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100 thoughts on “The Reality Of Truth – Full Film

  1. This document is Completely false: half truths are lies…,
    Really water to wine has occurred … and actually still recently has continuously happened just by Praying (in The name Of Jesus) Y’SHUA The Messiah The Anointed Almighty King Forever
    Mana food has also appeared daily around the world 🌍 🌎 When people were in starving need, reading bible Scriptures Daily and praying 🙏 Asking (Jesus ) Y’SHUA The Messiah

  2. silverhand 290? these are the most stunning and beautiful words i have ever read on you tube. many thanks for your kindness in sharing this truth. i have felt all this for 44 years. and now i have no idea who i am. i no longer know myself because i chucked my old self away into the bin. he got everything wrong and misunderstood the truth so now i have to go in search of it. i get closer every single day. the truth can only be known by stepping away or outside of thought. when we stop thinking and observe from our own spirituality we can heal everything. present moment awareness as many times as possible throughout each day. watch yourself sitting on the bus. what can you see or smell? what can you hear? watch yourself washing your hands or walking down the road. see it all. xx -find all the answers, cure cancer. when we die the spirit can only pass on to another place. energy cannot dissappear but instead change its form. it changes direction. so what i mean is that our spirit moves to another place when we die. read the power of now by eckhart tolle. that book ought to be taught in primary schools. if you are hurting then stop thinking and soon within minutes you will learn why you are hurting and you will be offered various choices on how to reaxt to the hurting. you will instinctively know what path to choose you will see that it is the safest path. i am trying to give up everything that is bad for me but it is a constant battle. i cant even manage a full week without sugar or tobacco. i keep trying. look around you. angels are everywhere and we will learn from them. they are other human beings sent by the universal intelligence to guide and teach us. they may come and go from our lives. one angel came into my world for 12 years, taught me how to let go of resistance and then swiftly died of cancer. this is what a gaurdian angel means. allow people to love you. listen to them and do not talk. just watch. what do they have to teach you? never assume anything. this will be your greatest gift. never ever assume anything. see ya later. xx read coming to our senses by jon kabat zinn. the truth can be found in meditation, -by NOT thinking. the answers and indeed all creativity comes from a place of no mind. illusions are in almost everything. do not be fooled by them. coin has two sides. look at both coins and decide which side tels the greatest truth. do you come home from work and drink alcohol to relax? well then if you do this you have been fooled by the illusion. alcohol will never ever allow us to relax. pop stars are all so much happier than we are. another illusion. people with beautiful faces are happier than me. another illusion. ''i will know the answers when i think all this through.'' -another illusion. illusions are absolutely everywhere.i fight with and am constantly fooled by illusions throughout the day. i recognise some of them these days and my ego doesnt resist and fight i let go of my feelings and let go or surrender and then i cannot be fooled by the illusion. nobody at work likes me. another illusion. i managed to invent that one all by myself.we can only learn how to love others by stopping what we are doing and by listening. dont talk to them. listen to them and then you ill know what to say to them. dont prepare your next sentence in your head while they talk. only listen. just listen. when they have finished letting go of their pain as they speak to you, THEN you will know what to say to reassure them. keep it brief. love will show you what to say to those around you. love comes from the source; infinite wisdom; universal intelligence. some call it god. but god is the present moment. this is what it means to know god; to be present and not listening to the constant whisperings of the mind.

  3. It bothered me they’re only helping rich people. They should go to the people who can’t afford going to fancy resorts and help people with drug addictions and mental health issues. Get all their rich friends and seek donations to pay for the costs. I have had the good fortune to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies. My friend studies in Peru and when he was ready he started doing the ceremonies with the blessings of the shamans. He didn’t ask for money. We do it in a remote area in West Texas. No luxury resort style accommodations. We pitch tents and bring food to cook over a fire. And it is a life changing experience for people who are ready. I’ve seen the universe and beyond the universe and all its glory. The plant medicine has helped with my PTSD and depression. And I felt the unconditional love of the universe. But people who have done this know that it’s actually not a one time miracle cure. You have to do the work. And in this doc they don’t talk about the purging and the crapping your pants. There is a better doc that shows you from start to finish what Ayahuasca is and the ceremony. It also kind of promotes a treatment center but it’s just regular people from around the world going. It’s not pretentious. It’s called Metamorphosis by Keith Aronowitz.

