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100 thoughts on “The SpongeBob Movie Sponge on the Run Trailer REACTION

  1. I agree that the last movie didn't connect with audiences the way the animated series does/did. But c'mon Grace, the first movie is ICONIC (no hate, love you❤️)

  2. From the moment Spongebob realizes that Gary is missing, I was like what is this, John Wick for kids? And then Keanu actually showed up!

  3. I know you’re supposed to just forget about it. But I never really got into sponge bob because of it’s illogical world building.

  4. I actually think the plot for this one seems the weakest.
    Gary going missing? I think Scoob has a better adventure so far… by far…

  5. It funny how scoob movie and spongebob sponge on the run movie are both coming in May 2020 and both are telling an orgin story what coincidence I think not

  6. I personally like the animation and everything.I think this would be a side-adventure TV show with different animation.

  7. Scoob and the new Spongebob movie drop the same month too so they're really squaring off. Scoob! is May 15th while Spongebob is May 22nd exactly a week apart.

  8. I loved the first movie, Goofy Goober Rock is the most iconic musical note in a cartoon movie. Nothing can beat Patrick dancing in hooker boots

  9. This is exactly like
    Snoopy Come Home
    Keanu (same exact premise, same exact cameo)

    C’mon Keanu, pick your shit up. Starting to get lazy. FaceTiming it in.

  10. As a hardcore Spongebob squarepants fan who grew up with the sponge, this trailer feels redundant in that there was an entire (and iconic) episode in which gary went missing. This feels regurgitated which is not what I was expecting to say about this upcoming movie.

  11. Keanuuuuuuuu the goat
    this gonna make at least 500 million or more seen the trailers a gazillion of times

  12. Well they already did this episode. But i LOVE the animation and colors. Reminds me a lot of the Scoob movie coming next year. Might just watch.

  13. It seems like this third movie might have the same formula as the first movie which could make it the true sequel unlike Sponge Out Of Water which was terrible.

  14. Honestly I don't know about this since they already made an episode out of this I don't as much hype like I was in the first two movies but still gonna see it for Keanu Reeves

  15. I think the animation looks really cool. It kinda almost looks like stop motion sometimes. It’s gonna looks really cool I’m 3D! I’m excited

  16. The first movie is fully connected to the original show I recommend you watch it again the rest that’s a no I mean we went from ocean man to guns and roses that’s a pretty big creative leap of Steve was still alive he would be like wtf is this shit

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