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(heavy metal music) (gunshot fires) (laughs) – What? He think he gonna run me
down, that’s hilarious. Hey darling. – Hey. Hey Billy. – [Billy] I’ve got everything
I need in my life now because of my girlfriend but there’s just one thing, her dad, her cock sucking piece of shit dad. He doesn’t like her and I together and he may have tried
to turn her against me. But she knew better. I could easily kill him and get him out of our
lives once and for all but for some reason, she
likes the old piece of shit and won’t let me do anything to him. My blood began to boil when her stupid fucking
dad starting texting her asking if she was with me. I had no choice but to drop her off. It was at that moment, I realized I needed to find a way for her and I to leave this city and get as far away from
her dad as we could. As long as her dad’s around, she’s never gonna really be mine. That’s why I’ve got a plan for her and I to leave this fucking city, leave her daddy behind. Her and I are gonna get married, start a new life. And her daddy won’t be able to do anything about it. But to do that, I need a large amount of money and that’s where my dad comes in. I know my dad has a life insurance policy and if I take him out, I’m gonna get my inheritance. It was time to pay my dad a visit. Hey, shut the fuck up! (dog barking) (gunshots blasting) God damn it, fuck. I said shut the fuck up. (gunshots blasting) Die fucker. Nothing is gonna stop me
from getting my inheritance. It’s only a matter of time
before my dad is dead. So I figured I’d pay my mama a visit since it was the two year
anniversary of her death and shit on her grave. (grunting) Yeah, fuck you mom. You shouldn’t have tried to hold me down, stop me from becoming the man I am today. If only you knew when you died that I’d shit on your grave. But it doesn’t matter ’cause you’re dead and soon, dad will be too. – Fuck you bitch. – Yeah. Kill that little bastard. (gunshots blasting) I could feel all the hatred and resentment that I had towards my dad growing up coming back to me as I drove to his house. It was time to settle the score and not only would I be
getting my inheritance, I would be getting rid
of my piece of shit dad once and for all. And now that his dog was dead, there was no way he would know I was coming to take him out. I easily broke into his house by picking a lock. And now that I was inside, there was no way I could be stopped. I’ve waited so long for this moment to finally kill my dad. (heavy metal music) Fuck you, dad. The only thing you were ever good for is your insurance policy. – [Pat] This life is about power. Whoever has the biggest sack holds the most souls. And I, I have the biggest sacks. – Her daddy never wanted her to use drugs. But who the hell is he to tell her what she can and can’t do? That’s why I got her hooked on cocaine. Some good shit, eh? – Yeah. – Now that I got her hooked, I had to get her some more. Luckily, a friend of
mine gave me the number of a transgender dealer named Rose who’s supposed to have
better prices than Pat. Yeah, is this Rose? Yeah, Wheeling Deals gave me your number, said you might have what I need. That’s exactly right. Okay, I can be there in an hour. Yeah. ‘Sup man? – [Rose] What’s going on? – You got the stuff? – [Rose] You get the 100 bucks? – Yeah, I brought it. – [Rose] There’s only 80 bucks here. Hey, hey! Mother fucker, give me the God damn money. Give me my fucking money. God damn. – I fucked your mother. Well howdy Pat. No, it’s Billy. I just thought you might want to know that that transgender Rose was trying to sell me some drugs today. Well, I know, but she tried doing it in your territory. I just thought you should know. All right. (gunshots blasting) – As soon as I heard that bitch was dealing in my territory, I knew I had to take action. It was time to eliminate
that piece of shit. (phone ringing) Hey Johnny. I’m gonna need another favor from you. I’m gonna need you to
kill that bitch Rose. – All right, I’ll let you know
as soon as the job is done. (upbeat music) (heavy metal music)
(gunshots fired) I felt no remorse as I looked at the lifeless body. Her day had ended, might’ve just began and it was time for me to get my next fix. (phone ringing) – Hello? – Yeah, it’s me, Johnny. I was just calling to let
you know that Rose is dead. – I’m so glad that bitch Rose is dead. Well, come by whenever you want, I’ll have your shit. Yeah. (upbeat music) I was very satisfied as soon as I found out
that bitch Rose was dead, not because she wouldn’t be
dealing in my territory anymore but it showed how much power I really had and it showed that if
anyone fucked with me, you’d end up dead. (ominous music) – [Johnny] It felt as if I
was trapped in my own hell at the hands of my addiction, that I’d do anything to get my next fix. Because in this life, all that matters is me
and getting what I need. (gunshots fired) (ominous music) The world felt so alive yet dead. And it felt as if I was Satan and the world was my kingdom
to spread death and addiction everywhere I went. – [Wheeling Deals] Hey,
can you help a brother out? Cheap mother fucker. (gunfire blasting) This life is about survival. You got to look out for yourself, do whatever it takes to get by. There’s some people even us
