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Theru Naigal
(Street Dogs) On 5th the parliament
election results will be out So,police appointed to secure all election
booths around entire Tamil Nadu And also, this election results will
bring a change among all the politicians Political researchers and media have
said people are very eager to know result He is not opening his mouth even though I
hit him hard. Shall I shoot him here? Brother…. It is not an easy
matter which you did Don’t waste
our time We came to know
everything what you did If you accept your
crime,we will leave you Or else You will get beating
from us brutally I hope you
understand ♫ Oh mad people;
Identify me ♫ ♫ From where did I come?
I am a Don ♫ ♫ Oh mad people;
Identify me♫ ♫ From where did I come?
I am a Don ♫ ♫ I am a Don,
I am a Don ♫ ♫ I am, I am
I am a Don ♫ ♫ I am a Don,
I am a Don, I am I am a Don ♫ Dude, I will handle inside
You just finish the work in a perfect way 27th May ( Saturday)
Government High School Constable, what happened?
No idea, will check now sir Hey stop the car…
I asked you to stop Hey, blow… Man,its stinking badly!
Did you ever brush your teeth? Hey, what is the matter?
Nothing much sir… Constable, check the car
whether they have anything Hey, you look weird…
Nothing we have sir Hey you don’t say all that
I have to say … Nothing is here…- I already said
nothing…-Its getting late,let go sir [Phone ringing] Tell me sir..
Hey… Lingam and Setu are troubling. People
from department are questioning me What the hell you did?
Sir, what you want me to do? Till you stay here, they
both will stink in this area Constable,I can hear some
sound at the back,check it Hey, what is that?
Sir… Get your phone tomorrow morning
at the police station after a signature Sir give me…
No, just leave now… Hey election duty right?
Yes sir… Hey, switch off the set, its too noisy
Okay sir You have duty at school?
Yes sir Hey,check carefully man
next week vote counting Okay sir,I am honest to my salary
And I work for the government I will take care of this election duty.
Just relax He is MLA
Chokkalingam Whatever he says will be the rule
in Thiruvarur (a district of the state) Not only that, he is going to win
in MLA election even this time He and his gang members are the
only people who stand against MLA You both are doing murder
as tit for tat… If you continue, the
department will kill us I don’t have any problem
if you stare at me You guys are diggign your
own grave. That’s it. Sir, we are not diggng
our own grave You know nothing about factory matter sir
How come we know dude? If poison gas leaks from factory,
10 kms surrounding will get affected… He knows all and got money;
now he is supporting you Finally, if any problem comes
He will shoot with the gun. Dude,election is
over now If we win or lose
no issues They are here and you are talking to them?
Let the vote counting get done They are going to
lose without deposit What? instead of boss, slaves
are talking too much Yes, we will do…
Wait for more 4 days… Somehow we are going to win the
election, you have to bow your head to us I didn’t call you both to fight now
Please calm down for few minutes Then only we can handle it.
else no one can escape from here I said you both what
I want to convey That’s all. Saga… Its something different which
happened at the bus stand today You are right dude, everything
is a competition Standing,walking,running,hiding…even
talking is a competition Then, won’t there be competition
in cheating money? Everything is politics
here buddy Politics… Everybody knows
only politicians today! But,there is a separate gang
to operate politicians here Right dude We should not take
politicians lightly They know to talk in front of our face and
also they can hide after stabbing us We have to be very
careful with them Dude, tomorrow lease auction
in the market for the shops Okay, what are we going to do?
I will tell you. [Singing] [ Door Bell ] [ Door Bell ] [Song playing] [ Door Bell ] [Song playing] Are you scared?
Who are you? I asked who you are?
Hey, lock the door Why?
Will tell you… [ Singing ] What you
all want? Don’t panic dear You look so hot for the
5 minutes we saw you If he sees you all the time,then how
will he do good things to people His mistress looks
super hot Why still looking at her?
Show that to her What?
Wait dear,he will show you Do you know who is this?
Why asking? It is your license…
Do you think you missed it You missed in the hands of MLA
That’s why… Okay, why are you
nervous darling? 1+1 how much? Hey…
What? I asked you
1+1 how much? 2… Now you are clear right.
Then do as we say Nothing much,just a small scratch
If you do that,we will handle the rest Tomorrow,lease. Just divert Lingam.
Rest will be in our control Now what should I do?
He just now said We will correct the right
person and pay money Now you just do
what we told you Tell me brother..
Where are you? I am out now…
Go to Madurai and tell number to Bhai And get the money
Okay brother We are going to take
the lease tomorrow If you start now,we can pay the money
by tomorrow,be careful-Okay brother You alone have
to go man No one should know this
Don’t spoil anything Do the work properly
Okay brother Yes…
come in Come in
I think you forgot me Sit down Sit down first
Feeling shy? Won’t you talk
with me? If you want me,then you will
call me at that time alone Don’t get angry
Hey,look at me What… Hey darling
Look at me… Hey,call
our boys… Okay Bro, start the car
Okay Car is moving forward
and backward ? Hello Mr. Hero, can you
stand in a corner? Should I stand in a corer?
