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Yes, Pandey. What’s the news? Sir, our information
is absolutely correct. She’s right here. In Navjeevan Lodge. Chaubey..catch that girl. Pandey sir. This is the first time
when a criminal was caught.. ..because the police gun didn’t fire. And you had to take credit for it. Now..look at her all you want. We came for the guy,
but found the girl instead. I am thinking..let’s
make good of the catch. Panday, ji! Why are you messing with me? Just because you’ve the power.. you think you can
poke your nose anywhere. Stop blabbering. Or else I’ll shove this up your rear. And all of it. You’ll be spending few days in jail. And with this stick. Understood? Don’t mistake me for a novice. I’ve hired the best lawyer. As soon as he arrives, I’ll get bail.. ..and later, acquitted as well. I am getting married on Sunday. So..he’s getting married. What happened?
– I am missing my mother. I thought..I’ll get married.. ..and fulfill her last wish. Sir..please let me go. I’ll just get married and come back. By.. Tuesday. Get up. Sit. Ham. Fine, but let me tell you. You’re committing a
sin by breaking my marriage. A sin! Our vehicle has broken down, sir. Rambharose, fix the vehicle
and come to the police station. Get in. Come on. Quickly. Sit down. “Shoot through my heart..” “..and take my life
for the sake of love.” “Shoot through my heart..” “..and take my life
for the sake of love.” “They’re hands are
bounded by handcuffs.” “They’ve a carefree
attitude..enjoy even pain.” “One’s dishonest..the other’s brazen.” “They’re wandering nomads,
that’s all they are.” “The world’s no match for them,
they’re expert players.” “They’re like intoxicating liquor.” “The guns smell of gunpowder.” “Everywhere they
go with blazing guns.” “Shoot through my heart..” “..and take my life
for the sake of love.” ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ According to the report from CBI.. ..after the attack on Mumbai,
the tension with India’s.. This is the picture
where accident took place. It’s hard to say whether
there are any survivors.. ..after falling from this height. Some dead bodies
have been recovered.. ..but two convicts are still at large. The Police are still investigating.. ..but they are keeping
their options open. Sir, he didn’t pay up. Who didn’t pay? Hey, listen. We’re heading the wrong way. If anyone spots us,
we’ll be in trouble. That’s a dirt trail that
leads through the jungle. Come on. It’s this way. Hey, why aren’t listening? That’s not the way. Madam, why don’t you cover yours. I’ll hide mine. – What? Your back. Rear..what else? Mind your language. I don’t want to talk
to you in the first place. You came up to me. I am talking about
your interest. – Why? Am I the only decent
man in this jungle.. could find to earn a merit. Listen carefully. If you get caught,
I’ll be in trouble too. I noticed your foolishness
back at the eatery. So I’m not going to leave you alone. Secondly, I came here first. There’s no way out.
I’ve already racked my brains. Get that? Look, ma’am. I’ll find my own way. And if I don’t, then I’ll make one. No need to show me the way. “I’ve racked my brains.” Brute..he’s a big oaf. “I’ll find my own way. ” “If I don’t, then I’ll make one. ” Are you satisfied now? Done racking your brains. Stupid idiot. Are you married? Because I am. On Sunday. All the marriage
preparations must be done. And the groom.. ..which is me is stuck on a mountain. Get married. Oaf. Stop. Munna. How do you know my name?
– I am no soothsayer. Your name’s tattooed on your arm. You’ve a keen eyesight. My brain’s sharp too. Now listen carefully Munna.. – Mishra. Munna Mishra’s my name. – Munna dear. If you don’t want to die a celibate,
then do as I say. The vehicle we were
in plunged in a ravine. The police doesn’t know
whether anyone’s alive or not. So pretend you’re dead for a while.
