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You’re different. Sooner or later
different scares people. You think that if you don’t
fight back then maybe they’ll like you. Stop picking on you,
calling you a freak. Victim or not… Make a decision. Your son is a
remarkable young man. It wouldn’t surprise me
if he has more in common with – – Einstein, Mozart and
Picasso than he does with us. He has highly
advanced cognitive skills. The obsessive personality. Can our son lead
a normal life? Define normal. Maybe he is capable
of much more than we know. Say you’re the head
of the Sinaloa cartel. Who could you trust
to track your stolen cash? He is capable of coming in cold,
uncooking years of books, – – and getting out alive. Imagine the
secrets this guy has. Who are you? Can our son lead a normal life? Define normal.

100 thoughts on “The Accountant Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ben Affleck Movie HD

  1. This movie is awesome but Ben Affleck is a Democrat and that is the only downgrade about it. Also my little brother is autistic and I love him with all my heart. I will train him myself in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kali, aikido, kick-boxing, boxing, maybe karate, and laido.

  2. Just watched this on Netflix. I thought it was a great movie! I do the accounting for Autism Services at a local agency and I'm in the military, as well, so it held all my interest from beginning to end! I thought the premise was great and Affleck is pretty dang good. I'm going to watch the movie again, now that I have all the answers revealed at the end, and see if it all holds together. I would recommend this movie. Not for kids, though.

  3. Please get me to accountant 2. I am training silat for 2 years and half now and I will start with judo. I have 4 kyu in Aikido. I know little about knifes, i have practiced krav maga for 6 months and wing tsun for a year and when i was kid I trained taekwondo but I know how to kick high I know some parkour I have also trained with guns knives swords sticks the big ones and the small once.

  4. one of the best movies that shows handicap/disable person's CCCAAAANNNN💪🏾✊🏾 besides the good doctor👍🏾. loved their set up, friendship as well as the brotherly love shown (when the dadd said family first). great twist at the end as to the voice on the other end👍🏾

  5. This was a great watch! Ben Affleck was pretty good. The only movie of his I actually enjoyed.. and not your typical boring main character saves girl, falls in love with girl, bad guys abducts girl and he's on a mission to save her.. this was "different" and I like twists and reveals in the end.

  6. one of the best movies i've watched, is there going to be a sequel? because it's been nearly 3 years, there's no update about it and the director's currently working on Suicide Squad 2 ? :/

  7. one of my favorite movies ever- HANDS DOWN – I just wanted the neat, sweet happy ending (off into the sunset type ending 😉 Masterpiece all around: acting, directing, writing

  8. This movie turns the uniqueness into the strength with beautiful ending on making others happier. Love this movie.. It's a great story indeed.

  9. There Was Never Just One No One Is Safe Robert McCall Is A Badass Assassins On The Equalizer The Badass Is Back This Summer Jason Bourne Comes Home For Him

  10. Who The Hell Are They.
    Batman And Hawkeye.
    Luis And Dastan.
    Mr.Right And Beca Mitchell.
    Jason Bourne And Joshua Webb.
    The Equalizer And Deadpool.
    Detective Matt Weston.
    Detective Mark Wahlberg.
    Detective Denzel Washington.
    Nhiệm Vụ Của 4 Thằng Điệp Viên Thanh Tra Cảnh Sát.
    Luis Và Dastan Là Thanh Tra Cảnh Sát Tài Giỏi Nhất.
    Denzel Washington Và Mark Wahlberg Là Siêu Điệp Viên Thanh Tra Tài Giỏi Nhất Thế Giới Cảnh Sát.
    Deadpool Và Equalizer Là Người Hỗ Trợ Kẻ Xấu Thanh Tra 4 Thằng Điệp Viên Strikes Agents Và The Asset Và Plutonium.
    Nhiệm Vụ Của Tụi Mày.
    Nếu Như Tụi Mày Lựa Chọn Chấp Nhận.
    Tụi Tao Tự Hỏi.
    Có Bao Giờ Tụi Nó Dặn Tụi Mày Là Theo Giỏi Tụi Nó Chưa Vậy.
    Đoàn Kết Chúng Ta Nổi Dậy United We Stand Divided We Fall.

  11. I absolutely love the use of Radiohead’s Everything in it’s Right Place in this trailer it fits the theme of movie as well as setting a chilling mood

  12. Accountant “badass” (lame puns) lines:
    -Your books just got cooked
    -Your asset is mine!
    -It’s time to write your life off
    -That was…bad debt to the bone!
    -It’s an Accrual world
    -I excel at my skill of fighting

  13. Por qué no hacen la 2 temporada si estuvo muy buena, pero háganla con Ben, se quedo en continuación y hagan 3o 5 películas de esta , denle continuidad . Si rambo y Rocky estuvieron regulares cuántas no hicieron !!! Hagan más de esta por favor 🙏🏼

  14. I just watched this movie for about the 6th time. It was so underrated. The fight choreography, the story and the acting were all top notch.

  15. someone make a movie making Chris Wolff, Jason Bourne, John WIck, Agent 47 and Sicario of the same universe. Do It!!!!!

  16. I wished they made a sequel to this.. im still watching this 2019+.. could you imagine the brothers working together? I loved this movie.. Big up to Ben & the punisher guy….

  17. One of my top 10 movies of all time and I figured out who the other guy was, well before they revealed it!
    I love Radiohead and that's a great song and that's a great choice for this trailer but honestly as good as the trailer is, it does not do the movie justice! That's how great this movie is!!!

  18. I also have a high functional level of autism (and PTSD). I had a very regular life. Own house, relations, steady work, own company. Just have to believe in yourself. Sadly i just come out of prison after 4,5 years. Something happened because of my autism. Now im back on track but it's hard to life in a society whats created mostly for "healthy" people.

  19. SEQUEL PLEASE!!!! I legit just re-watched and came here just to try & help speak it into being! Get her after a bit, struggle to settle…have her join in!

  20. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💝💝💝♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  21. Einstein, Mozart and Picasso were NOT men of action.
    One is either or.
    Geeks are Geeks and Jocks are Jocks.
    Wishful comic-book, claptrap !

  22. This is the best film Ben has done for several years since my 7 year old nephew is severely autistic we can relate 2 this alot, I've seen this several times since it's release here in Australia 3 years ago

  23. This is a fine entertaining film with great action scenes. And don’t forget the Punisher! The “critics” probably enjoyed it too. But they tell the truth and get fired. Always go with the “regular “ moviegoers for the best reviews. Welcome to the world we live in….

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