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1981, Atlanta, Georgia was terrorized by an unseen menace. African-American children
were disappearing and being found murdered. In 1982, after the arrest and
conviction of Wayne Williams, the majority of the cases of the
murdered children were closed. But what most
people don’t realize is that Wayne Williams
was only convicted for the murder of two adult men,
never for any of the children. 40 years later, people still
wonder, did Wayne Williams do it? I know for a fact he
did not kill my daughter. NARRATOR: There are
many who believe that the perpetrators of
these crimes still walk free. Some believe it was a
ring of sexual predators. Others believe it was the KKK. And then there are even
more remarkable theories. Why take my
children’s’ organs? NARRATOR: In an exclusive
interview with the spokesman for Wayne Williams– He didn’t do what
he’s accused of. NARRATOR: –we examine
six of the theories that circulate around the
Atlanta child murders. In 1979, Atlanta was
enjoying a renaissance. WILL PACKER: This is
just over 10 years after the murder of Dr. King. Atlanta and a lot of other
cities throughout the country, but especially
throughout the South, were just figuring out
their race relations. It was a time that– that
felt very progressive. NARRATOR: When black children
began to show up dead, that progress seemed to halt. WILL PACKER: It– it put
the city on the brink of a real racial catastrophe. NARRATOR: When Wayne
Williams was arrested, beleaguered Atlantans
let out a sigh of relief. Although Williams was not
charged with the murders of the 23 children,
the conventional wisdom was he was responsible. I think that at that time,
Atlanta needed this to go away. NARRATOR: But many in
the community were not happy with this easy answer. WILL PACKER: It was
challenging for the community to accept it,
because you did not have the supporting evidence
for all these other murders. The evidence does not tie
in with the younger ones. It does not. I don’t believe
that Wayne Williams killed all the children. I know for a fact he
did not kill my daughter. You walk around
Atlanta even today, you find somebody that’s
40 years or older, they got an opinion. Part of the reason is because
there are so many conspiracy theories that float around. DEWAYNE HENDRIX: I think
a lot of the things that people think are
conspiracy theories, they’re really realities. NARRATOR: DeWayne Hendrix
met Wayne Williams in 2013, while trying to do a
documentary on Williams. DEWAYNE HENDRIX: A guy
who I grew up with was in the same prison with Wayne. He goes, I’m locked up
with Wayne Williams, and he’s been looking for
someone to do his documentary. He said, is that something
you’d be interested in? And I was like, hell yeah. NARRATOR: Since then,
DeWayne has become Wayne’s liaison to the outside world. DeWayne is convinced
of Wayne’s innocence. There were multiple murders. It wasn’t one person. It wasn’t one group. It wasn’t one conspiracy that
was attached to all of this. NARRATOR: So which conspiracy
theories are circulating? [MUSIC PLAYING] WILL PACKER: If you
grew up in the South, you knew about the KKK. Word was you never know
who’s in the Ku Klux Klan. If you’re not careful, they’ll
come and get you at night. A lot of the Klan
activity had been pushed to the fringes,
which a lot of people felt made them more dangerous. Now, you know, in
theory, I’m going to school with their kids. I don’t mean a threat like these
are people that don’t like you, that may be mean to you. I mean a threat that these
are people that will kill you. SHEILA BALTAZAR: In
the black community, we’re thinking that the Klansmen
had a lot to do with it. We couldn’t think of
anything but the Klansmen. NARRATOR: In particular, a
man named Charles Sanders is thought to have
been responsible for the death of Lubie Geter. DEWAYNE HENDRIX: The name that
people know is Charles Sanders. Charles Sanders, who was
associated with a white hate group, maybe even the Klan. NARRATOR: Allegedly, Sanders
was angry because Geter had scratched Sanders’ truck. A 1986 “Spin Magazine” article
quoted a police informant who said he was
with Sanders when Sanders saw Geter and remarked,
“See that black bastard? I’m going to get him. I’m going to choke the
black bastard to death.” JOHN GLOVER: It is
alleged that Sanders had threatened to kill Geter. Geter was subsequently
found dead. Not only did he say that they
killed Lubie Geter, that they killed more children, and
that they were going to start killing little girls as well. NARRATOR: So what happened? Why wasn’t Sanders prosecuted? Authorities said
they had no evidence connecting Sanders or the
KKK to any of the murders. DeWayne Hendrix
believes the authorities suppressed the evidence
to protect Sanders. You had guys that were
police officers that were KKK. You had people that were
firemen that were KKK. You have certain orders
from your KKK superiors. You don’t share vital
investigative work that I may need to solve this murder. NARRATOR: While the
allegations against the KKK never led to any convictions,
another sinister group was also under suspicion. VERN SMITH: There
was some belief that there was some
sort of sexual aspect to these murders, some
sort of a pedophilia ring. That’s not a theory. That’s a reality. NARRATOR: For years, it has
been believed that Uncle Tom Terrell, a known sex offender
who lived in the area where most of the
murders were committed, was responsible for
some of the deaths. JOSEPH DROLET: Tom Terrell
was one of these folks that supposedly ran in a lot
of the groups that were involving kids in trafficking. They called his home
Uncle Tom’s Cabin. He’s on news footage openly
admitting that the little boys were at his house. The little boys had disappeared
and were found murdered. He’s openly admitted this. NARRATOR: And then there’s
the case of Clifford Jones. Some believe that he died
at the hands of another sex offender, Jamie Brooks. Clifford Jones’s brother,
Emmanuel Williams, backs up the theory that
Jamie Brooks was responsible. These people had
kidnapped my brother, a man named Jamie Brooks. These guys held my brother
captive in a laundromat, and they raped him and
beat him all day long. One of the people
stood in the doorway watching my brother get
raped, crying, screaming, saying he wanted to
go home, and saying he was going to tell
his grandmother, and said that this
dude, Jamie Brooks, put a rope around his neck
and– and pulled on the rope. Clifford was 12 years old. It breaks my heart. I feel like the police– they didn’t really care. They waited two years to