Understand. Think..if the police
think you’re dead.. ..then you’ll be free for a lifetime. Right? Come on. Come..follow me. By the way, can I say something? This is the first time.. ..when I’m wandering
with some lady in the jungle. And with someone who speaks English. Listen, please can we shake hands. Come on. Damn fool. I’m really enjoying
this time with you. You’re being so direct. Don’t think I am flirting with you. We can never get along. You’re not my kind of girl. No..I mean,
ladies have a grace, beauty. Shall we go? The waist sways as they walk. And anklets tinkle. They smile like set of pearls. And you’re just you. You wear jeans. You can’t talk without abusing. So..we can never get along. By the way, what’s your name? Babu. Bravo. Your name’s Babu. Hey PT. Usha. Where are you running off too? What next? What next? You ask too many questions. That’s how you pickpockets are. I’m a pickpocket? And who told you that? You don’t look like
a doctor or engineer. And this is the problem
with you small-time criminals. You’re always scared. No confidence. – What? You’ve no balls. What to do? I never met a girl like you before. Let’s get to the point. We’ve to find a rundown place.. ..which is in the middle
of the population.. ..but, no one comes there ever. Don’t worry,
I’ll teach you a few tricks as well. You look like an expert. Seems like you’ve
eluded the police before. I’ve lost count. This was the first
time I was arrested. How many times were you arrested? Then the Police must
respect you a lot. Meaning? I mean..I was caught
like a small-timer. And you..were arrested respectfully. Get lost. Listen. What did you do to deserve such honor?
– Get lost. You commit crimes. I do business. Amazing. Businesswoman, huh! What the.. There’s no guarantee
that you’ll find God. But one can definitely
find a place to hide. Come, follow me. So what’s your business? Why are you so concerned?
– Are you a call-girl! Shut up! Mind your language. Your wife might be a call-girl. I sell stuff. Do you know what that is? Drugs, marijuana, coke. Small-timer. That’s exactly what
I was trying to say. Don’t be too smart. I know what you meant. My business is worth millions.
– Millions. I supply to Delhi and NCR. And business can’t be done alone. I have a staff. It takes a lifetime to build
a business and make customers. Understand? Rascal.. You have a foul mouth. Even though you’re a lady. According to me,
ladies shouldn’t work at all. Why do you do it? And do what? Help boys like you. Women are the pride of the family. You should be handling
the household chores. Take care of the kids. Take my wife for instance. She’s very nice. I’ll make a home and
she’ll look after it. You’ve a low-mentality. I am a modern girl. Not like one of those girls who.. ..spend their lifetime
in household chores. I live in the Capital. Do you know what that is? It’s Delhi. And I take decisions of my life. Tell me.. – Shut up. Suck on your toffee! Why are you always so serious? Were you pregnant? You.. – Don’t you listen.. Speak up rascal.. Hey business lady, get up. How had I harmed you? How had I harmed you? – What happened? Why are you doing this to me? Get down. – What the.. How did they get here? How will we escape now? Where are you going? Spend few days in jail,
and you’ll lose your attitude. Let me go, sir.
– They are not here for us. Oh, God.
We’re hiding in a police station. Firstly, you gave me
a headache with your English. And I fell for it too. Or else, I would’ve slid
down that slope in the mountains. Why are you so tensed? You haven’t been caught yet. Your wish has been granted. Run! We’ll surely raze
this building down today. To hell with them. I slip right passed these policemen.. ..yet, they had no clue about me. By the way, you’re quite an acrobat. If this is the case, then
soon you’ll be an expert criminal. If I look too small,
then carry me in your arms. You misjudge me. I’re a big criminal,
aren’t you? Well, you’re better than a pickpocket. What were you arrested for? Don’t call me a criminal. Even I run a business. Supply. What do you supply? Threats. I supply threats. Have you heard about
the owner of Dalmiya Mills? Yes, the one who
owns Laal Mills? – Yes. He was recently kidnapped. That was me. Get lost. They demanded a ransom
of 10 million. – So? Will I demand any less?
I will demand 10 million. Liar. Have you seen your face. You will demand for 10 million. 10 million goes to the customer. I am a freelance.
I work for anyone who pays me. Ladies, Gentlemen
and my army brothers.. ..Kabir bids your goodbye. We’ll meet again on same time.. She looks really stunning in a sari. An important announcement.. Please come to the cinema hall. What’s your wife’s name?
– I haven’t met her yet. We don’t meet before the marriage. We can ask all questions
after we’re married. I’m getting 500,000 cash
and a Maruti car for dowry. Does the girl know
about your business? Tell her. Otherwise,
you’ll be scared to tell her later. What? – Scared. Can I say something? When I shot a gun for the first time,
I was in a bad state. I was completely wet. It happens at first. Later..there’s no place left for fear.’s as easy as a cake. You must be scared sometime too. Yes, when I was a kid. I was in an orphanage. I was smart. So Rathore.. The manager of the orphanage. He got me admitted in
a big school after class 6. Not because I can get education
and become successful. No, no. That rascal wanted
me to supply stuff.. the rich kids in school. Aren’t you scared anymore?