Now you leave He is drunk and driving
the car slowly, idiot. Hey,I am a rowdy in my area
Nothing can be done. We welcome all the businessmen who have
come to this 18th year lease auction Greetings to
everyone. Our commission is here to lease
the market shops for this year I request everyone not to fight;
Just be calm and end this auction Whoever wins the lease should pay
48 Thousand Rupees to the commission I am going to
start the auction First auction is
1,10,000 2,00,000
Anyone can ask next 3 lakh
Third is 3 lakh-4 lakh Next amount is 4 lakh
5 lakh Next amount is 5 lakh
7 lakh Hey 7 and half (bad time)…
Why are you fighting in auction? 7 and half lakh
8 and half lakh The auction is interesting today
Till now 7 and half lakh have been set Anyone can ask more than this..
7,45,000 Lakhs Why asking like this..
9 lakhs Next auction amount is 9 lakh
9,45,000 Lakhs Hey still asking like this? ask a huge
amount and finish it fast – Hello… Suddenly,everyone
is quiet 9,45,000 have been quoted
Ask if anyone want to? 10 lakhs
Chokkalingam has asked for 10 lakh If anyone want,
they can ask more Okay,if not I will fix
the auction amount Auction amount 10
lakh one time… 10 lakh
two times… 10 lakh
three times Businessman Chokkalingam has got the
18th year lease auction for the market I hereby annouce the same
on behlaf of commission Logu, why suddenly
asking money? Lingam said nothing to me.
A small mistake happened I cannot inform that to brother
that is the matter Don’t tell any reason, ask Lingam to
say then I will give you the money Do you have sense?
You lost all the money I would have gone to get
the money instead of you Come sir Look, the entire department
is standing in front of you What to do? Look police, there are
details in this white paper Find a good day and arrange
for his wedding soon Asking silly
questions What are you
looking at? It has details
about Setu Every match will
be perfect Have a look…
You are showing so much of attitude to me! Everyone already targeted me.If
I get caught again, I am done Understood? Hey Marudhu, why are
you talking rubbish? Do you think I look too old with
this grey beard and mustache I robbed as a 15 years old;
I pick-pocketed at 20 years of age… Killed people in 25 years;
and you think I am a silly politician? You leave now I know well who might have
robbed this money, understood? I will
take care Ramanadha… Do you know what big issue created by
the money which I got for your factory? Thank God, election got over
else, I am done. Even though I have properties,its prestige
to my family if I run this chemical factory Don’t
fight with us Go Come on Pay me for prestige;
rest is assured ♫Twist your mustache
lift your collar♫ ♫Twist your mustache,lift your collar
Now dance with some attitude♫ ♫We are scared all the day
Are you ready♫ ♫This is a tiger hunt
Hey…♫>RapRapHe gets commissions for
corporate companies andHe lives in the
commissions like a coolie
But anyhow you guys
only voted for him You guys
are wrong You make them win election and
then crib about their incompliance They never ask for vote by
highlighting problems you don’t know Ok you guys leave
let me check the problem Brother So you met any
superior officer? Sir is ready to helpp you
regarding the same issue Did you
understand? Oh no need sir Its the fight
of a small man Big people like you
need not take part in it We will handle it You are talking as if we
are born with silver spoon Do what we say Just demand the money
you want and we’ll give it Take it like
a dog and go also MLA will
not trouble you We will
handle it Why are you thinking
too much brother? Don’t worry brother, we will
take care of it Not for that sir We are bothered about the
MLA taking your land You have to decide.
Think and tell Let me think.
Bye sir Come brother
Why sudden visit? Sundaram, you promised land to MLA but
Your brother is talking deal with Setu? Why are you blinking?
Am I telling any story? You have a share in land that
is why he has sparerd you Don’t earn MLA’s
enemity ok? Nothing as you say brother.
Let me check it first Do anything but we need land.
It is your responsibility Finish work and
earn a lot of money Why are you thinking Sundaram?
Don’t you understand? Don’t think. I am talking
about your sister in law She is hot like
an American Sundaram think and
let us know Sister.
Yes I am scared to
witness all these I think uncle is
taking a wrong decision Don’t talk
like mad He is doing for
our good only He is working hard to
save money for your wedding You stop thinking and
go mind your work. Go! ♫ After seeing you
I am not myself at all ♫ [Singing] Hey Ramu ! Hey Ramu ! Hey Ramu come out What happened? Come brother.
Get him a coffee I don’t want anything So you spoke deal
for the land to Sushil? Why should I make
a deal with Setu? Why are you getting tensed ?Let us
better give the land to MLA Lingam If not I will write
my part to him I am talking only because
we are brothers Why is he angry? Let him go brother.
You Come Hey how long
you will think? At home they are
looking for alliances I can understand. Don’t worry.
Everything will be fine sooner You don’t know
about my uncle He will do
anything for money Don’t panic.
Let me think Hey wait Where are you taking me?
