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100 thoughts on “Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike (Official Music Video)

  1. WOW, All GREAT singers in one Group. This is how great singers were that they would make supergroups. The best way to collab.

  2. Dont eat the amber waves of grai.n of others its like getting drunk of another kind of unfamiliar liquor to man kind only feed offof the fruits of your own trees

  3. My 3 yr old niece loves and tries to sing both Eddy and chris’ part. Somebody please rescue me and help me move to Seattle. 😿

  4. How many know lyrics are about pedowood and the sick child trafficking cabal?? That chris was working on a documentary about it before his death amd that chester was going to be in it? Why would the cabal want their dirty secrets aired? Was chester podestas illegitimate son? Sad how many people dont care aboit actually saving the children. So closed minded they cant see the truth.
    "Well I don't mind stealing bread
    From the mouths of decadence
    But I can't feed on the powerless
    When my cup's already overfilled

    But it's on the table
    The fire's cooking
    And they're farming babies
    The slaves are all working

    Blood is on the table
    The mouths are all choking
    But I'm goin' hungry

  5. MAYBE a little late to find these hidden gifts, but I'm so very THANKFUL to ALL involved, they help with the pain of looking back because We know of HOPE and A FUTURE. God bless Ya's really and truly.

  6. I only tried to fail so you could do better and know there is no bottom I lost my ass walking around you seen it

  7. When I heard him Chris nothing compares to u.i start hardcore digging through everthing I missed. Woke up from a weird dream looked at YouTube and he was gone .though will always be a tragic loss to music fans ..R.I P.CHRIS.IM STILL FIGHTING FOR U THANK U.

  8. 0% Sex

    0% Nudity

    0% Drugs

    0% Dancing with girls
    100% Brooding White Boys with Long Hair.

    I feel like I'm watching a music video shot at Castle Black.

  9. Neither of these 2 made the Rolling Stone magazine Top 100 vocalists. Stupid people over there eh? Yeah, I'm Canadian.

  10. Love this song… A bit confused tho, is it basically Pearl Jam with Chris, like a one off thing, or did they properly merge?

  11. I was in a shitty basement band when this came out. It was the first song that I got the courage to sing with my buddy ( the lead guitarist) on. We would practice all the time, we got pretty damn good too. It's funny how some memories are burned into you head while others like, " the location of my keys" are lost. Love this song!

  12. Chris, Kurt, Scott and many of our teenage heroes has gonne too soon.

    Fortunately we still have Eddie singing "I'M STILL ALIVE. YEAH!!"

    this is kind of an anthem for us.

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