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– You see how the men’s shirtfronts and their bow ties how they glow more than the women’s dresses? – Yes. – Do you know why? – Why? – Tide. – The washing powder? – The fluorescence in washing powder is caught by the UV (ultraviolet) light. – Why do you know that? – The universe is expanding. – If you reverse time, then the universe is getting smaller. – Alright – What if I reverse the process all the way back, to see what happened at the beginning of time itself? – Wind back the clock? – Wind back the clock. – Until you get the universe born from a black hole exploding. – It’s called motor neuron disease. Life expectancy is two years. – The brain… What about the brain? – The brain isn’t affected. Your thoughts won’t change, it’s just that… Eventually no one will know what they are. – If you don’t get up, I won’t come back here again. Ever. – This is going to be very heavy defeat. – I know you all think. That I don’t look like a terribly strong a person. But I love him, and he loves me. We’re going to fight this illness together. – Good luck! – Your black hole theory. It’s brilliant. – To the esteemed Doctor Stephen Hawking. – He will never speak again. – Yes, he will. – It’s American. – Is that a problem? – One never knows from where the next great leap forward is going to come. – There should be no boundary to human endeavor. However bad life may seem, While there’s life there’s hope.

99 thoughts on “The Theory of Everything Official UK Trailer #1 (2015) – Eddie Redmayne Movie HD

  1. I watch The Theory of Everything in theaters with my sister, and this movie is interesting. We went to see the movie at Edgewater Multiplex Theater last month, that was right before Christmas.

  2. Three songs in this trailer: 
    ♦ Samuel Karl Bohn – Unlocking the mind
    ♦ The National – Heavenfaced
    ♦ Philip Glass – Runaway Horses

  3. Saw it, Loved it, could not stop crying. The actors were beyond amazing, and this is simply the best film I have seen in a very very long time. Bravo 🙂

  4. This was very beautiful and I did cry a little and all but didn't the marriage not end particularly well?

  5. This was very beautiful and I did cry a little and all but didn't the marriage not end particularly well?

  6. So proud of Eddie Redmayne!
    He was defiantly the correct choice in that category to receive the Best Actor Academy Award!
    As a result of his outstanding yet phenomenal transformation in:
    – physical,
    – emotional
    – mental
    To successfully portray the role of Stephen Hawking.
    It was breathtaking to watch him expand his talent to a whole new playing field

    Once again Eddie Congratulations 💚


  7. This looks like a very very dull film and Austin Powers did spring to mind for me. Just because it is filled with courage, genius, adversity, tragedy and no doubt good acting, isn't going to make it interesting. This film would never have been made without the fact that the main character happens to suffer from a progressive disease. It is in that respect an exploitation movie. Hawking and his wife may not in fact be very interesting people and aside from his disease and popularist publications, nobody would really be aware of Hawking. People with far greater reputations than Hawking and with much more varied and interesting private lives than he, such as Einstein, Halley, Newton, Galileo, Tesla, Edison, Oppenheimer or Feynman would have been better candidates. Sadly these films would have been about personalities and ideas rather than a domestic situation. Hawking isn't even a Nobel Prize winner and never invented anything. It's annoying when people get all excited about that-there science. People with an education quickly switch Brian Cox off for being deeply patronising by not only dumbing-down but presuming that other people know absolutely nothing. He even repeated the myth about Newton and the Apple, a myth, but happy to take the money for it. The very idea of somebody being a professor in their 40s twenty years ago would have been laughable, because they simply would have not published enough to make that grade. There are lots of perfectly good documentaries about Hawking around, but they don't make money or win Oscars the way a film aimed at people who need to go to the cinema to feel emotions safely separated from their own lives do.

  8. I was a bit sceptical about this movie, thought it was overhyped because everyone was telling me to watch it…. I never ever was so wrong. Watching this I cried more than I cried watching The Stallion of the Cimarron. This movie blew my mind! Fantastic experience.

  9. very strange no one is mentioning the name here … but he is called Prof. Stephen Hawking, the greatest mind alive bitches!!

  10. It's so sad that he died this year, Stephan Hawking will always be alive in the world of science. Rest in Piece Stephan

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