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I’m so happy to be blocking with my camera again but guys smoke so much over night what a lot of it’s melted now you can’t see anything see a little bit on the streets left it was so pretty when I just woke up today now it’s just all melted I’m super cold it’s freezing today it’s like 38 degrees Fahrenheit I walked out of my house I thought I just warmly over this turtleneck I love this jacket anyways I am on my way to Exxon bomb I’m gonna meet up with how to today and we’re gonna eat some food someone greets like 244 we’re meeting up at 3:00 and I haven’t eaten all day I hope I don’t have to like walk around that much today because it’s just so cold for those of you guys who are curious about what live I am wearing I am wearing banila co’s shades day because it’s so cold and it snowed today I thought there would be not a lot of people here but no I was wrong chillin all is still poppin [Applause] [Music] – oh my god this looks amazing [Music] like God well data well when you have some big I come on there you go no no he got that hmm you got an ego ego ego [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] we just took sticker pictures so random but we were walking by our life let’s take thicker pics so we did today I wanted to come through shopping after I came to Korea I didn’t come across too many surf shops I mean there are some vintage strip source in home did but I felt like the prices were kind of unreasonable because I’m so used to American Tourister prices five dollars on jeans and like two dolls and shirts and the pieces were very high-quality some of the pieces I still have today and I still wear I found out that content is out which is famous for their street food also has a whole section dedicated to vintage good so I wanted to check it out I’ve been meaning to come here for a long time so I thought I would just spend some quality time by myself yeah let’s go I finally found it all so it’s kind of hard to get around here because it’s just alleys and alleys and alleys or food vendors but everyone that works here is super nice so I asked them positions MLGW and they were all kind enough to let me know in a very detailed way so if you guys get lost I think you guys should ask her out as well so yeah here goes my first legit thirst experience in Korea [Music] I’m trying this blazer on to see if I like it because I’ve been looking for a blazer jacket I don’t know it’s a little oversized on the shoulders but there are a lot of brand name stuff to Effendi’s you so long and Burberry everything looks the same to me two things so far one of them I’m happy I found because I actually needed a blazer and like a jack dad but the other one I kind of bought like a trench coat I mean I like the fit and I got it for a fairly good deal but don’t worry I don’t think that’s a lot but I’ve had enough and I wanna go home so tired if you have patience and persistence you can definitely find a lot of good stuff here but you might just be convinced to buy a lot of stuff yeah just you gotta know that that’s what they’re gonna try to do just want to find my way out don’t we get out help me guys I am soul but are you supposed to get around this like – no this time I’m drained I’m like oh great so ready to go home at least I got two things me and so the shop in peace let’s go home now [Music] parts already so god there’s so much meat in their table did was there another snack that I love is over here come down these it’s so good like a Korean snack but I love it so much it’s like the one that Christine’s mom makes for us all the time like they’re actually most famous for the skin the button this Korean pancake but it’s not my favorite look at that sizzle but that’s what everyone comes here to eat made by the endless selection of street we end up spending so much cash here because we just try everything oh you know what’s really good here oh my gosh this is a line for this right now but I thought you hated your stain hi Harvey we’re on an elevator going there two meals exhibit right here therefore Open Sesame just cool I’m here with Chris today and we’re waiting for a meal to get here so we can go in with them but congrats to Peniel thank you for having us we’ll enjoy it Wow what’s up this okay right here let’s go we’re here thank you [Applause] if they’re lucky mas [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] here at a film camera store I’m about to purchase my first film camera so this place is kind of hard to find because it’s in the middle of nowhere but just carefully GPS this place has all these different film cameras that are worth checking out if you look there all these cameras I was originally gonna get the minolta I think I’m just gonna get the automatic one because I know if I get the heavy one I’m not gonna carry it around a lot when it comes to design I really like this but it’s so heavy so I just want to get like a DC point and shoot this one’s pretty cute too it’s very vintage you got there monster we’re gonna go to can tell know each other well so tell me that I would take their name yeah oh he’s a great photo I decided to get the light car missing this one’s so pretty too this is because the Hibakusha what’s it gonna do shouldn’t go to a shitheel that is so cool they even give you free batteries and a free film [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] touch up approving cheaper best whole [Music] [Applause] complete it no clear yeah look at that almost gone my first film camera ever I’ll be going to touch it though this Thursday and then I’ll also be going to Pusan this weekend so I’ll film a lot from there and then get some develops and see if I like it I can also exchange it if I feel like I don’t like the outcome of the photos except to end up paying for the batteries and the film that she put in here so that’s really good – wow I think that place is pretty cool and the workers the owner I don’t know if she’s the owner of the worker is super nice very informative and very patient and detailed because I went to the store maybe about five times before I finally purchased my camera today because I was always like I don’t know which one to get and she would explain like almost all of the cameras to me and she’ll be like this is good because it is and this isn’t so great because of this and yeah thank you so much at the end I ended up getting a completely different camera but hey at least I finally made up my mind [Music]

91 thoughts on “Thrift shopping in Seoul + buying my first film camera | vlog#12

  1. Good to see your vlog!! Gonna watch it!! And btw i'm so thankful you girls are coming back after a loooong time!! I love you 💛

  2. 누나 지금 카이로 가기 직전이다 ! 담 팬미팅때는 진짜 함께할수 있으니깐 조금만 기다려줘! 누나 보고싶어!

