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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Important Film Movements of All Time

  1. While there's some interesting points for discussion, the word "movement" is much overused, and not always correct. You can't just bunch together some films from a time and place, fine one or two features, and call it a movement.
    And I wish people would use less the term "German Expressionism". German cinema between 1919 and 1933 was so rich, that "expressionism", whatever that MEANS, was only a part of it. Same with "Soviet Montage". When you over-stress the montage, film students watch films such as "Battleship Potemkin" looking for examples of "montage" that aren't always there. "Soviet films of the 1920" is less sexy, but a better title for a film course covering the period.

  2. Pretty sure Brokeback Mountain's director claims to be straight as did the actors in it so how is that "Queer Cinema", your offensive term, not mine. If "white people", again your offensive term not mine, made a narrative film about black subject matter would you call that black cinema, and if so would you use an offensive term for that? This is inexcusable insensitivity and just plain ignorance, my offensive term. Ignorant straight people often think of drag queens when they think of gay people and looking at the clips you chose to represent "Queer Cinema" you are no exception. To call Brokeback Mountain, Milk, a straight acted film, and the drag queen doc all in one "movement" is pathetic. What other movements do you label that are based on the subject matter, not the style and technique? The message you are sending is gay men are either drag queens or if masculine characters that need to be portrayed by straight men.

  3. Seems to me that anytime we rate a film done in a language that is not our native one or one we have spoken since a wee child we are basically judging it, especially the acting, as a silent film. Hardly a fair comparison and I think we overate these films as a result, rating them more on their cinematography than we would otherwise. Seven Samurai is so overacted it would be hilarious in English.

  4. What's with the we and our. Who are you. If you are going to critique film we should know who you are. Skipping Leni is ridiculous and revisionist. She and/or her cameramen changed film angles and camera movement and editing forever. Stop making this a PC critique if you want to be credible.

  5. what about a series where you dip deep into every big genre and analyze the common feature and the hidden gems? Love your channel guys! Best ever

  6. Zedd's American Transgressive art cinema gave birth to new french extremism, you could have given it a quick nod.

  7. Surely in terms of 'most important;, the French New Wave cannot compare with German Expressionism, which not only gave rise to Film Noir, but also to Hitchcock and his ilk.

  8. I would like to see Film Noir included. Though it is a mood or a tone, FN was a very specific time period (post WWII), a reaction to events, and shared characteristics, similar to other movements. Thank you for including Classic Hollywood and thanks for this video – I'm referring to it in my cinema class – Excellent!

  9. "it has a whole lot more to do with gaps in our knowledge than any lack of quality Asian cinema". How could you not love this channel?

  10. I would pay for the people of this channel to teach me everything they know – i'm sure they're just as good a film school professor

  11. It's all great and everything guys but where the fuck am I gonna find all of these obscure foreign movies 😭.

  12. I agree with your number one choice. I also think that French New Wave was the most important film movement. However, my favourite film movement is and will always be the Italian Neorealism.

  13. I'm reading subtitles and I find Debuluchi in 6:04. Maybe you mean Bertolucci 😀
    P.S.: I'm italian 😉

  14. subscribed to the channel for over a year
    how did I find this just now???
    where have this been?
    oh well, thanks anyway, I love this video

  15. i think the golden age of us independent cinema should be in there. that started with sex,lies and videotape making miramax big.

  16. "We've had enough of white people"? JESUS.. Does everything have to be a race issue for these guys?
    Take into account those "white people" invented cinema.

    I´m not white, by the way.

  17. How come whenever someone shows Man With a Movie Camera they never show the dancing chairs? It's perhaps the most memorable scenes.

  18. Oh man, that joke in the opening number of muppets most wanted makes so much more sense.

    Swedish chef playing chess in black and white!!

  19. you got to shek a movie of comedy call alcalde de machuchal a puerto rican movie but theres a part of the movie that they shot one of the charácter walkin all new York is a ver good shot

  20. theres another movie from the 50s call la criada malcriada from puerto rico comedy two but this is a Columbia pictures theres a shot showin the old puerto rico

  21. wow, you managed more than 30 seconds on Queer cinema. did it feel obligatory since 2015 saw marriage equality? clearly you didn't have much to say about it… did you give it more than 30 seconds of thought? doubtful.

