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– Beyond time and space lies a dimension where machines
rule the universe. And I, Lord Mot,
rule the machines. (maniacal laughing) (dramatic synthesizer music) (cheering) – Attack! (screaming) (roaring) (cheering) – Limb from limb, rip! – Well Rich, it looks like we got a couple more contestants to add to the arena! – You’re right on the
money there, Benson. Let’s fire up the
tubes and see what kind of criminal transgressors
we can come up with. (low humming noise) (gears whirring) – Whoa! – Ah! (groaning) (war cry) – Yeah! (roaring) (high-pitched screaming) – Sorry about this, brother. (roaring) (growling) (cheering) (roaring) – Time to make an exit. (powering down) (howling) (roaring) (cheering) – Ladies and gentlemen,
this is unprecedented! No one’s ever defeated Xanthus. Yet there he lies! – It’s a horrible scene
here at the arena, Ted. It looks like we’re gonna have to activate Hyperion. – [Ted] That’s right, Scooter. Hyperion is one of our
deadliest warriors. Once he’s activated, he will not stop until everyone’s destroyed. Carry on! – Guys, dames, bros, comrades! We gotta work together. Those things are gonna
pick us apart one by one! – We’re not gonna
win this, Strobo. They’ve got the game rigged
and we’re here to lose. – If I have to work
with you bozos, you’re gonna have to
take orders from me! – [Hyperion] I’m coming
for you, little robots. (screaming) That’s right, little androids! Run! We’ve got a show to put on! (growling) Ah, what the hell is this? I am Hyperion! (growling) – Serious damn firepower. – All right, let’s wrap this up. – Bingo! (computer beeps) – I know you’re out there! (cheering) I can smell your
heat signatures. (growling) Get off my head! (howling) – This is all
going to hell, Jim! I don’t even know why I
come into work anymore. – It’s a crappy day at
the Arena of Death, Dave. But that’s why
we’re gonna fire up the Medusa Oblongata! Medusa Oblongata, just
look at that face. Let the devastation begin! (dramatic music) – Getting it done, getting
it done, let’s do it. – [Voiceover] There you go. – [Medusa] La la la. (screaming) – Take it easy out there! (circuits frying) Okay, here we go! – Hmm? – La la la, fire! (screaming) – Sorry! Whoa! (robotic gibberish) (roaring) – [Medusa] Hi, my name is
Medusa! What’s yours? Oh no, oh no! – Well Bob, I think it’s time to alert security, don’t you? – Shame on you, Alex. We don’t wanna panic
the crowd, do we? – I don’t wanna play anymore! Ahh! (screaming) – Activate security personnel! – La la la. (computer beeps) (gunfire) (robots beeping) – [Robot Guard] Destroy,
destroy, destroy! (roaring) (gunfire) – Hi guys, it’s me again. (computer beeping) Yay, this is fun! Oh no, I don’t like you anymore! – On that note. – Awww. (dramatic orchestral music) – Make way! Freedom, run! (warping noise) Whoa! – [Voiceover] Where’d it go? – Where’d it go? (gears whirring) – Okay, on the count of
three we run for the door! One, two, three! (gunfire) (screaming) (growling) (dramatic synthesizer music) (dramatic synthesizer music) (low humming noise) (trumpet heavy
suspenseful music) (gears whirring) – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Hey.
