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8 thoughts on “THE LETTER – short film

  1. Don't get me wrong dude,but I didn't really like it.
    starting from the cg I barely could see what's happening in the shadows also the colors were kinda weird, not really fitting the atmosphere also some of the camera angles could be done better.
    I prefer seeing you in a video game editing. Deforming Night is an absolutely piece of art that this community will never understand, It instantly hooked me up. Nevertheless, You have to do whatever you feel is right for you and whatever you're enjoying, audience can;t choose for you bcs its your life, anyways gl with whatever you choose to do in the future, and looking forward for some csgo edits mby 🙂

  2. Really good. @ 7:47 the transition seemed very weird to me, but that's all I noticed. Great work! 🙂

  3. 8:57 transition man nlb patiko, bet šeip tai viskas kul 😉 kameros šotai gerai pagauti, ideja visai nebloga tik noretusi daugiau įvairesniu kadrų su kitais personažais. Šeip tikrai visai neblogai, lauksiu kito klipo, sekmes tau;).

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