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100 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Thing (Short Film)

  1. Beautiful video, but what if someone was in the stall taking a shit while he was doing that in the bathroom.

  2. Hi I'm a 55 yr old man with a disability and when I was in sec. School where there were quite a few girls who said "no"to me when I asked them out and they told me why and I was hurt, but now I met a beautiful woman and 3 wonderful kids and i,ve never been happier Thanx for reading this..

  3. I'm a sign language interpreter….and this made me cry. So many of my Deaf friend's don't want to speak to their loved ones….they want their loved ones to SIGN. <3

  4. This happened to me but it was not prom I am in elementary school and I needed a group for a project but none came to me and always said no when they had two people but then my two friends Jose,sebastian and they didnt know that I had no group so they didnt ask until my other friend Sergio said that I could join him I said yes and the othe guys that were not my friends got jealous that he was my partner and the got jealous when I took off my hoodie so the came over to us and asked If i could join them but then Sergio got sad and mad i thought it would be bad so i said no and asked my other friends Jose and sebastian to be in the group and they said yes so now i have a group and that was in 3rd grade so I'm grateful for them and i always sleekly hug them on our friendaversary and they start to squeeze me witch gets annoying but were are friends so I am happy 😁

  5. What a beautiful film it is !I really loved it and that's true love Is not about colour height and outer apperence it's about two persons hearts and feelings

  6. That guy was crazy insecure. So sad this era breeds more of the same. The upside though is it all worked out in the end. A ray of hope for a world that is today filled with the hopeless ghosted. May they know such warmth… and be less insecure. 🀲🏾

  7. Me : Hey god what's pourcentage of chance that this happen to me?
    God : 0,0000000000001 %
    Me : So there is a chance ?
    God : actually i was wrong it's just 0
    Me: Yeah that what i thought

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