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What happened to you dude? Kinda had a bender. Think I may have fallen down some stairs. Do these stairs happen to speak Chinese? Might be a little bit of trouble Nah dude, you are in some serious s*** Gonna handle it. we’re gonna have an awesome plan and we’re gonna get out of this ‘We’? dude.. Yeah, ‘we’! me and you. Come on. Steven, I can’t get involved another one of your b***** plans dude, if I get another B, I’m back to New Jersey. Moving to Rutgers, my parents house. I don’t think it’s that serious. He gave me a deadline. So- Why don’t you call your parents? I’ll call mine You call yours and we’ll say we need the money for our art project. Wow. Not an art major nor are you. Now don’t think our mommies and daddies are gonna give us $5,000. You got any cash? wanna play? Few hands… Yeah, yeah? yeah. Dollar a hand. Stay Wow, I’m so sorry that is crazy. That actually doesn’t make sense. Come on, Come on. Alright, I will do another one Hit me Boom baby! you owe me a dollar. Thank you. I will take this. pay me later it’s fine. Just take your time. Take your time. dude. I know how we can get you the 5000. how? You open a casino. What? Don’t you see? The house always wins. What are you talking about? We open… a Casino. We open a casino? The house always wins. The house always wins The house always wins. Bro. The house always wins! The house always wins! Boo Ya! Gosh, seriously? It’s breakfast time. Got it? Yeah yeah yeah. Should I even ask how you got this? Yeah, uh. Nylush gave us 500 bucks to start. The Exchange student from India? Yeah, yeah He owes me a favor. I helped him pass his English class. I was Nylush Gupta For a semester. Bro, we should have lots of booze. I’ll be the dealer and you be the cocktail waitress. Why do I got to sell the drinks? When was the last time you were actually in a casino? good point. so, uh Who’s this Chow guy? He owns this gambling den in Chinatown. Seems like he has a hold on everything gambling there. Triads? Do they even still exist? I don’t know, uh maybe? What do you think he’s gonna do to you if you don’t get this money? I don’t know. Just hope he doesn’t do anything to my nuts. Oh, Right! pieces of s*** Enterprise going on now. Think you can help me out with my small business? Yes sir! Mouse! Mouse, would you take a funnel of beer up the ass if it ensures my business is smooth? Yes, sir! are you smiling, Vegan? It’s not funny, Vegan. No laughing matter Vegan! No laughing matter, sir. I want profits. Can I bet on you, Vegan? That you put tassels on your nipples to ensure me profitability? Sir, I’ll put nipples on my nipples. Sir. Stephen, may I? How are you doing cheese tits? Cheese tits! Good sir! You my boy. (Cheese tits) – Thank you. Would you Lie naked on my dining room table and let me rub cottage cheese all over your body? And let us eat it off of you? I would let you eat cottage cheese off of my naked body, Sir. So that we can make massive financial gains. and protein gains too! No, Cheese Tits. First you get the money then we’ve got the power and then got the respect. You understand? You understand Cheese Tits? Don’t forget that. Now boys, You are by far the most disgusting and- Exciting individuals I’ve ever met in my entire life. Welcome to the team boys. Stephen, where are all the people? Midterm sir. All right clowns, everyone to the table. 17! Yeah… You want to keep going Stephen? Yes, let’s come on. All right, boys. Hope you’re thirsty. five bucks each. Let’s go. Let’s go. I’m okay, I’m alright sir. Yes, Sir. I handle the money. Thank you. That’s what they say dude. Who says that? I don’t know, Casino people. Sorry, let’s go again. Blackjack! Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about In yo’ face! You know what boys, you should play another hand. This is fun right? One more. One more! Place your bets anytime. That was great. How much did we make? Zero. What are you talking about? Well after the tables, chairs and booze, we made… zero. Hey it’s up to you. I’m not gonna tell you how to spend your Bar Mitzvah money. It’s out. it is out. 16? 20? You win! How much do you make? Zero. What are you talking about? Well, after the chairs, the new blackjack table, the new felt chips and booze, And I kind of broke through the smoke detector so we need to hire an electrician. That was great! How much did we make? Zero. What are you talking about? Well, after the new roulette table, chairs, chips, and booze and- We have to pay rent. Sorry. Next time. This is great. How much do you think we have? We are there dude. Seriously? 5 thousand. 5 thousand? Everything… we… made tonight is pure profit baby! Oh, hey, how much did you pay that stripper to work for us? So… It’s Mandy now, huh? Yeah, what do you mean? Oh, come on. You seen me before at the Pleasure Palace. on Sundays? Hey, how about a dance? Still working those same old line. Yeah? You know, Chao described a lot smaller operation. Yeah, you think security is out hiding in the back? Listen, you just keep your eyes open. What’s that? Keeping my eyes open. Jeez. You good? Dealer- 21! Damn it! Every ***** time. I told you not to split it. Great night to you, gentlemen. Let’s just call it a night. No, no, no, no, no, no, let’s keep playing. my Luck’s gonna change. We’re waiting for a friend. Yep. Anyways, he hasn’t arrived yet. Sorry guys, we’re gonna close soon. But, I’ll get you guys another round of drinks. On the house. Andy, get these guys another round of drinks, please. Sure. Thing, sweetie. So, it’s a whiskey for the big guy and Shirley Temple for the Boy Scout over there? (Knocks) I’ll get it. Password? Don’t want no short **** man. Say again? Don’t want no short **** man. I said don’t want no short **** man. (Speaking Chinese) Chow what are you doing here? Checking out the competition. You trying to put me out Stephen? No, no not at all. we’re closed It’s the last night. Looks like the fun’s about to start. We’ll stick around. All there. Stevens all good. I’ll take 50% of all business now, alright? What’s this? It’s kinda light. Five grand right? Where’s my $2,500 cut? But Chow that wasn’t the deal. it is now Why don’t ya play for it? Now that’s a man with an idea. Let’s play a hand. 2500 down. I don’t have that kind of money. Relax, I’ll lend it to you. That’s a “yes”. Deal now. I’ll stay Don’t worry Steven, let’s double it. You win you owe me nothing, right? I don’t know Chow. Come on, don’t be **** All right? Let’s go back to the basics. High – low. Casino war. Don’t wanna be no short **** now do we Steven? It’s okay, Steven. I’ll give you another week to get my money. Dude… Dude! No **** way! Yeah ****! I mean… No more debt for Steven! We’re closed now. I’ll see you very soon Steven. No, no no never. I’m done Chow. See you on the inside. See you on the inside? Isn’t that a prison thing? Oh boys… Cops…. I knew it, I knew it! Chow gave you up to the DA. Made a deal. Hell of a show, boys. Hey, where you going? Hey, The house- Always wins. Hey, man, we’re closed now. Steven, I want my $5,000. All right. Chow. Okay. Mrs. Sheila is waiting outside with the van Okay, bye-bye I want my money Steven. All right. Chow. Bye Bye. Bye, Chow. Great night. Oh How the House do? Well, Two black roulette tables, 30 cases of beer, 10 cases of whiskey, New surveillance system, 50 new decks of cards, all that painting you wanted from Kevin, New waitress uniforms, dealer uniforms, new ice machine, Rents, electricity bill, water bill, cable, internet and… Everybody wants to raise.

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