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100 thoughts on “STONELAND: An Original Film by Rogue / 4K

  1. if you're used to lift regularly it's ok with the stones, but if you don't lift at all it's probably the most stupid thing you could ever do to lift such a heavy stone just to prove how "strong" you are or what a man you are…really…your body has to get used to the heavy weights, otherwise there will be damage…

  2. Done my first clach cuid fir a few days ago (the Puterach Stone in Balquidder).
    Happy to now be a part of one my countries rich traditions.

  3. Was interested until the "barriers for women" nonsense. Just tired of this gender issue in everything I see

  4. If it wasn't for whiskey the Scots would rule the world, even though I like my whiskey I wish Scott's did Run the World and we would have more men than these pantywaist we got now

  5. A special wee bit o film that captures so much in such a short time. The editing was 1st class!! Well done and Thanks!.

  6. The first day of my first job in Scotland 18 years ago on Lord Stairs estate I was asked to go and fetch a stone from a bog. This stone was huge and was half buried in mud. I tried for 20 minutes and failed. later that day 'BIG DAN' came and showed me how it was done. Welcome to Scotland sasenache!

  7. When I was in my 20s I could dead lift 600 pounds and press 425 pounds.
    I am a Gordon and Grandpa was from Aberdeenshire.
    I compete in the highland games , still at 65. Some of the stones that Ive made into low walls were un excess of 200 pounds and many others I couldnt lift I moved with bars.
    Ive always believed that a man should be as strong as possible until his dieing day.
    My sons competed in the games as well , and what fun it was to have them there. Hello from Arizona USA.
    Good video!
    Thank You!

  8. Aaaaaaaaah! This has to be satire right? Fat white dwarfs in skirts rolling stones, wiping them down, lifting them……celebrating?! Classic. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. This is about as Primitive of a sport as it can get. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but having hundreds of people gather around people who are just picking up big rocks sounds funny.

  10. I live in Nairn, and I'm from Skye.

    It just isn't like this nowadays.
    No one really looks to their history.
    Anyone who does is blasted by the youth or today for bringing it up, and I'm being honest.

  11. was moved and fascinated by this story of 'real' people doing something for the love of it… no realtime megascreens, no wall-to-wall commercal messages at the highland games… just doing it for the challenge, and for the human connection present and past…

    and matched by the filming: no flashy editing, no overwhelming music, just the creators using their talents to present the subject-matter as it is…. thank you much Rogue for all of that and more…. really wonderful!!!!

  12. Had to stop with the feminist shit. Men aren't allowed to have anything of their own and we're supposed to pretend that women have the same physical potential as men which is a total joke. There's absolutely no reason women SHOULD attempt any of this.

  13. Makes me proud to be of Scottish heritage and I hope to some day lift the stones of the land my blood is from!

  14. "I'm queet 'appeh ta luft mah fusts uf nidded…"

    I had to laugh at that, for I've never met a Scot whose feared of tearing a shred in the cobbles.

  15. Beautiful film about strength sport and tradition…i was in Scotland once and it was the most beautiful place i've ever been and I'm dreaming every day to go there again…must see the highland games

  16. This was incredible. I was searching for information about the Highland games and found this masterpiece. Such amazing insight into my heritage, thank you.

  17. As an American with Scottish, Irish, Celtic blood running threw my veins. This inspired me. I must find, and lift these stones. And the Denni stones are next. 12 seconds is the record? I will hold them for 20. Thank you Rogue for this feature. Be looking for more of my purchases in the future! #Highlanders

  18. Scotland is really a cool place in entire video everywhere there were lot of trees , it has amazing culture and really a good place to connect with nature .

  19. RIP to Dr. Terry Todd, Gordon Dinnie, and Peter Martin. Great men who worked extremely hard to promote this magnificent culture and the strength behind it.

  20. If you use tacky on your hands then you’re actually able to get some grip on it – used that in strongman for the atlas stones otherwise it’s a bugger if they slip and land on your toes 😂

  21. My Grandma is from North Kerry Ireland, and I used to want to go live with my cousins there… buuuuut Scotland has all these stones…

  22. Saw this on Netflix and I have to say this is a film that will usher in a new era for a great Scottish tradition.

  23. It is nice to know the culture of the towns that maintain the customs, the way of life, the autochthonous sports, based on the strength of its people.

    In northern Spain, the Basque Country and Navarra, we still maintain that culture of strength sport, around the stone. I show you some example: ,
    In the strength sports of the Basque club, it would also include the trawler regattas: Do not miss women's raregata, about the 12th minute.

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