  4. Wow! Hadn’t heard about this film until now. Really inspirational! Made me for the first time in my life not feel crazy scared of ayahuasca! :p

    So far weed, dmt, mushrooms, lsd and now ONLY meditation has helped turn my life from a miserable hell to a wonderous place of excitement and love. Really looking forward to see what ayahuasca and san pedro have to show me. :3

  5. The film is entitled The Truth but is a Pack of Lies e. g. when it refers to what the Bible says. Poor delusional people. The truth sets free, from the power of plants over you too. You proclaim slavery, not freedom.

  6. Manna in the bible is related to Ayahuasca —– HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – Morons. Always this pagan bullshit wants to mix into the biblical Truth. That is, their pagan Oneism – all is one – which per definition deny the God of the Bible, then wants to usurp what they deny in the first place, Hippocrates as they – YOU – are. The biblical God is the only Twoism worldview, where God, being the Only Divine, stands separate and eternal from His Creation. The Manna from heaven was no super-drug, but a typology for the real Manna from Heaven which is Jesus Christ – Who was himself a Divine person coming forth from the Father, the One true God, and operated as mediator to save His People, the Bride. As such it is not the natural substance of the manna that is messaging in the bible, but the saving person, God's only and unique Son (monogenes) who incarnated in our human nature, taking on humanity in order to save it from its fall and Sin.

    Now you Pagan and New Agers can believe whatever you want, but stop lying to yourself and others by take away the truth of the Word of God, and applying it for your own Stupidity – after myself being 20 years into this – Your Bullshit here – I can testify – You are Liars. May the Lord Christ reveals His truth to those the Father calls and be blessed and set apart from this delusion.

  7. The one good and special thing that makes it worth watching this is when the moon gave him a new heart. That's moving and authentic. Love it! 46.36 – 50.03

  8. I have taken the medicine 3 times and booked for a 4th. I have cleared all my darkness and have been healed.
    I was put off thru forums portraying lies. Your experience is a reflection of you being manifested by the female spirit to allow you to release. To purge the energy. She is an intelligence that communicates with you if you have an open mind.
    My 1st experience started with a physical death of my ego. It felt like I had rigamortis, only this was symbolic.
    I worked with all my shadows and have integrated them into my life well. I have much gratitude to the ayahuasca energy and I'm healed physically, spiritually and emotionally. Thank you great spirit for this gift. I want to work with you forever.
    Sending love to all my brothers and sisters. Aho!!!
    Peru here I come again!!

  9. I'm only 2 minutes into this and it appears a bit hokey already. You want me to believe that Deepak Chopra hadn't heard about manna from the Bible until you called him? I listened to Deepak's audio tapes back in 1998 and he seemed to know the Bible well enough.
    I know I should give this documentary more time, but it looks to be making it sound like he amazingly discovered something that no one else thought of and he is the first to present it to someone like Deepak.
    I will watch the rest now and hope I am wrong.

  10. I think shamanism and the experience Ayahuasca, has become the religion of the rich and famous? The celebrity yoga and meditation consciousness movement is making the same mistakes as the fundamental christians and mega churches, that you have to follow a bunch of rituals spend a lot of money to find the truth….Every spiritual and conscious experience you are looking for is within you, waiting for you.

  11. Absolute garbage documentary. I learned absolutely fuck all. Celebrities sitting in front of a camera describing an ayahuasca experience does not make this a documentary. How is it they ALL had unbelievably mystical experiences? Not the reality of how this medicine works.

    Empty, needs more fat.

