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Download subtitles or load it directly from Wake up we’re at Bar Street 25RMB You’re exhausted and still drinking What a warrior Thanks By the W3Y Want to sleep in my car? I’m in no rush Where is Wu Bar, please? You’re going to Wu Bar? Turn right at the intersection Where are you? I’m here Why don’t I see you? I’m at Bar Street I warn you, don’t be late again Can’t you be nice? Today’s meeting is important Why can’t we talk at home? You haven’t been home in 6 months I’ve booked Room7Wait there Ridiculous Sir, do you have an invitation? To what? Our 3rd Anniversary Party Must I have one? One moment Welcome, Mr. Zhong You know me? Greetings Pardon the foreigner’s Chinese This way, please Sir, please check your coat there Out of the way What invitation 3rd Anniversary
That’s why I’m here. Don’t touch me No invitation Captain Zhong Do you remember me? I’m TV host Zhu Nan My partner, Quanzi
interviewed you What case are you working on here? Personal stuff I understand. Police are people too It’s just that it’s so hard to get any news I just interviewed a drunk driver
The scum… We’ll talk later Where is room 7? What? Room7The guy looking for Miao is here Just a moment, Handsome Life is like a cocktail to be savored This drink can be had any way you want This is our Boss Wu Hello, I’m Wu Jiang Call me Zhong Wen How do you feel here? Like a prison Yes, once you’re in
there’s no getting out I’m joking Miao is not here yet I’ll show you around, come This was a factory shut down for environmental reasons Guess how long I took to redecorate it Brother Wu This is Brother Zhong It took me two years The other bars demolished all these pipes Such wonderful stuff I kept them all These piranha are your idea? They’re illegal I don’t know the law In local waters they’d be alien invaders “Survival of the fittest”
is a rule of nature You know Miao well? She says your business keeps you too busy What a story-teller Freeze That’s my favorite room Have a drink Let’s talk after the clients leave Welcome to Wu Bar’s 3rd Anniversary Party Room7is ahead, turn right You didn’t tell me about the celebration Zhong, please wait for me inside My bar is full I lose money by coming here It’s been a while
You’re prettier now Did you “renovate”? Don’t touch! It will fall off Which bottle would you like? I’m not drinking today Please, my boss expects me to sell these Don’t trouble him You’ll never change his mind Put down here Let’s start with this Please wait I’m here. No rush What’s with the tattoo? I have many more… where you can’t see them You got smarter these 6 months But your temper seems better You told Wu I’m a businessman Should I have said you’re a cop? It’s a hard, shameful… low-paying job Your drink, sir How’s your hospital internship? Don’t worry about me Did you get that scratch today? Did you disinfect it? How did you get it? Don’t ask You want to tell me? Someone reported a case this morning A meat skewers cook stabbed someone had nowhere to run and threatened suicide Are you jumping or not Calm down Three things
One, Give me back my stove Fine Two, I’m not paying a fine
Three… Hurry, it’s freezing I’m not going to prison What are you yelling about? I didn’t yell See, this is minor It’s major, a life was at stake Have you jumped before? It’s my first time How’s your aim? Good enough Brother, let’s talk Stop. I’m not talking to you. Go. Who will you talk to? I’ll talk to her. Bring her here I’ll talk to her. You, get out This went on all day
We were all exhausted I was worried he’d lose it So you started to talk to him I didn’t Let go Stay still Help He’s unhurt… said he’d treat me to lamb skewers It’s not worth it to risk your life for strangers What’s so important we need to talk here? You’ll see Everyone’s a victim of gossip, these days Don’t admit anything. Goodbye Hello, Boss Niu I’m Zhu Nan, host of TV’s Life Channel I’ve seen you on TV May I interview you? He looks familiar He owns a property company, a regular He’s rich, comes for the girls Boss Niu, let me introduce this beauty, do you know her? Looks familiar Some flirt Boss Niu She looks so familiar It’s been a long time He is my ex How did you meet Boss Wu? He came to the hospital with an old injury What do you think of him? I don’t know, so I shouldn’t say Sorry, Brother Zhong There are so many clients I neglected you Why did you change your look? You know full well To introduce This is my boyfriend Now you know why we’re meeting here You two chat, I’ll make my rounds I don’t like him I’m telling you, not asking How old is he? It doesn’t matter He’s almost my age So what? Look at the company… he keeps He’s stringing you along Why should he? Why should I obey you? What is it about him?