even question Jamie Brooks. NARRATOR: Brooks was never
officially tied to the murder of Clifford Jones. Jones is among the children
connected to Wayne Williams. Unlike Williams, however,
Brooks was convicted of a child-related offense. Jamie Brooks ended
up going to prison for another child sex crime
and died in prison of AIDS. NARRATOR: Not everyone
accepts the pedophile theory. JOSEPH DROLET: Well, if
you wanted a scapegoat, these would be the people. When the evidence came
out about the examining of the bodies, they didn’t
find evidence that there was any kind of sexual activity. Case is governed by evidence. Unlike prosecutors, we weren’t
about to accuse somebody of killing, because they’ve
committed some other crime or because they’re
not a good person. NARRATOR: While
the children bore no signs of sexual assault,
some of the bodies found were missing organs. This has led some of
the victims’ families to allege that someone
was killing the children to harvest their organs. Different parts of they
children’s organs was removed. You talking about the
kidneys, the liver, the penis. Why take my children’s organs? It’s very important
that the world know that it was like robbing
organs here in Atlanta. NARRATOR: This theory was
popularized by Dick Gregory, a comedian and activist
who had become obsessed with the Atlanta child murders. The late comedian,
Dick Gregory, alluded to some
conspiracy with the CDC appropriating these kids’
bodies for their DNA. JOHN GLOVER: The Center
for Disease Control, which is headquartered
in Atlanta, had some kind of
survey going on. Some people thought this
was some kind of plot by the Center of Disease Control
to kill these young boys. NARRATOR: According
to this theory, the perpetrators harvested the
sexual organs of the young men. DEWAYNE HENDRIX: One of the
mothers that I’ve interviewed, she sat in front of
me and cried tears. I saw hypodermic needle
marks in the genital area of these children. I know all about
the experiment. You tell me why are hypodermic
needle marks on both sides of the boys’ penises. Dick Gregory and I met
with the scientists. A lot of things was
explained to us. Show me how a one thing taken
from a child at a certain age before puberty could
wipe out cancer. NARRATOR: This thing is a
protein called interferon. Interferon is now
used to fight cancer. And now, in 2019, if
you go Google interferon, you’re going to find out that
it’s used in cancer medication. Somebody has to account for
why those marks were there. NARRATOR: The CDC isn’t
the only government agency that has been implicated
in the Atlanta child murders. Wayne even goes so
far as to suggest that the CIA was involved. He builds this claim
on top of another claim that he, as a young
man, was recruited by the CIA for secret missions. He was recruited into the
CIA junior officers program, and he went on two missions. He saw two villages
in Africa wiped out– women, children, all dead. He still, to this
day, doesn’t know if that was experimentation with
a chemical biological weapon or experimentation
with the HIV virus. That’s when he came back. He said, I don’t want
no parts of this. Wayne claims that the
CIA was upset with his leaving the exclusive program. As retribution,
they were involved in publicly pinning the
Atlanta child murders on him. People told him that
he would regret it. NARRATOR: Other
than Wayne’s story, there is no evidence
to support this theory. You know, it’s flight or
fancy kind of commentary. There’s just enough history
of people being framed, especially black suspects
being framed, being wrongly convicted, that the more– the more you listen, the more
you think, well, maybe not. NARRATOR: If the murders
weren’t perpetrated by the KKK, child
predators, or the CIA, could it have been
a serial killer? Prolific killer, Edward
Edwards, was caught in Atlanta just after Wayne
was arrested, and the child murders had peaked. A master of deception, Edwards
was alleged to have connections to Georgia law enforcement. He was a GBI informant. He was known to take
hair fibers, DNA samples. He was known to even have sex
with men to be able to get DNA, to be able to pin
crimes on other people. And he operated
for over 50 years. NARRATOR: While it’s true
that Edwards was in Atlanta during the time of the murders
and that Edwards was a con man who cozied up to
Georgia law enforcement, there is no evidence
to tie Edwards to any of the Atlanta child murders. Finally, there is a theory
that a killer is being kept safe by his family’s money. Venus Taylor claims that a
member of law enforcement confided in her
about the real killer of her daughter, Angel Lenair. VENUS TAYLOR: The person
that killed your daughter told me that he killed her. I say, and you’re not
going to arrest him? He said, we really can’t. I said, why you can’t? Because he’s mentally ill. I said, just because
he’s mentally ill, you’re not going to arrest him? He said, well, it’s– it’s, he says, a little
more political than that. I say, what you mean? He’s from of the richest
families in this city. Money talks. He said, it’ll
never go to court. It is 30-something years
later, and that hurts. It hurts real bad knowing
that, you know, money’s power, and it keeps you out of jail. NARRATOR: With all of these
theories muddying the water, is it possible that the
truth will ever emerge? JOSEPH DROLET: The question
does come up frequently, did Wayne Williams act alone? The only person
against whom there is enough evidence to
convict of these offenses is Wayne Williams. You know, in some cases, I
think there was someone with– with Wayne. We may never have enough
evidence to show who it was. NARRATOR: The murders remain a
stain on Atlanta and America. The victims’ families
continue to seek answers. JOSEPH DROLET: Does anybody
remember these victims? And the answer
is, not very much. They remember Wayne
Williams, but they don’t remember these kids. NARRATOR: The near invisibility
of these young victims has an echo in today’s
marginalized communities. This story might be 40
years old, but in some ways, it’s more relevant
than ever before. 28 There’s a hole in our
heart as a country because of this travesty that happened,
so you need to care about this. Injustice for black
and brown children is still happening
at a high rate. 40 years later, some
things have not changed. And if we’re not careful,
and we’re cavalier about it, it could happen again. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “The Atlanta Child Murders | Six Theories