– Who? Police. I am not scared of anyone. If there was a mirror, that could.. our real faces,
then this is how we would look. Because we’re evil. What? Why do you get so furious? Just because I called you evil? I called myself one too. Look, I’ve told you this before. I sell that stuff to
the world..because they buy it. And Ravan was evil in his era.. ..because there was a Ram. In this era, everyone’s a Ravan. If that’s what you think.. ..then why did you get so upset? Once you set your mind on something,
it’s hard to let go. Your life’s full of running around. Anything else? About marriage, kids? – Forget that. When will I succeed in life? When will I get the
things that I desire? You will. You definitely will. But be careful what you wish for. Dear, desires are a important thing. By the time people
know what they want..’s already too late. I know what I want. And I also know,
I am destined for what I want. Let’s go. Oh, my.. Punch him! Punch him! Where did you come from? Now stay back for a while. Don’t go. I don’t ask everyone to stay back. But you’re fortunate. By the way,
there’s something about you. You.. Hey! This happens every day. Now that looks good. “Where did you come from?” “Now stay back for a while.” “Don’t go.” “I don’t ask everyone to stay back.” “But you’re fortunate.” “By the way,
there’s something about you.” Want it? “Tell me..what was my crime?” “That you turned your back on me.” “I was punished for no reason.” “This was the first time I lost.” “We met unwillingly..” “, how do I
save myself from you?” “We locked horns unwillingly..” “ I am stuck without
lifting a finger.” “What makes you so reject me.” “Don’t think I am after you.” “I don’t try so hard.” “We met unwillingly..” “, how do I
save myself from you?” “You shot my heart unwillingly..” “..and, I was floored
at the blink of an eye.” “We met..unwillingly.” “We locked horns unwillingly.” Waiter. Soda. – Yes, sir. Why didn’t you tell me? Hello. I am speaking to you? Answer me.
Or have you lost your tongue? From today..we go separate ways. Look, I respect you, or else..
– Respect? I saw how much you respect me. No one can dare touch
me in my village. But here..I got slapped.. By a lady. Well, a lady’s looking
for be a man. Why are you weeping like a lady now? Forget it. Hey.. Let go. That’s the same constable.. ..who caught me before the accident. Waiter, get me another bottle.
– Here, sir. Keep the bottle with your right hand,
on this table. What difference does it make,
sir, whether it’s left or right? These things can be
a matter of life and death. Sit. Not here. This way. I was in the police vehicle.. ..that plunged in the ravines. – What? But few minutes before the accident.. senior asked me to get down. All the criminals
and policemen..died. And next day..everyone’s
name was on the list of dead. Except for me. Now I’ll leave. Always exit from south. I forget. Make me a peg too, let’s celebrate. One more. Freedom! Complete freedom. What will you do now? – I will. There’s lot I still need to do. But, I won’t this mistake again. What? You will quit this business. Are you crazy?
I won’t quit my business. I mean..I won’t repeat the mistake.. ..for which I was arrested. And what about you? Oh’re a groom. You’ll get married. Excited? Say it. I don’t think so much. I’ll see what happens. Tell me something.. If we were still stuck, you would be.. to attend your marriage? Then what? – Marry you. Me? Marry me? But you don’t like working women. I won’t quit my business. Yes..just say yes. I mean..just impress the girl anyhow. Liar. I can clearly see you’re lying. “Where did you come from?” “Now stay back for a while.” “Don’t go.” “I don’t ask everyone to stay back.” “But you’re fortunate.” “By the way,
there’s something about you.” My dear Munna,
you don’t always get what you want. Sometimes you need to snatch it. Munna, you hit the jackpot. “O beloved..” “O beloved..I am a wanderer.” “O beloved..” “O beloved..I am a wanderer.” “I can forsake..the
entire world for you.” “I can change destinies.” “I can forsake..the
entire world for you.” “I can change destinies.” “O sweetheart” “I keep an eye on your every detail.” “Sacrifice myself
for all your wishes.” “O sweetheart” “O Lord..let our memories speak..” “O Lord..if there’s
a secret in the heart..” “..then let it be revealed.” “Beloved..let’s repay
the debt of love.” “All the crimes in the
world can be weighed too.” “All your joys should be fulfilled.” “My heart and my life’s for you.” “O beloved..” “O beloved..” “O beloved..I am a wanderer.” “I accept any punishment You give.” “Take all I have,
and just take me to my beloved.” “I accept any punishment You give.” “Take all I have,
and just take me to my beloved.” “I can forsake..all
kin and kith for you.” “And make..stones weep.” “I can forsake..all
kin and kith for you.” “And make..stones weep.” “O sweetheart” “I can give up my life for you.” “But I can’t tolerate
this separation.” “O sweetheart” “O eyes are getting hazy.” “O beloved isn’t coming back.” “Someone..” That’s 20 million.