What can he give you? I feel safe I’m a cop, and you feel safe with him? He has time for me, do you? He is my shoulder to cry on
are you? Some cop Let me see what the racket is about Stop it Get out Invitation, see, I have one Get out I know you’ve been angry with me I feel that I’m an orphan Tomorrow is your mom’s
death anniversary don’t say that Don’t you talk about her When she was here you were never home. I was sick in winter she carried me to hospital by herself I finally got you Give me back my money You started to care only after she left I don’t need you Come out here Excuse me What are you doing? How dare you make trouble here? It’s only right to pay what is owed Let the scumbag pay me and I’ll go now Shut up and get out I want the pay owed to me and my crew You have a death-wish I do, today You won’t get away now Take it easy
I’ll pay you tomorrow No, not tomorrow Take some cash
I’ll get my men to handle it I said, today This won’t work I’ll talk to him Who are you? I’m just having a drink Please put out the fire first I thought it’s a major incident It is, to me… Turn it off How many years have you been working? I’ve been a laborer for 10 years Do you know there is a song It was written for me Turn it off Turn it off Let’s talk openly here Get the scumbag into the open for once Don’t go What are you doing? One last time, will you pay today? You’ve seen it all I can’t pay you TOdaY You’re lying again, scumbag I can’t pay you TOdaY Scumbag Great move My front tooth This bomb is too amateurish I’ve called the police Did you film that? I forgot Get the waiters to help
Call an ambulance Stop. Out of the way You’re fine Where are you going? To find Wu Jiang Come, sit Captain Zhong, I’ll interview you after Boss Niu The show is about to start I must go, my clients are waiting You think everyone here is weird, right? Drunks often make trouble here All sorts of people show up here Welcome Two words, traffic jam You worry too much I hope that’s the case You’re suspicious of everyone Tonight’s show begins now Dad Who are you? Get into the cage Don’t think of getting out There are so many of us
let’s attack them Have you heard it?
Men’s go to help Inside How long had I been out? Wu? Hours You must have been exhausted Why did you do this? Ask why the police… took so long, instead No one called them Everyone thought… I don’t want to be involved Do you know what you’re doing? Kidnapping. A felony
At least 10 years’ jail Where is my daughter? Miao? Waiting in the hall
She’s a good girl Don’t talk about her She never said her dad’s a cop That makes you a bad dad, and a bad cop Am I your real target? Sir, the police are at the door Ignore them. Wait downstairs So you called the police Sorry, I used your phone I answered a call from your lieutenant I described the situation
He’ll be here soon You were military… over 20 accomplished years in SWAT
local regional and criminal police Penalized once
which you applied for yourself You’ve done your homework Too bad you couldn’t handle your family After all these years, your pay is so low It took year’s pay to buy a tiny home
is it worth it? You don’t get it
Some things are priceless Lieutenant is still on his way No hurry. We’ll talk when he arrives Tell me your demands now Don’t tell me what to do Hostages are hurt the police won’t be patient I’m patient enough Say what you need to say Fine, you’re my targetGuess why?I’ve made many enemies Last year… car thieves sold their loot nearby We’re short-staffed today so let’s stick to the plan There’s 1 outside, 5 inside The white-haired one is the leader Do you know White Hair? Yue. Everyone here knows him Freeze. Police Stop. Watch them Yue is known to be vicious You’ll suffer if you try to
capture him by yourself Please let me go I’ll capture you myself Just you wait. Your time will come I’ll wait for you You did this for him, right? I’ve heard of those guys They’re ranked too low Most people use threats to boost egos I agree Lieutenant, you’re here I’m chatting with Capt.
Zhong. He’s fine I want… $80 – 90 million in non-sequential bills Don’t threaten me… don’t talk about difficulty Wu, I don’t know what you want Make a reasonable demand Lieutenant has a bad temper Don’t raise your hopes If we can do it, we will Take it easy on him You don’t want money Fine, I’ll be frank I want to see someone It’s easy for you to find people But my friend lives far away I haven’t seen him in a while You like to ask why, you’ll see Not your call? Why are you wasting my time? Calm down, let’s talk it out Talk it out? You’re bluffing me? Don’t bother I forgot, you had been shot I’m curious, what’s it like? It’s like taking a vicious hit with a stick I couldn’t find my shoulder or feel this side Then, a pain that sears through your heart I’ve felt that searing pain What happened to your leg? That was long ago The dark green pickup ahead Pull over Two suspects are in the truck
The leader is… a cripple
Should be the one in the back seat Have you ever kidnapped anyone? The hostage is in there
Don’t shoot Captain Zhong, we’re going Stay safe Take care of them I’ll chase them Call dispatch. We need backup That’s a better attitude Are you really bad at small talk or just acting? Fine. My only demand
is to see that person Not “we’ll try” It’s a “must” Confirm in 5 minutes We’re in no hurry. Let’s chat How are they? Chao is fine. Hai broke his arm The backup cars… will catch up soon Don’t be afraid I’m a policeman Be brave
Mr. Policeman will come soon Stay put Where’s the other guy? Too bad we couldn’t save the driver The main perpetrator
is still on the loose Not a bad story, but you guessed wrong I despise people who kidnap children This trip should take
no more than three hours Traffic is smooth at this hour The hostage?