– What’s happening? – Welcome, androids. We have resurrected you for
a highly sensitive mission. – Whoa whoa whoa, how much are highly sensitive missions
paying these days? We don’t work for free you know! – Your payment will
be the knowledge that you have helped usher in a new age of enlightenment
and prosperity. (laughing) Silence! You will travel to the
asteroid city of Acheron and meet up with your
contact Betacron. From there, he will
lead you to the artificial planet of Vidya. – Whoa, wait a second,
that place is haunted! – [Omnicron] Upon your arrival, and as a result of
a virus inflicted by my old enemy,
Lord Mot, you will be assaulted by all manner of
killer machines and robots. You must act quickly
and administer an antiviral code to
restore the planet’s inhabitants to their
natural, peaceful state. Once you have found
success, the universe will open up, spilling
forth its secrets, and bathing the planet
Vidya in its song. A new age of thought
and reasoning shall spring forth and
spread through our galaxy. – Okay, whatever you say, pal! We’re gonna need some big guns! – And a fast ship. – And some fast
strippers with big guns! (roaring) (loud bang) – They have found us! There’s not much time. Betacron will show you the way. (stuttering and powering down) – Huh, wha? (grunting) – (mumbles) Where the hell is e. – Can someone please tell
me what the hell’s going on? – This is all just
an illusion, Strobo. We’re just puppets in
an inter-dimensional cosmic stage play
created and destroyed for the amusement of others. – Whoa! (dramatic synthesizer music) – There’s our ride outta here. – Yeah, I’ll believe that
when I’m sitting in it! (alarm blaring) – Scanning, scanning,
scanners scanning. Target acquired. – Whoa! Whoa, whoa. All right guys, hang on there. I got it, I got it. (electronic rock music) ♪ The deep penetrating fog ♪ Kills where they hide ♪ In the galactic war ♪ You cannot hide from the
fumigator ♪ The fumigator. Yahh! ♪ We fly through the night ♪ In the intergalactic rain ♪ Galactic rain ♪ The rain ♪ The deep penetrating fog ♪ Kills where they hide (gunfire) (menacing trumpet music) – Ahh! – Desecron! Dark forces have arisen and
threaten the great algorithm. – Leave me alone,
you’re not even real! Arrrrgh! – You will destroy our enemies and protect the great algorithm! (screaming) (warping noise) – My name is Bill
Carson and these are my friends Derek,
Kyle, and Bentley. There’s absolutely
nothing suspicious about us and we did not
fabricate our names. – (mumbles). – You’re not giving us a look of misgiving, are you? (growling) – (high-pitched mumbling) – Whoa! – My batteries are running low. Wake me up when
you hear something. – [Max] Yeah! Hell, I think I’m
gonna head downtown and experience
some local culture. – A most delightful idea, Max. We can sample some of the area’s famous museums and
historic landmarks. Maybe even ride a trolley. (computer beeping) (dramatic synthesizer music) (growling) – Trog like pretty lights! – Hello, Skippy! Have you found what
I’ve been looking for? – (robotic gibberish). – [Max] Uh uh uh uh uh! Yeah baby! Shake it shake it! – I too am eager and
without inhibition. – [Robot Guard]
March, march, march! Seek and destroy! Sensors activated. Scanning, scanning, scanning. Machines engaged. – Hey, we already paid you guys, already. Hey we already
paid your, money, get out of here,
get out of my club! Leave my club alone! (gunfire) – Initiate hard scan,
surrender, surrender. Submit, submit,
surrender, surrender. – Hey, what’s going on in there? – (screams) Faster, faster! (groaning) – [Robot Guard]
Search and destroy, search and destroy! Initiate scanners. Scanning, scanning, scanning. (growling) – Max, I am no
longer having fun. – You know, when
I saw the sign for ass buffing, I thought
it meant something else. – There’s the space port! – [Max] Lie-core store! Ah! (dramatic synthesizer music) (groaning)
(metal clanging) (gunfire) – Surrender, surrender! Deactivate yourself! (roaring) (gunfire) – Destroy, destroy, destroy! – They wanted $6 for this bottle of wine, so I stole it! – Stop, thief! Stop, thief! Scanning, scanning. (gears whirring) – They’ve got our getaway ship. I suggest we go next door
and take whatever’s in there. (growling) – Intruders surrender! – You ever notice how we always fall for the same damn tricks? – [Rhea] Androids! Proceed to port three and
rendezvous with Betacron! I will dispose of the commandos. (gunfire) (powering down) (growling) – Welcome, friends. I am Betacron. Follow me. – Yeah, you got it. – Yeah, okay, let’s go. (computer beeping) – The turtle’s
knitting the sweater, I repeat, the turtle is
knitting the sweater. – I’m on my way. (gunfire) – Rhea, we’re powering
up the main engines. We’ll be forced to lift off
in approximately 45 seconds. (gunfire) (computer beeps) (gunfire) – The turtle is
wearing a sweater. (alarm blaring) – Our targets are
heading for the hyperspace safety zone. Show no mercy! (computer beeps) (rumbling) – (laughter). (alarm blaring) (dramatic synthesizer music) – [Betacron] The CPU for Vidya s located on the
artificial moon of Iya. Once we dock on Iya,
the strike team, that’s you, will go in first and secure the area from any hostile cybernetics that might appear. Rhea and I will then
proceed to the CPU chamber. Once there, I will
insert the antivirus punch card into
the main interface. Once initiated,
the program should start a chain
reaction and restore the planet to health
within several hours. – I have to hand
it to you Betacron, the plan you just
presented to us appears to be 100% flawless. – Yes, I agree. It’s bound to go
off without a hitch. – (growls) Yeah,
nothing bad happen in next 10 minutes. – I suggest we
celebrate beforehand with this bottle of
5,000 Proof ass wax! Glass wax! – Yeah.