Keep it safe at night. “O do I cajole you now.” “I can either kill or die.” “I can win or lose.” “O beloved..” “O beloved..” “O beloved..I am a wanderer.” Rascal. – Let me go. Shell out the money. – No. I don’t have anything. Rascal. You seem to be in the
good books of the police. I give them all the information.. ..and also protection money. You’re an informer. They report him.
– I will the first chance I get. But only if I get. Rascal. Who are you? – Lover. Looking for help. – It’s a love story. You will find him. Otherwise fate wouldn’t
have brought you to me. Catch.. Hey.. Defend. Defend. Look out. He’ll pin you! He’ll pin you! Don’t lose. The rascal lost. What’s wrong, Gulabo. You look angry. Don’t you like watching wrestling? Here. I switched it off. One has to forsake his
old love for the new one. But my old flame has a
big contribution in Rana’s honor. I was a wrestler. State level. The rascals charged
me with doping charges. I started a business
of what I was charged for. Now..if I was still
in my old profession.. ..I would still be selling milk. Tell me something new. Jealous of my success.
– Who’s jealous. Your attitude is really sharp You’re my team’s manager. If my love takes my life,
it’ll be worth dying. What if your love leaves you someday? You’re not just my life,
but my pride too. If there’s a conflict
between love and pride. Then I’ll sacrifice love. Uncle, it’s Mika. Come out. Breaking news before climax. Uncle. I didn’t betray you. You think I am a fool. I took the delivery.
And kept it in the car. Let it be, Mika. These two can’t betray us. They don’t have the guts. Drink. We’ve been duped of 7 million. Your throats must be parched. Who can it be?
– Can it be Sultan from Nagle. No. Its defiantly Jadhav,
from Mutton Bazaar. He’s been showing attitude these days. Have you noticed. I don’t agree. It can’t be anyone of them. Uncle, our stuff’s been recovered. Someone brought it back. Call him. It’s the same stuff.. – Hello. Where did you find this? I didn’t find it, I stole your stuff. What made you change your mind? This stuff’s worth 7 million. It would be worth
that if I could sell it. You can’t sell this stuff in one go. And even if I did,
I would’ve been arrested. And it takes a lifetime to settle
down business, and make customers. Right? Sir, I just want to work for you. What if I kill you? – Why? I just saved you from losses. Worth 7 million. You’re saving me from losses.. returning my own stuff? Someone else could’ve taken it too. But I returned your stuff instead. He’s new in the city. No one has the guts to touch my goods. I had heard the same,
and I was scared too. But when I stole
the goods from your men. I wasn’t scared anymore. You aren’t scared anymore? – Yes. Boss, don’t kill me. I can help you get loads of money. Around 20 million. Send some of your men with me. I swear..if I don’t get you the money.. ..then you can shoot me. Come on. – Stop. I’ll come along too. I want to know how good he is. If you have any doubts, then kill him. Mika, stop the car. It won’t be right
to go in trusting him. Could be a trap. Go take a round of the place. I’ll keep him here. Do you think you’re a hero? Don’t you love your life.. ..that you came here to make a mess. Why did you come here? I couldn’t say it back
then..that I love you. And you love me too. – Who said that? Did I say it? – I am smart. I knew. What do you know? And if it’s about what
happened in the train.. ..then, it was just the alcohol. Understand. I feel nothing for you. Do you have any clue who I am? I am Rana’s.. I’ve been with him for 2 years. And you don’t know Rana. He if finds out, he’ll kill us. Understand. Forget everything that happened. Don’t ever show him your face again. Now get lost. – I won’t go anywhere. Are you crazy? Rana will kill you. If you love dying, then allow me. What happened? Forgot how to shoot. Or should I teach you? His tip is right,
and there’s no danger. Wake him up. That day he pushed me. How dare you come in.