Emotionally stable, pragmatic Sure. I’ll be on lookout Taozi, come up
keep your eyes on him Calm down
Play some relaxing music Let me have a taste Why? For courage? Take it easy, this stuff is strong What’s going on? What’s wrong, Niu? Heart attack ls there a doctor here? Do you know how? Hospital I’ll go with you to the hospital We must get to a hospital
He can’t die Shutup I’m a doctor
I must go with him to hospital Out of the way I’m fine. It comes and goes What a phony (25 years police service
with 22meritorious awards) (Hostage Incident
A kidnapped Woman was threatened by knife) Where are they? Honestly, I’m anxious to see him I warn you
if my friend isn’t here All the cops you bring will be useless Procedures are not my concern What, you want to come in?
No need I am a man of my word When my guy arrives Wu Jiang the hostages will be fine come here Except Captain Zhong Wu Jiang Listen. You won’t get out but you may make other requests Open UP What do you want? I need the restroom Anything else? Boss Wu, may I interview you? Sure Get out Dad, you’re here Are you okay? Sorry, Dad, forgive me I dressed up like that to upset you I didn’t show I cared You’re much prettier now Put this away for me Be careful, Dad Where can I get a phone? They took all our phones They’re on the table in the hall But… Hurry UP I’m Zhu Nan, host of the Life Channel I risked my life for this exclusive at a kidnapping Here is the mastermind behind this case Can I say that? You must have… a great story Boss Wu. Say hello Hands off
I want a drink. So what? Let’s continue Do you feel that I’m insane for doing this? No… why are you committing this crime? I just did… what no one else dares Let me go I’m not done with the interview Look… Are you done? You were nice to me to get my dad here If you must say that You’re using me I’m not a good guy your dad’s not a good cop Neither of us can make you feel safe This is Zhong Wen. I stole a cell phone Are you safe now? I’m fine. I’m hiding What’s going on? There are over a dozen hostages There were four suspects
I got rid of one The boss, Wu, is the leader He has a knockoff 64 What are his demands? He wants to see a prison detainee What’s the name? Wei Xiaofu Wei Xiaofu Chief has agreed and
is making arrangements We’ve made a plan… with snipers and SWAT Are conditions suited
for a SWAT assault? The bar is two stores the hostages are in a cage… watched by the 3 suspects If we attack now It will be too dangerous for the hostages They may have… other weapons Understood We may attack at any time Boss, that guy escaped I have to go Find him! Useless fool He’s here Is that all you’ve got? I bet you still can’t handle him Brother Zhong, you’re amazing But aren’t you worried about your daughter? Miao said, you used to be her hero How did you become a deserter? Let’s talk In your own words, let’s talk openly Dad, don’t worry about me I wanted her… in my “law of the jungle” experiment Don’t come out, Dad Sure, you must think in your dark corner but fingertips don’t grow back StOP Dad, don’t come Don’t come Let her go. Target me Now you’re like a good father
but it’s too late StOP I’m fine Give him room
So, you are here on a case Where were you?
Were we in any danger? Lady… Stop saying stupid things What did I say? You don’t stop talking
So annoying With this scoop
she’ll be promoted tomorrow None of your business I’m fine Let me go
Do you think I can escape? I’m sure you will You’ll be fine From my experience… he’ll release us soon In all kidnappings… They’d be killing… the hostages now It’s usually about money I know Wu well. He’s rich It’s more than that ls there a back door here? There’s just this door
Boss designed the bar He sealed the back door What does your father do? He’s a policeman Such hatred, beating him so badly Must be over a girl Don’t worry. We don’t know him I know you The drug store The thief, he stole from me That’s right I didn’t recognize you
without your uniform She was there that day, too That’s Ian, now a manager at the nightclub And the famous Boss Niu We were all there Something happened inside Captain Zhong is in there
What happened? We’re together again
That’s destiny Cut the nonsense Comrade Policeman… what’s your issue with Wu? Talk it out with him why involve us? Destiny, my foot Chief Zhang, a high official I’m so honored, they’re all fine You want to see them, right? Look… They’re lively and well-fed I am Police Chief Zhang Guomin
Don’t worry I will do my best to help you all Boss Wu, go ahead, we’ll wait Film this area… and the people My friend is still not here You are unreliable Give us more time. Several reasons I don’t care. You have 5 minutes Give me face. 5 more minutes If he is not here in 10 minutes I’ll turn violent Please come, Boss Wu I want to talk to you Go ahead Alone Our usual place Zhong… what more is there to say? You just want us Why involve innocents? I need more chips And how do you know they’re innocent? What do want to say? You created an elaborate plot Yes But you can’t win with your way We’ll see You need a middle-man I can help A cop helping a criminal
What a joke What do you want to know from that case? I don’t want to discuss that now Then we’ll wait for Wei Xiaofu You ask lots of questions
