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18 thoughts on “The Best Point & Shoot Film Camera?!?! The Contax T3 – 2019 Overview

  1. the fastest shutter speed is actually 1/1200. so when the viewfinder readout says 500, it's somewhere in between 1/1200 and 1/350.

  2. I usually shoot B/W with my T3 the photos always comes out sick man, thanks for covering this beauty and years to come using Films

  3. If your standard of reference is a Oly Stylus Epic, then almost any camera is going to look good. Of course, the T3 is exceptional, and it is in no way the "simple camera" stated. The focus system is one of the most complex ever created, which is not always a good thing given the errors many users report – user error. The lens is probably the best compromise of performance ever installed in a point-n-shoot. The T3 has it's flaws, like your cheapened film takeup spool. Of course, several hundred dollars for a $5 plastic part and a simple "open and replace" repair is highway robbery existing only by the camera being orphaned by its maker and being so residually useful. The high prices reflect being the best, but to not reflect being that much better. It seems that all of the really great point-n-shoot film cameras have inflated in price beyond reason, but the best camera for its price these days is probably the Konica Hexar AF. It always was one of the best but it isn't we[l known, and its price has not risen as much as the others.

  4. hey man! Great video and photographs on the T3. I love the colour and tone in your photos, what scanner did you use to scan your negatives? Thanks!

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