– Where’s the 20 million? You kept it in a black bag,
didn’t you? Hey.. There it is. There’s the black bag.
Take it. – No. Don’t. This was wrong. I won’t spare you. I won’t spare you. Catch him. Rascal! Come on! You didn’t attend your marriage. Betrayed your wife. I felt pity for you,
so I made the sacrifice.’re such a pain! Look, Gulabo. My wealth line is getting bigger. And mine too, boss. Because now I am under your refuge. You see..boss,
this way I’ll get a job too. There’s something
negative about this boy. But I don’t know what. He looks like bad luck. Don’t be fooled. Ne can be useful as well. He’s brave. And we’re also expanding business. Look, don’t rack your brains. Just do as we tell you. Understand. Yes.. Yes, boss, just give me one chance. I’ll put my life and heart at stake. So Munna Mishra. You’re at your in-laws place. The news is right about.. ..police recovering
a big consignment of drugs. From the Nepal Border. The stuff’s in the Police storehouse. But I don’t have
any connections there. It’s not a difficult job for you.
– Try to understand. I get marijuana and coke for you,
but this is not the same. Cocaine is a risky job. It’s not our cup of tea. Then take us to someone who can. ACP Ravat. He’s the only one who can do anything. But he’s a bit over smart. And also a big price. And anyway,
cocaine business is worth millions. We won’t make him
a small offer. – What? Fix a meeting. Fine, I’ll do something. Goodbye. How about another peg? Now we rob his money. Why you.. You’re dead for sure today. These guys will shoot you. So let them shoot me. So what? Open your mouth. I’ve brought betel leaf for you,
with rose jam. Open up. Not the entire thing. You’re so crazy. Get lost. I put my life at
stake only to see you. And you’re asking me to leave. Let’s chat for a while, this is fun. This feels like some movie.. This is not a movie. If anyone sees you, you will die. Now leave. Do you want me to beg?
– Fine, give me your number. Now go, please. What if I don’t? – Then die. Fine, I’ll die. – Munna. Munna, go. Munna, go. You took really long to get the money. I got it right here.
Do you want me to fly? “Everyone finds me..attitude unique.” “But you never take notice.” “I can put my life at stake for you.” “I can kick the world away.” “There should be some
sagas about us too.” “I want to take these risks in love.” “Taste this intoxication.” “And you’ll face reality.” “We met unwillingly..” “, how do I
save myself from you?” “We locked horns unwillingly..” “ I am stuck without
lifting a finger.” “We met..unwillingly.” “We locked horns unwillingly.” “We met..unwillingly.” “We locked horns unwillingly.” Hey boy. Are you taking a walk in the park? Don’t just stand on my head. Sit. Why did you stop? Keep it at. None of the boys are as strong as you. I am destined for
these massages by you. Who’s going to win? Me. Boss..what do you mean? Now..I am not talking about us. Who’s going to win the game? Kolkata or Delhi. Delhi should win, right? When did you get so attached to Delhi? Did you lose your heart in Delhi? It’s called high quality pictures. You’re joking, boss. Give him the packet. Right, if TV nothing without DDB. There’s a name and address on it. Now leave. It’ll take you 2 hours. – Yes, boss. And listen. Address me with respect. People call me Rana. Rana Boss. – Yes. Yes, boss. And listen. Delhi has to lose. Now go. Darling, you continue. “Glory to you.” “I was heading to the temple.” “Singing praises of Goddess.” “I was praying the Goddess.” “I was heading to the temple.” “Singing praises of Goddess.” “I was praying the Goddess.” You don’t have the stature
to do business with me. Standing on your toes
doesn’t make you taller. That’s exactly what