  1. Let's think about this, If you live in Atlanta, your an ATLANTEAN. The same name as was called the very evil occupants of the continent of ATLANTIS, that God covered with water and froze via polar shift. The Denver airport tarmac is a Swastika, the symbol of Atlantis which was once a global superpower. It makes perfect sense that the home of the Atlantean's would be evil & corrupt, with human sacrifices, etc.

  2. The second season of Mindhunter on Netflix coming out in August is gonna be about the Atlanta child murders.. hopefully it will bring a much needed spotlight to these Awful crimes.

  3. I think he is guilty but had a partner; if you look up basic psychology of serial killers you will see that there is a strong case for him having had a partner it would explain the difference in ages and genders and organs missing well it’s not unheard of for a serial killer to take parts from a victim as a trophy which could be a thing for either killer

    as for sex ring and organ harvesting that easy to explain away. one children organs are generally not taken on the black market since it mostly adults that need a transplant the child size organ would not be sufficient for adult body and once harvested they do not grow and all transplant patients need a new transplant every 3-5 years as the the kkk the murders don’t have the mark of cult killing and the sex traffic would not have killed them so fast because they would not have gotten there money’s worth as horror as that is

  4. Children ONLY were NOT The only ones getting murdered!!!!! Stop with this CHILD MURDERS mess… it was black PEOPLE

  5. A Klansman named "Itchy Trigger Finger " Nash killed over a dozen black males in Atlanta during the late 1940's while working his shifts as an Atlanta police officer, but hardly a soul has even heard of him because the city's white leaders and civic boosters swept it under the rug in order to maintain Atlanta's phony image as a racially progressive place. Who's to say that another bigot didn't do the same thing while either being, or posing as a police officer, and killed the black children because they knew the racial angle would be downplayed.

