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– There’s a family in our driveway. Alana: Jordan Peele
broke a box office record for his newest horror film, “Us.” Now, the film centers around
an all-American family trying to escape their
vengeful doppelgängers. And, in true Peele fashion, the film is definitely
more than meets the eye. Here are some of the top Easter
eggs you might have missed and, warning, major spoilers ahead! The most obvious theme is
probably the one of duality. Bloodthirsty clones attack the Wilsons and other Americans throughout the film. Even before the doubles attack, we’re introduced to the Tyler twins. The house of mirrors, it’s
a portal between two worlds. Scissors, the weapon of
choice for The Tethered, are two blades connected by one screw, and The Tethered are described as shadows of their more privileged counterparts. But there’s one major
Easter egg that sticks out, and it goes a lot deeper than you think. 11:11, two spiritually significant numbers that mirror each other. 11:11 was seen numerous
times throughout the movie. We saw it first on the homeless man’s sign at the fair in Adelaide’s
flashback, which reads Jeremiah 11:11, alluding
to the biblical scripture. Later on, the Tethered
version of the man has “1111” gouged in his forehead. Young Adelaide’s “Thriller”
shirt that her dad wins for her is prize number 11:11. As the Wilsons settle in
to their vacation home, the number 11 pops up everywhere. Like when Gabe’s watching the Giants game, the score is tied 11-11, and when Adelaide is
tucking Jason in at night, the clock, it’s 11:11. Let’s take a closer look
at what this number means. The Jeremiah 11:11 verse
is about God bringing wrath to a group of people that
won’t be able to escape. But the number 11 itself might
be even more interesting. Aside from the biblical meaning, 11:11 has other spiritual significance. In numerology, the number 11
represents the twin flame. Twin flames, not to be
confused with soulmates, is the belief that everyone
has a spiritual doppelgänger. Twin flames may appear
different on the outside and have different personalities
based on upbringing, but at their core, they’re the same. Eleven also represents a spiritual gateway or portal into the spirit world. It’s meaningful that in “Us,”
11s are shown right before we see The Tethered come
through their world into ours. This can also be seen in
many pop culture references. For example, the ’80s-set
Netflix series “Stranger Things” emphasizes Eleven’s role
in connecting and severing two alternate but parallel worlds, and Peele uses ’80s pop culture continuously throughout “Us.” People born between
the years 1960 and 1980 are known as Generation X. Now, popular nicknames
for this group include the “lost” or “forgotten” generation, mainly in part because
they’re perceived as being stuck in the shadows of the generations that came before and after them. So it only seems fitting
that most of the pop culture references in “Us” are from the ’80s. The names of the VHS tapes seen
at the beginning of the film are huge Easter eggs. “The Man With Two Brains” is
an old Steven Martin comedy and obviously plays on
the theme of duality. “C.H.U.D.” is a movie about monsters that come out of a sewer, similar to where The Tethered come from. “The Right Stuff” is a movie
about a government program that included animal experimentation and resulted in human death. Red tells Adelaide that
The Tethered were created as a result of a government
experiment gone wrong. And “The Goonies” is a
comedy about a group of kids who go on an underground treasure hunt and face dangerous obstacles. In addition to the VHS tapes,
“The Goonies” is referenced in Easter eggs throughout the movie. In “Us,” Red says,
“It’s our time up here.” This mirrors the “Goonies” line, “Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here.” – And the fast-food spot
in “Us,” Copperpot’s, seems like the perfect play
on the “Goonies” character Chester Copperpot… – “It is Chester Copperpot.” – a scavenger hunter that went missing and eventually died while trying to find the underground treasure. This could reference the true
Adelaide’s ultimate fate. Another iconic film that Peele confirmed as an influence is “The Lost Boys,” a horror comedy about
two California brothers who fight a gang of vampires. – “If you’re a Martian.” – “Or a vampire.” – In fact, all of the Santa
Cruz beach scenes in “Us” were filmed at the exact
same amusement park featured in “The Lost Boys.” The parents in the beginning
of “Us” actually reference that something is being
filmed at the carousel, and there’s a scene in “The Lost Boys” filmed at the carousel. Vulture also points out some “Nightmare on Elm Street” Easter eggs… – “Tina?” – like Pluto’s melted face, which looks strikingly
similar to Freddie Krueger’s, the iconic brown glove,
and the battle scenes in the boiler room. Finally, nothing says duality like the references to “The Shining.” – “Here’s Johnny!” – [Gabe] uses a baseball bat for defense just like Shelley
Duvall’s character, Wendy. – “I’m not gonna hurt ya.” – “Stay away from me.” – And after being injured, [Gabe’s] limp looks a lot like Jack’s. And of course, the creepy Tyler twins. – “Come play with us, Danny.” – Finally, the board game Guess Who is a tongue-in-cheek
reference to the twist ending. The pop culture references
and overall plot bring home one of the
biggest themes of the movie: the dangers of classism and inequality. The Tethered are literally
described as shadows of the people above, forced
to live out the actions and the will of the privileged. In the film, the only
thing stopping The Tethered from moving up was a
downward-moving escalator. Escalators are often symbols of how moving up is easy when privileged. This shows how the inverse can trap you. Synonyms for “tethered” include “restraint,” “leash,” and “chain,” which is why many have
noticed the parallels to the prison industrial complex. This is seen in their
jumpsuits and their lack of ability to choose for themselves. Like The Tethered, many
of America’s incarcerated don’t have the opportunity to vote and rely on the actions of those
privileged enough to do so. It’s important to note
that The Tethered say that they’re human beings genetically, only they’ve been handed
unfortunate circumstances. The act of mimicking is
also an important aspect. The Tethered pretend to do
everything from riding rides to playing games to raising
families, following those above without any actual payoff. Mimicking plays into our
obsession with consumerism without the means to
keep up with the Joneses. Peele doubles down on this
theme with his characters. [Gabe], for example, represents
middle class privilege from his collegiate shirt, his
obsession with consumerism, and his out-of-touch-with-reality
dialogue. Adelaide’s true identity
signifies that The Tethered aren’t traditional monsters
but just like our protagonists without the same opportunity. It’s the ultimate depiction
of nature versus nurture, which is what makes
this film so unsettling. Using metaphors and
pop culture references, Peele shines light on
how terrifying inequality can really be and how, in
the right circumstances, anyone can become their
own worst nightmare. Any Easter eggs we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

