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so mark and I saw the catchphrase yeah
do it happy Sunday everyone and welcome to
jaws 19 this is a very special collaborative episode we have a guest so
let’s check it out so in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about our
favorite walking scenes in movies which is why we’ve drafted in an expert ginger
beard mark all his videos are about walking and you should definitely check
out his channel let’s get on with it then so the first thing we’re gonna talk
about is Saturday Night Fever the walking scene in that is actually the
intro to the film so I’ve done if you remember but you get this beautiful
helicopter shot of New York and all the city noise and then you get a smash cut
to a train flying at ya and then the Bee Gees start to swell in and it goes
straight to John Travolta’s feet walking along the floor I mean it’s such a
legendary like it almost stands alone from the film it’s it’s such a famous
shot isn’t it yeah the mini film all by itself and I don’t think anyone has ever
looked cooler carrying a can of paint when you asked me to clap on the topic
of walking one of the scenes that came straight to mind for me was Reservoir
Dogs you know we’ve had the sort of 7/8 minute intro scene of them in the diner
where we’ve learned about their personalities one’s angry ones tight
fisted and whatnot and then they strip back to these sort of anonymous villains
almost in the black suits you know you got the cool music the slow-mo yeah I
think what’s great about that scene is through the use of the slow-mo as you
say and the court music you made to think that these people are cool and
they’re not they’re horrible criminals here they’re villains great see right so the next one I chose was Edgar
Wright Shaun of the Dead and my favorite scene in the whole film is when Lucy
Davis’s character Diane is teaching the gang with her acting skills how to
pretend that there’s on this so that they can successfully cross the road and
get to the Winchester can you tell us about to see no I’ll do
it on the night this is the night but for this next one I wanted to use
the corridor scene from Silence of the Lambs
Jonathan Demi uses this long stone corridor to built this amazing tension
meh Clarice is walking down the corridor and she can see the chair at the very
end that she know she’s going to sit in and meet Lecter for the first time it’s
like I love the fact that she has to walk past like the rogues gallery of the
criminally insane it’s almost like they get more and more bizarre as she walks
there in the Coralville yeah yet great sing another film that came to mind when
you said walk in films and the final one we’re gonna talk about today
these Goodfellas I think you never seen I’m gonna talk about I did Henry and
Karen are going out on the first time for the first time it’s almost like he’s
brought her into his world for the first time yeah and we see that nice long take
through the restaurants and what do you think yeah yeah it’s um it’s that lovely
transition you get from the street through the entrance to the club but
knees shaking everyone’s hand and pressing $20 bills into their hands and
then you get those red corridors and they emerge into the kitchen and then
they merge finally into the club and Karen realizes just quite how important
Henry is rinsing if they’re put in a table and a lamp player for you you’ve
made it you made it thanks for watching we hope you enjoyed that video don’t
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we can find you yeah I’m at gingerbread mark on Twitter and ginger beard mark on
YouTube come say hi and watch some of my videos we’ll put links in the
description see you on the next one

10 thoughts on “The Best Walking Scenes in Movies

  1. I'm sorry, but the best walking scene is Frank Drebin's contemplative walk in Naked Gun, where he hopscotches and ends up in the middle of nowhere. πŸ˜›

  2. Lovely to be part of this Graham and Neil are great guys! Walking round some ruins and chatting about movies, Is a superb way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

  3. I have two off the top of my head. Mcintrye and Danny walking down the beach in 'Local Hero' talking about plastic, and of course, Ellen Burstyn 'Chris MacNeil' walking back home in The Exorcist. The first time you hear Tubular bells.

  4. Awesome video matey the Naked Gun and Excorsist scenes are awesome there are so many iconic walking scenes like Rocky and Adrian walking down the street

  5. Hey if you wanna see some good walking scenes you should see the movie β€œTrek” honestly all we did was walk hahaha

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