    "I’m going through changes
    "always changing faces
    "I’m going through phases
    "I’m going through changes
    "just shine the light on a different side of me
    "just shine the light show me what it means
    "I’m going through changes
    "always changing faces
    "I’m going through phases
    "I’m going through changes

  13. I'm watching this an recalling my trip to Peru…the one thing that you and many people fail to mention is that for whatever reason, reason that to this day I cannot explain, the Peruvian landscape, air, mountains, people impact you so deep that nothing is the same when you come back home. When I hiked through the Peruvian Andes for 10 days I felt incredible calmness, inner peace and harmony, something I have never experienced in my 42 years of being in this world. The only thing you have to do is detach yourself from the world you live in, clear your mind and open your senses. I found myself feeling things I have never felt before. The level of happiness in its purest form I found there was so immense that I literally cried like a baby three times. The absolute simplicity of life there, the mind bending beauty of the surroundings…the entire experience was so profound that two years after returning to my very ordinary life I have been questioning myself why am I doing what I'm doing and am I really truly happy here….the answer was very simple. I was the happiest (to the core of my very soul) I've ever been when I was there, in the middle of this vast Andean emptiness, where everything, every aspect of daily life was at its simplest.
    My conclusion therefore is….natural environment in it's simplest, purest form, open mind and total detachment from our everyday life works just as good as ayahuasca which unfortunately us westerners expect to solve all of our problems. An old shaman in Cuzco told me that you have to have a truly open mind and will to cooperate with what the experience brings…otherwise it's just another high.

  14. fast forward to 2018, your "friend" michelle rodriguez is doing hard drugs and partying with her lesbo "model" girlfriend around the world in yachts. You are doing a disservice to the psychedelic movement by trying to associate these clowns with it in any shape or form.

  15. We feel blessed to have heard from so many people who have watched the film and then taken the step of going inside their own minds for answers and healing.

    Our best advice is to enjoy the experience and to remember the famous quote
    "We have the serious responsibility to take nothing serious." MMY

    Peace. Zappy

  16. So this is basically a drug commercial… Why so many "woke" people recommeding this? I was really disapointed by the lack of a real message in there. 40% of the people talking had a very unconftable vibe. It almost made me shiver. Only thing I took from it was that people took drugs before Jesus did his wonders…

  17. If you have time come into our himalayas ..And then you meet real yogis..And by the way ..The first meditator is lord shiva..

  18. We need this to be widespread in the US and Worldwide. I think in the near future it will be. Great presentation. Thank you.

  19. Isn't it sad you have to go to Peru or Costa Rica to be free. We are not free in the US. When everyone wakes up to this then it will change. Peace and love to all and happy adventures….

  20. love the video used shrons in younger years and do understand finding yourself inside yourself creates love of all and forever…

  21. It is a dangerous film. Mushroom can kill people. It causes Drug induced Psychosis and majority of people ended up in mental health hospitals. Simply just do breathing Meditation. We can see reality again and again without using brain damaging herbs…..Doctor in Psychiatry …[email protected]

  22. totally dissapointed in this movie as it showed nothing but what these people got out of it it seemed like an ego thing for them, didnt quite get the feeling they where doing this for the right reasons…i.e. enlightenment, just felt as they where rich folks looking for their next fix, maybe it's just me but i didn't buy any of it!!!!!

  23. That is so true I don't have two nickels to rub together plus I'm a recovering heroin addict I got a wife and two daughters and I've only been clean for about a year and I'm trying to work trying to find a job trying to pay bills trying to learn how to meditate trying to find a new way of life for me and unconditional love for my family and a newfound love for myself is my drive to get over what I have to get over and start a new life and live for my daughters I would love to be able to find my higher self go up there to the top of the Andes mountains drink a drink get in tune with myself let on my resentments go let all of my anger issues all of the issues that I have why I'm here on this Earth all the things that I've done that I've heard people people that I've heard me my family that I've heard all these people that are on that video or millionaires millionaires would be nice for one of them to finance some of us that are less fortunate to get up there and hand really let some stuff go but of course when it comes down to it you think they're going to fork over the money to pay for any of us unfortunate hell no money is the root of all evil sex is the baby of that nice video though

  24. Manna was not mushrooms but food for Israelis, beacuse they were hungry and it is from E.T. spacecraft that was invisible for people on the ground ! Look at this site were is description from ENRIQUE CASTILLO RINCON a contact person, he had contact with PLEIADIANS : . Search and research !

