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Riya, did you reach comfortably? Yes mom, just reached. Could you sleep? Yes, a bit… How was the flight? Flight was alright. Is the property agent coming directly to your house? That’s what he has said. I got a house online at such a short notice. Don’t know how
it will be. Everything will be good. Don’t worry. Ok mom, my cab has come. I will call you back later. Ok Riya, bye.
Bye mom. Welcome to your new house Miss Riya Thanks! This actually looks a lot more spacious than the pictures Yes, it is. You are actually very lucky to get such a
good deal Miss Riya Hmm.. But, as I already told
you, I have a very limited budget. So, I hope this is available at the same
price, as we discussed Ofcourse Miss Riya. The owner is
happy that the house is occupied now. They don’t really care much about the money Then good for me, I guess! Definitely! Ok, I have another meeting with another client Shall I give you a quick tour now? Yeah yeah, sure. This is the bathroom. Quite big and clean, right? The owner had just got it renovated. Let me show you the best part of this house –
amazing sea view This is beautiful.
Yes, you can relax when you come back after work. And, this is your lovely bedroom As I mentioned, it is very spacious And the last one – this is your storage You can put in all your stuff here But, where?! There is a big suitcase here. Is it landlord’s? I am so sorry Miss Riya. Actually, the previous tenant left suddenly.
He was in a real hurry. He left his suitcase here. You won’t believe – he didn’t even take his deposit back. That’s fine, but can you please remove them? Because I need more space for myself. Of course. I was going to tell you, that next week when I will be coming here to get the tenancy agreement signed, I will take the suitcase away. Ok, that’s fine then. Ok Miss Riya, I will take your leave now. Hope you enjoy your stay here. I hope so too! Thanks for all the help. My pleasure! Good bye! (hindi song playing in background) There is so much dust. Didn’t even clean the house before handing it over. (hindi song continues) (phone rings) Jaanu, I am already missing you so much. Missing you too dear Listen, let me add Anu to the call Hi Riya, how are you? Hi! Why didn’t you come to drop me at the airport? Sorry dear, There is so much work in office these days. No issues, now I will come to meet you in Singapore. Come soon both of you. At least help me unpack. Be of some help to me! We won’t come to work, but will make you work! I will come and just chill. At least come… Tell me, how is Singapore? Have just seen the airport till now. Been busy with unpacking and cleaning today. There was clearly a guy living here before. The house is in a mess. What! Didn’t he clean the house before vacating? Yeah, that is the strange part. The property agent was telling me that the previous tenant left in a hurry. And you know what, he didn’t even take his stuff. What! That is actually quite strange. What did he leave behind? I don’t know Anu. His suitcases are in the store room. Just open it dear. He might have left an expensive gift for you! No no. That is so unethical. Property agent will come, and take it away. Unethical and you! As if you are a saint! I know all your heroics! Open the suitcase now. Ok wait, I will open it. I hope it is locked. Oops! He hasn’t even locked it! Did you find anytihnig? It just has some clothes. Crap! that spoils all the fun Ok listen, I am getting another call Will speak to you guys later. Ok Ok. No problem. Riya, you complete your unpacking. Let’s talk later. No problem. Bye. Hi there. A new diary for a new city. This is such a beautiful city. God bless my irritating manager. He sent me here. So far so good. And I got such a beautiful house! That too at such a cheap price! The neighbours are also quite good. The moment I moved in, they came over to welcome me. They got some local sweet as well called it something – Pathan / pada… anyways, it was good. But the laddoos sent by mom cannot be compared to it! But the neighbours were slightly odd – the sweet box was packed, but had a half eaten piece. So wierd. (doorbell rings) Hello !! Welcome to Singapore !! Hi Hi, we just met your property agent yesterday when he was going down and he told us that you just moved in. We are Mr. and Mrs. Tan and we stay right across the hall. We just dropping by to welcome you to the neighborhood Oh, that’s so sweet of you two. I am Riya, please come in. Oh thank you very much. But we are just heading out. We are just dropping in by to welcome you and pass you some Singapore snacks for you to try! Such a sweet welcome. We are all very friendly neighbours. Anyways, those specialities are called Pandan. It is very delicious. That’s great. I really want to try all the local stuff. Don’t worry! We will show you where all the good places in Singapore are to eat. But, for now, we got to make a move. Yeah, got to move. Of course, thank you so much again. Bye bye! See you! Such strange neighbours! Do they welcome everyone with half eaten sweets? Anyways… Although this house is great, the plumbing is crap I have been here for two weeks And now I am getting to know that the pipe under wash basin is broken Who knows since when the water has been leaking?! Good that I found the stuff to repair within the flat So, I fixed it myself Found it in the kitchen, near the gas cylinder Landlord has arranged for all the required stuff.. Cool! Cool. Thanks