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Smea r the queer! John! Philip. What have you done? Oh my god. I’m so sorry! Welcome to another talk from the Alan
Watts radio series. Here’s Alan Watts The physical world is transient. It’s
impermanent it falls apart. And bodies that were once strong, smooth and lovely
in youth begin to wither and become corrupt and turn at last into
skeletons. To the degree that you identify yourself with the body and with
the pleasures of the body. To that degree you are simply going to be something
that is sucked away in the course of transiency. So therefore hold yourself aloof.
Keep your mind like a mirror pure and clean. Free from dust, free from flaws,
free from stain. And just reflect everything that goes on but don’t be
attached. You are a rational soul in charge of an animal body. If you belong
to the old fashion school you beat it into submission. As Saint Paul said, I beat my body into submission. Yo, there goes your bff.
Fuck you man. Is this still a good time?
I’m concerned about a student. Phil Patterson.
Yeah, I know Phil. I came across some things here that have me worried he’s
struggling to come to terms with his
sexuality it’s obvious from what he’s writing.
I’ve seen first hand how the kids are teasing him about it. him well he’s a good kid on paper he’s
on the honor roll he’s got great grades this isn’t about his grades you need to
read some of these look I want to get Phil an appointment to see a school
psychologist I want him in front of someone who has some experience please
just make the call Jay the Roman god of beginnings and endings
he is two-faced what he sees the past and the other face sees the future I
want you to write about an important event that marked a transition in your
life you’ll need to demonstrate how it was influenced by your past and how it’s
affected your future okay you have 40 minutes I may begin who’s that my uncle you don’t have to whisper he’s pretty
out of it so what are we doing here which one is here
that guy you look so young there what do you think I don’t know I I mean
I would say I guess it depends on the guy can’t really choose who you fall in
love with you know it kind of just happens I mean I’ve never been in love writing a dissertation I just want to
make it good so have you given any thought to
attending that group we talked about yeah all right they’re meeting tonight
at 6:00 if you free I think you’d really enjoy it okay hey wrap up and go home
okay we should give Adam a ride mom no please
we’re not friends let’s go hi Adam I’d like a ride um my
brother’s coming soon okay we’ll take care of yourself where were you this evening
Wow good girl Phil no we’re really just at the park Mike lives there you know my
cool mom’s brother do you talk to him I think we should move on from the
conversation cannot take care of himself we cannot take care of him your mother
and I discussed this he’s right we are all falling apart in some way or
another especially after you passed the peak of
youth the very fact you see that the world is
always decaying and always falling away is the same thing as its vitality
vitality is change life is death it is always falling apart 50 media when it comes to love sexuality to keep your head still I don’t want to
mess it up but that’s not something that one should look upon with regret it only
is something regrettable if you didn’t know how to take it because it is after
all through sexuality that we have our most fundamental relationship to nature
and it is the point at which we can become there is no way of making a heads
grow like pruning it realistic sexuality is something which you cannot
get rid of do what you may life is sexual fucking pissing me off he’s always staring in are you friends
with him you really think I’m friends with them alright hey Phil oh my god where are you going
Phil Mike welcome to another talk from the Alan
Watts radio series nears Alan Watts we get a hangout on all the various things
that we’re told as we grow up by our parents our aunts and uncles our
teachers above all by our peer group a lot of the parent quest for identity
among younger people is a search for an acceptable image what role can i play and the first date that everybody wants
to tell us is the difference between ourselves and the rest of the world make sure we get his toothpaste
toothbrush the cell phone should be charged to so I’m fail and this guy exploded I
really liked I guess was like afraid of you know it was finding out something
and so he started picking on me it got pretty bad and um three years ago I just felt like
everything was like nothing was there um like there’s no hope at all
so I tried to kill myself um but I’m climbing back up from that hole and it’s
good you know what I’m not alone I can never get to look at me real me
it’s always behind it’s always hidden and so if you are perfectly honest about
loving yourself and you don’t pull any punches you don’t pretend that you were
anything other than exactly what you are if you can do that you have no further

100 thoughts on “Teens Like Phil — Gay Short Film

  1. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  2. i thought being gay was bad thanks to my dad,my whole life,now i feel free,i kissed a guy,and i felt safe,i paint my nails,and i will do it on and on

  3. As a gay man growing up before the word gay meant liking same sex, films like this breaks my heart to see. When the media first began exploring gay subject matter, the gay always died. Thankfully that era is mostly history. Still, I understand that many still suffer from the view many have that we are less than they due to our sexuality. In our current political climate it is even more important that we support each other in every way we can. Gay or whatever, our differences can be what saves us in the end. We must stand up for ourselves and each other as much as we can.