  25. Nowhere in My Bible does it say Jesus added 'Anything' to the Jars which were at the Cana Wedding, except telling the servants to fill them up with water ! This film starts off with a false premise from the get-go !

  26. This is the best movie I've ever seen. I want to say thank you to those who created this video and therapy centre for people, it will really help all of us.

  27. Interesting transformative experiences for these people. It is possible to touch the infinite, the essence of each of us with meditation such as mindfulness meditation, Vipassana meditation. One criticism: It is strange that often retreat center, yoga retreat, and place like Rythmia created by the people who made this movie and wish to help other for a better world are so expensive to intend as it is for the TM (Transcendal Meditation). There are more people on earth like myself for whom such prices are too high. All the best to each of you. Luis

  28. I learned about breath with my Spiritual master . HE elaborate the breath very different way.It is the way to connecting with the God . Yes afcourse

  29. Wow! I had a freind gift me some Homemade LSA from The Woodrose flower whichbis legalto own and grow and i didnt know his homemade herbal tea for my headache would be so intense. Yet natural and not laboratory made. It was introspective and meaningful. I look forward to his a San Pedto Torch cact are ready to harvest. He is a rare psychonaut from the 70’s, man. Go Hippy Dave K

  30. Well done and True !! Something coming soon that I am creating involving Ayahuasca, it will for sure bring things front and center.. Its time….

  31. Do the great mindfulness training as much as possible , to make yourself better , be satisfide with that . Do not put drugs inside your body . Master Thich Nhat Hanh and others would agree with that . Be no theists no atheist no gnostic no agnostic no muslim no christian etcetera . Be pro the unity in impartiality principle . Copy that . Magnificent obsession . Yes . Keep it simple , honest , lovely and calm .

  32. Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden…..the Macmillan is also a notorious sniper rifle….I'm sure it has nothing to do with eachother.

  33. John 2:6-10
    6Now standing there were six stone water jars for the Jewish rites of purification, each holding twenty or thirty gallons. 7Jesus said to them, “Fill the jars with water.” And they filled them up to the brim. 8He said to them, “Now draw some out, and take it to the chief steward.” So they took it. 9When the steward tasted the water that had become wine, and did not know where it came from (though the servants who had drawn the water knew), the steward called the bridegroom 10and said to him, “Everyone serves the good wine first, and then the inferior wine after the guests have become drunk. But you have kept the good wine until now.”

    If you are going to make a statement of what Jesus did to turn water to wine, make sure you read the scripture. There is no place that says that Jesus put mana in the water to turn to wine.

  34. Illegal because pharmaceutical companies need to make money just like they said, things controlled by all the big companies. So then you really learn who is in control of things and see that it is not government but the ones behind everything controlling everything. Which you also then realize why so many wrongful laws and rules that perpetuate false imprisonment, fines, enslavement, and the numbing down of people to all think the same way and to conform. All for money and control.

  35. I have been working with plant-based teachers such as Psilocybin, Ayuhuasca, and Mescaline For 25+ years. Not to say that I am an expert by any means but I just want to start by saying that I am all about people taking this journey but this video was a real turn-off. I was really excited to see Michelle Rodriguez as my girlfriend adores her but soon realized that this was just another infomercial for the commercialization of Ayahuasca. The whole "no one exist to me unless they are on my level" is really tragic and that is the real problem with this whole industry right now. It gives people a glimpse of the realm beyond but no way to apply it to your waking life which leaves a disconnect. Just talk to the family of people who have come back from some of these empowerment retreats. People come back and walk around completely disconnected because they feel they are now too good for this reality which everyone else is a part of when you are missing the real value of these plant-based teachers which is to show our inter-connectivity to all. As an example, just look at what

    Michelle says at 38:00. "If you are an asshole, be an asshole…" "…but don't come near me with your evil energy because I will knock you the fuck out" right after the "shaman" just talks about how this plant teacher helps us transcend to a new level of consciousness. Maybe I am wrong in my studies as I thought that a growing feeling of love, kindness, and compassion is at the core of obtaining higher levels of consciousness.

