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100 thoughts on “The Green Inferno Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Eli Roth Horror Movie HD

  1. In the end, the only surviving student who is a United Nations lawyer's daughter lies to protect the cannibal tribes that indeed laugh, love, and have traditional living with beliefs in the spiritual life, who love, war to eat and defense, when necessary.

    But alas, both sides shown, between the college campus revolutionary movements, the bulldozing industries that are militias weaponry markets, associated with the political process of dealing with the false flags, set ups and liars pretending to be in the knowledge and authorities to propagate the arms dealing, the drugs war, the corporate intelligent, the minions being phased into degradation, into extinctions demanded by motion, time, relevance, Ect… Ect… Ect…

    Yes she lies and protects the enemy due to her inability to cope with the traumatic experience of being utterly terrorized by them as she goes on in her educational and professional stature.

    As a protected individual from her parental affiliated United Nations member.

  2. Why are people are saying Eli roth is sick for making this? He seems like a really nice guy who likes making f***ed up films. Who can blame him?

  3. ummmm….when they said that this was one of the most disturbing movies that people found it hard to finish…..I thought meh……let's just say I stopped the movie after the chunky gets bound to the table… no maam….*they were right :/

  4. How does anyone take this movie seriously? This was more like a comedy than a horror film. It take than gore to engage me. How about a well written script and good acting?

  5. For some reason this movie doesn’t even gross me out and i was just eating my food watching this entire movie wasn’t even at the urge of throwing up at all so I’m just scrolling at these comments saying they couldn’t even eat after watching for someone like me that watches horror 24/7 this really wasn’t that bad as of gross factor

  6. The trailer is still better than the film I was so let down because this trailer makes it look so cool

  7. If I were one of the plane crash victims, I would’ve got undressed and shout tribe-ish words like “ hata Huta pata Scooby Doo “

  8. I watched a lot of slasher movies, I mean a lot. Killing scene in the movie does not frighten me, since I know it is a fake. But The killing scene of that guy at the beginning is so scary and frightining. I even had a taste of blood in my mouth. My heart was beating so fast. That looked so real.

  9. Lol…you kind of have to suspend disbelief in this movie…a tribe that violent…so close to people…wouldn't have made it past the Conquistadors 200 years ago…🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. I remember this movie really well.. It was the most goriest movie I’ve ever seen.. and I loved every minute of it

  11. People like Eli Roth epitomise the total degradation of movie making. He so wants to sensationalise cannibalism, grotesque horror and gore that it wonders what depth of hell originates from the stem of his soul.

  12. This movie is brought to you by Madeiros inc Brazil number one lumber company. Because if you try to save the rainforest this could happen to you too.

  13. So funny/interesting fact about The Green Inferno. Eli Roth's tribe actors were laughing during the torture scenes. They thought it was a comedy during some of the gory moments. And they were also all really cool and polite.

  14. Also, Roth's point was poking fun at our younger generation that wants to fight Wall Street for the entire movie.

  15. I've always been a big horror fan, but this is not horror. It's another gore fest from the sick mind of Eli Roth, glorifying in gore for the sake of gore, period. This cretin gets his kicks from depravity and calls it entertainment.

  16. That’s how all the animals feel when they get turtured bevore they get killed properly. I just laugh about this scene. Otherwise my whole body r
    eacts to it right now . 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤮🤮🤮

  17. Fun fact about this movie: The villagers weren't actors. They were real villagers that really lived there. Eli Roth came to them, asking if they wanted to star in his movie, and they didn't know what a movie was. They had never seen one. He brought on a TV, and showed them Cannibal Holocaust. They laughed through it… Lol they thought it was a comedy. So they were all excited.

    Afterwards they were so appreciative, they wanted to give something to Eli Roth as a thank you. They offered him a 3 year old girl. Eli Roth politely declined

  18. I still remember the first time I watched this and decided I would never ever watch it again. The gore scenese were totally fine but the feelings incorporated in it, I could feel them and they're traumatizing. Therefore, it's a great movie that just succeeded in serving its purpose.

  19. What I liked about this film is it plays on our subconscious fears. There is no chainsaw welding maniac, no poltergeist possessed doll, it’s all psychological. You’re forced to imagine yourself in a situation like that and it stimulates anxiety and tension. Just don’t eat anything before or while watching.

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