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Horror movies have been successfully scaring
people for years. Killers popping out of nowhere, strange noises
in the basement and sinister spirits lurking in people’s new homes. But for today’s list, we aren’t going
to talk about how horror movies typically scare us. Instead, we are going to look at some theories
about horror movies that might show us if two movie killers are related or if all of
our favourite horror movies are connected and they actually tell us one huge story. How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing video. Be sure to leave us a big thumbs up and let
me know, if you had to be trapped inside of a horror movie, what movie would you pick? I’d probably be stuck in Jaws. I mean, I’d get to live on a beautiful sunny
island with beaches. I just would never go in the ocean. Ever… Alright let’s jump into today’s list of
the top 10 scary horror movie theories that will keep you up at night. Poltergeist Curse Theory starts us off in
at number 10. This movie is centred around a suburban family
who move into their new home but they start to notice some pretty disturbing things happening
around their house and to their daughter. But what makes things even scarier is that
strange things started to happen to the actors in real life. Months after the release of the first movie,
one of the actors was brutally murdered by her abusive ex-boyfriend. And then two more of the cast members died
within a couple of years after the sequel was released. But wait there’s more. The little girl who played in the first movie
died at the age of 12 from cardiac arrest and septic shock just months before the third
movie was released. One cast member just managed to escape death
when his plane crashed and in 2009 another cast member was brutally murdered by an ex-convict
who killed him with an axe. It seems like anyone who worked on this film
was cursed because they used real-life human skeletons on set of the first film because
fake skeletons were too expensive. I hope the remaining people who are alive
got some sort of cleanse because all of these brutal murders don’t seem like a coincidence. The Descent brings us to number 9. The Descent tells the story about six friends
who are reunited after the protagonist lost her family in a deadly car crash. They set out on an adventure to go caving. They thought that they had all of their safety
checks in place, but they were sadly mistaken. The group of friends got trapped inside of
a cave and they have no idea where they are. They must try to escape their cave prison
before its too late because they are joined by some creepy, flesh eating monsters called
crawlers. However, according to one theory, people are
saying that the monsters were actually imagined by Sarah, and that she went crazy and killed
all of her friends. If you re-watch this movie, it actually makes
sense. She was grieving pretty hard, she was taking
medications, she was probably experiencing claustrophobia and hallucinations and, in
the film, it said that she killed 5 crawlers but maybe she killed 5 of her friends instead. The aliens from Signs aren’t actually aliens
and this theory takes us into number 8. This movie revolves around a family who lives
in a farmhouse. Mel Gibson’s character was a priest but
he lost all of his faith after his wife died in a brutal car accident. Things became pretty strange when the family
noticed crop circles around their corn fields. Soon after, they discover that they are not
alone. They are joined by scary looking alien figures
and they must kill them off before they are killed. And we also learn that water is their weakness. Well, in this theory people are saying that
these creatures are not aliens. Because what kind of advanced species would
come to a planet that is made up of over 70% water. So instead, people are saying that these creatures
are actually demons and the water that was used to kill them was actually holy water. And now, in at number 7 Chris Hemsworth is
actually the bad guy in Cabin in the Woods. The Cabin in the Woods is about a group of
college friends who go on a trip to a remote cabin but they are about to get more than
they bargained for. The group become victims to zombies and monsters
but they also learn that there is a company of technicians who are manipulating their
surroundings from an underground facility. Yeah, this movie is really bizarre. Oh, and it also stars Thor or Chris Hemsworth
so he should’ve easily been able to kill these monsters and save the world but he actually
died in the film. Anyways, as it turns out people are saying
that his character works for the facility and he was the one that led all of his friends
to this slaughterhouse knowing that they would all be killed. And I guess he got double crossed and that’s
why he died as well. A Nightmare on Elm Street takes us to number
6. In this classic slasher movie, teenagers are
being brutally murdered by a man named Freddy Krueger. While teenagers are sleeping, he preys on
them in their dreams but he ends up murdering them in reality. But one character named Nancy discovers that
Freddy Krueger is connected to a dark secret that is kept by some of the parents in the
neighborhood so if she can figure out this connection, she might be able to stop him. As it turns out, one theory suggests that
Freddy is actually Nancy’s real father which would explain why he is so fixated on her
and her house. He believes that this should have been his
