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[Music] [Music] let’s see I’ll have a turkey sandwich white meat only on white bread and a slice the red down the middle you know dinner and Russian dressing of course Harry we got a fancy customer out here you take care of it I want to finish these glasses look miss we got ham liverwurst and cheese and the bread it comes already sliced alright I have on white toast you’ll cut the fat off of course of course my husband right yeah it didn’t teach him how to make sandwiches in college Oh backwards school very sad but maybe you better go someplace else a nice fancy plane took out with your fancy clothes haha I like it here it’s so heavy I do like music though have you got a jukebox this is a drugstore miss no entertainment oh I wouldn’t say that like I said maybe you better go someplace else twice with a band floor show maybe girl as fancy as you she should have a floor show oh you’re a funny woman did you know that I didn’t know that you better go as a matter of fact there was some place I’m supposed to be tonight well doesn’t make any difference Pierre my sandwich I’m on white toast yeah the name is Sawyer hmm Sawyer will you give me some change please I’ve gotta make a phone call this is a 10 do you figure to call Africa you know I did once I had a real nice chat with a friend of mine named Freddie Freddie Bancroft do you know the band leaving oh yeah Freddie do you have something smaller how about a quarter nice new one hmm I think I can hello Martha this is Miss Morrison I know I should be at home who’s there my great great hug dizzy can I guess I mean even I never before invited 10 people in my house for dinner and forgot all about it where am I in the drugstore darling the last of the Apothecary something you really you should see it great in fact you will see it you tell everyone to come down here at once because I’m going to give a drugstores in their party hmmm cheese liver was just take your toys just passing this store mr. Revell monster almost seemed like hate usually we do downpour we were going to see our son Eugene Frank jr. he’s a graduate accountant you’ll never figure on all this excitement sure sure but just what did you see well we see his father right away I knew he was no good didn’t die so dear Oh mr. Prince he’s very good with people never got stung once in our hardware no this man just awful why do mr. crunch Paul Hill tell it in his own I’ll go on mr. Krantz well this fellow jumps into a car and drives away very good 60 the car a Chevy 1940 that one once myself ah give you a real good clue there’s a right rear fender it had a bump in it this man what did he look for a late fall they probably couldn’t see much oh sure we did we looked real careful the man well he was average looking and is here it seemed kind of dog maybe you can describe this hand you usually dress like this to run out to a drugstore I don’t usually run out to a drugstore you don’t live in this neighborhood that’s right I don’t live in this neighborhood right skip the wisecracks what were you doing here having dinner a ham sandwich I’m on a diet that’s Booker Paul maybe she wants a ride in the prowl car no I’ve been in a prowl car some of my best friends used to be cuffed what were you doing here I was driving around killing time amusing myself watching the other half living why because sometimes I like to be by myself besides my psychiatrist says it’s good for my personality to meet all sorts of people what do you do with your personality the things in skirts that call themselves ladies Ellen Morrison seems I know that name it seems I get it wrong drink some water Morris a name in the papers that Ella Morrison you read the tabloids Hodgman you know I had you figured for a New York Times time I read the tabloids you and that Brazilian diplomat diplomat ha ha I think currently you’re involved with the actor Tom Evers huh how is that gonna come out well I’ll save you for since that moment is over Thanks do you think you can identify this man certainly he was tall dark not very attractive not your type you’re my type violent she can identify him so I can identify him what are you going to do about something that’s right up your alley we start combing the city looking for a man oh well that being the case we’ll probably be running into each other again honey honey I seen your picture in the paper I thought it was a real good one if you want an extra copy I bought you Jim jr. he bought about 20 papers you know they took our picture – that’s what Eugene was looking for but our picture they didn’t run it Eugene was disappointed I don’t think we can wait any longer sergeant Cochran is out looking for Miss Morrison now let’s get along without her anyway the most important people are here now sergeant Cochran and I have checked their files we have several men all with records all fitting the same general description one of them we think is our man this might be hard on you you want me to sit next to it all right bring them all on him which one mr. Sawyer the one on the end him you Jolicoeur step forward look what is this I was joking then take another look mr. Sawyer sure that’s him the killer the killer the killer they’re crazy sorry I can’t say for sure mr. Morrison he weren’t at the lineup with the Carranza’s and mr. sorry a positively identified the leaker oh now my dear angry sergeant Cochran who took me into a room and showed me this Polly Cabaye didn’t you and