  6. Baltazar the she fucking retarded I don't believe he killed all those Childress out of all the kids murder it's just funny how they always manage to find her 2 do interviews stay looking for a come up she 100% diabolical

  7. What most people do not know is that many of the children were found with Caucasian hair on their bodies. The day that Patrick Baltazar was found, an employee was going into work and noticed a white man with long hair in a parked car who watched her until she went inside.

  8. Serial killers almost always kill within their own race. Also there’s no way a white man was killing children in poor Black neighborhood for 3 years under the radar.

  9. the crimes def was sexually motivated. Lot of those kids hung out with pedophiles. The older man who was found dead too that Wayne was convicted for was also gay man. There’s a homosexuality aspect to these murders. And it’s true many of these children were selling their bodies. Everyone failed these children. The answer is obvious. There were multiple pedophiles killing these children. It was a sex ring. It was going to blow up hence why the older children and adults started to get killed. It was to hush them up/ cover up of the sex ring that was going on. The adults and older children were recruiting the young children

  10. Sheila so-called baltazar the only none parent the state Wayne is guilty according to an interview with CNN

  11. Glad to see the awakening in people about this case some people are afraid to talk about it and some ppl claimed to have never heard of it. We were the first indian family in that area however we long since moved from Atlanta but I can tell you it was not Wayne William's.

  12. Wayne William's is telling the truth he was recruited! Government will not have evidence of that so they can be outed c'mon.

  13. Are you kidding? I remember each and every one of them! How could we ever forget? As a young teenager, I feared for my safety and my male friends. Where is the DNA evidence?

  14. The FBI profiled for this case and came up with WW to a T. The FBI proclaimed that all the murders of black children were not done by one person but that WW was responsible for the majority of them. Having been convicted with the murder of 2 victims it was no longer necessary to try him for all the others that were tied to him. There was enough evidence pointing to WW but there were also other killers involved in the deaths of other black children including girls.

  15. Sooooo his whole vid. is based on bullshit, fear and illiteracy … theories my ass, its all sensational rubbish that means nothing! Embarassing really!

  16. 1:15 that fucking driver is such an asshole. Holy shit. They caught that on camera! (Sorry, random, but what an asshole.)

  17. There's no way the kkk or any white man can come into a black neighborhood and not stick out like a crackhead and ain't no chance in hell is a lil black child going anywhere with anybody white bk then, our parents would've killed us n why did the murders stop, because I don't give a damn if a innocent man or not is in jail, there is no way a serial killer is going to stop, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, The Green River Killer, The Zodiac, The Happy Face Killer, William Bonett, The Manson Family, were all thought to be someone else but victims kept showing up dead.

  18. When the 2nd Klan era, (1915-1944) and the modern Klan era, (1946-present) in both instances, had Atlanta origins, you know it was a preeminant hotbed of Klan activity during the 20th century while never being identified as such.

  19. I worked for DOC back in the 80s and part of my job was transporting inmates from prison to prison. One of my trips took me to the prison where WW was being housed. While there I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him for almost an hour. I left there that day with a firm conviction in my mind that he did NOT commit those murders. He had in his possession at the prison evidence that would have cleared him of the two murders he was convicted of but was never allowed to present it. He had terrible legal representation during the trial and his case will never be reviewed by the higher courts because of the massive screw ups by the Atlanta PD and the legal counsel he had. The DA in the case did not nor was he compelled to present evidence that would have cleared WW. He was a clear scapegoat and has spent all these years in prison for crimes he didn't commit. He is not even allowed to write a book or do interviews that are not heavily censored. A terrible shame

  20. Today is 8/15/19 and in a few hours, on 8/16/19, "Mindhunters Season 2" will be covering this case!!! Finally! Because, this is one of the most horrific murders involving numerous children who did not deserve this, their families did not deserve this nor to know the horrific details behind/involving their children's murders and NEVER received closure or the significance like other "privileged" people's murdered child/children get…. example: Jonbenet Ramsey's murder is brought up, at the very least, once a year on her anniversary and the case is discussed all over again. Madeleine McCann is constantly discussed and the family is constantly trying to make money off their dead daughter's body! Both cases have also been on Netflix too. I think the majority of people will understand where I'm going with this. It's pathetic, pitiful, disgraceful and in a world getting worse daily, fuckin frightening as hell! My heart & prayers goes out to the victims families!