homeless scumbags can’t stand, like that piece of shit
over there selling drugs to the kids at the playground. He’s gonna get his. – Hey, what are you doing over here? You need something? Trying to wheel up on that church or what? What do you got going on, huh? You need something? – My sister’s kids go over here, just wonder why you’re hanging out. Got some kind of security clearance? You got a badge or something? – [Veto] I don’t need
any of that, I’m good. – Are you sure?
– No, I’m fine. – Just wondering. Not licking little boy’s asses, are you? – [Veto] What the fuck
are you trying to say? Are you trying to call me
some kind of pedo, asshole? – Just wondering why you’re
over here, that’s all. – [Veto] I’m here ’cause
I want to be here. Why are you here? – Why do you want to hang
out with little kids? That’s all I want to know. – [Veto] You need to
mind your own business. Get the hell out of here. – All right, whatever. – [Wheeling Deals] Not some
kind of pervert, are you? – Man get the fuck out
of here, you know what? Man, get the fuck out of here. – Oh yeah, there she is. I’m gonna take care of
that son of a bitch now. – [Veto] What are you
doing over here again man? Didn’t I tell you last time? – [Wheeling Deals] I come back, wanted to show you something. – [Veto] You ain’t got noting for me, man. – By the way, did you see
any little girl’s panties while you’re over here? – [Veto] Again with that shit, huh, again? – [Wheeling Deals] I
got something for you. (gunshots blasting) Yeah fuck you, piece of shit. That’s what you get. Nobody sells drugs to kids on my watch. (ominous music) – As soon as I found out that it was Wheeling Deals
who killed my dealer, I know I had to eliminate him, make sure he’d never interfere
with my business again. (phone ringing) John. – Yeah Pat, what’s up? – I have another job
for you, Wheeling Deals. I want you to eliminate him now. I can’t have him interfering
with my business anymore. This is ridiculous. Thank you. – All right, later. Fucking cunt. – I had my dad cremated. It was the cheapest thing to do. There was no way I was paying for a coffin or a burial. And when they tried to make me buy an expensive urn to put his ashes in, I had ’em put his asses in a mason jar. (phone ringing) Yep? Yeah, this is Billy. Well all right, so when am I gonna be
getting my insurance payout? What? Well if I’m not fucking getting it, who the hell is? The fucking church! The old man set me up. The old cock sucker knew I would kill him for his insurance policy. Fuck you, dad. (glass shattering) – Pat may have wanted Wheeling Deals dead but I had other plans. As long as I’m taking orders from her, I’ll never get ahead in this life. It was time to fuck her
before she could fuck me. (phone ringing) Yeah Pat, it’s me, Johnny. Yeah, I was just calling to let you know that Wheeling Deals is dead. – All right, come get your shit then. – All right, see you in a little bit. Later. Fucking cunt, I’mma kill you instead. (knocking on door) – Hey Johnny. – Hey. – How you doing tonight? – Yep, good. – So– (gunshots firing) Fuck you, Johnny. – [Johnny] Pat was one tough bitch but in the end, she got what she deserved. I’m in charge now that
that fucking cunt is dead. (gunshots blasting) (glass shattering) – I didn’t get my dad’s
life insurance payout but luckily, I had another
trick up my sleeve. My friend took me off
to where Johnny lived and I knew he had a stash of drugs. If I steal it, I could sell
it to make the money I need to get the fuck out of town. Jackpot. Fuck you, Johnny. I had done it. I made enough to get the
fuck out of this city. I’m gonna start a new life with my girl. Yeah, my dad may have
fucked me out of my policy, but I always find a
way to get what I need. All that’s left to do now is to pick her up. Hey honey, I’ll be right back, honey, I need to step outside
and make a phone call. (phone ringing) Hey Johnny, it’s me, Billy. I was just calling to say fuck you and to let you know I’m the one that stole all your drugs. I’m leaving the city tonight and by the time you get this message I’ll be long gone. You’ll never be able
to catch me if you try. (phone smashing) – [Johnny] There was no way that fucking piece of shit was gonna get away with this. I was gonna find him no matter what. (gunshots blasting) (phone ringing) Hello? – Hey, is this Johnny? Yeah, this is Wheeling Deals. Hey, I heard you were
looking for somebody. Yeah, that little fucking weasel. Yeah, I saw him over there
on Colorado at the hotel. Yeah the Hotel 8. I heard you took care of Pat. That’s the only reason I’m calling you. All right, you stay out
of the east side, okay? Yeah, fuck you too. Fuck him. I know one thing, I’m gonna hold on to this mother fucker. – Oh fuck. Babe, babe, babe! Oh shit. (gunfire blasting) (heavy metal music)

15 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of an American Scumbag | Short Horror Film

  1. I thought this was going to be the Hillary Clinton story. I was thinking "man, her pussy supporters will love this." Trump 2020

  2. If anyone is interested, DVD's of this film are available for $10.00 @:

  3. Sad to think there are really people in our society like this. They should av all died. Sick twisted muthas.

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