I looked at him with my nice brown eyes didn’t I you’ll blow your nice black Irish didn’t you sorry I can’t positively identify him it happened you were feeling pretty gay I mean if the drugstore maybe just didn’t look too closely oh now I always look closely at men have you seemed to have heard how about the girls Cochran do you look them over closely sure look miss Morrison it’s business of a hood chilling a little druggist you know this isn’t like table hopping or playing hide-and-seek with some Broadway columnist the man is a killer it’s gonna be handled I know you like to laugh and all that but this is not a funny situation some of the characters are pretty funny look with the publicity you might get for refusing to attend I found this man be worth having a killer on the loose I don’t think I’d like that story very much well you haven’t been so particular in the past thanks for following my career not yours your type the police blotter is full of young women too much money too little to do I like to play games oh I’m hurt care I thought you found me so I don’t tell me about my type little rich girl it varies yeah sometimes sometimes they end up murder them some off limits join or I’ll get mixed up on other people’s divorces sometimes they try suicide after leaving lots of little notes around and calling the papers a headache anyway you know why why because they think they run the world that’s why I just got a report of that guy in the drugstore Killing Joke Alika yeah anyway the night of the murder he was driving a black Chevy sedan 1940 model and it had a dent in the right rear fender now what you care to identify him tell me sergeant – what are your statistics about the dents of in fenders of 1940 Chevy oh all right Reagan who leaked it okay over there yes doc down there you said it wasn’t me thanks and their mothers they’re wrong they’ll believe you well I did well it’s not that they can do anything to me okay you’re innocent you’re innocent okay it’s the trouble you know who wants all this trouble you see what I mean can I go now certainly miss Morrison we won’t need her this one’s easy Oh sergeant Oh about that publicity don’t worry just remember your police blotter the life story of Ellen Ellen Morrison on a bridge it’s time I lose on my job that’s all right Kanika 5 years ago you had a grand larceny conviction kid with some other guys I stole a car got my parole mr. Williams not the parole board he says he’s proud of and that was five years ago never do any work am I kidding sure no I work all the time Betty I’m a cutter J Stroud the night that ruckus was killed Saturday night how’re you doing what do you think I was doing on Saturday 9:00 was that riding with my girl Angela the car for you Chevy yeah that a crime go on Angela and me we we had a fight her old man don’t like me since I don’t have enough money to marry his daughter Angie they say she doesn’t want to marry unless it’s a new church and was their family bawling kissing everybody else in there Oh a religious girl a guy loved drinking would go crazy well we got a front you had a fight go on huh look do you need all this can I go back to my job Malika you’re not going back to your job go on sure Angela jumped up out of the car to red light and then I just drove around for a while and then I parked and I started walking I don’t remember what I was it just just walking only place in particular yeah oh yeah there was this Penny Arcade it’s like it’s always used to be you know you put in a pin in you pull a lever and sing everything lights up you’re a great guy I mean no problem time of the murder Anton what we’re doing oh it’s okay well I was right there downstairs has they got a television screen it’s a 16 inches I was watching a fight between 10:00 and 11:00 lots of people there lots of people talk to anybody in particular one old guy yeah he had a white mustache nice old guy Oh he’d remember he said said it was his hobby but he would never forget me and he’s address know his name old man with white mustache No Name no address it won’t fly it bolita what you’re it no now Milica you’re not the type that would make any trouble no no I don’t want any 12 that’s our boy you’ll have your chance to talk to the jury you know an old man with a white mustache no name Oh dress huh that kids been readin folks yeah good night huh do you think that pálinka might be telling the truth look Paul I’ve been doing this a long time I’ve got a rule when a case is cold it’s cold this one fits we did our job the DA has it now Lika is innocent but his lawyer getting rule you know what kind of lawyer the kid is gonna get one of those boys from out in the corridor appointed by the court all right boy can you buy him a lawyer no I guess not druggists layer gets chair twelve good men and true agree that there is evidence be unreasonable doubt when did he get it six weeks an old guy with a mustache but jury believe a story like that the poor slob hey there’s your girlfriend of her old tricks the champagne and caviar set have moved a third Avenue and leading them as a dizzy darling of Cafe Society miss Ellen Morrison now isn’t that touching and you were burned up because this city bank couldn’t positively identify pilita well she looks like she’s having fun Tommy where are you well you come on and concede I’m lonesome that’s it that’s all you have to say hey what did I say that you are lonesome I wish you’d get lonesome for me more often Oh Thomas that’s against