I am here for, ACP. And as far as my stature’s concerned. I’m taller than you. Don’t mind, ACP. I am a Jatt,
I can’t be too respectful. Hi. I am Babu. Rawat. This stuff is worth
more than 100 million. How much? Everyone offers commission. We want to offer you partnership. Like I said, we’re here to be friends. I’ve already kept
25 million in your car. And the rest after we get the stuff. Just get us the stuff. Hello. Excuse. Is she your wife? She’s not my wife, but she’s obedient. Yeah, I am hanging up now. But remember,
you’re playing this gamble, not me. The risk will be completely yours. Chadda will explain you the rest. Come. You’ve lost your mind, Munna. Try it on first. You’re looking stunning. What are you doing here? Let’s run away. Run away! Are we playing hide and seek? Rana will find us and shoot us. You know it. I am helpless. What is it? Or is it difficult
to let go of your lover? Rascal, don’t be such a foul mouth. I never had a problem with all this,
until you arrived. But now.. – So what’s the problem? This is the problem. By the way,
you can go back if you want. No need to risk your life for my sake. Remember my name. Munna Manohar Mishra. I will become violent. “I was heading to the temple.” “Singing praises of Goddess.” “I was praying the Goddess.” “O Goddess,
show Yourself to your devotees.” “O Goddess,
show Yourself to your devotees.” “I was staying awake at night.” “I was hinting the moon.” “I was praising the Goddess.” “I was staying awake at night.” “I was hinting the moon.” “I was praising the Goddess.” “O Goddess,
show Yourself to your devotees.” “O Goddess,
show Yourself to your devotees.” This was an easy job. The cocaine will be yours.. ..and I’ll get my commission. Give it. Hail Goddess. I don’t know where they come from. Get down from the car
and surrender yourself. You called yourself a friend, Chadda. This is a nice way
to keep our friendship. To hell with our friendship. Come on, surrender yourself. Shoot at the tire. Shoot at the tire. Don’t let him escape. Here, sign here. Munna, I called the
narcotics on your advice. But Rana escaped. But Chadda was killed. He was a bad guy anyway. I still feel bad,
couldn’t be any help to you. Otherwise.. And Babu’s way would’ve been cleared. Forget it,
I’ll think of something else. But I’ll be indebted to you. I am indebted to you..for
giving me Chadda’s tip. He had ruined my business. I had thought of trapping him. But.. We have no enmity, Mika. You were conspiring against boss. But who told the cops about this. Except for you me and
Mika no one else knew about. Who’s the betrayer? Whoever it is.. Hello, boss. Mika.. Mika called me at the highway,
but he didn’t turn up. So I thought I’ll
go take a look myself. Boss.. – Why did Mika call you? He said he needs your
stuff delivered somewhere. And he also said.. one should know about it. Boss. Boss. No, boss. He’s lying. – No. No. I don’t know about the rest,
but I’ll kill him today. He’s the betrayer. Don’t be crazy, Rana. Only Mika and we knew about this. So how can it be him?
You just said that. He might not know? But I’ve had a negative
feeling about him. I will.. – Stop, Rana. Boss, Mika’s on TV. One of them was our informer.. ..and the other,
from whom we recovered the cocaine.. ..hasn’t been indentified yet. Seems like he gave
information about his gang. rascal. I will always regret
that someone else killed you. Hello. ACP. Yes, ACP. Boss. That asking
for the rest of the money. We don’t have the stuff,
how will we arrange for the money. We’ll have to,
or else we’ll be in trouble. And this ACP..will arrest us both. No, Rane. Even after we borrow
money from the market.. ..we’re still short by 10 million. And he was 25.