– Mmmm! (dramatic synthesizer music) – [Voiceover] Intruders are
entering the Vidyan System. – They will pay
for their trespass! Activate the Kraycon! (computer beeps) (alarm blaring) – What, what the hell,
the wing just fell off! (computer blips) – We are being pursued. (sobbing) (gears whirring) – Please sir, you’re
embarrassing yourself! I have a Class 11
pilot’s license. Let me show you. Sorry about that. Looks like there’s a little bit of play at the levers here. – Damn it Auto, you don’t
know what you’re doing. – Yeah Auto, you suck at this. – Patience, my robotic friends. This is like a game
of Nebulonian Chess. I’m actually several moves
ahead of our monstrous foe. You know, thing’s
obviously broken. Maybe you should go back
to flying this trap. – The electronic
shields have failed. We must abandon ship. (ship breaking down) (whimpering) Quickly to the escape capsules. (alarm blaring) – Ladies first. – I’m a woman, or
a child, whatever! Get out of the way, move! (dramatic synthesizer music) – [Voiceover] Sensors
indicate a life boat has been ejected from
the intruder’s ship. (Growling) – Stop jiggling. – I can’t stop! Whoa! (grunting) – Hey, look at that! – Let’s see how they
faire against the Skyzore. – I will admit, none
of you are perfect, but you have done well
despite the circumstances. – Thank you, Betacron. If you must know it’s because of your leadership that
we’ve survived this far. – Yeah, I don’t
know what we’d do if you were to die unexpectedly. – Thank you, Max. I am fond of you as well. – No, I mean literally. I don’t know what the
hell’s going on here. – So I tells him
you can’t talk to me like that, I ain’t
got no serial algorithms! (laughing) (groaning) (growling) (gunfire) (suspenseful music) (grunting) (beeping noises) (gears whirring) – Stand down, my friend. They’re infected by
the computer virus. They could transfer to
you if you get too close. – Back, you creatures! Back, I say! (growling) – Quickly, to the roof. – My power is without limit. I will find you! – This will take us
to the service rocket. – [Auto] Let’s
fire this baby up! (growling) (grunting) – Max, we’re gonna leave you! Aw fiddlesticks! (gears whirring) (computer beeps) – It’s about damn time. (dramatic music) – What happened to Betacron?! – Time is running out. You must take the
antivirus punch card and find your way
to a service rocket. The planet is
hostile, but it will help you when you
least expect it. – Trog, you’re the
hardest to kill, brother. (growls) – Betacron, pull
yourself together, man! (growling) – This place is mad! Mad, I say! – Uh oh. Oh come on! – [Max] Really?! (screaming) (gears whirring) (groaning) (drumming music) (roaring) – Betacron! Why Trog can say?! Me sorry. (roaring) (dramatic music) – We have entered the
Vidyan system, Desecron. – Alert all battle stations. Patch us through to Iya. – [Voiceover] We are receiving a transmission from
an approaching ship. – Gods of Iya, I am Desecron! I’ve come in the name
of the great algorithm. Execute code 1-Z,
subsystem Delta, 5-9-X, Alpha, Beta, 9-5-7. – Access denied. (music intensifies) (alarm blaring) – They have launched missiles! – Inconceivable! Activate shields! – We’ve lost all power! Controls are not responding! – Mot be damned,
you’ve doomed us all! (laughing) – [Voiceover] Intruders
have survived the crash. – Where are they? – [Voiceover] They have
entered the Blackout Zone. (dramatic orchestral music) – Great Gods of Iya! Why have you forsaken us?! We bring you sacrifices yet you no longer hear our cries! Oh great Aton, colossus
of the forbidden project! – Mohana, invaders
from the beyond have infiltrated our world. Find them for me and
you will know peace. – We will find these
invaders, great Aton! We will bring them to you and show them the everlasting bliss! (alarm blaring) – Look at all that
crap out there, Auto. Somebody should clean
it up right away. – Hey, anybody need a hand? A hand? Anybody need a hand? (laughing) That’s funny, right? Anybody need a hand? (rumbling) – Man, look at that! Let’s get a move on! (gunfire) (powering down) (growling) (laughing) (screaming) – He is infected with the virus. (gunfire) Our power and
ammunition is limited. I suggest we fall back and find an energy source to
recharge our weapons. – All right you droogs,
close rank and fall back! (roaring) (dramatic orchestral music) (groaning) – You have failed your
