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Okay, guys,
Gremlins 2
. I’m telling you,
this movie… [door opens and closes]
– Should write itself. The first one was a classic. This should be
pretty straightforward. Basically, all we’re doing
is maintaining the integrity of the original picture. We want to do
all the stuff with the water and the– What– Uh, can we help you? I’m sorry. Let me introduce myself. Hi, y’all. My name is
Star Magic Jackson, Jr. I’m the Hollywood
sequel doctor, so studio just brings me in
to oversee things when they about
to drop a deuce. So that’s why I’m here,
but don’t mind me. I’m just gonna be over here. Y’all do your thing. It’s your movie. Okay. Let’s brainstorm.
Adam. If it’s gonna take place
in an office building, I was thinking,
what if Gizmo gets wet from a water cooler this time? Okay, hold on a second! I’m sorry, I’m gonna have
to step in here. Just one second,
sweetheart. So what’s wrong
with y’all? Y’all are looking like
a bunch of sad sacks. This isG2,people. We writingGremlins 2.It should be a party, with pizza and anchovies,
pineapple. Just come on. Lift up the spirits. Look, okay, I’m gonna
put a little bit of spice into the mixture here. What if we did this? Everybody here gets
to design their own gremlin. Um, I-I don’t see that
the gremlin design is broken. It’s called brainstorming,
not brain drizzling, sweet pea. Okay? Shut your mouth
for a second. (Star)
Look, here’s the thing. None of this is final. So you mean, like, what if there was,
like, a brainy gremlin? [scoffs]
A brainy gremlin? You talking
about a gremlin with glasses who could talk
and singNew York, New York?That’s brilliant. It’s in the movie–done. [upbeat electronic music] Whoa, whoa, you said
that nothing was final. That was before I heard
the words “brainy” and “gremlin” in the same sentence together. It’s done.
I love it. It’s in the movie.
Next. What about
a, uh, spider gremlin? You mean a gremlin
with eight legs and a thorax, just catching pretty ladies
in a web in an office building? Oh, my God,
it’s in the movie. I love it! Next! – What about a bat gremlin?
– [gasps] You mean a gremlin
with leathery wings, just flying around,
flip-flopping, bust through a wall, make a perfect bat symbol
in the wall, get outside,
get in some wet concrete, jump up on a building,
and just dry in place like a gargoyle gremlin? We are cooking
with gas now. I love it.
It’s in the movie. Next. Could there be
a female gremlin? Just lipstick, boobies. Bitch, you had me at
“little gremlin va-jay-jay.” I love it so much
that it’s not only in the movie, but it’s definitely
in the movie. There’s no backsies on that one.
No penny taxies. Yes, yes, yes! In the movie, done! That’s why need a woman
in the writers’ room. Next. I don’t know. A googly-eyed gremlin? But you do know, because you’re talking
about a gremlin whose sole purpose in this film is just that he looks
stupid as fuck. Yes, it can be
in the movie, and it is in the movie. Done. Next. What about you, silver fox? Um, electricity gremlin? You just said noun
and “gremlin,” like you’re playing
Mad Libs. You just like a child. You have the brain
of a child. You do not have
a high IQ, but you haphazardly
came up with a gremlin that’s just made out of bolts that is zigzagging
all over the room, and it’s done
completely in animation. You a crazy person, and your idea’s
in the movie! Done. Next. Can we put
the Hulkster in it? What? You talking about
putting Hulk Hogan, professional wrestler
turned actor turned cultural icon in the movie, where he break the fourth wall
of the movie he’s in by talking to the audience. You, sir… are a raging psychopath. Don’t let this town
take that away from you. That’s it.
I don’t even care anymore. We got the Hulkster
in this bitch, so it’s done. I don’t have
any more time, so let me just recap
right now. It’s brainy gremlin,
spider gremlin, bat gremlin, lady gremlin,
googly-eyed gremlin, electricity gremlin, Hulk Hogan’s
gonna be in the picture. I’m gonna throw in
a gremlin myself. Vegetable gremlin!
Just write it up. – I’m having so much fun.
– Why not? Thank you, it’s all gonna
be in the actual film. Now I got to go
put some cowboys inBack to the Future III.Sayonara, y’all. Ooh! [applause] Now, okay,
you guys know that none of that is gonna
be in the actual movie. [upbeat electronic music]

100 thoughts on “The Hollywood Sequel Doctor Tackles “Gremlins 2” – Key & Peele

  1. If I can recall correctly this skit was actually based off what really happened during the planning for this movie

  2. And this is EXACTLY why i fucking HATED Gremlins 2, compared to the first movie. i mean, i love it for what it is, but compared to the first movie? not even CLOSE to as good.

  3. seen hundreds of sketches over the years but few have made me dying for air like this one did the first time I saw it. so good.

  4. Wow… it's like that lying woman from Georgia, who made up that bullshit racist at the Publix was created through this sketch. Its bizarre how close it is to how she looks and acts. Crazy!

  5. This is 1000% funnier if you've seen how different the two movies are.
    Everything Key says in exactly in the movie.

  6. this is how gremlins 2 got made. i'm not even joking. i'm certain joe dante is pissing himself right now

  7. I really want to know if gremlins 2 has these weird gremlin characters, but am too lazy to watch it myself.

    Ps I died when he said, “gremlin va-jay-jay”

  8. “So your saying you want a Donald Trump Gremlin who’s a magic genie who grants only two wishes to a Hispanic man that wants to cross the border to America but instead he uses one wish to feed his family and uses the other to make the genie Gremlin the president? I LOVE IT! ITS IN THE MOVIE!”

  9. This makes you realize how crazy the movie actually was this meeting would have had to actually taken place to come up with a movie like that

  10. Plz K&P make more like this script where you explain the movies in the writers room and as if we're a fast pace ask and answer done the movie lol so good

  11. When Aliens and Terminator 2 were pitched, Star Magic Jackson walked in and James Cameron shot him with an anti materiel rifle.

    When they pitched Avatar 2, I hope he still had that gun.

    Bonus: Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo was made entirely by Magic Jackson at every step of production.

  12. "You talkin bout a gremlin whose sole purpose in this film is just that he looks stupid as fuck?? YES, IT CAN BE IN THE MOVIE AND IT IS IN THE MOVIE. DONE. NEXT" 😭

  13. If you had never seen Gremlins 2 before watching this video and didn't immediately feel the need to snag a copy then I question your sanity.

  14. My 5 Year-Old Son LOVES the original Gremlins. He had never seen the sequel, but we have it on DVD and he requested to watch it. Afterwards, he came up to me and said "Mama….This movie was just dumb…..I mean….it was REALLY not cool. The first one was cool, but there were all these things about this one that did not make sense. The Gremlins are supposed to sort of all look the same, in this one they were all really different. It was weird and not in a cool way. I did not like it. The first one is better…….um…Can I watch Gremlins 2 again?" (I realize this is kind of scary for a little kiddo, but he loves all that 80's stuff…..Ghostbusters, etc.). Anyways, I couldn't help but think of your sketch 🙂

  15. Wow, what a great way to prove a point and show exactly what a shit-show movies can be.
    They should do this more sequels

  16. they just become the characters. the music was great w this. it's too hilarious at the end when he stumbles against the wall and music matches his movement. too funny

  17. 1:56 when the background music starts, you know shit just got real and G2 will forever be the biggest pile of shit in movie sequel history

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