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89 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid Live Action Cast – Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King

  1. Why does Disney keep giving Rob Marshall films to direct? They’re all below average and most of them tanked at the box office or at least underperformed

  2. Maybe a black female character for Ariel may not be the best choice. I would suggest the same identity shape as the 2D animated version.

  3. All I'm saying is this: we were concerned that guy was hired to direct aladdin, but he actually did a pretty good job and the movie made the billion

  4. We absolutely have to trust Lin Manuel Miranda with the casting of Daveed Diggs. Lin knows an exceptional talent when he see it. That's why the original cast of Hamilton is as perfect a cast could get. I 100% feel that him choosing Daveed was because he saw Sebastian in him and knew he could knock it out of the park.

  5. Not a fan of the casting, Ariel is too iconic. Are they going to change Ariel's appearance in the theme parks? My guess is it will not be popular with "original fans" and confuse new an younger fans when they go on the rides and everything is different. A completely unforced error on Disney's part.

  6. Grace fails to understand biology! when you live under water you don't see sun your skin should be PALE WHITE grace.

  7. Black people are not native to the Caribbean, they were brought there through slavery, so a black mermaid makes even less sense!

  8. Melissa McCarthy is literally the biggest underdog in the role. She may be the biggest surprise and hearing of how much she cares for it, I think she could actually do well

  9. With a white Triton and black Arielle, all Arielle's sisters can be different Ethnicities, as they represent the 7 seas and I would loooove that!

  10. What does it mean for Ariel's mother in the live-action is she black too I am sort of confused for the casting okay they're not going to give her a black boyfriend but I feel like it will be just like the version of Cinderella how Brandy played so no one has a problem with that here's what I realize Prince Charming in Cinderella was Asian and he's to parents we're different races complete me the father is white and the mother is black the father of Prince Charming I don't know the name of the actor but I know he's face I forgot the name the mother who played it was Whoopi Goldberg they should have imagined the story of Cinderella if they want to do as black Cinderella

  11. The propaganda of white man with a black woman is going to make this movie flop …real black men teaches their black daughters to love themselves not love the world who hates her and her culture. So Disney have a lot to fix to make everyone like this movie with all these controversial characters

  12. Yeah, I want to support Bailey as a Black person, but this screams the Princess and the Frog all over again and I CANNOT show up for that.

  13. The sincerely hope Daveed Diggs can speak with a West Indian accent or a lot of original & new fans will be disappointed

  14. So late for this because U didn't want to hear Grace praise, yet again, the casting choice of Ariel. But I watched the video and have to state my opinion again.

    Just because The Little Mermaid takes place in the Caribbean doesn't actually make Ariel black. If anything, at least cast a black Caribbean actress. What Disney is doing is actually cultural appropriation.

    I'm white. My mother and my family her family is white. My father and his family is black. I'm white. Not nixed. Not mulato. I'm white.

    There are white people in the Caribbean. In fact, the white actress that played Ariel in Once Upon a Time is Cuban.

  15. I hope they don’t change the original script too much, because where people so often attack Ariel for being “obssessed” with Prince Eric, they always forget one crucial plot point: SHE SAVED HIS LIFE.

    While she does admire him from afar, it isn’t until after she saves him that she developed feelings for him. SHE is the hero. Ariel is the one who saves Prince Eric.

  16. So is this going to be as terrible as 90% of live action Disney remakes 😒, I think so; but hey I bet it make a billion dollars 😑.

  17. This may sound extremely bigoted but I would’ve wanted a black prince personally as Disney’s never had a black crates in this movie would’ve been the perfect chance to show two black characters in the love in and a Disney movie

  18. In my opinion they won’t put black men in their image as strong powerful or main characters unless there class clowns or make a fool of themselves

  19. Best:
    Prince Eric and Ursula
    Because that's the most similar to how it was in original…If they wanted something new and fresh, they should have made original movie for a change🤷‍♂️

  20. Enough with this representation argument. EVERYONE is represented, depending on what you want to watch. Just cast damn good actors in the roles.

  21. Girl, little mermaid was clearly set in Denmark! Look at the castle and clothing!!! Does that look like the Caribbean to you??

  22. I have nothing against black people but I just can't imagine an Ariel without white skin and red hair.. That's like making Black Panther white.. Like what the fuck.

  23. Blackwashin i like how she hates whitewashing but loves black washing… In wreckit Ralph 2and any recent whatever she's always white … So now she's black it's blackwashing smh hope thismovie fails

  24. Why does she wanna make everything black black black. Black ppl yeh whatever I ain't against it but really? Blackwashin nah I wanna see the movie how it should be like the original because it's like that if it was originally black and we turned it white hell would brake loose

  25. If this story takes place in Caribbean why is the only black person the mermaid!? Also why does Disney think people in Caribbean are black!?

  26. really interesting points about how the other casting choices don't support the main actress and fuel the haters. i hadn't ever thought of it from that perspective.

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