mission, Desecron! – It’s you who have failed. Your codes no longer
have value here. The Vidyans have
turned against us. – Then it is true. The virus has
possessed Vidya beyond our primary reasoning. Very well, prepare
to receive the self destruction protocol. – What?! (low humming) (warping noise) – [Lord Mot] Open your
mind to me, Desecron. I will show you your future! With these new
codes, you will raise an army of robot zombies. Yes, and before
the universe can open up, you will
destroy the transceiver. (maniacal laughter) Rise, Desecron, rise! Use the codes I have
given you! (growling) Control their minds! Yes, use the power within you! Lead them! (growling) (war cry) (grunting) (roaring) – I’m out of juice! – Head for the hills! – [Max] Slow down,
I think we lost him. Ahhh! (powering down) Oh my back. – Good job, savage primitive. – I am Tahana Mechahana
of the wastelands. My friends call me Tahana. – Okay, Tahana. – Hey I’m all right! Hey, I’m okay! – Your bow is strong and
your eye keen, Tahana. I am Rhea. – Surprise! – Thank you, my shiny friend. I too am impressed
by your skills against the mighty Carnok. – All right, that’s enough. – My camp is several
miles to the north. It is heavily fortified. We will be safe there. (dramatic orchestral music) – Comrades, I have danced upon the abyss and return
with a new vision. Follow my charge and fear not, for a giant invisible
head watches over us all. (gunfire) – The camp, it’s been attacked! Aella, Manu! (suspenseful music) (roaring) (screaming) – My feet won’t work today. Oof! (heavy breathing) (war cry) (groaning) (screaming) (growling) – There’s gotta be
some way out of here. – Robot ladder. Robot ladder, brother. – Aella, you still function. – What the hell
is wrong with you? – Aella’s our
oracle, she can see into the future and the past. – (laughs) well
damn, I guess you had a bad day today, huh? (gears whirring) – Whoa! – Oh no. Hey, goodbye brother! (robotic mutterings) (powering down) – Aton! Great eye in the sky! Take this poor unfortunate soul and cleanse him of
his wasted life. And protect us from
the horrors of chaos! (screaming gibberish) – Incoming! (growling) (laughing) (screaming) – What’s going on up there? You can’t get five
minutes in this place. (growling) (screaming) – Hey watch that foot! – Somebody get under Trog! (grunting) – See you guys later! – Hey wait for us! (growling) – We’re gonna need that oracle! (laughing) (dramatic synthesizer music) – Lift with your back,
not with your legs. (grunting) (zapping noise) (incomprehensive grunt) – Smash! (incomprehensive grunts) Smash! (roaring) (cheering) – Yeah, Trog! (dramatic synthesizer music) (gears whirring) (growling) (roaring) (soft beeping noises) (roaring) – Go away, assholes! – Scavengers! I’ve come to implore you! Give yourselves
to the great Aton and you will know peace. – Mohana, the end
of times is upon us. We must rescue the oracle or the great darkness will
envelop us all. – Dot not lecture me
on matters of the Gods! – We don’t have time
for this, take him down! (war cry) – (laughs) Die die
die die die die! – Boss, you don’t look so good. (gunfire) – What the? – Well I think I’ll wait in here until this all blows over. – Retreat! Retreat! We have failed
great Aton this day! Retreat! (growling) (screaming) – Hey wait a minute! (ominous synthesizer music) Whoa! (maniacal laughing) Stop laughing at me! (grunting) (growling) – We’re in luck. This duct leads
to Pluton’s lair. (dramatic orchestral music) (growling) (humming) – Wow, that’s pretty good! (grunting) (rhythmic drumming music) (growling) – Shhh. (roaring) – [Voiceover] Hey! Hey, we’re up here! – Stay there, we’re coming up! – (growls) Whatever. (screaming) – Eep! (screaming) (roaring) – Well that’s our cue. Show us the way, young lady. – [Voiceover] Intruders
have re-emerged upon the sensor grid. – Good, activate
the tower droids. (computer beeps) – Gods of Iya, hear my cries! Oh great Aton, slayer of time! Conquerer of the infinite! We have brought you sacrifices! Take their life energy, so we my have the power we need
to sustain our people! (screaming) Aton! Ingest their souls and return or great grid to
its former glory! Give us purpose! Give us a reason for being! – Mohana, there’s no one there. (grunting) (warping noise) (computer beeps) (triumphant orchestral music) – Come on, everybody! Hold onto my feet! – Dammit Auto.