  21. Just got done watching Mindhunter. They did a great job covering this. But I have no idea if WW actually did it.

  22. Wayne William's more than likely committed these murders but niggaz will never believe that because black people think their shit dont stink🤷‍♂️ We've played the victim so long we could never fathom anyone in our community doing something of this nature. As far as black people are concerned there are no predators within the community and we're all God fearing people who wouldn't hurt a fly. I mean you got black people out here calling black on black crime a myth. That should tell you all you need to know about the community. As far as black people are concerned it's always the Klan, doesn't matter what it is the Klan is always the logical conclusion for black people. People talk about the black community is going down hill, well I say we've already made it down the hill and we've been living there for a very long time🤷‍♂️

  23. the same that happen whit O. J. Simpson, he was found with blood on his hands but somehow so many people thought he was innocent because he was black…

  24. Why not remove all the organs
    Why take 1 or 2….

    Why would they collect DNA in late 70s/early 80s??? That makes no sense since DNA testing was only first used to convict someone in Florida in 1987….But introduced to the public in 1985?

    I think it was partially the pedo ring& partially the kkk. Frankly I think WW killed those 2 grown men & recruited children for the ring. That white pedo is extremely suspect & those other 2 black pedos are involved.

  25. Someone who was truly wrongfully convicted of any crime would not mentally nor emotionally be able to cope with lifelong imprisonment the way wayne williams presents. It is impossible. He did something to someone is all I know

  26. Williams is super-guilty if you ask me. There is a little physical evidence but what convinced me was Williams’ behavior. But I can’t rule out any accomplices or perhaps a gang of serial killers working with Williams. It would explain the various victim profiles and methods of murder, body disposal methods, etc. A few of the victims were female and a few were adult or older teens. A few had been shot. Many of them were friends with each other.

  27. If it wasn't WW, then why did the murders stop after he was caught? He's guilty af, driving for no convincing reason at 3 a.m and making up a weak excuse and burning the evidence after he was stopped by the FBI.. couldn't get anymore guilty in my opinion (straight from Mindhunter Season 2 btw)

  28. They didn't wanna charge him with the kids too because it's going to be a long process. With a long process, they're having a money issue with the taxpayer, making a commotion of racial issues, noting that it wasn't too long ago mlk was shot during at that time and lastly, Atlanta want to attract business people so, having a black man convicted for those murder children, it will scare a lot of people, they don't want show that their child predator in Atlanta. The prosecutor knows he did kill most of the children, but with the issue I mention above, they decided to stop and satisfied that his in jail.

  29. I wouldn’t put it past it being pedos. Think of what these people are doing with our children today. All these people are CIA, Politicians and elites. We all need to stand together and fight to bring them down. Vote Trump2020., he’s fighting to give America back to we the people. These people are sick, they have no right to kill anyone especially our children.

  30. I think most of these poor kids would’ve lived if the police had looked past the fact they were black children and gave a damn about collecting evidence and finding who killed the first few that were found. Christ, how can you just do sloppy police work or not really care just because the child is black? It’s still a child, a child who never got to experience a real life

  31. So these kids were all killed in similar ways (asphyxiation). Bodies dumped in similar locations, threads of carpet and dog hair from Wayne Williams house matching 14 of the child victims and the 2 adults, yet these mothers and the joke that represents Williams claim he didn't do it. Sounds like to me they don't want to accept a black man did this, blame it on the kkk which is understandable. But seriously John e Douglas was right by suspecting Wayne.

  32. Regarding theory #6…If somebody told me that, I would've pressed him for the name and went after the killer myself. And if he refused…i would have found it out one way or the other and got him before I took my last breath. If you are unable to protect your child, a father must avenge his child in their memory.

  33. So sad..
    Harvesting organs rich ppl who need transplant and not gonna wait on a list…
    Hypervigilance is so necessary praying for all the familiez

  34. Someone needs go back to the beginning and way to the beginning of all suspect.fresh eyes but on the dl. alot is missing here..the children deserve justice

  35. Resist Conspiracy Theories. Five criteria that must exist for any conspiracy to succeed: A small number of conspirators. The more people involved in a conspiracy, the harder it will be for the group as a whole to maintain the lie.

