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– Just for the record, there’s
not one person in this group that I would have chosen
for this type of mission. They’re all too reckless. (dramatic music) (somber music) – The government has killed
hundreds of families. (woman screaming) Many more will die if
something is not done. – What do you know about
what’s happening in Ethiopia? – It’s another bloody genocide and nobody gives a shit
because it’s in Africa. – Well, your prime minister
decided to give a shit. (beating music) The Red Sea Diving Resort. It’s a hotel we could use
to smuggle the refugees through Sudan to Israel. (airplane engine roaring) – So, let’s be very clear. (beating music) If this goes wrong, you’ll
all be hanging from cranes. (beating music) – [Man] Mesu? – Best cover we could ask for. (dramatic music) – Ace is on the way home. – There are still hundreds
crossing the border every week. (somber music) – It’s gonna all right. – [Soldier] We are watching you. (car engine revving) – If you ask me, this entire
country is a tinderbox. – The mission isn’t
over for us, I promise. – This is not a mission for me. This is my life. (gun cocking) – They’re executing
dissidents, it’s revolution. – We must leave now. (dramatic music) – They’re dying. And they’re sick, and they’re starving. (dramatic music) – [Man] Is it a roadblock? – Full speed ahead. – You are crazy. – You’re a lucky guy. But when the luck runs
out, you gotta have a plan and you never have one. (dramatic music) – We will leave no one behind. (dramatic music) (man yelling) – [Woman] We’re all
just refugees aren’t we? (dramatic music) (somber music)

100 thoughts on “The Red Sea Diving Resort | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Meh another pro Israel movie.. it’s stupid ! saving Jewish refugees from Africa and bringing them to Israel while displacing Palestinians 🤷🏻‍♂️ saving refugees while creating refugees 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔

  2. Cried so much watching this, the real life people are so brave and are heroes. God I’m so happy that I watched this.

  3. Ethiopia is one of not colonized African country during colonization ….The victory of ADWA….This victory is not only Ethiopians its all African peoples….. This true story is stored only in books and storians for many years….And Our Countries Entertainment Companies have no Financial,Well Educated Film proffessinals to change this victory into Movies….We have Enough sources to make this true stories please Netflix Think about this and change great victory of Africa (ADWA) into Film

  4. the same state of Israel that armed and supported apartheid South Africa. This is is unfortunate propaganda of a tyrannical state, whom also condone racism. How many IDF Colonels and Generals are of Ethiopian heritage today eh?

  5. I watched this today and honestly speaking this has nothing to do with politics nor religion,this is about being Human

  6. This was a great movie…Storyline somehow resembled the Bible @ one point. Saw some famous south african faces too in the movie. Kudos to them too on landing the gig👌🏾

  7. Pretty sure it is not JUST Chris Evans… Michael K Williams, Ben Kingsley, Greg Kinnear…. Arguably all better actors than Evans.

  8. all am saying is if you are going to make a movie based on Ethiopia's event it wouldn't hurt to include Ethiopians, i mean there is actually Ethiopian guy named Kebede bimro in the main story

  9. This is such a good movie! I laughed so hard at some scenes, was scared at others.
    It's about time Hollywood gets a dose of the famous Israeli bravery.

  10. This strategy has worked very well for replace those who have the right to those who have do not , unfortunately everyone know that ..

    Free Palistin

  11. Didn't know this happened at that time and dont feel like the movie will say much about it either but on behalf of the Republic of Sudan. We apologize.

  12. Wao , an old way to portray a country which is involved in genocide of innocent Palestinians as a soft state.
    israel you can not win this.

  13. Just finished watching it and i am speechless! Love this movie and the story is incredible! 💗💗💗💗💗

  14. This stupid movie is based on a true story , my question is why smuggling people from their fucking county to Israel and then return them and distribute them on other countries like fucking merchandise after they faced soo much racism from Israelis asking them to leave "their country" but it'S NOT EVEN THEIR COUNTRY , they themselves stole it from the Palestinians , SO BASICALLY this movie meant to make Israel look great but let me tell you a fact , IT'S NOT!!!!
    ps : I'm not Ethiopian nor Palestinian , I'M A HUMAN BEING .

  15. I’m not criticizing the movie but us Ethiopians do not have that accent portrayed in the movie. But again some of the Ethiopian characters are not Ethiopian’s in real life so I can see why.

    With that being said and seeing the comment section insults (for simply stating the people portrayed in the movie to represent the people do not look or sound like the people that they are supposed to represent), go easy on me on all the ethnical insults. Alright boys?

  16. Great movie I should say that!
    I imagine the things that I haven't imagen before while watching this.

    Edit: The song that played at the end is so upset though I don't understand the language. I'm so addicted to this song now a days.

  17. Wrong history wrong place and wrong people..
    Their is no place in Ethiopia have this Mach dust and red soil
    Always putting White people savior of black people.. That is bulshit us Ethiopians we never been under Whit colonization .. Fuck White supremacy

  18. Movie is not as great as it looks but it will sell for only one reason and that’s probably the only reason, and that’s Chris Evans aka Captain America

  19. All these comments which objectify Chris Evans on a sexual basis are the same twats who moan when men do it, we don't really care but double standards of the left are a joke, yes an evil straight white bloke after all..the fucking irony.

  20. This is a very distorted story the person who wrote this story doesn't know about Ethiopia and didn't try to know the real felasha(bete Israel) story. The person who wrote the story has no idea about even what Ethiopian soldier's looked like at that time I think he saw some videos about African rebel and thought they looked like that.
    The actor's they used don't look Ethiopian.
    Don't sound like Ethiopian.
    The land they choose also doesn't look like Ethiopia.
    They should name it imaginary country wadia 😂

  21. The biggest brainwashing Zionist bullshit ever to be pushed off by Netflix,…SHAME ON YOU NETFLIX for supporting these Zionists apartheid regime . Outrageous

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