notebook. Ms. Busy Bee! How come you were able leave on time today I thought you will ditch me again today Our plan was anyways there.. As soon as I saw that the boss is not on desk…. I packed my bag and… Ouch! Oh shit! Are you ok? How inconsiderate can people be?! You are fine, right? Did you get hurt? Hey, are you ok? I just saw that. Ok. Please take care. Thanks! What kind of a person is he?! Didn’t even apologize. What’s wrong with him?! So weird! (inaudible) You’re ok, right? ya Oh man! It was such a horrible day. I was coming back from work A guy in his own world hit me and walked away Immedietly, another guy came to help me out He helped me pick my stuff from the street I thought he is such a helpful guy ..only to realize later that he’s a thief! Stole my wallet from the bag Such a loss today! Shit! Hello Hi Riya Hello girls Guys, there is definitely something wrong with this house What happened? Is everything fine? What happened? Speak up This is actually quite weird Seriously, this all turned out to be true. Couldn’t it be a coincidence? At first, even I thought it’s a coincidence But after whatever happened today, I am really scared There is nothing to be scared. All this can’t be true. You are just being superstitious I thought so too. But this is so uncanny. Everything that’s been written in the diary Not once, not twice, but thrice. And first two times, it could have been a coincidence Fine, it could have been repeated But even this third incident tuned out to be true This is not normal, I think. Alright fine! Now listen.. Let’s assume for now that whatever is written turns true C’mon Anu.. no… Don’t be so closed minded.. Just assume it for once Alright, Go on… Riya.. Do one thing. Skip some pages and see if whatever is written turns out to be true or not Yeah.. Riya.. Check what’s written further in the notebook ok.. wait a min yeah.. found something interesting The interesting part is… This guy was super into gambling and lucky draws stuff He used to buy scratch cards daily At one point, he even won something.. some hotel vouchers Wow! What a lucky guy Riya.. Why don’t you try that as well What do you mean? I meant.. You can also buy the same lucky draw tickets which he bought If you also win, that means.. experiment successful Are you sure? Yes. But don’t buy just one. Buy atleast ten or more. ok.. Sounds good.. I will get it immedietly Great.. Go and buy fast. Call us back after you’re back. Ten scratch and win please How much? Thank you! Girls .. (shrieking sound)… This is unbelievable. I actually won! What are you saying?! What did you win? That same thing.. hotel vouchers for marina bay resort. Is it a good hotel? The most expensive hotel in Singapore! wow! Awesome! Atleast we will have a free stay when we come to Singapore. Yeah. Actually. Riya, shall we try one more thing What? Search further and check if he won anything else ? No yaar.. This all was fun and good so far. I’m feeling a bit weird. Don’t be a spoilsport! We are on a roll. ok fine! Let me check. What the hell! What happened now? He won 20,000 dollars!! huh.. I don’t believe this This is getting better and better He bought some Singpaore powerball tickets and he won! Are you thinking the same thing which I am thinking ?! Of course, you two are going to have lavish vacation here in Singapore Results out yet? No yaar, there are still couple of minutes left Can’t wait anymore! Hurry up. Hey girls.. The results are out. So the numbers are
15 22 39 60 67 50 Oh no! So not all the numbers matched If all the numbers would have matched, we would have won millions ok.. let me check if any won anything good Riya .. check fast Girls! Once again… I won 20,000 SGD!!! This is soo good! This is not just a diary but a key to a jackpot Seriously yaar, this is so unreal! But 20K is not a jackpot What are you saying?! Have you ever won even a dime?! yeah yeah.. 20K is a big thing but it will all be spent
within a short time Hmm. . True Check if he won anything BIG! That sounds like a good plan What happened? Where are you lost? Are you there? Helllooooo Riya? Oh.. I will call you later Why ? What happened? Today is the most important day of my life My life is going to change today I was having a late night jog near the beach.. I saw somethiing shining from far I went closer.. and realized it was a gold coin I dug just a little and immediately realised that there is a treasure hidden out there A treasure full of gold coins But I need to be very cautious now I can’t tell this to anyone not even my best friends If cops get to know, they will snatch away my find I will be left with nothing I need to run away with all the treasure need to leave Singapore immedietly The treasure is still buried there There were many people around so I had to leave it there and come back Now I am home and am preparing to leave I have packed everything in the suitcase Also mailed the property agent that I am vacating the house today Also booked the flight to Delhi I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to come back to the flat once I dig out the treasure Have kept the suitcase in the storage Wish me luck Welcome to your new house Ms. Riya Hello! Welcome to Singapore Hey, are you ok? I just saw that. Welcome to the club, Ms. Riya Welcome to your new house, Mr. Khan It’s very spacious Apart from the two bedroom, hall and kitchen.. it has awesome sea view from the balcony You are definitely going to enjoy the stay.

