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65 thoughts on “The Rising – Post-Apocalyptic SciFi Short Film

  1. Between the vague explanation of a plot and the abrupt ending (which raised more questions) made this film fall short of being decent, and instead made it pretty lame and forgetful.

  2. Uhm… choosing settings… a harvested field wouldn’t have the cut stalks still remaining standing 25 years later, let alone remaining open soil with zero invasive plant growth in the field.

  3. Well made. While short it's thought provoking and the visuals are reminiscent of Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl. Thank you.

  4. There is a short made by Duo Cartoonist called "Children of the Night," in which one of the leaders of the group calls upon the children of that group to follow her to a new land. Watching this, I resonated with the children, wanting to escape the harsh control of that group. Showing this to another person who has a child of his own, he found it disturbing since he saw it from the eyes of someone possibly stealing away his daughter.

    Watching this, I immediately resonated with the rebels. When they converged upon where they originated my prime thought was, "Good!" Anyone who resonates with those who sent the rebels out need to look themselves in the mirror and ask what turned them in such a direction.

  5. The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the treason of the artist: a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain. If you can't lick 'em, join 'em. If it hurts, repeat it. But to praise despair is to condemn delight, to embrace violence is to lose hold of everything else. We have almost lost hold; we can no longer describe a happy man, nor make any celebration of joy.
    Ursula Le Guin From The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

  6. I dont see why everyone seems to like the film if the story is so flawed. Or can someone explain why they send lone clones outside to collect whatever samples just to hunt them down if they follow other clones that already escaped in large numbers? And let the hunters be killed in huge numbers too. There are dead people everywhere… has everyone in that world lost its mind?
    May be its not about taking samples at all. Its about enjoying to see klones kill klones?

  7. just a hint: if you're trying to convince your viewers that this is happening 25 years after some apocalypse, you might not want to open with a scene of a guy in a field with the stubs of corn stalks visible. a year, maybe two, you'd see them, then they'd be gone, overgrown by other plants.

  8. @3:27 the guy walking down a road that showed tire impressions. How are they there after 25 yrs. Another the world ending in 12 years scare movie. But for Sci- Fi does pretty well..

  9. If man has been underground for quite some time there wouldn't be signs of harvested crops in a field.

  10. Nice .. the film says 12:57 but more than 2 minutes on the crew praising itself!! Why not say "Film: 10 minutes with all of us patting each other on the backs for another predictable post-apocalyptic heap of same ole .. same ole .. same ole plots for another 2minutes and 57 seconds". Hell, the credits was better than watching the same ole .. same ole .. same ole predictable post-apocalyptic "short film".

  11. Had they spent the same money and effort on the film that they did on the end credits, they may have been something worth watching..

  12. Too much talking, too little sense. Also, how the actual f did they manage to tattoo his hair as well? It's almost like someone just took a permanent marker and wrote that number on his head. Also, why did the story line get killed before the video even starts? I could not see it anywhere. I therefore demand a refund of my 60 minutes. 12 minutes of watching the video, and the rest of the hour wondering wtf I just watched.

  13. ⚔️ I have enjoyed this select the only thing it did left a lot of questions they will all clones I believe or they were related and a facility and the troops never really showed their faces is always the back of the of the professors at the facility and the troops never took off their mask however it was an excellent film it just left a lot of more questions and then get the the ones will look like clothes did they went to fight against the norm please let me know if anybody knows more of this story? 🦅

  14. WTF why no talking? God i hate that!!! So many of the short stories have no talking. Could only get better with talking. frustrating!!!

  15. Our HUBRIS destroyed the atmosphere? Cheap way to get out of a real explanation.
    In 30 years all humans will be in giant underground cities it would take 50 years to build and be able to modify ourselves?
    Would a computer in the future use a keyboard from 20 years ago? Would it be that big when a cell phone could do the job?
    Is this another copy of Wool?
    He didn't think to bring a cup?
    If people with masks and flying helicopters can move around fine, why do you need these modified humans?
    They sent him out there, then they hunt him to kill him? Why? Why keep doing it? Get the gas mask guys to do the job.
    Soldiers are ten feet away but run instead of shooting him.
    A lot of mistakes

  16. I'm getting tired of stories that go nowhere. Would it be too much to ask for a film to be understandable?

  17. He dont arm him self when he can . Poor clone amo and rifel the rest of rifles i push barrle in the mud let them stand there . Lets have a new clone

  18. Thay would pop a cap in his leg if wonted alive seems head shots are the norm he would be dead . no 2 ways about it poor choise in a clone

  19. Anyone else notice the fresh tire tracks on the dirt road when he was pulling the cart at 3:15 min in? HD's a bitch ain't it? But overall I did like it.

  20. 0:44 is how far I made it. It's been 25 years since humans have been on the surface of the earth and the guy wakes up next to a corn field that had been cut just a few months earlier. I'm thinking these post-apocalyptic films are made by city kids who've spent most of their life in front of a video screen playing games. They seem to be completely oblivious about the world.

  21. What the hell was it all about what was the concept no atmosphere how you going to breathe I'm pretty sure after 25 years all the oxygen would be gone and that planet will be a total desert with no atmosphere sorry you need to come up with a better concept.

  22. Sorry but I don't know what it is about short films and creators of them that they gravitate so strongly towards post Apocalypse themes. Maybe because it's cheaper and easier just to use a handful of survivors out in the woods and bring a camera for a small scale film? Just like every other and other and other and other and other and other and other… Can someone come up with some originality?

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