  22. The Golden Age is when the Jews took control of Hollywood. And you totally left out the Film School generation. Then you have your one hit wonders like Quentin "I'm a rip off artist" Tarantino or Slob "I make utterly shitty movies to flaunt my wife's ass even though she can't act" Zombie.

  23. while not the most important, the 70’s had the rise of Grindhouse exploitation and the shady side of cities (Shaft, Taxi Driver) and the 80’s brought us great action movies (Indiana Jones, Empire Strikes Back, and many many others.

  24. What the fuck is this. Golden age of hollywood is shit compared to any others. Fucking biased american douchbag

  25. You seriously forgot the current age of Mexican cinema. Come on from 'como agua para chocolate' to "the shape of water". This movement is redefining cinema

  26. How about a top 10 from the different genres? Starting off for example with a top 10 (or 5) nouvelle vague films? 🙂

  27. This list exemplifies what I like about CineFix. You push the boundaries to get viewers to try something new. With a few exceptions, I hadn't heard of many of the movements on this list. You piqued my curiosity. And yes, there are some movements I wish were on the list like Blaxploitation and the current age of Mexican cinema. But then that would be my list and not yours.

  28. I would love to see a list including some classic Romanian films;
    such as: Dacii, An Unforgettable Summer, Pădurea spânzuraților, Câinele japonez, Columna, Profetul, aurul şi ardelenii, Osînda, Mihai Viteazul, Mircea, Aferim!, Nemuritorii, Vlad Țepeș, De-aș fi… Harap Alb, Ultimul mohican (1968), Burebista…

  29. Taiwan New Cinema, whether you include the filmmakers of the 90's or consider it ended by 1989, is by far the most impressive and one of the most social and historically conscious film movements of all time. It's a shame it took a backseat, even if it was to the japanese golden age.

  30. "The Phantom Carriage" was actually pretty good. Would love to see it remade in color with sound, though. Pretty much anything Kurasawa is great!

  31. Movies from French New Wave is most boring films on planet Earth and British New Wave is on the list because England need to be mentioned in everything,this movment is not even influencal.Where is Czechoslovak New Wave and Cinéma du look?

  32. Wow! A lot of angry folks on here:) the dude had 11 minutes. He was giving us a taste of things. We love you México we love You Brazil…! And in this new world you’re free to start your own channel as well!

  33. I have to agree you missed a huge one with the French New Wave they changed the whole way we look at place and time. All your other pics are so obscure what good are they

  34. I've been watching Cinefix videos a lot for the past year. I like What's the diference, Things you didn't know, Film school's, Art of the scene, but my favorite is actualy the lists. I always write down the movies to see. I've noticed, since I'm watching from new to old, that naming all the movies in the video is actualy quite recent, but this list is probably the one that most need this naming. Please, name all the films in this videos, there is so much interesting movies here and I believe a lot of people want to know these films. Sorry for the bad english and thank you for your work in the chanel.

  35. I'm sorry, but German Expressionism and Soviet montage were influential but neither as recent or important as Italian Neorealism. And yet you brush it off in a few rushed words, probably you have never even seen the actual movies. This proves once again how anglo-american centric Cinefix is. Sad.

  36. there's a shot at 10:06 that's really striking. A man on some scaffolding looking out a window. What French film is it from?I must see it.

  37. Can't believe you put American new wave to no.2 . Their works are way less influential than Italian neorealism and German expressionism.

  38. Compared to what we get from Hollywood today, TRUE CINEMA is dead long ago. (I think 1995 was the cut off date) Here and there we get a genius film the 1 out of 1000 commercialized crap.

  39. South Africa has made a number of critically acclaimed films in more recent years-i.e. Tsotsi(forgive my spelling), but this film was sensational…2005, I think.

  40. Did this muthafucka say "Kuwosawa" at 3:29? Please commit seppuku as there is no hope to regain any honor you abject moron.

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