Stop daydreaming! – Hand me one of
those Mekaheka Lites. I’m done with all of this. Y’all can take it
home for all I care. (grunting) (roaring) – Don’t do it! (roaring) (dramatic synthesizer music) (gears whirring) (computer beeps) (dramatic orchestral music) (laughing) (screaming) – What the? – Cowards! Face your enemy! (growling) – You rusty nugget! Get out of the way! – What, how dare you?! I’m a level three warlord! – More like a
level three fatass! You’re blocking
out the sun, man. – I will destroy you! – Yeah, come on baby! (roaring) (screaming) – I regret my life decisions! – Let’s go, Max. It’s all up to us now. (dramatic synthesizer music) – I see you, little robots. And I will trap you. – [Voiceover] Magnetic
fields activated. (warping noise) (grunting) – I think we can do this. – Look at you,
stuck to the ground! You have no place to go! Aton watches all! – Yeah, so there’s two guys and they’re just standing
in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden a guy hits him over
the head with a pipe. – Yeah, I hope
nothing bad happens. – We need a diversion. – Trog, go distract them. (roaring) – Oh my God, (mumbles)! (gunfire) – Run! Run to the end of it! (roaring) – Well this couldn’t
get any worse. (growling) I’m about to be eaten by
a giant talking mouth! (growling) (dramatic orchestral music) – Let me go, you
damn dirty robots! (screaming) (growling) – Trog, stop fooling
around and get down here. (growling) – [Voiceover] A surface rocket
is approaching the station. – Activate the cannons. (gears whirring) – Oh I’ve been in a few scrapes worse than this before. (screaming) – What, what’s going on? – Spider, spider! (growling) (alarm blaring) (gunfire) (screaming) (spider beeping) – Destroy them! (alarm blaring) (computer beeps) – Gods of Iya, hear my cries! – Mohana, now is not the time. (gears whirring) – You know, you really
gotta learn how to relax. – Brace for impact. (dramatic orchestral music) (dramatic synthesizer music) (computer beeps) – [Strobo] Okay Trog,
give it up buddy. Thanks. Okay, and activate this puppy. Here goes nothing. – You will all be destroyed! I will make you feel pain! – Little help! Oh man. – Hear me roar! – Die die die! – Arrrgh! (roaring) – You haven’t seen
the last of me! I will return! (roaring) (grunting) – [Strobo] Let’s try this again. – Oh great Aton! Perpetrator, infiltrator! Colossus of the
forbidden project! Hear my cries! – No, no! Aton! Aton! Aton! (gears whirring) – And here goes something. (dramatic synthesizer music) (grunting) (humming) – [Aton] Ow, ow,
stop hitting me! Stop hitting me! Ow, ow! – All right guys,
let’s go, let’s go! (dramatic orchestral music) (grunting) (roaring) – I love all of you. (growling) Quickly, to the transceiver! – Oh I guess we have
to be best friends now. – Yes, that monorail
transporter over there should be able
to carry us all. (gasps) – Well hot diggity banana hat! – This is a restricted area! Return to the safety
port immediately! (growling) – Useless! Piece! Of scrap! (computer beeps) – [Voiceover] The
signal, signal, signal! (beeping) (shimmering noise) – [Voiceover] Auto,
let’s move up as soon as there’s a lull
in the firing. – [Voiceover] Don’t tell
me what to do, Strobo! (roaring) (shimmering noise) (computer beeps) (electric humming) (roaring) – That’s it, burn
it, burn it all down! (screaming) – Stand down, Mercenary. Or face the consequences. Put me down, put me down! Oh no! (grunting) – Bombs away! (computer beeps) – I hope you know how
to work this thing. – [Voiceover] Signal,
signal, signal, signal! – Icarus, what
are you waiting for? Detonate the bomb! (screaming) (rapid beeping) – Ah, Pluton! – Whoa, hey buddy! (screaming) (roaring) – Trog, talk to him! (grunting) – Why are you looking
at me like that? Let me go! Let me go! (screaming) – It’s really happening guys. (screaming) – Yeah! (computer beeps) – The computer is ready! (shimmering noise) – Okay, what’s next? – Just go with it, man. (signal transmission noise) – Wind it up,
brothers, let’s go! (grunting) (rhythmic drumming) (computer beeps) – Can you read this? – All right, I’m seeing an A. (bass guitar accompaniment) (electric guitar rock music) – [Voiceover] Signal, signal,
signal, signal, signal. (computer beeps) – It might be G. – Try adding a G. (chickens clucking) (acoustic guitar music) (electric guitar rock music) (computer beeps) – It looks like an A. – It’s an A. (roaring) – [Voiceover] Signal,
signal, signal. – Ahhhh! – Androids, against all odds you have succeeded in
your mission and have brought about
the convergence. Tell me, what is the
secret of the universe? (computer beeps) – Hold on, I’ve
got it right here. Um, uh… Uh… Don’t ever give up. (growling) – Target acquired,
fire all cannons. (dramatic synthesizer music)

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  1. No doubt the Best Sci Fi Ever!

    And, probably the Greatest Movie Of All Time! (Incredible dialogue. )


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