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How do you move on From a life You never got to live [crying]. [more crying]. Yoo-hoo. Anyone home? Jack is not coming back. There’s nothing you could have done. There wasn’t enough room on the door for both
of you. We spent three weeks searching the Atlantic. For bodies from Titanic. And we found them all. Except one. [dramatic music] His body was washed up on a beach in Ibiza. His wallet and ID were in his pocket. Well that’s convenient. But I thought he was dead. Didn’t he drown on the Titanic? Well of course, it is what we all thought. Until now They never found a body. Jack, Rose had to let you go. We all thought you were dead. Like a frozen popsicle. Jack, Rose deserves to know the truth. You need to go to her. You belong together. I’m not an idiot. I know how the world works. I’ve got 10 bucks in my pocket, I have nothing
to offer you and I know that. I understand. But I’m too involved now. You jump, I jump remember? I can’t turn away without knowing you’ll be
alright. That’s all that I want. Well I’m fine. I’ll be fine. Really. Really? I don’t think so. I’m sorry for everything. And I love you. [Epic Music]

100 thoughts on “Titanic 2 – The Return of Jack (2020 Movie Trailer) Parody

  1. Hey guys! This is my third attempt at a Titanic 2 trailer. My first was Titanic 2: Jacks Back (which was an action film). Then there was Titanic 2: Never Let Go (which was a horror). This video here is the happy version.

    If you enjoyed it then please check out some of my other work like Harry Potter and the Demon Child or Friends: 2020 Reboot.

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    Thanks everyone!

  2. I Sha hope it won't be more than a fantasy. I hope the film-,makers won't see this and start thinking about a sequel. I love the parody though. Happy endings and all that

  3. But why Spoilers???
    OMG he lives!!😍😍
    Why doesn't he hit that stupid bitch for letting him drown in the middle of the ocean???

  4. 😂😂 it's clear some people definitely don't know the meaning of parody 😂😂. ….. This is just an imitation of the original …..

  5. Idk.. But i think ur editing skills kinda improved to being honest.. I don't rlly see something oof..

    Approve the remastered trailer.. Again.. *literally claps*

  6. It's false i think because in Titanic 200 times rose say that is important pass Jack's story to other people because don't exist photos that can remember jack. Why rose have more jack photos now?😝

  7. This will be good to see. And I think it's rude for anyone to poke fun at some one just because they don't know what a word means. I am very sure there are words out there that would have you going. What? Get that blank look.

  8. Ce n'est pas la vraie bande annonce qui sont mélangée des titres des autres films comme thé beach , saving rayan , et d'autres films , le mensonge dans les bandes annonce du cinéphile .

  9. Rose got old in the original movie without seeing Jack again, & now u brought the both back younger… My friend u are confusing & deceiving ur self.

  10. M not satisfied with this cuz in titanic 1 Rose herself after a decade narrate the story that Jack had from where jack rises in the movie
    #flop movie

  11. अरे यह क्या कर रहे हैं जो एक फिल्म इतिहास बन चुकी है लेजेंड बन चुकी है इतनी अच्छी फिल्म से क्यों छेड़छाड़ कर रहे हैं यह लोग

  12. First cut is the deepest, we all cried for Jack. Our minds already know it. We moved on, too late for prt2 now 😂🤣

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