the rules the third Avenue rules okay here’s your money lady yeah what do you you want to stay here sure yeah but I thought we might try the place across the street Tommy you’re aboard well of course happened for three years haven’t you well you just named me anything better come on Tommy give me a nickel for the jukebox will you mm-hmm hello and goodbye no offense I just being sociable don’t I know you from somewhere now look well okay okay no offense I’m not looking for any trouble we another it’s time you better serve it at the end of the bar what’s wrong shut up what’d I do that man down there do you see him yeah look don’t let him out of your sight will you this is very important do you understand you mean understand you’re going crazy I have to do as I say now I’ve got to make a telephone call will you watch him sure Oh Tommy Oh why’d you make Reynolds sake and you’re talking it louder some Dame I can’t hear Oh who is it Oh miss Morrison well we were just talking about you right having fun you saw who the murderer I saw the real murderer uh-huh they’re having a little party huh maybe you’re feeling pretty good huh all right all right you stay there we’ll be over there in a little while my rival dead oh no Tommy don’t be silly I told you to watch him well I did I watched him walk right out that door while you were falling out the door now wait a minute he’s not your type here’s your nickel for the jukebox now come on oh that was important or so am I now wait a minute what’s all this about the party’s over tell me what does that mean it means so long so long I’ll see you [Music] we return now to Westinghouse studio one summer theater and sentence of death how miss Morrison I don’t like to be dragged out of my home in the middle of the night for some irresponsible whim I’m not used to it this is a serious matter a man has been arrested tried convicted and sentenced you expect me to believe a story such as this miss Morris the District Attorney’s Office is interested in justice but in order to administer justice we must have facts I saw the man if you’ll pardon me miss Morrison you think you saw I’ll pardon you but I saw him a dark party mood a man with some superficial resemblance no these mistakes and identification often happened miss Morrison people mean to help us they just get excited that’s all miss Morrison will you answer me one question why the sudden concern about pilikia the last time I talked to you I wasn’t particularly impressed by your interest copy that man was standing closer to me than you are he didn’t seem to care about what he had done he didn’t even seem to remember it all remember me but if he ever does remember and fine well if you’re worried about your safety why I will have well why don’t we leave it at that inside and out it’s very simple we’ll put a detail on that bar watch it very closely if any suspect shows up we’ll get in touch with you no that’s not enough this boy Joe Pollock is going to die in a month now he’s the wrong man what are you going to do about that was Morrison you’re making some extreme statements you don’t want to put yourself in a ridiculous position I’ve been doing that for years mr. Liu gosh the newspapers make fun of me gentlemen but they always print I have to say miss Morris and this is nothing for the newspapers after all if there is another man well we don’t want to tip him off Dewey you’re so right mr. Lukic we must do this quietly go on now you may think we’re conservative miss Morrison but well we’ve got to be sure now the first thing you’ve got to do is see Joe police again now you saw this other man again tonight look at pálinka and be sure very sure I’ll have McClendon let’s take you up the same thing in the morning I’ll make the necessary arrangements I’d like Cochran to go to certainly we’ll pick you up at 11:00 if that’s not too early by 9:00 now that’s the way to do things everybody working together nobody going now you better go home and get some sleep Martha tomorrow is very important to us and to Joe Polly kheh I don’t like this boys we’re not wild about it ourselves gave us a case three witnesses all fingering pálinka was a nice conviction it’s in the annual report er I told you about the Morrison girl told me so what an unbelievable witness that even that jerk lawyer for the defense wouldn’t use we do know it’s a hot question Esme Cochran your case work it out yeah work it out don’t you get your boys into trouble I didn’t say that that’s really we all want to do the right thing yeah naturally yeah yeah need of us to quarrel among them ourselves you know that mr. lugash wants to do the right thing of course I’m going home let me know how you come out after you take her up to sing sing tomorrow now Paul you know what to do miss Morrison is outside at the people you keep Polly could talk but the main thing is don’t get his hopes up or anything like that this is just one of those things right Mac I know what to do sure sure you do Paul well might as well bring FeliCa in all right I thought remember me I’m Cochran yeah it’s nice to see ya how you been fine sit on Joe a routine checkup we do this all the time sure well it’s uh nice to see ya how they been treating it Joe oh good mr. Cochran huh the fellas they say I need an appeal I haven’t seen my lawyer since before the trial I know he’s busy Joe and I look see yeah you have to have evidence seen it new evidence you still on the case mr. Cartman I guess so you remember my girl