Shut up and come with me Now go! 1st, June Noon 3’o Clock Sir, got no details in
phone communication We are moving a final step.
In 24 hours we will find it You know how We are feeling bad to see
you like this ? Then come see me from this side!
It is not funny at all Nothing boy… If we give our land they
will ruin our village totally That Sundaram is a miser
he does not understand this Money is important only but if it
kills our mother nature then its bad You are telling this but your
brother says you will die in 10 years Also he says you
have no kids Brother can I give
a solution to this? You? You are giving an idea?
Why can’t I give? Get lost
you mad Am I mad? Our Kumar is in love with your
brother’s sister in law If we open this issue now then
land issue will settle for a while Why are you thinking so much?
You must decide sooner Brother, at times mad guys
like him think smarter Kumar is in love?
Yes brother He is a good boy.
I brought him up She loves him too?
Yes brother Let’s talk
and finish it After that to handle
MLA and Setu He went to talk to Sundaram
about Kumar’s love ♫ Eyes are telling stories;
Is it love? ♫ ♫ Everything has disappeared and
words are also failing ♫ ♫ Clouds fell in love and
then lightnings were created ♫ ♫ A simple messenger also became
a matter of celebration ♫ ♫ With a lot of thinking you
also gave me desires ♫ ♫ I am waiting on the
road just to see you ♫ ♫ Eyes are telling stories;
Is it love? ♫ ♫ Everything has disappeared and
words are also failing ♫ ♫ Clouds are joining hands
and the roads are changing ♫ ♫ My head is spinning ♫ ♫ I am all
alone now ♫ ♫ Life must extend
like this itself ♫ ♫ Heart is pleading ♫ ♫ You should come
with me ♫ ♫ I am jumping and running
and love is hitting my heart ♫ ♫ It is killing me
for good ♫ ♫ A big mountain
is hitting me ♫ ♫ Clouds fell in love and
then lightnings were created ♫ ♫ A simple messenger also became
a matter of celebration ♫ Hey, What happened
to you girl? Good
Very good Good Morning bro.
Good Morning!! Hey brother That day left
me on the road Hello Vinoth where are you?
I am at the stand brother Ok finish work and come home soon.
We msut go outside – Ok Brother But don’t tell about this
to our brothers ok? Ok I’ll
come brother Brother For Annachi’s place
one part has accepted but there is a
small problem Nothing can be done
without his brother’s sign Now elder brother asked
to kill younger brother If we kill younger brother and spend
little money then problem solved What you say? Brother – Yes. I don’t
find it fine to talk to your brother Even I feel so but let’s try.
He is our brother after all You will not
listen at all Logu, start
the vehicle Wait.
Hey… Hey…
Hey… No please Brother From drinking water to mother’s
milk has turned poisonous today No use of agriculture sir.
They got our lands by paying huge sum MLA Lingam, for
his political benefits He killed a life in the middle of
a road like killing a stray dog So these 5 men decided
to revenge that MLA Then only they came to know
to compromise Lingam and Setu inspector Marudamuthu
was trying hard They decided to use Setu as
bait to revenge on MLA Then they came to know aboout
market stores lease auction Tell me Ok I’ll come.
Yes I’ll come. Sir, at the factory, godown, company
of AV Infosys’s MD Sushil, there is a lot of
black money hidden You can
raid there Hello – Sir the auction
is heating up it seems? I wanted to convey
something urgent to Setu IT department raid in
all places of Setu You can leave
quickly to know more ask your Setu to not
underestimate our MLA brother Hey Logu Go to Madurai and get
money from Bhai – Ok Brother! We will win
tomorrow’s auction With this you can jam
signal for 3 meter radius then they decided to steal voting machine
to stop Lingam from winning election that is why they are under secret
investigation now by the Government Hmmm ok sir
is it so? Ok recover
everything Sir,
What happened? Vasudevan just called.
What did he say sir? Vote counting machines are
recovered from his attic Sir, what happened to
MLA Lingam? Brother, should not spare him.
His death should be bad Hey what are you
going to do? Don’t do anything. Pelase leave.
I’ll give you anything you want What are you going to do?
Hey…get the can Get the can Hey give the can.
Brother? Give it Hey go tie him.
No No Hey please leave me.
Pour it man! Pour it! No no no.
Pour it well leave me Please leave me.
Pour it well You killed our brother.
It is our turn now No please listen to me
please leave me Please leave me Please leave me Please leave me They he only knows What do we
do now sir? Can we announce in a press
meet that we are searching MLA? But we got the vote
counting machines let’s think after
election results However, they did our job.
Its anyways wrong sir This boy confessed the sins of
MLA to him and his village You also listened then why
waste department’s time? But sir, we have to decide the
punishment for few mistakes Gandhinagar and Veppanadu
Checkposts? Yes sir! Are you receiving
signal? – Yes sir There is an alert regarding
that MLA; check all vehicles Hold vehicles without document
and people you doubt Ok sir We are enquiring three
suspects here Ok get their details.
Ok sir

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