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How would you describe what The Circle is to, say, your grandmother? It’s the chaos of the web made elegant Speed Round Paul or John? Early Paul, late John. Mario or Sonic? Early Sonic, late Mario. Needs of the society, or needs of the individual? It should be the same. You’re most scared of….? Unfulfilled potential. I am a believer in the perfectibility of human beings. Based on Dave Eggers
Best – Selling Novel When we are our best selves The possibilities are endless. At The Circle, there isn’t a problem that we cannot solve We can cure any disease and we can end hunger Without secrets, without the hoarding of knowledge and information We can finally realize our potential. Circlers, do you like to share? Everyone: “Sharing is Caring” This Spring We will see it all! If it happens, we’ll know! Emma Watson Imagine the human rights implications. There needs to be accountability. What is this? The Circle has the power to change everything. So many of our lies will get us in trouble. Things we hide. We care about everybody you care about. Because knowing is good! But knowing everything… is better!

100 thoughts on “The Circle Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Emma Watson Movie

  1. Watched it on Netflix!! I am upset that I pay 3$ a month for netflix and spent 2h watching that “movie”. Worst movie I have ever watched.

  2. Hmm.. Join an company call circle dunno what happen to her friends sudden didint support company.. Maybe privacy open sexs lol.. Tom hanks n his friends also been transparent so know all secret after his frienda die car accident

  3. It's ok if the presentation of this movie is bad but the message about "diminishing privacy in modern times" has come across. Mind you, this is only predictive programming/social conditioning. It is meant to numb us to the perilous times that lie ahead. Another one of those dirty agendas of the elite. You would think this will create awareness, it might but it will also ease us into accepting their dominion in the future.

  4. I will never forgive the director to replace Kalden, a TIBETAN character, by a non Asian actor (nothing against Mr Boyega btw) Are you scared of China, dear Hollywood?

  5. I don't undestand why Emma Watson receive a razzy award for this film , the film was bad I agree but she is still a great actress

  6. oui nous y sommes et tout les moutons en réclament plus encore .
    Ce film est une habile propagande qui dans un premier temps montre le meilleur des mondes comme dirigé par des corrompus mais ensuite il fait croire que cet hyper flicage pourrait être employé pour le bien de l homme si il est utilisé par les gentils.

    Et c est le scénario grandeur nature qu ils vous proposeront en déposant tous les présidents de tous les pays en dévoilant leur corruption et a ce moment ils vous proposeront leur roi qui vous sera présenté comme un incorruptible, un gentil, et ce sera le grand monarque qu ils attendent tant .
    Celui qui régnera sur le nouvel ordre mondial unifié pour le plus grand malheur de tous sauf pour une petite caste de Khasars .
    La solution?
    Déconnectons nous immédiatement , jetons nos portables et restons sur les vrais valeurs fondamentales, l amour.
    Oublions le monde aseptisé qu ils sont en train de mettre en place avant qu il ne soit trop tard pour faire machine arrière .
    Il est PRESQUE déjà trop tard.
    Pour preuve regardez a quel point chacun est devenu accro a la drogue électronique que sont en realite nos portables.
    Ils créent un esprit de Ruche qui rend totalement dépendant.
    Nos portables sont une drogue bien plus puissante que de l héroïne, soyons honnêtes avec nous mêmes et regardez sans vous mentir a quel point nous y sommes accrocs et dépendants

    Vous voulez être de vrais rebelles, alors ne manifestons plus dans les rues mais cessons toute utilisation de nos portables, jetons les !
    Retirons tout notre argent des banques, ne nous rendons plus sur nos lieux de travail, et inutile de manifester avec des pancartes .
    En demandant au système plus d argent nous demandons plus de ce qui nous rend esclaves, l argent .
    Sachez le leur argent c est nous , notre acceptation de nos conditions d esclaves est la seule chose qui remplit leurs comptes bancaires.

    Ne payons plus nos impôts, nos loyers, nos crédits .
    A ce moment ils organiseront une guerre pour nous faire rentrer dans le rang, désertez , refusez d être des esclaves et de servir le système.
    Tout ce que le système propose et qui au premier abord vous semble bon est un habile montage pour rendre chacun de nous un petit peu plus esclave a chaque étape de notre acceptation.

    Que chacun fasse tourner ce message.
    Vous êtes la résistance, nous sommes la résistance .

  7. This B.S. Already exists! And Nobody SeemsTo Even Be P*ssed! You're WATCHED And Listened To, Through Your PC- PHONE & Tablets!