My turn You cops don’t often see this situation
right? We see all kinds How many cases have you been on? Many, over 100 a year How many cops die in a year? About 400 die in the line of duty in China And how many hostages? Accidents happen Will there be an accident today? I don’t want casualties today Including me? Yes. Every life is precious I stopped believing that long ago Although you’ve done your homework Zhong, you sneaked into my secret chamber So you know some of my secrets You can see this is beyond negotiation So we have nothing to talk about I see you’re a boxer I have some time let me tell you a story You asked what happened to my leg As a boy
I went overseas with my father He killed himself due to gambling debts I had to repay them The only skill I had there was fighting I had always fought on others’ behalf Fighting is about who is more vicious I never had a worthy opponent You risk your life for money but life is so worthless and fleeting I swore to stop once I repaid the debts So during that time I was like a crazy man I finally repaid all the debts but I didn’t want to do anything else It was all about money, life and death So I continued You may be killed
by your opponent at any time My nickname was Spider, I never lost But a spider is an insignificant bug All illegal boxers are the same You knew your men from boxing The foreigners were the
best in their countries The shorter one, Pichon
is a regular champion Everyone wanted us to fight I know it is inevitable Before the fight
I felt the bets were too big The better fighter you are
the more you’re worth and the closer to death you are What happened at that fight? In the beginning we were even Then he got the upper hand The next round, he’ll let you win The two bosses had arranged everything I found outjust before the final round It was a fight to the death Next round, kill him Boss didn’t know my heart was soft that day I’d decided to return to
China after that fight and bring some fighters to help me Poor Pichon only knew he was to lose I told him he had been fixed to die Disobeying the boss meant death So several of us escaped and hid for a time We’re lucky to be here, alive Why did you suddenly go soft? As you say, you don’t get it You’ve lived quite a life But one can’t treat another’s life lightly Everyone has the right to live To live well You know why I’m still alive? You came back to China 5 years ago just for the drug store robbery For the truth The world is full of lies Is this the only way to find the truth? I should say, it’s my way Don’t sit Don’t sit Amazing. You almost succeeded This bullet-proof glass is worth every penny It’s a police rescue effort you’d do the same Your plan was good snipers and SWAT together but I’m no amateur thief Why didn’t you let me sit? I wanted to save you You want to help me and save me He’s on screen There were gunshots
Chief Zhang, I’m still alive Your Captain Zhong? He also lives Cut the nonsense
Let me see Wei Xiaofu Why did you get me here so late at night? Get him in here to see me You’re kidding
I don’t want to go in It’s against the rules
to bring a prisoner here Please know we must guarantee his safety You’re tricking me You must see Wei Xiaofu, right? Let me break it down for you You’re armed… took hostages and are at a stalemate I can kill some hostages And I’ll make sure… you’ll never see Wei And, the police will find
another way to attack What are you saying? Only I can help you… to see him He trusts me, I can try to bring him in I’ll talk to him
you free the hostages Think on it Life is like a cocktail What does the next sip taste like? I’ve filmed everything you told me to Trust my skills And if you don’t come back? Trust me, I will But you must guarantee Wei’s safety You dare to trust my guarantee? Trust is mutual Take two people
Your daughter stays I said, all the hostages Impossible. I must keep some I know which ones
Let the rest go No No deal Three No deal You can only bring 3 hostages Put down your gun You two have hot tempers Here. You two fight You win
I promise you can bring people out You lose, go alone Dad, you’re hurt You can’t defeat him. Don’t fight You’re not young any more It’s embarrassing to lose
Never mind Why? Fight
You’re a cop Good prevails over evil Take us out Fine Ag reed Comrade Police
it’s all on you. Go, go Be careful, Dad In a few seconds
you won’t be able to get up This fight is too hard We cannot benefit from his loss Pray for him Captain Zhong, no shame in giving up Stop playing the hero, Dad Zhong, give up if you can’t handle it Dad, stop You can’t beat them Get up, COP Go, Mr. Policeman Beat him How suspenseful He is good Stop, Dad Stay down or you’ll die Stop fighting We don’t want to go out any more Cop, we are moved, you tried your best Mr. Policeman
we don’t want to go any more Stop, don’t get up Please stop fighting I beg you Don’t let go Hang on tight He can’t last Harder Careful, Cop Cop, let go Watch out Let go. You won You won Give me your scarf Don’t lock up again
Aren’t we all going? Here’s an idea I’ll take my daughter out first When Wei Xiaofu comes in
she may go I’m not going anywhere I’m staying here with my dad till the end Don’t regret it As agreed, I’ll give you the man you want Bring three people with you first Why change now?