Where will we get the money? Boss, how about the bank. The bank. Ladies and Gentlemen,
we’re going to play.. ..”Who will be a Millionaire”. Keep them here, I’ll be right back. “Your making me crazy.” “A beautiful girl..dwells in my eyes.” “The two were bit flirting around.” “The boy was really naughty,
everyone was scared.” “The boy was rich..loaded with riches.” “Wielding a gun.” “The boy’s intoxicated..with
your beauty.” “The boy’s intoxicated..with
your beauty.” “He says,
my pockets are filled with money.” “Your beauty made me fail.” “Your beauty made me fail.” “Say yes, and come to me.” “I like you,
how do I make you say yes.” “I’ll even go to jail.” “The boy was rich..loaded with riches.” “The boy was rich..loaded with riches.” “Wielding a gun.” “The boy’s intoxicated..with
your beauty.” “The boy’s intoxicated..with
your beauty.” “He says,
my pockets are filled with money.” Brother, take us to the fair. Hey, don’t blabber. You want to go see a fair with this? Go straight, no need go anywhere else. Will go home? – Yes. Let’s go sightseeing,
now that we have a chance. We still have time. Yes, We do have time. But it doesn’t take too
long before time goes bad. Understand. Time will mess up after we go back. Lucky only for a day. No freedom to love. This is not life. Why, did you get any love all day? That’s true. What we did today,
can’t we do it every day, Don’t dream. Fate doesn’t shine on you every day. Right? Even after paying for our lives.. ..this is all we have left. Even I never made such a big profit. The Lord has strange ways. Sometimes He shuts down one option.. ..and shows us another. Sometimes He tightens His hold.. ..or just lets us go. Now watch..I was about
to kill this boy. You stopped me. And now..we got this because of him. Boss..I say,
we can get more if you want. haven’t understood me yet. Think about business. Chadda is dead. Who will get us the stuff. I don’t understand this. – But I do. Or should I said..I
understand completely. You mean..we can do this often. Boss understands. Whatever you say is right. I can plunder the world for you. “Fair faces..but evil at heart.” “Your loss is their gain.” “They care for no one..” “ they’ll never
care for you either.” “They’ve set out to hunt themselves.” “The guns smell of gunpowder.” “Everywhere they
go with blazing guns.” “Shoot through my heart..” “..and take my life
for the sake of love.” “He looks naïve, and she’s too hot.” “A picture carved
on a wall with a dagger.” There have been many incidents.. ..of loot and plunder
around New Delhi.. ..and in the neighboring areas . Criminals are looting
in broad daylight.. ..but the police couldn’t
find a clue about them yet. “You’ll find them wherever
there’s commotion.” “Two wild birds in the city.” “The guns smell of gunpowder.” “Everywhere they
go with blazing guns.” “Shoot through my heart..” “..and take my life
for the sake of love.” Run. Through the back way. Catch the scoundrels. Don’t let her run. Catch the b***h. Let the girl go. let her go. Or else I will blow his brains out. Let me go! Run! Babu! Kashyap! Munna! Munna! Take care of him. Why are you quiet? Say something. I can’t speak. My mind’s blank. Maybe you’re scared. – Scared? You barely escaped by an inch. If anything had happened to you.. ..then what about me? You’re so sweet. Forget all that. I am right here, besides you. Did anything happen to me? I am alive.
– I’m obliged that you’re alive. Check upstairs. Spare no one. Can I say something? I love you. Can I say something too? You’re really lethal. There’s no one here. Let’s go. The house is empty.
Inform Mr. Chauhan. This is enough. Let’s get out of this city. Sir, the house is empty,
Rana gave us the slip. But we’ve given orders
to setup checkposts. No matter where we go,
Rana will find us. And we’ll have to gamble. Then play it. You’re here. Who are you trying
to gamble with, darling? Fill me in too. I am really lucky for you. Those cops know about us. We were planning to deal with them.. ..and you arrived. you handle all this. Don’t burden me with this anymore. That’s why I came
here sniffing your scent. Don’t worry. Come on. I’ve a gift for you in the old manor. So much? The money that you looted.. ..I spent it all on this. Our drugs business
just became international. And it’s head office
will be far away.. In Nepal. This is exactly what
you wanted, right? And business.
What about the business here? Don’t worry about that. Leave that to me. Now Munna will handle
the business here. You just think about your dreams. I’ve shown you the way. Tomorrow morning
we’ll leave this place. Make arrangements. I have just two ways. Either I die.. ..or kill that scoundrel. There’s another way. He’s always alone with me.
He trusts me. This is an easy job for me,
compared to you. Your intentions don’t look good. I want your life. What can be better than that? You don’t need to try too hard.
You’re a dagger. I can just kill myself if you want. Go and do pushups. Only lovers can give their life. You’ve none of those qualities. It’s not that difficult. What do you want me to do.. that even I
can be your lover-boy? First time when I saw you.. ..I felt a sensation
in my heart..of lust. I decided back them. That this girl will be mine. Boss..they’re here with the stuff. Again, breaking news before climax. I’ll be right back. You couldn’t do it? Why couldn’t you do it? He was with you. And all alone. I thought he might be dead by now. Why couldn’t you do it?
