film also benefits from
Al Pacino playing a journalist supporting the reveal of the company’s
ill morals and unethical practices making this a fantastic film to watch not just
for law students but anyone who loves a well acted drama number two the judge
when a brilliant puts shady lawyer with issues with his father finds out his
mother has passed away not only does it bring him back to his father but also
his father’s legal issues after being arrested for a hit-and-run death what
makes it interesting is that his father is a judge with a 40-year long career
and he makes no secret that he doesn’t agree with his son’s questionable uses
of the law despite this his son does his best to aid in his father’s defense
despite his father’s objections with the son being played by Robert Downey
jr. and his father being played by Robert Duvall you’re in not just for a
fantastic legal drama but some fantastic scenes making this a must watch before
going into my final film for law students here are some honorable
mentions suits ok it’s not a film but I still think every law student needs a
series to get them through the year and this is just what you need
we follow mike who knows everything about the law but it didn’t go to law
school this is a result of his amazing memory teamed up with the number one
closer in New York Harvey Specter this series is full of wits cultural
references and it’s just simply cool this series will keep any law student
inspired rules of engagements one of Sam Jackson’s less known films where he is a
fairly remote Marine veteran decorated officer with combat experience but now
he stands trial and held responsible for a rescue mission gone terribly wrong the
social network a film more known for being a biopic of the origins of
Facebook however this film is ultimately controlled by the deposition held by a
lawyers of Facebook and nose who are claiming to have been the original
founders well wherefore watch to see firsthand the complications of corporate
law now on to my top film for law students number one Erin Brockovich Erin
like many is a woman in tough spot who begs herself into her job
at a law firm this is where she stumbles across a medical file placed in real
estate files and decides to investigate and discovers contaminated water in a
local community causing devastating illnesses among its residents and to a
how’re those responsible know and they’re doing their best to cover it all we see
a law drama at its finest as the companies look to bury the case in
paperwork cover the tracks at every turn and avoid taking any responsibility
which a course would be a costly affair I might be a little biased because Julia
Roberts can never do wrong in my eyes but I really do think this is the best
film for any law students especially those looking to get involved to make a
difference I really hope you agreed with my choices but I’d love to hear
what films you think are great for the law students battling their way through
their degree and if you’re interested in films for another degree subject then
comment away and I’ll pick them up finally if you have enjoyed this video
I like ready goes a long way it really does support this channel and if you
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my name is Joshua thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next
one bye bye

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