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This is not what I was expecting. Can I see one? No, no. What’s that for? Make sure he is dead. Sheriff, what happened? No idea. No fingerprints in the system. For now, she’s a Jane Doe. He needs my help right now. Eleven o’clock, I’m all yours. Subject is in her mid-to-late twenties Hair – brown Eyes… grey? What happened to you? First, they bound her. Then they ripped out her tongue, poisoned her, paralysed her forced her to swallow the cloth… [worried gasps] Dad? No one could see what we have seen.

100 thoughts on “The Autopsy of Jane Doe Official Trailer 2 (2016) – Emile Hirsch Movie

  1. One of my favorite horror movies I can remember! There's so many brilliant scenes and effects, but I just need to praise them for all the long lasting and transparent shots of the body, and especially the face. It's just a chilling effect that creates so much intensity and mystery

  2. Definitly a good horror movie! It has some good tense moments and it has a deeper layer behind everything that happens!

  3. i was awake till 5 am to finish this wasn't worth. saw hannah grace then this. because of the comments that hannah grace is copied from this movie. i didnt find anything copied. i found this one quite boring..hannah grace at least had some actions of a ghost. this women is just lying .

  4. Damn yeah it was scary but why kill that father he was so innocent and the son to tho? I need more please another one i dont know what its called a prequal? Jane Doe 2 :3

  5. She’s a sleeping witch. Everyone who tries to mess with her body while she’s sleeping will suffer the same situation as to what they did to her.

  6. Wish I got scared from horror movies… This was a good one and I'm sure it would have scared me haha

    Watched it in the dark on my own…. Nothing!

    Envy you guys who gets a fright from a good horror.

  7. Apparently you can't kill her, she was butned with acetone and the fire literally went off leaving no marks. My theores are that she was an evil powerful witch, who couldn't be killed. So, another witch casted a powerful spell to at least keep her from doing evil. Or someone just hated her so much and casted a spell so she could never die and suffer for eternity by being unable to move or speak again. Whatever it is is scary as hell.

  8. I saw Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark four days ago, and I really enjoyed it. Last year, I watched The Troll Hunter, which was also directed by Andre' Ovredall. Now I'm thinking of watching this. For anyone who has seen The Autopsy of Jane Doe, is it worth watching, and is it good?

  9. Okay so I was watching this trailer and listening to music so I would be less scared and my music went doubled voices twice!

    I'll be moving countries by tomorrow thank you, bye

  10. One of the best horror movies ive seen in a long time, such a creepy atmosphere. The trailer does not even make it justice


    This movie gave me Horror Dopamine… It will give it to you too…

  12. Just finished it. Amazing. Super scary. But at the end they only had 2 cauts, rather than 3. Didn't the girl die too?

  13. I watched it and to be honest its the first movie I have watched that took place in a underground morgue with only 2 main characters and i wasn't bored, I felt bad for the father an son but it ain't a scary movie if the dead ain't killing people who has nothing to do with there death plus the movie had me on my toes,"way to go jane doe."

  14. I really have to stop doing this to myself. I had no idea this was going to be so scary. Sad and “flash back like” if anything. Wtf. I’m over thirty and took all my kids to sleep in my bed with me just so I didn’t have to sleep alone after this.

  15. This is one of very few movies where all the comments were in agreement with this being a good watch. I’m about to check it out

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