    Again, at 33:40, the speaker talks about how he is able to see things the way that God would. This made me further cringe. I think it is wonderful that he no longer associates God with a male energy and has been led by Pachamama herself but a humble teachable spirit is a part of any spiritual path, seeing that we are always the student and there is a greater teacher which is God/Love/The universe, whatever you want to call it and yes we are a reflection of this thing and yes we are all from this thing but we are always sitting at the feet of this energy which does not make us less than but it is to honor it.

    Watching this video, I feel like I am watching a bunch of 22 year olds after their first MLS training retreat in Cabo. Be wary of anything that promises treasure and riches in little to no time from Get Rich Quick schemes to even Ayuhasca. It is very juvenile and even dangerous to the true spirit development of people. I hope it can serve as proof that we are so insignificant and small in the whole scheme of things and that we do have so much to learn still and not that once we experience this awesome thing for a fleeting moment, which we now know the truth at all. I say all of this with cariño and love. I pray you will all come to know the peace of this truth that is taught through path.

  36. Does someone know where they did the Ayahuasca ceremony? I mean in which retreat center exactly? 
    There are many offers online.

    Thanks for the answer!


  37. You changed the direction of what you started to something else.. from mana to different stories..
    I'm sure mosses or jesus didn't use those techniques..

  38. Ha! It's all a big 'Pitch'. Come to Costa Rica, and heal yourself. but only as long as your worth more than million dollars… lmfao!

  39. Just as God provided manna to the Israelites to save them from starvation, He has provided Jesus Christ for the salvation of our souls. The literal manna temporarily saved the Israelites from physical death. The spiritual manna saves us from eternal death. “Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and they died. This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die” (John 6:49-50). Jesus is the only way to heaven not ayahuasca.

  40. Trying to invent the wheel.

    God has sent Prophets countless time to teach human how to live, individually, as a family and in a society. But human chose to be clever ignoring the Prophets and blundering thru trying to find his own path in search of truth.

    Try reading the Quran first. God's own revelation. And try finding errors and contradictions in it before accepting it as the truth. Thats Quran own falsification test. Do it. Your salvation in the next wotld depends on it.

  41. The people who criticize this movie, have never experienced ego death. This work may be imperfect, but necessary. Thank you guys! Well done!

  42. dont worry when artifitial inteligence is intergrated with human beings they will use it to override human consciousness that is when we will be true passengers. The goverment know what they are doing.

  43. I doubt nowadays its the pharmaceutical industry keeping these plant based medicines illegal now since there are next to no antidepressant meds still under patent protection- almost all are generic and so there’s no reason to protect that market and pharmaceutical companies are staying away from CNS conditions because its too risky to develop drugs in that area. THC is already legal in Canada and some US states and even psilocybin is now decriminalized in Denver. So the future looks good for plant based medicine


  45. Manna! monatomic gold! everything we see, smell. feel. and sense is electrical signals, from the senses to the brain. and evn our thoughts are electrical signals, if we do not hev enough water and minerals salts in our systems then those signals can be lost, like a dodgy wire. now imagine how those signals can be boosted if natures best electrical conductor Gold is ingested at an atomic level. basically gold plating your electrical system.

  46. Spend 2 weeks in the dark you'll see what ayahuaska does without even buying in someone else's shit… So many people try to skip steps that they get f…… in the end. Stop believing in others lies and go seek your own.

  47. LOL….. The reality of Truth?

    Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
    Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
    As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
    “’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
    Only this and nothing more.”

  48. Why does this documentary say it was Iboga that Gerry was taking when he spoke to the Moon? I just watched a video where he says it was Ayahuasca.

  49. life is so beautiful, magical and mystical. sending love to all my brothers and sisters. May each one of us find his/her true purpose and may your light shine bright. love and light to all <3 <3 <3

  50. So is this an establishment fad for the sheeple – like the summer of love – another satanic agenda to lead the gullible from the straight and narrow?  why do people want to consume plants and be 'someone else' – why not learn to like yourself?  seems like a lot of people are buying into this.  this documentary is just a huge advertisement.

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