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A king has no friends. Only followers… and foe. A new chapter of my life
has begun. As prince, I spent my days
drinking, clowning. Now, I find myself a king. King Henry! Choose your steps wisely,
dear brother. King Henry! They have their own kingdoms
behind their eyes. King Henry! I need men around me
I can trust. King Henry! -You are my friend.
-I will come with you. King Henry! King Henry! Now you’ll be watched over by an altogether
different king. France is taunting us. They were
my father’s enemies, not mine. The screams of your men… shall lull me to sleep at night. You will not topple
this King Henry V of England you so underestimate. Are you ready
for what awaits us? War is bloody and soulless. This is how peace is forged. Do you feel
a sense of achievement? Surrender to me! King of England… are you scared? On me! Already, I can feel the weight of this crown I wear.

100 thoughts on “The King – Timothée Chalamet, Robert Pattinson | Final Trailer | Netflix Film

  1. It's interesting how the film conducts the battle of Agincourt in 1415 AD. Almost a comparison battle of the bastards in Game of Thrones lol

  2. Hal is a combo of Arya,Jon Sno and Sansa
    He gets an altered version of Arya's dialogue" A king has no friends"
    Initially Reluctant to become a king like Jon Sno
    But becomes one anyway and a strategic and shrewd one at that: like Sansa

  3. I would have watched this if not Lily Rose Depp were in it. Inbreed Movie industry, the only reason she is where she is, is cuz of her father Johnny Depp. Its such a inbreed biz it drives me mad.

  4. Anyone else kinda laughing at the fact that the Frenchman's English accent is better than the Englishman's French accent? Still, I'm looking forward to this

  5. NETFLIX prowadzi bardzo paskudną politykę w Polsce mianowicie udaje "platformę rozrywkową" kiedy w USA zajmuje polityczne stanowisko i to po radykalnej lewej stronie. Poza tym to że NETFLIX jest podejrzewany w ukrywanie kółeczek pedofilskich wyciekło niedawno przy okazji Kevina Spaceya (który jak wszyscy celebryci za to nie beknie) a to dopiero początek. Ptaszki ćwierkają ze NETFLIX bardzo aktywnie działa w sprawie normalizacji pedofilii o czym coraz głośniej się mówi na Zachodzie. Poczekajcie na Wiedźmina wtedy zobaczycie jak to uniwersum zostało wykorzystane I zmanipulowane w duchu ideałów radykalnej lewicy

  6. The movie looks awesome, but we're talking about the battle of Angicourt here. Shouldn't Henry V look a little older? He was 30 years old at the time, and maybe he should look a little more menacing? This was the man who against all odds, achieved one of the most insane victories of human history.

  7. I don't care at all about Pattinson being in this movie, I want to see it because the reign on Henry V was legendary and I want to see how they are gonna portray it.

  8. They should have released this as the first trailer, it’s amazing. I was already gonna watch the movie mostly because of the actors, but this trailer makes the movie looks amazing

  9. Good that Pattinson is proving he's more than just a pretty vampire. If you have any doubts, just check him out in The Lighthouse. He brings the goods with the right role.

  10. If they handle armour like it's costume: worst movie ever.
    If they handle armour like it's real armour: best movie ever.

  11. Everything was cool until Robert Pattinson opened his mouth. That accent is horrible😂still have high hopes for the movie

  12. The man who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother; however humble he may be, this day will elevate his status. And gentlemen in England, still lying in their beds, will think themselves accursed because they were not here, and be in awe while anyone speaks who fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day!!!!!

  13. Wow! Looks great and I’m glad it will be in theaters and on Netflix! I normally don’t go see movies like this in theaters, but it will nice to watch it at home!

  14. PSA: Robert Pattinson's accent is intentionally bad. People who've seen the movie say that he hams it up and that it's hilarious.

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