100 thoughts on “The Biggest ‘Us’ Theories Explained


  2. No you dumbs…this movie is a massive warning about a major conspiracy…go look up humab cloning…and then go google about how demons can only take over bodies of ppl that have a weak or no soul..then think about it

  3. The real question is why the government just abandoned the clones underground and didn't terminate all of them…

  4. The Right Stuff… a movie about animal experimentation that results in human death? It’s a movie about the Mercury Seven, the men behind the first manned space flight by the United States…

  5. It also said 11:11 in the tv when it was night when Gabe was watching the tv also in the clock too when Jason says "look" and the clock says 11:11 btw when in the beach when the frizbee goes to one of the circle of the carpet it counts 11 and adelaide said more and more when she was telling her story to Gabe more and more has 11 letters thats all i found

  6. You can tell who is the real one when she Cry's while explaining things in the first interaction and triggers the other to have a tear roll

  7. OK so at the start of the movie they talk about abandon subways and mine shafts. There are urban legends about people that live in those abandon subways, they call them Mole People…. In the carnival scene Russel is playing Wack a Mole.

  8. Also remember one of the music themes of the movie is "I Got 5 on It"… Jason is able to control his double by first putting up his hand and showing 5 fingers.

  9. In the beginning of the movie, young Adelaide is watching TV when a commercial for Hands Across America comes up before they go to the Carnival. Then when Adelaide goes to the House of Mirrors, she switches places with Red (Adelaide Clone). With Adelaide trapped down there while her clone is up outside with her family, Adelaide creates a plan involving Hands Across America. So the real Adelaide is the one in the red suit. That's why she dances so well and why Adelaides son gives fake Adelaide a look. He saw that his real mom isn't the one driving them away in an ambulance.

  10. Stupid m9vie ever seen…she is the worse ….iverreact thinking she will get an oscar…..she trying to be the macho girl…and her stupid scary voice….

