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100 thoughts on “This Game Show is TERRIBLE! | (TRIVIA BIDET + MOVIE MOVIE GAME) ft. SMOSH GAMES

  1. Texas chainsaw masSicario – Texas chainsaw massacre / Sicario

    A few good men in black – A few good men / men in black

    Have at it joe 🙂

  2. Lee’s been posting on IG and stuff so I know she’s alive… but it’s weird she’s been gone so long =/
    Totally pulled it off though Joe! Great video! Love the combination of these games!!

  3. I’m sorry joe but like we got a sponsorship for trivia bidet and lee newton is not the host it feels abit like an insult lol love you guys though

  4. I’m so upset I would have failed this miserably! Every single question I only knew 1/2 movies. I’ve never even heard of ski school!

  5. Can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that they managed to get a sponsorship on a trivia show where you get ass blasted if you're wrong.

    Skillshare really will sponsor literally anyone won't they.

  6. I mean…how long are we all expected to wait for someone to fill us in on Lee? We busted our asses getting the folks of VF their (much deserved) win on BTF and then suddenly Lee vanishes? And y’all aren’t blind enough not to notice the questions. Would be cool if we could get an update or even a “changes are ahead” statement. Radio silence is only making things worse.

  7. I hate to be this person… but they don't get married until the end of The Money Pit. Still, I love this mashup!

  8. I paused the video for a good 5 minutes for Trainspotting and Inglorious Bastards then comes the hint for Matt Raub.
    TrainspottINGlorious Bastards, WTH!!!

    Much love to you guys keep up the good work.

  9. If you get Chrissy Teigen, Kenan Thompson, and Jeff Foxworthy from "Bring The Funny" to participate in a game of Trivia Bidet, please let Lee host the video! It would be so entertaining!

  10. Omg this is the fucking first movie show that I nailed! How?!?! How does my lack of movie knowledge lead me to winning this specific episode haha

  11. I remember back in the day when everyone was a "sellout" for getting sponsors.
    I actually threw my first in the air a la The Breakfast Club when Joe said they got a sponsor.

  12. It’s Lasercorn! Excited for this one boys! Who am I kidding, I’m excited even when the guests are less familiar to me.

  13. I actually got the PorkEasy A one! Woo!
    Porky's was fucked up. I watched it when I was like 13 and my dad suddenly remembered the shower scene right before it happened.
    Needless to say, I grabbed the DVD the next day when he was at work to find out why he turned the movie off at that point.

  14. I legit screamed "The Big Lebowt Cold" so confidently that I thought it was right and when Lazercorn got sprayed my whole world shattered…

  15. I didn’t like this combination of movie movie game with trivia bidet. I LOVE both series, but one of the things I like about trivia bidet was the incredibly random and difficult questions you guys make, it kinda adds to the humor.

  16. I like both these games so I'll take anything I can get, I just liked when they were separate, two different but great vibes

  17. This is the first time in a long time ive heard someone mention the league of extraordinary gentlemen in so long and im so happy

  18. Now THAT'S how you make a sponsorship not suck! (although Joe may have biased my level of annoyance cause he's a delight).

  19. I friggin' love "Ski School!" One of my favorite 90s movies. That was a great throwback from Joe. That, and "Better Off Dead."

  20. can we have a trivia bidet with grace, mamrie, and hannah? i feel like they’d be very bad but it would be a PLEASURE

  21. Kevin adjusting levels every once in a while in the left of the shot was all I could watch, everything that man touches is a masterpiece

  22. Part of me hopes Joe just walks around his regular life thinking of these crazy combinations all the time, while testing them on his lovely wife.

  23. Ok, now I’m seriously beginning to get worried about Lee. She’s been missing from videos and podcasts for a month. Please address her absence or at least let us know if she’ll be back.

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