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come on get up Morning Brian Stephen are you
aware that you voluntarily embarked upon a PhD in physics hello hello science art I’m a cosmologists what’s that I study
the marriage of space and time the perfect couple One never knows from where the next
great leap forward is going to come or from whom what if I reverse time to see what
happened at the beginning of time itself Wind back the clock wind back the clock keep
going I don’t know how yet it’s called motor neuron disease life
expectancy is two years I want us to be together for as long as we’ve got it’ll
affect everything you don’t realize what lies ahead this
is going to be a very heavy defeat but I love him and he loves me
I going to fight this illness together good luck
why okay so this black hole at the beginning of time
brilliant brilliant steam well done doc he has pneumonia the only way he will survive
would be to give him a tracheotomy he will never speak again
Yes he will my name is Stephen Hawking
it’s American is that a problem it has been a great joy to watch this man defy every
expectation both scientific and personal there should be no boundaries the human
endeavor however bad life may seem while there is
life there is hope thank you sorry did you say something I said Thank you

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