Angela I get engaged she’s gonna marry a wholesale grocer sorry Joe oh no that’s okay it’s okay Angela she’s a good girl she and she always does right smoke I know yeah that’s a funny thing I never did pick up the habit Thanks well I guess that’s all for today join just wanted to see how you were getting along getting fat yeah I’m getting fat up here the guys they all kidding me about it no no what does that mean if you got something to say say it I mean that joke Palicki isn’t the one who shot the druggist the man I saw last night he’s the one I couldn’t you give us a definite no before this the newspapers all really ride you’re now open so it wasn’t your velika mister McReynolds may I see mr. Cochrane alone certainly pal I certainly don’t trust him why not I don’t know but I just don’t know look right now it’s more a question of Matt trusting you and making sure you’re not off on another one of your larks how about you get oh listen Cochran I want to ask you something what’s it like here for Joe Kalika no waiting to die it’s not like the movies it’s it’s clean and it’s quiet here his men they wake up every morning and they they brush their teeth they follow the ballgames they don’t think they’re gonna die even the ones who haven’t got a chance those rotten little cop killers they go right on acting as if they’ll be out soon yeah and they write letters dear Mary I’ll see in July and we ought to Jones us Beach and on a hot day I’ll marry you you always been a good kid always gave me the best hello and goodbye that’s what they that’s what they write about I’m near the end near the end it’s fear all of a sudden that just just sinks in and nice they’re so nice to everyone they crawl at the end the guard who brings him the food in that the barber who shaves their heads they think of it nice to somebody why somebody’s gonna keep them alive you know they say it’s easy to walk a man to the chair than it is to take him into a Night Court the boys say they they just kind of float right along with you and and smile and call you mr. ma there must be more you can do like finding a man you may never have seen finding the old men and the white beard will be easier than that miss Morrison I imagine this has been a strain on you you better go down at the end of the hall as an officer there you can rest a minute we have a few matters to talk over it wasn’t Joe let’s go ahead please I need a shave Matt what are we gonna do her word her sayin she saw a guy won’t mean a thing I mean officially night all right I’m officially what are we gonna do nothing nothing nothing this dizzy Dame all of a sudden pulling a big reform act you want us to look like idiots under partly because suddenly she fancies these things but Polly guilty now look Paul Leka is guilty you want to make a big mess you want a hundred guys in the department mad at you for nothing Mac I’m going ahead with this and you’ll go alone yeah sure see if and I’ve been alone with this for some time now I’m sorry Paul yes so my mother might as well get back to the city sure [Music] we return now the Westinghouse studio one summer theater and sentence of death hi I’m sorry I’m a little late there was a little trouble uptown oh that’s all right you shouldn’t be in here alone how about that friend of yours Tommy never showed up I guess Tommy just doesn’t think I’m much fun anymore that’s sad I’m not complaining complaining cares copy I know you’re sitting in this bar here with me on your own time I know that you haven’t had much sleep in three days and I know that you’re not even sure that there is another man but as long as we’re here we might as well be something simple all right so I’m sociable what’s new and Charlie Knickerbocker today huh who’s the queen of the ball all right forget it Cochran let’s just stick to business well your friend Polly Kerr is getting fatter and it’s getting closer to the chair I haven’t had a chance to see the Carranza’s mr. Sawyer is out of town should be expected back tomorrow I hear maybe I can soften up one of them Cochran do people ever soften up on other people look if you mean me I only saw up on that one there’s a reason you know I wonder which way you’d hate me more if we find the man or if we don’t know I can’t get the prescription over there any sooner look the man of Phil’s new for me he’s sick yes I’ve been away well I don’t care if you go to the drugstore down the street you think this has been easy for me you want to trade places hello missus I remember me is that a day to forget oh yeah I have a cup of black coffee please forget it you wanna smear oh I know thanks I sought you up a liquor the other day he’s still alive yeah for three more weeks I didn’t ever want to hear his name again yeah I know I know how you feel but things were pretty hectic that day hectic it’s a great word to describe your husband murders well you see we just have to make sure of things look at I’ve had a lot of aggravation today just what are you trying to say I was wondering are you positive Polito as the man who shot your husband you crazy you’re trying to make me crazy could have been a mistake I’ve seen it happen before you wouldn’t want the wrong man to die arrest me kill me like how he was killed I’m sorry it’s very important why do you wander every second again I didn’t mean to upset you I it’s my job I wish you would do it your job tonight is pálinka was walking the streets maybe how do you feel like now hi Ellen oh hi still want to be alone