  3. Tut tut, you uploaded this during Sound K? Hahahaha
    The snow looks so beautiful, it's my dream to see it, but I hope that you're able to stay warm and it's not too burdensome for you <3 Also, congratulations to Peniel!

  4. try to upload more , i want this channel to bigger really , i see that u are working so hard u deserve better , try to do vlogmas, i am sure people would like it , morning routine , night routine , vistit some cool cafes , as a kpop idol , people would love it from you and appreciate your hard work to entertain them

  5. i feel like you're not the type of people who's love to bragging about something in the video and not act cringe like most of vlogger do lol. so i enjoy your video (and your voice really calm too). keep entertaining ashley ❤

  6. I loved this vlog ao much. I felt like I was there with you. Thank you for sharing all of these cool places in Korea. Keep up the good work Ashley.

  7. I love seeing your vlogs! Btw it's great that in a few days we have Ladie's Code comeback❤ Lavelys wish you the besttt

  8. Ahh love ur vlog so much with a lot of positive vibes 💕 is that vintage market having good clothes with cheap price ? Thank you so much

  9. Ash, cool blog! My favorite time also is to shop a bit, then eat, then repeat. And the Leica camera you found is a famous brand for high quality pics..I hope it works well for you!

  10. I'd never trust myself with a film camera. Not being able to see the result immediately would make me way too unsettled, and I'd probably take way too many pictures of the same thing, ending up with few usable photos.

  11. Welcome to the film camera club 🙂 and also can’t wait for the results on your film and also can’t wait for the next vlog

  12. Your vlog reminded me that I have a film camera that needs to be repaired! I need to find a repair place because I really miss taking film photos. We used to have a photography club way back in high school and I miss developing photos in the dark room! I even miss things like focusing the lens📸💖💕

  13. Today I did not have a good day but your videos made me happy the day, thank you ashley, I love you. 💜✨ (sorry for my English)

  14. I haven't used a film camera since I was teenager 😛 .. I wonder if companies around me even still develop film hmm?

  15. I love the little pin location edits, very cute! Great vlog and I hope to see some of the snaps you get with your new camera!

  16. The camera shop was a flashback for me. Since when I was a kid (way back in the 70's) I was heavy into photography from my step-mom's experience and enthusiasm. She and I actually built a darkroom at home to developed our own film and enlarge/develop B&W pictures. It took months of practice just to get half-way decent results!

  17. Wonderful video as always Ashley but the new Ladies' code teaser got me so thrilled. The new Xmas song sound so great, that I can't wait. Best of luck. I know I'll be satisfied!

  18. I have one of those manual medium format film cameras, but I've been too lazy to go find a place that will develop my film. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with your new camera! 📸

  19. I love that you spent two hours shopping, no sweat, then the shorter-yet-never-ending search for the exit is what really took it out of you. 😂 Fun upload – thanks for sharing!

    That apple pizza is an intriguing combination. Was it just a thin slice of apple (with something sprinkled on it?) baked on top of a typical cheese pie?

  20. you're a cutie pie with just your glasses and no make up and your food shots need to be longer.

    there you go that's my super expert vlog critique

  21. Amazing vlog!! ♡
    OMG you really got lost on that shop 😂
    That street snacks seemed to be delicious! I hope to taste them when I travel to Korea. >w<
    …Wowwww there was so many foods in this video. (I'm typing while watching 👀)
    I loved this video very much and I can't wait for your next vlog!! 💛💛💛💛

  22. Seoul seems fun with all the cool locations you visit! its not like what tourists usually go to which I like! definitely gonna check your vlogs once I go to seoul. + I love you so much <3

  23. i always forget your Ladies Code Ashley and i watch your vlogs casually like any other youtuber. do you and Peniel get stopped often in cafes?

  24. aww i also bought my first film camera lately 🙂 its light like urs and perfect to bring everywhere! the people who work at those kinds of places are so informative and nice!

  25. Why does it seem like maybe you're a little camera shy? You never seem to make eye contact with the camera when you talk. Your eyes are always looking elsewhere. Hmm.

  26. Hey Ashley, hope you had a great weekend. Also hope the promoting is going well for you, zuny and sojung. Apple pizza though? Sounds crazy, looked amazing. All the food in all of your videos makes me wish i could visit korea right now. I am wondering if you haven't tried some of these things before though, because you face lights up like you just bit into a slice of heaven when you first bite into some of it. Then again, when i take the first bite of something tasty i am sure my facial reaction is similar even if it's my 100th time

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