– I was scared. That’s why I couldn’t do it. What now? What have you thought? – I don’t know. Fine, no point in getting furious. I’m really worried..I am in pain too. I didn’t ask you to come here. When I said you should go back.. ..and there’s no chance for us,
you didn’t listen. And now you say you’re in pain. What do I do about it? I get it now. You had a change of mind. You always wanted to go abroad. And that rascal’s doing just that. You’re too smart. And I am a fool. I danced to your tune. Wow! Your game was really nice. Very nice. – Rascal. If you think I betrayed you.. ..then stab me right away. Enough of this charade. And tell me..what did you tell him? I am sure he knows
everything about me. When have you two decided to kill me? “I never imagined..I’ll lose faith.” “My love..will face such consequences.” “If you didn’t love me..” “..I wonder why I still
did everything you said.” “We met..unwillingly.” “We locked horns unwillingly.” “We locked horns unwillingly.” Boss. Boss. Rascal! You have her photo. Why? Tell me.. rascal. Who sent you? Who sent you? Loverboy! Who d you think I am? You like taking pictures, don’t you? You like getting romantic? Tell me who you are. Tell me. Look. Look at the photo. You dare to challenge me in my place. Now I’ll make her kill you. Here you go. Free him from his misery. Shoot..Babu. Don’t leave me alive, Babu. I’ll be indebted. I came here for you. If you kill me.. trip will be successful. Kill him. – Kill me. It’ll put an end to this love story. Kill him. Stop, Rana. Let him go or I’ll shoot! Munna, get in the car. Look, Rana. Let me go with Munna. I love you. You go your way,
and let us go our way. You turned out to be a serpent. Go. Go as far as you can go. So that I’ll have the
time to decide your fate. Great. You did the right thing
by telling me your intentions. Now leaving you alive will be idiotic. You’re coming with me to my village. But do you know any
of the household chores? Or will I have to do that. Rascal, don’t get too oversmart. I know how to fire a gun.., why can’t I learn the chores? And what will you do, hog free food? Why? Who’s going to earn money? I won’t be getting any dowry. How about some piping tea? – Yes. I’ll be right back. How many were they? Who was with them? Sir, it was him. He was with the girl. Even after all those
good times we had.. still have
some juice left in you. If you had stayed with me.. would’ve lived life in luxury. But’re body will lay waste. It’ll be no good to
you..or that lover boy. Now call him. You can’t live together. At least you two can die together. You’ll have to run for
your life..if he comes here. You think you’re a player, Rane. But he’s been making
you dance to your tunes. Who informed the police? My love. Who killed Mika? My love. He kept you busy counting notes.. ..and spent time with your darling. And now he eloped with me.. ..from right under your nose. So who’s the player? Won’t you say it now? I know you feel very bad. You lost, Rana. You lost. Boss The police haven’t succeeded
in this hour long operation. Both the criminals
are hiding in this area. And we’ve to
soon will the police succeed. Surrender? They will throw us in jail. Then how will we get married? We’ll have to settle our old scores.. start a new life. Come on. Can’t you hear! Shut shop. How old are you? – Rascal. You’re asking a woman her age. Now, I was wondering.. many years would we have.. ..after we get out of jail. I don’t know how much,
but whatever we do.. ..we can at least live freely. We surrender. We accept any punishment by the law. No surrender. Munna. Shoot the rascals. Catch them, don’t let them escape. I think we’re stuck. Are you scared? I won’t lie. I am scared now. I am scared too.’s also paining. The pain of my dreams shattering.. ..which I wished to fulfill with you. I couldn’t get married after all. I didn’t know my other wife’s name. Do you know my name? Bindiya. Bindiya Thakur. Listen.. ..have you ever played “House”. Look that way. You’re back. You’re late. Your husband has a business,
of farming. He’s bound to get late. You was your day. Forget about me. Freshen up, I’ll make tea. Come on. Did you make breakfast yourself.. ..or make it yourself? Rascal..come, sit. I made it myself. What do you think? Are you the only one
who knows everything? Let go, your hands are wet. Let’s go up. What’s in it?
– You’ll know after you eat it. But my hands are wet. It’s nice. Whatever it is. Rascal. Liar. You’re lethal too. No. No. Munna. – No. No. No. Well..are the kids asleep? Open the door! Open the door! Break it down. Open the door! ‘If there was a mirror, that could..’ ‘ our real faces,
then this is how we would look.’ ‘Because we’re evil.’

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