23 thoughts on “The Notebook -A hindi short film about a new girl in Singapore and a mysterious diary (with eng sub)

  1. Nice theme ! You Peep's going well !
    Hoping to see more videos like this in the future !
    Need some improvements in the dialogue timing as well as in acting a little more realistically but for now it's GREAT,
    And believe me its hard to say that it's the first video of the channel because it feels professional.

  2. My Rajeev Masand review of the movie..

    Don't confuse this movie with the themes of namesake Hollywood and Bollywood movies. There's nothing common except, ofcourse, the notebook.
    The protagonist moves to Singapore and finds a notebook left by the previous tenant. The following events in her life are somehow mysteriously the same as mentioned in the notebook. The film moves between predictable and unpredictable sequences. While watching the movie, you keep guessing the next sequence of scenes but get them right partially. The writer seems to have taken a leaf out of Sriram Raghavan (Andadhun Fame). Raghavan would start narrating a story, stop and ask about what would happen in the next scene. If any one was able to guess the next sequence, he would change the subsequent story. Coming back to this movie. It is a well-made short film, both technically and artistically. All in all, a great first attempt at engaging the viewers. The movie stays with you much after it is over.
    I am going with 3.5 out of 5 for the movie. The movie leaves you with more questions than answers.

    Well, I just can't sleep with all the questions.
    So, here they are..
    What happened to the guy who wrote the notebook? Did he leave with the treasure or is he still searching it with "The Club"?
    How did the members of "The Club" come to know about the treasure? From the guy who wrote the notebook or have they also read the notebook?
    Why does the girl turn into a property broker at the end? To stay back and look for treasure?
    Did all the members of "The Club" orchestrate all the happenings with the protagonist?
    Ah.. I am losing it.. Perhaps, the writer should hold a press conference to clarify!

  3. Story line and camera work is great …..the main character Vini's acting is awesome……Great work Director Vinod Khera

  4. Nicely shot and edited. Liked the panning shot sequences. There is a bit of sync issue when the girl is taking to her friends on phone. Also the length of the film could be reduced as well. Still quite a good start Vinod ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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