This is too much It’s leverage in case
you don’t come back I’ll release them… just before Wei comes in That’s not a change
choose the hostages Wu… I really can’t go on I’ll forfeit the money My health is poor… May I be one of them? Wu, if you think I’m useful to you I’ll stay I’ll go out to film, okay? Have you decided? The two injured hostages and him You Me? Just me? No, I’m staying with my girlfriend Only you dared make a move We need more men… like you I’ll make an exception
Go together l-lul’l’Y You’re a casualty
you lost a tooth Just me? We’re inseparable I owe him money
I need to pay him outside You’d have enough to pay
if you’d drink less Captain Zhong, you must return Zhong You have 10 minutes
I’m very punctual Hostages are coming
We need a stretcher This is a suspect, cuff him There are four more You saved my life Hurray for the Policeman There are more people back here Are you badly hurt I’m okay. It’s minor Chief Zhang Check out these suspects 3 suspects and 3 guns Where are they located? In the main hall, with 16 hostages Physical conditions of the hostages? All right But they can’t last much longer mentally Lieutenant I felt you took action too soon just now Captain Zhong
the suspect wants to talk to you I’ll tell you… everything I know Speak I did this for money I never imagined he’d make such a big deal Please don’t go in
You’ll never get back out They told me they don’t expect to get out alive That’s all I know Thank you, sir These are from the building’s management We have 8 more minutes It differs from the blueprint the windows are sealed This door… is made with 25cm-thick steel panels The walls are 50cm thick There was a back door but it’s been sealed He is from building management How could you allow all these changes? It’s their private property
out of ourjurisdiction Fine, I’ll call you if I need you He really made himself a fortress Over here? You can go in from the roof here and be hidden7more minutes This is a home-made bomb with a timer The wiring is complex with multiple detonators He means to blow up everyone
including himself There are so many hostages The best way to save them is for me to bring Wei in Trading 2 people for 12 Has he agreed to go in? I was on the phone with my mother She wants me to behave
to try for early release Please help us It’s too risky Your safety is a concern It may be dangerous but we’ll try our best Help us… we’ll apply to reduce your sentence I still feel unsafe. Forget it We cannot force you
to take this great risk Thanks for taking care
of my mom all these years I promised years ago that I would Everyone on our team
donated to your family I’m touched Here is the information on the suspects Bin, a Thai Pichon, a Filipino Wu Jiang, returned 5 years ago as a Thai The victim Mei’s parents were divorced The mother died a brother went overseas… with the father I think Wu Jiang is Mei’s brother He’s not asking for… Wei Xiaofu’s release 3 of the hostages were witnesses back then I think he wants… to know what happened Cops, criminals, witnesses
all here It’s been 5 years You have 4 more minutes Let’s talk method We’ll dress as Zhong and Wei SWAT stands by First, cut open the roof by laser The door opens
we attack from above and below It’s hard to attack
through the crack in the door This way, we get their attention Roof-cutting time varies We’ll endanger the hostages Hostage safety comes first Let me negotiate again You can’t… lives are at stakeTalk is uselessThis is too major It calls for a hard-core assault Assaults are most risky now And you’re not taking a risk
by going back in? Keeping my promise… will build trust There is still a chance to talk You’ve been talking for 6 hours Some negotiations last 6 months
you know No We got the injured hostages out with talk Lieutenant was looking out for you Trading 2 for 12, good deal See? As Lieutenant I should go in notyou It’s my case… the same one as 5 years ago I’m most suited to go in Besides, my daughter is inside Shouldn’t he stay away for that reason? Stop arguing Zhong should go back in But get a substitute for Wei Wu will know at a glance Chief Zhang, please come here Repeat what I say, “3 more minutes” The thug says… What? Boss Wu says, “3 more minutes” “if he doesn’t come, you will die” “if he doesn’t come…” “I will die” “No joke” “No joke”… He’s really not joking, help Less than 3 minutes now Chief Zhang
Wei Xiaofu has agreed to go in Reason? One… to repay our favor Two… he doesn’t want to cause evil He’s a real man Make a small opening to save time. Go Yes, sir. Run Bomb Squad, give Wei a suit The Lieutenant is in charge It’s on you Guoqiang, this is your sniper operation Yes, sir As you say your own safety is key Sniper needs to set up Buy time with talk On my orders It’s already loaded Don’t be angry I didn’t want you to bear this alone If possible
let me talk a bit more If I can control the scene don’t let the sniper shoot You win You can still smile? These clothes are safe and warm But it weighs over 35kgs Does this count as a merit? So, I may get a
reduced sentence for this? I can still care for my mom
in this lifetime The roof cutting team is in place l-lul’l’Y Say something, Captain Zhong Are you being brave… for your daughter? How is it your daughter is here? If she wasn’t here
would you dare to go back in? What’s wrong with her? When the hostages come out