  8. Sorry if I spoiled it, Mercer dies he gets tracked down by people and his car Rams into the side of the bridge and he falls and dies, that is why she covers her face with her hands and screams

  9. HARRY POTTER…FOREVER💝💝💟💟💟💞💞💓💔💔💕💖💗❤💘💛💟❣RIP SNAPE

  10. I just watched this movie and I could say or comment or give my opinion and well I'll just say to much to text but would like to say that even though these are just movies I believe it can and in some cases are happening now for example everyone has a cell phone so just think on that …it's a way to track you and who knows what else ,we are but slaves

  11. Hate me all you want but this movie didn't have that element that could hold the audience. But still I watched it for Emma Watson.😀

  12. This is a profound movie and one on which concerns me is ways that are very disturbing. Pay close attention to the timing and details of this clip. Notice the time stamp of when the word "should" is spoken. This is the separation of the king's from the shroud. Now find the point on the timeline when the word "and" is spoken. This Mark or signature placement is a conveance of the word master via the prefix of the word chủrch. Notice the accent that I share here with you? Now let's get down to the horrific details of the chip itself. The chip is like a chapel where a linguistic creature lives. Can you guess this beasts name? Accounts vary. Some describe a creature that hops like a kangaroo, with a dog like head and a body that may be either scaly or courely furred. Doesn't this seem to describe 1 meter tall blood sicking preditor sound like what this movie is about. Huh I wonder if I sum up the PLU codes of two tomatoes what the result may be.

  13. There's no good movie with this kid Emma, she just can't be supporting actor to a legend such as Tom Hanks. Be real, the biggest disappoint in this movie was her.
    Just avoid movies with Emma Watson and i can guarantee you lack of disappointment.

  14. I was disappointed… I mean I hoped for some more concrete action and goal, and we received… I don't know what that was.

  15. Started watching it on netflix, couldn’t be bothered to watch even half of it, & didn’t think Watson’s american accent was good 👎
    a shame

  16. want to see😍it was not long to see it yesterday but i was on hockey and i was sleepy to looking on it on +1 or internet🤦‍♀️i think it's really good❤

  17. Boy did this movie suck big time. John Boyega was completely wasted since his character served no actual purpose, Tom Hanks's ultimate motivations for the Circle's power and reach were unclear, and the ending just completely fizzled out into nothing. This movie did a massive faceplant when it could've really made a strong, relevant impact!

  18. Spoiler alert 🚨

    Wait so at the end of the movie, the message that was sent was that everyone’s lives should be public and for the world to see??? Shouldn’t there be at least some privacy in the world tho, we should be able to have our little secrets without the whole world knowing right?

  19. I haven't seen this and probably won't. I just finished the book and it was pretty good but after reading the Wikipedia synopsis of the movie… they changed WAY too much! And they said it was for run time but… no. It seems like the movie loses the spirit of the book completely. Mae's character seems all wrong and Kalden?? They totally cut out that part… it feels like what they did to the Divergent series. Different but similar books and movies but audiences WILL pay to watch a three hour movie or a two-part-er. It's been proven! Hollywood- have higher expectations and standards for yourself and the audience!! Xo

  20. “Unfulfilled potential” was the sentence that resonated with me during the movie because it shows how our minds fixate on something like work and literally engulfs our lives and everyone else’s lives. We lose our senses in a whole other world. We humans can fixate on something and can turn into something great (and not so great). But the future is inevitable and like Mae’s comparison to the idea of the Circle to airplanes, when it crashes we don’t abandon planes, but make them safer,,, it really shows that this is frightening but very realistic. The ideas in this movie have not left my mind. Mae’s sociopathic character reflects upon a lot of leaders in today’s society.

  21. Another anti-technology flick. Evil privacy matters blah blah. We've heard and had it all before. It's not only unfulfilled potential. There was never any potential to begin with.

  22. A real stab at companies like Google / Apple but the films ending is it's biggest letdown. It had many elements from The Truman Show which had a proper conclusion.


  24. Lol when it was over I actually went on the internet to figure out if it was the real ending or if my tv had cut the ending for some reason

  25. "Needs of society or needs of individual"
    "Should be the same"
    Socialist mentality at its worst. Total destruction of the individual and society by erasing the distinction between them.

  26. I think the fact that most people are frustrated by the ending and didn't like the ending like me is the point of the ending of the movie. At first I was like nah thats a stupid ending it should have ended like this blah blah blah but actually thinking about it its quite clever. The obvious route to end would be she realises that she's been brainwashed and that its too much but thats predictable and the audience knows that that isnt right, we know how it ended for no privacy wasnt good. This ending shows the effects that this , well happy ending i guess you can put it , doesn't have a happy ending or ending at all because its happening NOW. we are all getting brainwashed. this movies ending shows what could and what is happening. It brings fear to the audience but also clarity to this slowly becoming more open online world we live in. While theres positives of it all theres also negatives as this movie shows. It gets the audience to think about how they wouldnt or would want this it gets the audience saying that not right it shouldnt have ended like this it should have ended like this. It bascially shows us what we dont want and i guess thats good i guess. sometimes we need to be shown the bad side of something or just the bad to not have things end up that way. Not sure if i explained it well and I wish i could explain what i mean better but thats good enough. 🙂 Or maybe its just a bad movie/bad ending after all????? Im not sure maybe Im trying to make something thats really not good into something good?????idk

  27. 30 minutes in this movie got disgusting because I realised is about real life Facebook. Also this movie stupid. forgot to tell you. I love how in the final scene when the lights go out and 50000 imbeciles in the audience rather than turning on the torch on their phone turn the screens to illuminate the stage

  28. This movie pretty much nails the sickening reality of the way things are going in America and the world end how millennials are acting. Very creepy and Orwellian as Hell!

  29. It’s pretty ironic when she says her worst fear is unfulfilled potential, which is basically what this terrible film is. If u haven’t watched this, don’t

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