    I have never seen kindness so in jeopardy.

  4. لاتضربووووو يا متوحش انا خرجت من دين محمد منأجل عقيدة العنف في دين محمد لا تضربووو مثليتنا ولا تضربووو طفولتنا ⁉️

  5. My parents raised me to think being gay was bad and to not associate with them. HA! sorry mom and dad but I'm Bi as all fuuuuuck

  6. this is absolutely 100% unrelated but… the guy who played Phil’s name… was Adam… im sOrry 😔 its just funny to me alsvkddk

  7. Literally nobody bullies anybody for their sexuality and if there’s a dude and he’s gay and getting bullied the bully or bullies are him get jumped

  8. am i the only one who likes watching GAY not lesbian movies or short films bc there cute even though i'm straight

  9. los subtítulos en español son una cagada, no pude entender casi nada, pero la historia y el corto están buenos😳💕

  10. Poor helpless kid at 13:06 i know its not real but it breaks my heart to see that he is being bullied simpily beacuse of his sexuality

  11. Thank you for sharing such a powerful story. After watching this, It had me reflecting on my own story. I am lucky enough to have been raised with wonderful parents that are so open minded and accepting. I experienced a certain amount of teasing going through high school. I am glad I was strong enough to take care of myself mentally, that said tho.. I used to be so pissed off and hurt that when I joined the Navy ( enlisted) under the delayed entry program in my junior year. My plan has always been that I would spend 20 years in and have a decent retirement ( pension) at 37. And still be able to work and pull in a secondary income. Unfortunately during my 4th year , I was stationed aboard an aircraft carrier out of Florida b and on a 6 month deployment in the Mediterranean Sea. I had been living a secret life as a closeted Homosexual. Yes I had to play that game because it wasn’t accepted in military . This was before don’t ask don’t tell. When late one night/morning at 3 a.m. I was pulled out of my rack and taken down to an office of Naval Intelligence and interrogated because v some unknown person filled a complaint about me , stating that they believed I was Gay and that s when I was relieved of all duty and a 2 week investigation commenced. They had ac witch hunt.. I had 6 other friends on board and all of us were suspected. The other 6 wanted B out of service. I did not, I enjoyed my career and the military. I had a plan! .. so in requested a civilian lawyer who had to fly from Texas all the way to Benidorm, Spain where we were presently stationed for a few days. He came aboard and he counseled me and the conclusion or choices I was presented was .. 1. I could bow out Gracefully and keep my honorable discharge & benefits. 2. I could go in front of the captain and fight it to stay in, BUT IF I WIN, they would make my life a living hell and I’d wish I had got out. 3. If I lost, I would get a dishonorable discharge and lose all benefits… so I did what I figured was the best choice and went in front of The Captain ( which is like going in front of a judge). They read the charges and captain asked me if I had anything to say? I quoted my outstanding job performance and my 4.0 evaluations the fact that I was a squared away sailor and lived my career etc.. and said doesn’t any of that matter? The Captain replied , unfortunately it does not, that there was no tolerance for homosexuality bla bla bla in the Armed Forces. So I bowed out and retained my VA benefits. When I look at my DD214 ( separation form) it says at the bottom “ reason for separation: STATED THAT HE OR SHE IS A HOMOSEXUAL OR BI SEXUAL.”
    I went back home briefly to start rebuilding my life .. I had to tell my parents about being kicked out and being homosexual.. to this day , the reply that I received from both parents will always be with me and always bring me to tears. My mother said it’s ok and that they’ve always known since I was very young that I was going to grow up being gay and how much they loved and supported me . Mom said “ A PARENTS LOVE IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNCONDITIONAL” she could never understand how a parent could dis -own their child over something that’s very normal, your not broken so there was nothing to fix.
    I apologize for how long this is. I felt compelled to write it after watching your video.. thank you

  12. My best friend told me some weeks ago, that she is bi. I think it was hard for her to tell it to me and another good friend, because when She told me she sounded Scared and asked if it was ok for me. And I was like: Why are you asking this? Did you Really believe, that I'd be intolerant? We know each other since we are two years old. We talked about it and I said clearly that I'm straight and not interestet in an relationship, just for that She knows. And since that Everything is like before. So if you are unsure, talk about with your best friend.

