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Oh, Rex. Say it again.My darling,
my love for youis deeper than
ten thousand oceans.Oh, Rex… (GROGGY GROANING) I didn’t have
anything to eat
over at my place. Mind if I dig
through your fridge? (LOUD GULPING) (SMACKING LIPS) How old is this milk? (EXCITED GASP) (KNOCKING) Oh, hi, Minnie. Guess what?
I got you private
finishing school lessons! Meet your instructor,
Wadsworth Thorndyke the Third! Uh, hi. I’m Mickey Mouse. Charmed.
Hmph! Well, toodaloo! (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY)
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Who’s ready to
land a whopper? Ow, ow, ow, ow! From the top. How now brown cow. (SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) (WHIMPERING) WADSWORTH THORNDYKE III:
Ah-hem… Presenting…
Michel Francois Mouse. How do you do? Oh, such a fancy gentleman. You’ll get my bill. Oh, Mickey! Michel. Oh, right, Michel. (SNORTY GIGGLES) Come on! Romance is served. MICKEY: Baloney sandwiches? Ugh! Well, perhaps
I can dress them up
with a little truffle oil. (BELL TINKLING) Minifred,
where is your butler? I don’t have a butler. What?
Baloney sandwiches?
No servants? Madam, I’m afraid
this relationship
is at an end. (STARTLED WHIMPERING) If you’ll excuse me,
I’m late for my club. Michel! Wait! (WAILING) I’ve turned my sweet
Mickey into a monster. I have to find someone
to change him back, but who? (GOOFY GROANING) Ding dang bucket! I see pork bellies are
up over three points. Splendid.
Quite. Don’t mind us, folks.
Just pretend like
we was never here. Did you get
the stuff? It’s all here. Cheese doodles,
a whoopee cushion, a box of frozen waffles,
and everything else
you asked for. Thank you. Now remember,
no matter what you hear,
do not open this door. MICKEY:
How dare you?
Who needs Michel
when I have Mickey Mouse. Aww, shucks! (SNORTY GIGGLES) (WHISTLING WITH PIANO MUSIC)

100 thoughts on “The Fancy Gentleman | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

  1. Remember that time disney tried suing deadmau5 for his ears when they were already using his music without asking? oof.

  2. Um ok why dose micky look like some alcohol father who is poor and only spends his money on beer and cigarettes and he look like this at the beginning when he went to go to the fridge. Sorry for this but this was my opinion

  3. Moral of the story to the 10K : "Be happy with what you have because what you had could be gone forever if you changed it."

  4. "And, no matter what you hear, do NOT OPEN THIS DOOR." -goofy.

    All of five seconds later, he comes out smiling, and goofy's pants are down. What exactly was going on that fixed Mickey? Lol.

  5. Is this a parody channel? Other than the portrayal of the characters, nothing's really suggesting that it is….

  6. You can tell by the way Donald & Goofy react to the situation that this isn’t the first time that they’ve done this

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