we’ll go in Once we go in
will we get out alive? I promise to keep you alive
as long as I live What if you die first? Just kidding I’m a nervous wreck Once inside
stay next to me and don’t move May I speak? Speak the truth not nonsense What did you stuff into
my clothes just now? That’s nonsense Arms You should get a job at Airport Security Again, bullshit Go Police Police. Hurry, help
What’s going on? Talk, don’t hit We’re in positions of power These sons of bitches Where’s my daughter? Dad, I’m here I’m fine You take care Help. Police
I’m afraid of heights Your outfit is awesome can you get us out? What is all this? What’s tied around our necks? Can you tell me what’s going on? It looks like a bomb. Is it real? It’s real We’re missing one person Maybe a hostage is still inside Good job, Captain Zhong You really brought him in here I’m a man of my word I want to evacuate the hostages Your crimes are not serious We can explain everything away I can prove… you stopped voluntarily You can’t help me. It’s my time now 18 more minutes What is he wearing? What a ridiculous getup We must do our best to protect him This is my turf
You can’t protect him You had guaranteed his safety His temporary safety In this getup
I don’t recognize him Remove his helmet Helmet off Stay back Stay back Don’t play this game with me They despise me I’m not afraid
He thinks I’ll cause evil Stay back I don’t want to wear this It’s stuffy. I’m dizzy I’m not afraid Wei Xiaofu Isn’t that who’s-it? How come it’s him? Put on your helmet Relax, Captain Zhong
I’ll be with you now The police forced you to come, right? You’re wrong. I came willingly You’ve gathered everyone The truth will be known I’ve been waited for this day Big brother, when will you be back? Everyone knows this girl, right? Now you know she is my baby sister We were separated
I found her 5 years ago She’s the meaning of my life I came back but didn’t see her I finally found a way to meet with you I don’t know what happened 5 years ago But you were all there Let’s talk It’s been so long
What if I can’t remember? The bomb is remote controlled
It may help you think Let me think I should remember Let’s begin When we’re done I can go back out, right? Someone won’t make it out today Then what can I do to make sure I will? Don’t mess with me but that’s hard for you Say your piece. Hurry Who should speak first? Cutting the roof takes time The team is worried about
disturbing those below You’re right
My first idea won’t work Just play for time Let me start Wait, Zhong Remove your communications devices so I won’t have to We’re trying other ways to break in We can start the assault in 15 minutes Till then
you’re in charge of the inside Wei Xiaofu, you start It all started with me That night, almost at this time A few customers were at the drug store
I went in I want to do something for my mom She’s in poor health But I can’t afford tonics My mistake was being too nosy I’ll give you 20 extra I wanted to ask whose wallet that was No way who are you trying to kid? You were drunk, what do you know? I was drinking, but my mind was clear Hand it over What is this? I just picked it up from the floor You stole it I just picked it up Do you know who I am? You dare to steal my stuff?
Go to hell I really did pick it up Wait Don’t move And then? Then… Quickly I am clearest on what happened next Go to hell I really picked it up Wait Don’t move This is mine
Did you pick it up, too? Does he have any more? Two boxes I’m a man of principles I convince with reason Were you being reasonable? I call it as I see it That’s called hitting me when I’m down What? I remember every word… you said that night This box costs tens of thousands You have good taste Shall we handle it ourselves or call the police? Handle it or call police You can’t tell? He’s poor Call the police Sure. I’ll call them now Don’t call the police I was afraid it would become a big deal That’s how it became a big deal Who dares to call the police? Don’t Stop, if you want to live What do you mean?
What do you want? Give it to me Give it over. Now Hello, Police? Thinking back I really was confused I should have run
they wouldn’t have stopped me But I… Give me the phone We’re being robbed The drug store by Gu Lou Give it to me Let go When my sister was thrown to the ground You just looked on He was closest, he ran What could I have done? Of course I wanted to approach
but they left I’m not experienced
with one-on-one I wasn’t scared
but he dragged me away And then? I’ll tell the story for you I was off-duty and passed by Comrade Police
something’s happening there Don’t move. Stay away He stole something
She called the police The thief, he… Step out Stop. Don’t come over Call dispatch, notify local police I was thinking then… I’ll tell it for you The criminals may kill the hostages Don’t move. Back off Captain Zhong has the power to… One more step and I’ll kill her easily and decisively kill you You’re being ridiculous If that were the case
there wouldn’t be a problem All life is precious Without understanding… Captain Zhong is used to talking it out There’s no rush. Let’s talk it out But Zhong was distracted His wife was run over by a car and being treated in hospital The hospital and his daughter
kept calling him I get it Why are you on the phone? I’ll be right there Hang UP Wei Xiaofu gets out of control Are you tricking me?