  13. So… the last words spoken were "…if you don't pull any punches, if you don't pretend to be someone other than 'what you are' (the narrator said 'WHAT you are', rather than 'WHO you are').
    Sorry, that is offensive and is a perfect illustration of the continued attitude/view of gays — they're not people, they are 'things or objets'

    Such a small word can make a huge difference, especially coming at the end of a very well produced, well acted, well filmed short story. I was very disappointed in that particular language!

    And then came "If you can do that, you have no further problem."

    Really??? Really? Coming out to yourself is a huge step and a necessary one in accepting WHO you are, but it does not mean "you have no further problem". The bigotry and discrimination is, and will, always be out there.

    Who wrote this script?!! I 'm pretty sure it's a young person, so they be excused for not having the same life experience as the earlier generations, who know only too well about bigotry and discrimination.

    I'm fortunate in that I was never a target of taunts or bullies, but I experienced the bigotry second hand from being in the company of mostly 'heteros' and overhearing their disparaging references to fags and queers. They didn't realize they had a fag/queer (me) in their company while they were making such odious comments.

  14. This is so heartbreaking. His brother bullies him, the mother punishes the brother which might cause more resentment and then he takes his anger out on his friend…

  15. I hate it so much when my classmates think it’s ok to use “gay” as a joke. It really hurts me sometimes that people hate themselves because of their sexuality. No one deserves to have a difficult life just because of their sexuality.

  16. My friend has been making music videos from your short for a long time starting in 2014 – 15. You never shut him down why now? Many thumbs down to you. And I do think it will be many. Was it because he is Native?

  17. I'm not crying my eyes are pissing…

    I'm sorry I just see so many comments like that I had to do it but change sweating to pissing.

  18. I'm looking for the Music Videos to this dumb short. I understand ASPD had a take down on it. I guess!! It was better than the video!!!!

  19. I love gay people. I love straight. I love everyone because they found who they are and theres nothing to be ashamed of and no reason to be emotional about. I'm bisexual and I'm happy.

  20. I can relate to this very much, cause I always had to end video calls with my other boyfriend's from the past cause my father was homophobic, and when he'd find out about them he'd beat me and call me names, after all the shit I've been through as an LGBT member I hung myself 3 times in 2016 but now that I don't see him anymore, and now that I'm with a new guy, my life has changed alot, shit like this is why I make rap songs for suicide and LGBT, to say and show that we need to be treated like people and accepted too, I cried so much after that kid tried to kill himself, cause I knew his pain, I've been through all of it

  21. Chills 😔😔 so amazing every teenager should see this – if I’d have seen this when I was 14 it would’ve really helped

  22. I was at a similar stage once. About 6 years ago while I was in 8th grade, this kid had bullied me and we got into a huge fist fight and it ended with him being knocked out. About 6 months later, well other people would try to come at me picking on me and stuff. I kinda gave up… my best friend found me and talked me out of it.

    This shit is real, people don't realize it because they don't put themselves in our situations. They look at the outside, call us faggots, and then realize once it's too late "Oh shit what have I done".

  23. For me love is love doesn't matter is girl or boy we are same people gays is not different I really support them love them I am not say I am straight or gay we are just humans and we can love doesn't matter you love girl or boy it's feelings💕

  24. I’m really sorry, this is absolutely beautiful, I’m crying, but I couldn’t help but laugh at


  25. Bad place choice to hang up yourself. If you wanna die you shouldn't hang up yourself you should choose a more stable place. I have a lot of friends and dead ones 2.

  26. Iv been through a few things like this, I cant deal with people who would do this to a nother person, who have nothing better to do with their time than to make a pointless joke out of other peoples lives and I know a lot of people write comments like these and are trying to get likes, I'm not telling you about my sappy story to get likes, I'm telling it to give people a slither of hope to know that their not alone!

  27. The sounds in the beginning were the result of his first time blowing a dude…. or him hanging….. either way its gay or being a coward.

  28. Is this the best representation of why you alphabet people think you need special rights and privileges? Watch again and see why you don't have them.

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