    Thorough and immediate communication. When communication breaks down, conspiracies break down. Without adequate communication, co-conspirators are unable to know what information has been divulged.

    A short time span. The shorter amount of time the conspiracy has to be maintained, the better. Longer periods invoke more probability conspirators will confess.

    Significant relational connections. In other words, strangers make poor collaborators. The stronger the bond between accomplices (such as a familial bond), the less likely individuals will betray one another.

    Little or no pressure. Pressure can come in the form of threats, persecution, incarceration, and more. The more pressure, the more likely conspirators will fold and the conspiracy collapse.

  36. If he was innocent….. The killings would still be happening based on the kind of person that did this. It was him. They stopped as soon as he got put in jail. I think his whole family was involved.

  37. My opinion: Wayne Williams definitely killed some, but not all. I personally think there were 3 or more possible serial killers among the 29 deaths. And the child murders didn't stop the next year or onwards. The amount of manually strangled children reduced dramatically, but there were still horrible killings of children. I also believe that Ed Edwards was part of the killings…not as a partner, but that he took advantage of what was happening and did some of his own killings. He was a chameleon. Just my thoughts. I hope one day the powers that be will look into each case and help bring closure to these poor people. 😢

  38. take it or leave it, I believe Williams didn’t act alone, or maybe that there were multiple separate murders. but there was evidence that linked Williams to 14 of the 28/29 victims. now tell me something, if he didn’t do it then why did the murders stop when he was taken in to custody in 1981? most of these serial killers wouldn’t dare want someone else to be the focus of the media for their own work. just saying.

  39. The kkk uses bombs.
    They are not smart or cunnning enough to kidnap etc…and shows like the netflix one only highlight the case in aspect, but dont show the TOTALITY of evidence. W W dont think he did them all.

  40. too much evidence pointing to WW. The people backing him only have conspiracy theories as "evidence"…. WW did it, all of it.

  41. We knew back then it was odd the cases of the other children was closed because Williams was sentenced, without any indication that he had killed them or not.

  42. The weirdest thing is Profiler John Douglas says, "Cryptically" according to wikipedia, Williams committed 'many' of them, but not all..It isn't a single killer and it isn't pretty" -Huh?

  43. Blacks can't come to terms that a black guy was the killer. The same thing happened with OJ. Even though there were almost certainly several murderers at work there. Williams is probably guilty for at least half of the murders, if not more.

  44. All the kids who were strangled where killed by Williams Patrick Rodgers own brother said he saw Wayne Williams try to abduct him and his two cousins

  45. The problems, I see, with the theories:
    +The interferon theory doesn’t work. It has nothing to do with the genitals of little boys. The epidermis anywhere on the body would do as well as bone marrow or, especially, the thymus gland. Interferons are proteins naturally produced by the body via white blood cells, fibroblasts and T-cells as part of the body‘s natural immune response. Interferons were discovered in the 1950s Completely synthetic interferons were first put on the market in 1986 and are used as antiviral agents to treat infections such as chronic hepatitis B and C. Interferon is used for certain types of cancers as well as many other treatments. As far as hypodermic needle marks around genitals, I have had patients who injected themselves in the groin area so as not to have obvious needle marks. These poor children could have been being groomed before eventually being tortured and murdered. There is no scientific reason to inject someone all around the groin area except for treating something in the groin area or simply hiding the needle marks on a living person. Also, it could’ve been part of a sadistic torture.
    +The idea that the CIA killed 30 people over three-years. To punish ONE MAN is ridiculous. Why would they even wait for something to happen to Pin on him?
    +Edward Edwards theory,. Edward Edwards was incarcerated for arson in 1982 but he was released in 1986. He was not arrested for murder until 1996, 15 years after Wayne Williams was arrested. The Atlanta child murders were 1979 to 1981. Edwards could not have purposely planted any fake Williams DNA anywhere in ‘81 because DNA was first used to solve a murder in 1986 in England. could he have been involved though? Sure.
    +Was it the KKK? Were they trying to start a race war? If they were, they stopped as soon as Wayne Williams was arrested. If they wanted to start a war, continuing the murders would have been the way.
    These things stick in my mind

  46. I really feel Wayne was doing some weird shit and def killed kids by luring them with promises of being in a band like the Jackson 5 . IMO he was definitely not involved in all the murders they pinned on him, but for someone like Wayne who claims how he's this genius really couldn't come up with a better alibi for that night ? he was just looking to make sure the person who called his mother for a job earlier that afternoon and he decided hey a great time to check if this person is real AT 3 fucking a.m??? the appointment he had with the lady was literally the same morning 5 hours away .