yes Tommy but sit down if you want to thank I am work well I guess they’ll be up the Cape by now Oh Nick and Maxine it’ll be a wonderful weekend oh I don’t know oh come on Ellen snap out of it third Avenue used to be fun but nobody comes here anymore Tommy I didn’t ask you to come here did I if you want to stay all right but I’m busy so please don’t make me talk still looking for mr. X just like this place Tommy and I we come here often sure say yeah do you play shuffleboard sorry I don’t expecting anyone else know what didn’t Tommy and I enough sure is same Cochran oh wow he’s a fine young man he could have a big future speaking of young men with futures our mr. Pollack is down to two weeks 12 days to be exact oh I didn’t know you kept track I keep track of a lot of things miss Morrison well if you’ll excuse us Tommy and I were sort of having a table talk oh excuse me goodbye divisor I hope you’ll get in some shuffleboard sure who’s your friend no friend cop you in trouble nothing you could do anything about Tommy you want me to go mr. Elliott’s sergeant Cochran sergeant yes another policeman Tommy I think you’d better go I’ll see you around mr. Elliott I doubt it violin know what I’ve known him for years and that’s the first time I ever knew he could be hurt all of us can things I learned yeah me too well McReynolds was here yeah I know I just saw him leave what does it mean Paul I’m not sure it is very peculiar lately we hardly speak at the office we used to be a team and now we split up on assignments I don’t know what Mac is up to you really like him don’t you yeah a lot I guess maybe that’s what’s so sad I I guess I believed in him maybe even looked up to him I understand Paul do you I don’t know come on it’s magazine time again all right I’ve read this one four times so I guess it’s my sorry it’s mine I’ve only read it three I guess I’m stuck with mcclellan seed catalog hey did you ever plant that giant gladiolas Oh always always planted them right next to the hollyhocks to keep them from feeling so superior violet ha no forget-me-nots yes and your next question is what is it you’re trying to forget our how’d you guess three 9iv sessions I’ve watched you slowly trying to salvage name in the paper Morrison I admire your effort I even applaud it but that’s not exactly our purpose here is and you have always evade no not always no all right then what are you trying to forget oh you should have been a cup lawyer not a cop then you should have been yes skip it once upon a while ago there was a girl Paul a young girl pretty girl her mother said and she fell in love oh she was well loved in return not only by the boy but by I’m just a share of people her life rolled out before her just just like a clear morning then one morning the boy went sailing it was a morning like any other morning but by evening all those nice things had gone was with a boat that never came do what you want to hear you’re lying all right there is no one thing on or one incident that makes a person’s life what they are so why don’t you ask me outright why I spend my life in nightclubs in my day sleeping why well because you wouldn’t know how to answer Oh so the good detective takes the classic approach him and collects little things and hopes to make a full picture but he tries and he evades the issue oh I’m not sitting here with you or without you out of boredom I’m just trying to make a nightmare in look Ellen look will you say to yourself and believe it that that man is not going to walk through this door and the nightmare is not going to end you’re doing exactly what you told me not to do you’re basing palookas life on one small incident Ellen look he won’t come he must know well no well then you’ve got to go to the Krantz and break their story Paul you’ve forgotten about Joe Balika he has two weeks while you sit here and you waste your time all right I’ll go look I’ll go for every single one of the 12 remaining days if it’ll do any good it was such a short morning look a morning is just one half of the day’s now mr. Krantz you’re sure about Cleveland absolutely mrs. grant just as sure as Eugene is that Polly covers the one all right you know just before a man is going to be executed all of a sudden a lot of people get interested in him start raking over dead coals as long as you were here I just thought I’d go over the story with you well you can count on us nobody can convince me it wasn’t illegal you’ve been fine witnesses both of you you’ll be surprised the number of fellows come into my store now who never did before I guess it’s because they they figure a man who can be a witness in a murder trial he knows how to handle themselves that’s right you fellas certainly worked on this detective business it must be a little mmm this is kind of special oh there you are sergeant Cochran we’ve been waiting for you Reynolds came sure is I thought you were off for 48 hours most matter of fact I am I just dropped by and found our friends the Krantz is waiting for you we thought everyone had forgotten all about that no not mr. Magoo Reynolds here he’s the sentimental type who have been talking about anything special just reviewing the cases you fella say the Frances seemed to have pretty strong memories yeah well I was hoping I’d get a chance to find that out for myself oh I just thought I’d help you out yeah Oh Paul when you try any tricks remember who taught him to you fine gentlemen you bet Oh would you folks mind just stepping