What do you want? Do you think I’m bluffing? And the rest is history Captain Zhong… tell us what’s going on inside You tell great stories How can you be sure? Were you there?
How do you know everything? Are you done speaking? It’s my turn Miao will tell you
but she doesn’t know much That night
my wife was running a high fever I was working
and couldn’t take her to hospital She forbidden her to go She took a cab alone
and the accident happened I ignored my phone but felt something was wrong I felt rushed that day Captain Zhong was so patient that day Take your time
we’ll talk everything out When I called back
I found out what happened By the time I rushed to the hospital it was too late I wanted to explain to my daughter
but… she would neither listen to nor forgive me I had tried to convince him to stop I took the drugs for my mom Let’s clarify everything and do what must be done Let the girl go It would be bad if she got hurt We’ll think of a way to help your mother Will that do? So can’t you let me go? Please Wei was agitated Your sister was quite calm I didn’t know what to do
Suddenly… Accidents always happen suddenly Fine. Let me continue It was chaos outside Your sister said, softly “Kill me” What did she say? She spoke very softly
I thought I mis-heard What did you say? You heard it, too I heard her cry out, once That was her second cry What did you say? “Kill me” What are you doing? It wasn’t me, I didn’t move Ambulance She injured her carotid artery
and bled to death This is the truth you wanted So my sister killed herself Of course
I used my knife as a bluff I never guessed she would grab it it scared me Why should I believe you? I believe him You weren’t even there She was troubled See what drug she bought What drug? What drug did she buy? Manager, I’m afraid you must tell us What are you doing? Testing for leaks You’re paying for this Sleeping pills Prescription? 100 pills By law
it’s sold by prescription only I am a man of principle And then? I’ll take over from here The law is dead People are live A warning… to pull a bluff, just take a few Can I buy them or not? Sure but it doesn’t cost this much I’ll give you a few more pills, then… Coming, one moment, please Are you done? Yes Continue What? They’re all the same You broke up? It’s always that I’ve taken them before
It’s horrible I didn’t die had my stomach pumped… vomited like mad What else did you say? Nothing You’re no angel I remember what you said next What true love? I don’t trust anyone any more There are so many men We’re not the same kind of people What do you mean? Playing innocent You’re so blind Just go and die When did I say all that? You said it Wu, I never did I tried to talk her out of it Your sister died because of what she said You sold her the drug knowing she was depressed I can prove he sold her the drug They’re working together Shutup Calm down They did find sleeping pills… on her Does buying sleeping pills equal suicide? Extreme agitation may cause… dire actions I know why Watch what you say Half of female suicides are for a man The other half are for several men Boss Wu I say so because I’ve done it I realize now it’s not worth it… but many don’t Listen to me I completely understand how you feel It’s hard to live alone abroad… for so many years Your sister was your only family the light of your life Knowing she died… you returned to investigate or take it out on someone
That’s natural Go on. You have 5 more minutes You planned this to punish her killer, right? Regardless of method you have the wrong target You mean, you are all innocent What Ian said makes sense Explain yourself There is something you must know Your sister was pregnant at the time She sees you as a parent, she must have told you StOP When the M.E. discovered her pregnancy we investigated She had no marriage record and the father never came See? Men are not worth it Clearly no one here is
the person you seek Even if you find him
there might be a story there You’re trying to confuse me I want to clear your mind Even so, you’re out of time Look, you’ve made it like a trial today Each one of you is guilty The law has already… You just watched as my sister died? You, a COP I admit I made mistakes It was your knife Does 10 years’ jail pay for her life? What do you want of me? Niu, Ian, you stood by while she died You’re killers What did I do? No one minds others’ business any more At least let me know why I have to die I helped her
I tried to talk her out of it She didn’t trust anyone It’s not my fault Manager Put on your helmet For a small profit, you let me sister die I’m not the only one And she didn’t die from the drugs No one shoots Tell them to put down their guns Don’t force me to shoot Stop, Wu You can still live if you surrender now No shooting Fine. Stop shouting or I will shoot you This is a great outfit Drop your Qus Careful behind you, Dad Life is like a cocktail Drink it all to know if it was bitter or sweet You’re hard to handle Meet Kun bartender and bomb maker My I99 What do you want? Don’t worry. This is fake The real ones come later None of you can hide from them Please. Spare us Why didn’t you just kill me? Glad you understand I’m saving you But it’s over Not yet You’re my sister’s boyfriend, right? What kind of joke is this? I found half a picture among her things I remember your tattoo You’ve changed it but I still know it Really? Really? Since Zhong has said so
I’ll tell you Yes lam he Interesting
I thought you escaped long ago Yet you work and make bombs for me Why are you pointing your gun at me? I want to see how you avenge Mei’s death Good for you
We’re really all here I was a coward then But now I know I’ll be last to go I fear nothing Speak quickly
You have 2 minutes to live Wu, you had a part in her death, too What? She told me… you didn’t want her… to be with me But I genuinely fell in love with her She got pregnant and told you But you said you’d come to kill me She was so hurt There was no hope for me so I broke up with her That night, we had a big fight She stormed out, crying I ran after her Even that final time we
looked at each other we never knew how fragile life would be I lived for revenge Now I know… how much she hated me What one didn’t treasure
one may not salvage Right, Wu? Come, the gun is in your hands Wu I wronged her the most I most deserve to die Get down Miao Dad, I’m here Dad I’m here You missed the first train I could have gotten on
but there’s no point You destroyed my plan Your plan?