  11. Lil homie was scared Af at the end of the movie knowing his mom was the clone . I woulda shouted it out 😂😂 “yo Mom was a clone the whole time guys ! “

  12. She simply answers "we are Americans" (US), so don't get lost in the details. The dark side is just as symmetrical as its bright side in the US. But the movie asks who is the American on the bright side? The one addicted to phones and the pursuit of buying new cars, boats, plastic surgery, glass houses? Or the one in anger with the impulse to kill itself and avenge everything? It's all screwed up in an organized binary way, because Americans believe in the illusion of black or white, cowboys or indians, Republicans or Democrats, commies or capitalists. I feel blessed to be Mexican. I don't have to worry about my tether, Mexicans are good and bad, poor and rich, funny and sad, and we know it. Mexicans don't need the pretend game, we know from the start we are naturally imperfect, we may not like it but we know it. That is why the lady proposes to escape to Mexico, no tethers there. So morality: "get out"… explore the world without this Trumpian black or white, rich or poor mentality. Escape this impossible crazy duality.

  13. this movie was good…get out was also amazing I love Jordan Peeles approach and I love how the movies are not basic and very original I hope he keeps releasing horror films

  14. THIS movie is about Jeremiah 11:11, black people in America finding out they are THE real Jews, Gods chosen, they have been replaced by evil doppelgangers who have stolen their identity, come check me out!

  15. My (now ex, not because of this prank) girlfriend has the same skin tone and eye colour as me and she knew I was going to see Us… she put on a red t shirt and a wig that looked like my hair and she got a clear picture frame and it looked like a mirror…so when I looked in the „mirror” after I saw Us at the movies and I was really confused because it was in the middle of the room and my „reflection” was wearing red, it started smiling creepily, and then my girlfriend said in a low voice ‘Be careful’ and then she laughed creepily (btw I’m a bisexual woman) I literally screamed “F-CK THE F-CK OFF!”and I punched the „mirror” and my girlfriend told me it was a prank, I was scarred…

  16. If anyone happen to watch get out again look out for me. im the guy behind the house eating cereal they beat the living hell out of me dude 😞*😣*😔*😌

  17. most people who hated this movie are probably ignorant and couldnt see past just the film but to the meanings in and behind it

  18. Don't get it twisted. It has to do with class not race per say. Just that the old saying of there are haves and have nots means the haves take from the nots.

  19. The movie was garbage. Its like jp tried to be a seasoned veteran director … but dropped the ball. All these hints an eggs for nothing.

  20. Why you think that the white man don't lock them up ..but they can steal people money right on this platform via a CIA camera.they are the white man weapon and they demons…

  21. i'm so sick of people giving movies way more credit than they deserve for this metaphor shit…it's always bugged me with books, and it's as bad or worse with movies now…symbolism for the sake of symbolism is lazy…and metaphors for the sake of metaphors is pretentious. They should be things that are additional to a well constructed story, not the only thing of substance in the story.

    and this is coming from someone who really enjoys the movie "american psycho", which I believe suffers from some of the same problems, the difference being that american psycho never tries to explain itself as grounded in reality, whereas US does

  22. There was some things that I pointed out. Where Adalaide was barking and growling when she killed the twin and Red, Where she was on the beach mentioning to kitty that she wasn’t much of a Talker, and I think the last has to do with Jason on the beach when he told one of the twins that he was digging a tunnel. Those kinda interested me. Just the small details and How Addy decided they should go to Mexico because she knew what was happening over the events of Hands Across America

  23. the only escalator didn't stop them from going up – then how did young red go up and swap places? well maybe she was a rebel child and somehow climbed up, but i still doubt that.

  24. The sons T-shirts at the beach. Jaws…threat from below and then a rabbit on the girls, not sure when I saw that shirt though.

  25. So according to the significance of the number 11, Red is Adelaide’s “twin flame”. It makes sense that Adelaide’s weapon to kill Red was the tool from the fireplace.

  26. I really wanna know why adelaide shadowed red rather than red shadowing her. Aren't clones the ones mimicing the real ones actions? And why did adelaide stayed in the underground rather than trying to leave.

  27. Anybody think that when they're on the beach and the frisbee gets thrown onto the blanket and lands on the blue circle perfect she stares at it because it reminds her of the whack a mole game which is when she wonders off in the beginning. Orrrr is it just another duality thing…?

