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A story well told, can change the way we
think and ultimately the way we feel. That’s why I’m a filmmaker.
I’ve dedicated my entire life to capture real emotion when it’s happening. I am a
storyteller that loves to share a big new ideas. I am the writer and director of The
Aboves and The Belows. The Aboves and The Belows is a short film that talks about income
inequality. About a narcissist billionaire lady who finds an honest
hard-working woman living under her bed. I’m Anima May a and I play Simona Sopra
in the film. My name is Tanja Lucia and I play Lucia Sotto in the film. The richest 1% on this planet own 60% of
the world’s wealth. Our financial system is not prepared for the revolution that
technology has brought us. Money is a powerful force in our society. Some people could manipulate politics, finances, and even change laws to serve
themselves and not all of us. Due to the topic of the film, we need to fund it
ourselves. I am the 99% We need to talk about
income inequality. We need to hear about it, we need to read about it, we need to watch
movies about it. I’m an artist, and a hard worker too. We need 90 thousand euros to
produce a 20 minute professional short film. The money will go to basic items
like location, renting equipment, costumes lighting, sound, original music, post-production and distribution fees to international film festivals. This is how it works. if we are able to raise exactly 90
thousand euros in the next 60 days. We will be able to pay for the full
production including the fees of everyone involved. If we raise under 90
thousand euros in the next 60 days, we will pay for renting cast and materials
needed, but crew and talent will not be paid personal fees, but the movie will get made. If we raise less than 25 thousand euros in the next 60 days, we
will not be able to produce the film. But if we raised over 90 thousand euros in
the next 60 days, then we will be able to pay for everything. Plus a promotional campaign supporting our participation in film festivals. We will send information to major media outlets, seeking coverage and even pay
for travel expenses to attend some galas to promote the movie. How we will use your
money? First, we’re going to kiss each and every euro
bill and thank you and the universe for your help, then every single euro will go
entirely to making a profound and relevant drama, also creating and
shipping the super cool gifts we have for you… but mostly to the film. Our major goal is to attract your attention. The more money we raise, the more we will be
able to spend on production and promotion, not only Hollywood has the
ability to get noticed. Important stories too. Coverage, coverage, coverage. We are seeking from media coverage everywhere. Our voice needs to be heard. we need your
help look only to fund the movie but to spark the dialogue on social media too.
It’s about infecting other minds! Hollywood spends an average of 1 million
dollars per minute in a film. “The Aboves and the Belows” needs less than 5,000€ per
minute to do the same, And I need your support,
we all need your support. The Aboves and The Belows is a stunning and exciting
story, that shows how GREED can poison TRUE LOVE. Help us tell this story.

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