Why must you harm my daughter? Everyone’s lives are worthless
except Mei’s No one has the right
to take others’ lives in anger Stay aWaY My sister didn’t deserve to die So you have to hurt more people? If she were alive, would she want this? But she’s dead She’ll never return Then you must treasure life even more Dad Let my daughter go This is the same scene as 5 years ago Shoot. You get a merit
I get to die. Win-win Of course, there may be accidents I beg you, let my daughter go If I do, will it be over? You must pay for your actions Throw the gun over Don’t obey
Don’t let him have the gun Throw the gun over Wu Jiang You’re right. Someone must pay I will do anything for my sister Sadly, now I know I’ll never escape Zhong, we will have this last game There’s one bullet left Shoot before the next train Shoot me and… I’ll stab her neck Shoot yourself and she lives Dad, don’t believe him Shoot me and… I’ll stab her neck Shoot yourself and she lives Don’t shoot, I’ll kill her anyway Who lives? Who dies?
It’s up to you I was late then because
I was saving someone else I was wrong to blame you Unfortunately, I failed there, too Zhong, the train is coming I’ll take responsibility
for your sister’s death My daughter has nothing to do with this Please don’t hurt her, no matter what I want to see you be that kind of father I’ll give you 10 seconds before I shoot No, Dad Child I’ve been a bad father I had no time for you and made you feel vulnerableso”)!But… for you I will do anything One Sorry. I removed the bulletjust now I would do anything for my sister A small trick Zhong
I admire you. Go Wait for me on the platform Dad, I cannot go Go, get someone
This is an order. Now Run ls there anything else, Zhong? I must arrest you Say I vanished I’ll do anything for my sister I’d die for her Wu Jiang Get out of my way It’s not worth it I’ll take the blame for my deeds Ignore me, as if I were a bug Don’t worry about me Give up. You can still live Goodbye (Down the well-lit street) (A cold spell suddenly attacks) (Distant warmth cannot) (Relieve nearby sorrows) (Am I just going with the flow?) (As long as the story continues) (I must remain on defense) (Loyal to my own battle) Hurry, get a doctor Hang in there (You threw the switch? (Yes, perfect timing, right? (What can I use for my rescue) (When love has drained away) (Who can keep whom) (Who will my heart wait for) (What can I use for my rescue) (Love is like a poison arrow) (Who can protect whom) (Who can make love last forever) Wait Good one, brother That hurt All hostages are safe no penalty for you How’s Wei Xiaofu? He’s a tough kid Take care of your father Dad, you’re great I’m very ordinary Stop being humble, cop Take it easy on me from now on Wu Jiang says you win this round This is for you He says goodbye Double slate Would you dare clap it on my nose? Watch his foot Why didn’t we use a fake knife? Sorry, Jackie Go again Fake it we’re shooting a movie, Bro Then you go and fight StOP Jackie. Your ear It looks funny again Your nose Let’s do another take
Go again. Again Wait This is no good It’s so hard Can we do this? This won’t work So you want this This way, then It’s so difficult He’s just not a good choice Look at the… I’m speaking Portuguese Just look at the company you keep Look at the people he’s with Slap me. Please slap me
Slap me I beg you, slap me I beg you, slap me Jackie You’re just not good company the company… You’re not in good company Who is good company You shouldn’t be in company He’s with different people every day I quit I’ll refund my pay Stand still Hello Say it boldly He’s afraid then he… He’s on screen What have you done? Jackie Don’t I didn’t Go Now you’re talking like a good father I have another line, go againso”)!I’ll punch you later Damn It won’t break That really hurts Go again Jackie broke it I’ve proven I can break it You said it’s unbreakable
So I had to break it Especially with Jaycee Fang here I must prove it to him Why won’t it open? What’s going on?

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