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♪♪ SCAR:
Life’s not fair, is it my
little friend? While some are
born to feast, others spend their
lives in the dark… begging for scraps. ♪♪ MUFASA:
Everything you see… exists together in
a delicate balance. While others search for
what they can take… a true king searches
for what he can give. SCAR:
Run away Simba… and NEVER return! MUFASA:
You must take your place… in the
circle of life. [Roar] ♪♪ TIMON and PUBA:
[Singing] [Singing]

100 thoughts on “The Lion King Official Trailer

  1. I watched it 2 times at the cinema omgg i cant get enough im gonna go with my brother and watch it for the third time wish me luck 💕💕

  2. i hate how people are trashing this movie. like come on i don't see anything wrong with it?? like other movies similar to this one they probably worked sooo hard on it,, and it's sad to see people hating on it for a reason i don't see as valid

  3. Wow the trailer is good and is going to be great and everything in that makes sense
    CGI makes sense
    The script makes sense
    The songs makes sense
    Everything makes sense
    Except the dialogues they don't make sense


    I'll NEVER forgive them for leaving this out

  5. Disney guy 1: Hey do remember how much money…
    Disney guy 2: MONEY!!!
    Disney guy 1: Let me finish. Do you remember how much money those old movies made? I know they made tons of money.
    Disney guy 2: I have an idea! We make those moneys, i mean movies AGAIN and they people will give us MONEY to see them in live action!
    Disney guy 1: Well… i do love money.
    Disney guy 2: Now lets make $ome money!!!

  6. Bah, I took the time to watch some of this in the cinema & just couldn't get over the feeling that it is a cheap rip off of the original animated version. Most of the songs seemed halfhearted at best & the voice actors were sub subpar IMO. If you have never seen the original, then this movie is passable, I guess, but if you are a fan of the original version, my advise to you is to not waste your time & money.

  7. Fun fact: All the animals are real and the production crew taught them how to talk and act. It took a while but it was worth it.

  8. I know why they keep doing this disney want praise.Well their not getting any praise from me if looks like a video game.Disney your not going to get the same magic from the original.People only saw this because the original was amazing.Not because they thought a live action meerkat was a good idea.

  9. Despite all of these positive comments, if you haven't watched the live-action Lion King, DO NOT WATCH IT. It's honestly a waste of money because the most iconic scenes of the movie are taken out, and the realistic style of the movie just takes away the magic for me so I could enjoy it. Though they have worked for 4-5 years on this project, I couldn't be any more disappointed when this started playing in theaters.

  10. 9/10 because the original will always be my favourite. They used the exact same opening and dialogue as in the original movie and i cried so bad. Watch it.

  11. This movie was so boring. Waste my money….
    I would watch the live action movie for Bambi instead of this boring movie . Also i don't like lion king cuz it copied from the original movie, Jungle emperor.

  12. So many people were so critical of this, I was expecting it to be lackluster. But I finally went to see it yesterday and thought it was absolutely beautiful and moving, I honestly don't know what everyone was on about. I had a new appreciation for the symbolism in the story as well as I only watched this as a kid, just taking everything I saw at face value. It's cool to see how the story has become a lot more relevant to my actual life and the difficulties you experience as a human being and the ways in which you can deal with those difficulties.

  13. Ima give you some spoilers because it nice so when simba dies scar is the king so simba stays in a tropical forest for all his chidhood and teen hood then whoever the fuck that girl lion is I forgot the name come there and fights with the other animals but then simba fights with her about 10 second later they know who they are and the they have a montage then she say you have to come back home simba say fuck no bitch this is my motherfucking home and litterly 30 40 minutes later he fucking comes back and I have no idea how his mother is fucking alive he’s an adult now how the hell is she alive the simba fights with scar admits that he killed the king and then simba gets mad and shit before scar can kill him simba bites scar in the nouse and then her mom or the other lion said lions go then they fight each other then so of those animals stand their and he saids I wanted to kill those animal so simba pushed him down the mountain and he’s not dead but those animals are now trying to get payback on scar by killing him so they do about 10 second later simba had sex and made a child and that monkey holds it up

  14. Borderline crap, utterly stupid and totally boring. Don't even bother with this shit. A total waste of time. I want my fucking money back!!! Fuck you Disney..

  15. I don't like how its so… Realistic, I like the original because of everything about it! In the animated version it was funnier with more movements and etc, plus it made me cry how timone and pumba sounded different ;-; maybe if it was less realistic and more like the older version I would like it more..?

  16. Watched the movie it was great! another movie is coming out please check video out the Lady and the Tramp Movie Clip:

  17. I loved Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Dumbo! (even Mulan seems promising) I just don't know why Disney went so wrong on The Lion King. Is it because it was a frame by frame take or because it wasn't a new take on a classic film?

  18. honestly, why don't we just have traditionaly animated movies have a comeback? You want a renessaince revival then just do that.

  19. Can't wait to watch this movie
    And makes me wonder if they're going to make the lion king 2 a live action as well 🤔🤔🤔

  20. I watched original 547 times and the remake stops at the first and only time. Can't be better than original and can't ruin the original. Nice try though.

  21. I love this movie. I don't care what anyone said about it. I mean The Jungle Book didn't have many expressions with the animals and that movie was praised. So really I am not going to complain about that, The movie was good

  22. Please I need the full movie…. please I love this one 😢😫😫😫
    I can’t find the full one here.. can someone help me with the link??🙏🏻🙏🏻

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