house, his daughter and his life. This theory also explains why her mother kept
his glove in the original movie. Biting into number 5 we have the origin of
the cannibal family in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is said that this film is based on the
real-life story of Ed Gein who was guilty of murder and he would take corpses from graveyards
and create trophies from their bones and skin. Well it is said that officers who went into
his home to investigate went absolutely crazy. They spent so much time in the house analyzing
human skulls and things made out of human flesh so they became traumatized and ended
up going insane. It is believed that the officers decided to
stay in Geins house to carry on with the horrible acts and to continue to murder people. They became known as a family from the Texas
Chainsaw Massacre and it would explain why the family never got caught and why the Sherriff
in the 2003 remake was associated with the killings. Number 4 introduces us to Sam Loomis. His name pops up in two iconic horror movies
– Halloween and Psycho. So, horror movie fans are saying that these
characters are one person and these movies are connected. In the movie Psycho, Sam Loomis is the one
who discovers Norman Bate’s true identity. He was the one who found the killer dressed
in his mother’s clothes and brutally murdering his victim. He was able to restrain him and turn him over
to the police. But he was too late. Loomis also discovers that his girlfriend
is dead so theorists are saying that Sam Loomis decided to take on a career in psychiatry
so that he could help other people. Fast forward to the movie Halloween, we see
Sam Loomis is much older now and he is Michael Myer’s psychiatrist. Once Michael Myers escapes, we see that Loomis
loses his shit and is determined to kill Michael Myers because he compared Michael to Norman
Bates. This theory explains why Sam Loomis is so
interested in killing Michael instead of rehabilitating him and why he is desperately chasing Michael
for five movies. Dewey was the third killer in scream and this
takes us to number 3. So, if you guys remember in the first installment
of the Scream franchise, we learn that Billy and Stu are the murderers behind all of the
attacks. But now we have a new theory that makes the
most sense. If you pay attention, there are a lot of plot
holes in the first movie. There is no way that Stu and Billy were the
ones who planned and initiated all of the attacks. Some people theorized that Roman, Sidney’s
long-lost brother was the third killer but now I’m actually thinking that is was Dewey,
one of her closest friends. Hear me out. It explains why the first killer was so fixated
on Sidney because they were guided by Dewey who acted like her big brother figure. And honestly, there was always something off
about him. The Home Alone and Saw connection bring us
to number 2. I know what you must be thinking. There is no way that my beloved Christmas
movie is related to the Saw Franchise. But what if I told you that there are so many
similarities between Kevin Macalister and Jigsaw. People are actually saying that Home Alone
is the origin story of Jigsaw. Let’s take a look at Kevin’s character. He’s got a lot of anger issues and resentment
towards his family. He threatens the poor pizza guy without any
remorse, films his uncle in the shower for ulterior motives and he sets up a whole series
of elaborate traps around his house that are triggered by the victim. Sounds oddly similar to Jigsaw doesn’t it? And to top it all off, they even look alike
Sorry to ruin your childhood but I definitely think that these two movies are connected. The book of evil tops our list in at number
1. This is the ultimate horror movie theory because
it suggests that all of our favourite cult classics are related. In a Nightmare on Elm Street, the main character
was watching Evil Dead and in Evil Dead 2, Freddy Kruegar’s bladed glove was seen in
the background of the cabin. But these connections go even deeper. The dream demons that gave Freddy his powers
came from the same book that conjured the evil dead. This book is called the Necronomicon (NECK
GROW NOM E CON) This book also gave Jason Voorhees is powers and we know this because
the book was found in his house in Jason Goes to Hell: The final Friday. And to top it all off, Jason and Freddy met
up in person in Freddy Vs Jason so fans have speculated that all horror movies are connected
and all of these bad guys got their powers through the NECK GROW NOM E CON. Which was a textbook mentioned in a short
story written by H.P Lovecraft himself. Well there you guys have it…

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Horror Movie Theories That Will Keep You Up Tonight

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  10. I think the scary part of all the vids is the music at the end, gives me the creeps for some reason.

  11. Psycho and John Carpenter's Halloween are not connected and Sam Loomis was just a straight "name steal" or inspiration if you will for John Carpenter's film. That's all it is. Confirmed by John Carpenter himself. Additionally Jamie Lee Curtis' real life mother was in the movie Psycho and her character had a different name (not a Strode). Sam Loomis in Halloween 1978 also mentions that he watched over Michael for 15 years. The times would overlap. Cool video nonetheless the first theory (#10) was probably the best.

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