inside here Oh sod you gentleman breaks ha you look tired I’m okay oh we have a son yes I know Eugene jr. oh that’s right he works hard to win we keep telling him don’t work so hard somebody ought to tell you that sergeant you look bad you ought to get more rest sure just like Eugene jr. that’s what he said sure and he doesn’t mean it either now what was it you wanted to see us as well I saw us McReynolds seems to have gone over it already you wanted to review the case well I just wanted to make sure there were no doubts Oh none whatever we told sergeant McReynolds that didn’t we yes and he was so pleased about our memories he’s such a nice gentleman yep he sure is now you are very observant mrs. crimes he is a gentleman oh yeah and such taste though he dresses did you notice that time oh yes indeed I never could tie a bowtie myself you know I can never wear one either no but that wouldn’t cost 8 bucks well it’s real silk I knew it was expensive yeah you wouldn’t think a carpet where polka dots either could you white polka dots on blue personally I like them look quite mess well I just want to thank you folks are coming in well it was a pleasure to see you again ha ha goodbye mrs. Cox now you keep on noticing things huh it can be a big help Oh hello there you’ll hear every night their log instant hold on doesn’t it look like expecting anyone I don’t know you have to ask questions no that’s curious how does it happen you’re here so often mr. McKinnon’s oh I get around oh hello man just passing I’ll see you around then did you see the crisis yeah I saw them but Matt got there first what’s that mean I’m not sure when I walk and he seemed to be briefing them on their story and they were being so positive about pilikia and he was complimenting them on their memories break them down I didn’t try to break them down Ellen I tried something else Ellen I know we’re right now they were so positive they couldn’t be shaken so then I started to talk to them about the tie that Mac was wearing and they agreed with me that it was a bow tie blue with white polka dot you just saw it now I didn’t notice it it’s a plain brown foreign hand of course these crunches you can tell them anything if you’re positive enough mrs. saw it was positive it was Polly ker so they agree with her but you can’t build a case on a mythical boat island you can’t I’ll go out and get us some some magazines watch a step buddy sorry take a shot hello hello where’s your boyfriend tonight the unsocial what I mean oh he’ll be dropping around any minute I hope you know I’ll swear we met somewhere before I know you but I can’t think of it do you know me no no no I don’t know you it’s just one of those things I guess I guess you could call it that yeah now I know now I remember where it was oh no no don’t you go doing anything you’ll be sorry for it was cookie Snyder’s wedding you were one of the bridesmaids oh no I’m sorry it must have been someone else who looked like me positive well nice seeing you again we’ll probably run into each other sometime they never can tell yeah well I gotta be running a law and the little woman hates for me to be late it’s a lot o going down there that way the man that’s him come on baby hey I brought doughnuts that coffee bean doughnuts you sure I can’t look any more like Polly ker than I do oh I never said he did it was the others who said it was Polly Kerr that was what we wanted he would look enough like Polly curse so that we get help with you you cut it out alright I’ll go myself you go around the corner ha sorry thought it was the paperboy police sorry you caught me eating what’s wrong my car parked on the wrong side of the street no no no just there’s some burglaries around the neighborhood we get just checking up good idea it wasn’t some clumping I know thanks you live alone here no no me and the wife she’s sleeping you always keep your doors couldn’t locked sure the wife she’s the nervous type oh well it’s good to be careful yeah you all right mrs. Sawyer no more phony hysterics your boyfriend had it all figured out didn’t you huh he shot your husband and he grabbed a temper out of the cash register just to make it look good and all you had to do is to go along with the crosses on their big description and pick some poor sap like colleague out of the lineup huh well you never run around Ellen Morrison and a ham sandwich yeah otherwise such a neat idea young punk an old cop like me I should have guessed hundred hundred I’ve been following you for a couple of days there are ways of doing things I’m glad I haven’t forgotten I would like to be with you and you’ve got to talk to Felipe sure Mac I’ll take care of these two oh you have a friend waiting for you in the hall oh yeah I know I’ll get the wagon Hey I want to just about Cheers [Music] all right sergeant Cochran let’s not have any conquering hero excuse me I’m smart Paul it’s just that I want a little time to investigate this character named Alan Morrison and see if I can’t make a person laugh all right okay but just don’t take too long because well I’m gonna have to come looking for you it’s what I’m hoping for Paul more than anything else in this world [Music] [Music]

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  1. Some of the typical melodrama overacting of the period is palpable – lots of "oh dahhhlings" – but Gene Lyons as Sgt Cochran and of course a rookie James Dean are real standouts

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