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I’ve got to show you this. What do you think? You’re being honored. He will be presented with a
lifetime achievement award. So what. He told them I was
his 24/7 driving slave for the entire weekend. Look who the previous
winners are, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood. Oh, what! Hi. Mr. Edwards? Yeah. You should see this rat hole. You’re there already, just enjoy it. What the hell is this? This is the Festival. Welcome to Nashville. Oh, my gosh, Mr. Edwards,
I can’t tell you how excited we are to have you here. How are you? Thank you for coming
to the Film Festival. Let’s get you over to the red carpet. Why the hell are you even here? Because Clint and Jack
and Bobby De Niro all won. You are the only one
stupid enough to show up. Where’s Vic? He left. Vic! He’s sloshed. Yell, bang.
Bang! Oh!
Oh my God! I’m tired of feeling like a has-been. The number one box office
star for five years in a row– Six. Six, I’m sorry. Take the next exit. Where are you guys? He’s on some weird
memory tour or something. My God, here you are. I can’t believe this. Is it true that you
doubled Burt Lancaster? I did double somebody on that picture. I had to fall off a horse in a dress. An audience will forgive a shitty act II if you can wow them in act III. The Hollywood Critics Association awarded you best newcomer of the year. That’s the only time I
ever agreed with the critics.

100 thoughts on “The Last Movie Star | Official Trailer HD | A24

  1. Well Mr. Reynolds, trailers are getting better.Nothing like that ground sausage I saw while working.Hope there is more comedy & such to come.Though my little street part got me what I was paid for.😕🎥👻

  2. The trailer showed too much, but Im still gonna watch it. Its Good ol Boy Burt!!! & besides action he always had a knack for natural comedy!

  3. Looks like one of the few A24 misses. Looks pretty bad.Why do people assume everything A24 is involved in will be good? They've released a bunch of terrible movies over the years. It's just that the good ones are great.

  4. i'm looking forward to this,people like myself who have watched Burt since the 70's know that just when you count him out,boom he'll comeback with a great performance.

  5. Only old people (like me) will like this. Then again, I might be the only old people to like this🤣🤣🤣. I remember watching him on TV….when there were only three channels…🤣🤣🤣🤣. But,we did have the first version of a TV video game ; it was pong. You had to actually stick the net onto the screen. It was plastic and it adhered to the screen using static electricity. I'm so old… I'm only 47.

  6. I might check this out just for Burt Reynolds alone.

    Chevy Chase looking like Larry David in this… haha

    And say what you will about Ariel Winter, people, she is so damn fine!! <3 <3

  7. BeYOUtiful… Burt you still got it going. Loved Deliverance… Squeal like pig… Smokey was just pure badass!

  8. Burt Reynolds has given us decades of great entertainment. For just this very reason and the fact that in years past he's struggled with his health and finances I think the least we can do is respect any performance he does. Fan for life. Thank you Mr. Reynolds.

  9. I will give it a try just because it s BURT is in it But I hate seeing him like THIS he was always one of my idlods

  10. I just came back from seeing the movie the last movie star with Burt Reynolds in Lowe's movie theater in Cherry Hill New Jersey. Burt Reynolds still gots it I went to an early showing I was the only one in the movie theater. But hardly anybody was in the movie theater to see any of the movies but in my opinion I would say go see the movie very good if you are a Burt Reynolds fan go see Burt Reynolds might be his final film.

  11. Ariel looks like a pigs from Central America they put piercing on the. pig's nose so they won't make holes on the backyards

  12. THIS IS REAL LIFE ! About a real actor and the emotional rollercoaster Fame takes you on..when you get old, if your lucky, you will see the same kinda movie about someone from your generation trust me, you too will end up the same way ..If you live that long..Bravo A24

  13. I really want to connect whit this ellar coltrane. How can I do that pleas tell me if anyone knows. Does he have Facebook what's app or anything that I can connect

  14. Didn't expect much from this film. Turned out to be a pleasant surprise. If this story doesn't move you then you have no soul. Oscar winner!

  15. I just happened across this movie —– it was really good. loved the way they intercut Burt talking to his younger self in the movie scenes.

  16. Stumbled across this by accident on Amazon Prime. I'm glad I did. Good plot, clever cinematography, and Burt Reynolds turns in an excellent performance.

  17. Just watched this. I've been a fan of Burt from the very beginning. This is a wonderful and touching movie. I loved it.

  18. Growing up with fall guy,dukes of hazzard ,smokey and the bandit and take this job and shove it shaped my life, i drove a 69 dodge charger freshman year and a 78 trans am senior year to high school and built over 650 custom cars and trucks over my lifetime because of people like Burt Reynolds, he was and is one of my heroes in life, they dont make tv shows or movies like i grew up with so the title of this movie makes sense to me, for like johnny cash thete is only one Burt Reynolds, if you dont like his movie dont watch it you trolls, but to me I'm glad to see him again,😎😎👍

  19. RIP, what makes the film so good is how true it hits home for you. Despite that, you accepted it and embraced as a true professional. Tips hat

  20. Burt just died today so Im watching him on Johnny Carson from 1982 on Antenna TV. Im gonna miss this guy. He was actually hilarious.

  21. I was never a fan of Mr Reynolds. I felt he was…I dunno, but, as he passed away, today, I read the NY Times obit, and they mentioned this film. Normally that would be that, but, I read about this film – saw this trailer, and I gotta say; Mr Reynolds…Burt 😉, he really made a fine little picture.

    It's becoming the rarity with the fast(er) turnover for 'new meat' in H'wood, that anyone can develop anything close to having a relatively long career anymore.

    With the cost going (way to far) up, and the quality plummeting, the number of films made is very small, and this means one can't develop a 'foothold' anymore – is not only'you're only as good as your last picture ', it's your only around as long as your most recent paycheck.

    Studios won't pay – they'll just get new faces, at a lower price (it's passed is as 'rebooting 😉 a project'), so having ANY one who's been able to consistently work as Mr Reynolds will soon become as rare as the Dodo ('the what', some idiotic millennial would say 😩).

    This film Isn't flashy, but it's full of really good performances all around, and for someone (me) who never 'got' Burt, what a nice way to say 'adios'

  22. I hadn't heard of this  movie until Burt passed; I watched it that night.  I loved everything about it – story, directing, acting – it's a gem.  And that song ….

  23. This movie is for older people who can appreciate the life and times of Burt Renalds
    Just watched it…. very well written and acted ..loved the parts where they spliced in The old and young Burt Renalds talking to each other awesome flick …so true / great message …

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