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100 thoughts on “The Great American Snuff Film | Full Horror Movie

  1. como película me pareció buena como realidad muy triste por que esto pasa en todo el mundo ejemplo trata de blancas .

  2. Not based on a true story. Poorly acted – but not a completely worthless effort for a low budget student film. Even the supposed "real footage" at the end is an obvious fake.
    Guy deserves a little credit, I guess, for the way he sells the "true story" bit – he even goes to the trouble, just before the credits run, of claim it was based on a non-existent book – by a non-existent author. Barely worth watching. I managed about 15 minutes before jumping to the end for the "real tape"

  3. This was pretty damn good. So lifelike. I feel it is a great portrayal of human sickness. I mean if a person can think it, it can exist. Keep posting!

  4. The last few minutes of this film IS in fact real footage. I remember seeing parts in a documentary, where they showed this victim in the chair getting shot. The only part they didn't show in the documentary was the killer filming her face and body after death.

    This fuck is right where he belongs… Hell! I would've tortured this freak the same way he did the victims. He got off easy.

  5. Sex slavery , Organ Trafficking , human egg harvesting , Vulgar snuff movie production . Child sacrafice in mystic cabbalist rituals.thats what all comes from zionist israhellis!and america supports all these crimes against humanity!

  6. you know what it looks like to me with the way the camera style it looks like there trying to copy the texas chainsaw massacure.mainly with the whole based on a true story b.s.

  7. I do agree with the ladies if such a person is real he does belong in hell for all time and i hope hes suffering really a billion times over bad.

  8. the movie is a fake even at the end. William gown is a fictional character. they used the "real" gimmick as an exploratation to get people to watch it. just like what they did with Blair witch

  9. This to me is a like a finding Dori Disney film…the gore is cute, but I have seen much worse than this…not a bad movie though

  10. You know what? not a bad film at all. once you get into it. It's pretty good. I will put It on my list of b horror movies

  11. I googled this guy and he did exist, and he did make tacky films, so it gives me chills to think that this is real.

  12. They should take a few pointers from Hillary's pig farm snuff betting ring. Typical pointless millenial fearmongering and wandering in circles.

  13. That documentary film is awful. Being an awful documentary film it is. Just like to watch the worst found footage horror movie Slaughter Creek. Slaughter Creek is a bad movie I've ever saw this movie before.
    Nobody wants Slaughter Creek. Nobody. Nobody.

  14. Что за хрень тут творится???Все друг друга убивают,повсюду шлюхи,убийцы.В этом фильме есть вообще что-нибудь доброе?

  15. Une petite production de merde sans intérêt que la culture du sait « américain » comment le faire, mais pas les exemples qui manquent dans le pays de mickey.
    Boring after 10 minutes

  16. During the film I thought: why the girls doesn't use the nail in the room to free their hands instead to free their mouth?

  17. I've often wondered if these directors are really psychotic bastards. After watching a Tarantino film I'm firmly convinced he is a psychotic bastard.


  19. I saw a YouTube channel that showed the top 5 controversial horror movies, and this movie was on that list because people thought the scenes were real, anyways I watched it out of curiosity and it's pretty intense for a low budget film.

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