  47. Black people just don’t want to admit that a Black man could be a serial killer and pedophile. This shit is denial.

  48. I think the parents of the children just wanted it to be a white man and flat out will deny it was an African American

  49. I am reading all the replies here and some people are thinking things through and then there are those who are parroting things they saw someone else say. And some are just making up things.
    I have only recently acquainted myself with the case after Mind Hunters because I was a little girl when these murders happened and lived in Houston. My mother used these as a cautionary tale to make sure I came right home after school.
    The question of ‘Well why did the murders stop?’ Keeps being asked. And ‘The FBI found no evidence of…’ or my fav ‘Blacks just don’t want the killer to be black’
    First, those of you under age 40 need to look at the world through the lens of late ‘79 early 80s. The FBI was not what it is now. And the racism you see openly displayed now, was well hidden, and much more sinister. We can now see our enemy and for the most part, know how to combat them. But then, not so much. If you weren’t alive in that time, it can be difficult to understand. Reported missing black children before the ATL murders, did not garner national attention. They had no DNA, and yes sometimes Klan covered things up. Mind Hunter gives you a small taste of this when the Main Character is trying to get flyers printed and keeps hitting a brick wall with one of the officers, like he just doesn’t care. They are hinting that there is a Judas in their midst who is purposely sabotaging things.
    To the last point of ‘they don’t want the killer to be black’, there is some misguided truth to this. More often than not black people in the past did not want to see anyone of color committing any crime. Not because he is simply black, but because black people historically have not been judged as individuals but instead as a group. One does something, then all have done something. This does not mean they would overlook a murderer, it means because of the community mindset at the time, it’s not likely (not re: impossible) that a black person did it. Possible, yes, likely, no. Back to how black people are viewed, and more specifically to the person who made a comment lumping all blacks people together. This is not true and the ‘lumping together must stop’. If Wayne did it, let’s find out, if he didn’t let’s find out. But saying blacks don’t want…is perpetuating systemic racism.
    No one ever judges all whites by the action of one (ie Dylann Roof, Timothy McVey, James Fields Jr., Stephen Paddock, Mark Anthony Corbitt and I could go on) and this phenomenon of blaming an entire race of people for the crimes of one, is only done by white people toward other races. Would it be fair to start assuming all white people are mass shooters and start behaving as such? No. So all should stop doing it now in regards to other races.
    What people want are their children’s murders solved. Period.
    (Edited because the editor in me could not stand to read the typos, even if I had the excuse of typing it on the go).

  50. I lived in Atlanta during this tragic period…….I lived in a highrise next to a historic church. Around the 4th or 5th child murder the church began to mark these horrific murders with bell tolling…….in other words, each time a child's body was found the church bells would ring for 5 minutes. I began to dread that sound!!!. It seemed to reverberate throughout my whole body!. By the 10th murder, I no longer found Atlanta so charming anymore, and I moved up north and got married. To this day, church bells ringing take me back to that incredibly sad time in Atlanta's history. God bless all those families!. They suffered so much….

  51. all those theories are proven false…none of the kids were raped, none had organs removed and there is no way a white person would of not been spotted and stood out…the only thing that has much evidence is WW!!!

  52. After reading investigating agent Douglas's book that included this case, it seems more than likely there were multiple perps, most likely a pedophile ring that would sell the children to other pedophiles after luring them with money. It would explain the child pornography polaroids discovered at multiple locations from various pedophiles, it would also explain the multiple homes the kids were lured to, to be abused by pedophiles for money. The pedophiles would take pictures to sell in the child pornography syndicates.

    Wayne Williams was absolutely involved with killing at least 11 of the kids since his unique carpet fibers and dog hair was found to match 11 of the victims. Yet, the killing continued after he was arrested. White and black children continued to go missing and turn up dead across Atlanta.

  53. So, right before this when 30+ middle class white kids in texas were killed by the candyman and nobody noticed or cared was that racism to? It was wayne, plain and simple, although some on that list could of been victims of something else.

  54. Rather wayne did it or not the killings did stop after his arrest that should be all that matters 🤷🏽‍♂️

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