  28. I feel like everyone just wants to believe this plot is great because they like Jordan Peele. It wasn’t remotely scary and I couldn’t take it seriously

  29. Could you say that Jason's suprising use of swear words, which is often frowned upon by the parents, is also a sign that he may not be the same Jason after all.

  30. When the rest of the family is eating fast food at the beginning and "fake" mom is eating strawberries "red" 🤔

  31. No one else find it weird how Adeliade got stabbed in the stomach with red's scissors and yet after that was able to drive no problem ? … they could have shown gabe or someone bandaging her wound or something rather than have it like yea she got stabbed IN THE STOMACH .. she is fine.. >.>

  32. I haven't seen anyone mention it, but in the opening scene with the rabbit cages, the gold/silver rods on the cage is 11 11, but blurred. As the camera slowly pans out, you can clearly see the focal point of the gold rods on the cage which is 11 11. Also, i noticed there were 11 rabbits per row.

  33. Why does it sounds like the point they're trying to make in the narrations sound like they're saying people are privileged over prisoners like the criminals didn't make the decision to do something illegal so they got consequences?? Just me??

  34. Theres was a couple issues I had with the movie but still loved it nonetheless,
    My main issue was the inconsistency of the coping mechanic like when the son makes the copy walk into the flame yet before that the copy was able to move around and do it's own thing without copying the original son so that was to much inconsistency

  35. The one that lupita Nyong'o character knew that the red one was the real one if you noticed when she killed the red one she was laughing and kinda the same as every other red one it is shown in the end. Also the son knows the red one was his real mom kinda. If you notice how he says "there is a family in our drive way" he said it normal and he wasnt scared. I don't know if this is accurate but those are my theories.

  36. Explain what??? Its a stupid movie with a bunch of foreshadowing but its still trash. SIMPLE

  37. The man can show a pair of nuts on the wall then u can see nuts later on in the movie. SO WHAT

  38. so why work all my life to save money for my kids and grand kids so they have to work less or hopefully won't even need to work, why doing all that if some stupid people will just cal that "privilege" and will try to take that from them -_-

  39. That time Adelaide asked Red what she is and said, "I am an American", it chills me so much that it pretty gave clues to the true message of this film.

  40. I think 11:11 is like, when you right the number 11 on a paper and place it infront of a mirror, it won't flip like it should. ((Idk I've never tried tho, but this is just a theory.))
    I knew Red was the original when she was the only one who could speak English. I think the sign saying, "Find yourself" literally meant finding yourself. I think if anyone had gone to that same spot, their twin would have too, Not just Red and Adeline(?). It's like me and my twin meeting up in the same spot and same time. 11:11 also means, "Make a wish and it'll come true". What if Red and Adeline wished at the same time at 11:11, to find themselves? Of course, you're just supposed to SEE yourself, not switch places with yourself and that explains why the wish didn't work truly. Adeline had broken the wish by switching places with Red. She broke the wish and as a punishment, she has to face this and the guilt of knowing what she did to Red.
    You could also see Adeline was one of the tethered, because she always put herself in harms way when it came down to facing Pluto and umbrae.

  41. In the lab where they switch the brains in Get Out the clock reads 11:11
    Here is a theory- if you run like heck they might not catch you

    key word: MIGHT

  42. I can imagine if someone told me "there is a family in our drive way" i would freak out. even if ive never heard about "Us".
    its a really intelligent and unsettling line.

  43. What about how the mother as a kid went into the house of mirrors and at the front it says find yourself and she literally found a double of herself

  44. Theres allot of 11/11 i think yall didnt see it theres more when the frizbee goes to the carpet if you count all the round balls in the carpet you can count 11 round balls..

  45. YOOOO so guys look… You ever had a bf/gf ever tell you "Your my 11-11" HOLY SHIT now I know why… Basically in a way saying your their other half in a Relationship way but yet now its all Making sense. All those times i said that to my girlfriend not even knowing what it meant.

  46. Ok so the wife didn’t want the son to die bc it was her actual son bc I think the year before the son got into the same situation as the mom were she switched lives, I think this bc the wife says he hasn’t been the same since the last time we came here when talking to the white mom.

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