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[APPLAUSE] How are you? – I’m doing fantastic, man.
– I like this suit. It’s a good look.
– Thank you very much. – It looks sharp.
– Picked up a little something. Thanks. Did you dress
up for Halloween? I did not dress
up for Halloween. I dress up every day. So I took it easy. JIMMY KIMMEL: I like that. My kids, my youngest
was a Power Ranger. Because, evidently,
they’re still around. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah,
they won’t go away. They won’t go away. My oldest was some kind
of harbinger of death. He’s House Slytherin. So that’s kind of
like his thing. Oh, he likes the bad guys? He loves the bad guys. – Interesting.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Isn’t that
interesting when a kid takes a liking to the bad guys? It is interesting. He sees Draco Malfoy. And he’s like, I understand him. [LAUGHTER] You know, he’s like, no,
but he’s just misunderstood. [LAUGHTER] Does he do that
with superheroes too? Does he like the villains?
Or, you know? He likes– OK, his favorite superhero
is actually Peter Parker. It’s Spider-Man. I would say between Peter
Parker and Miles Morales. Because both of those
movies were freaking huge. [APPLAUSE] And “Infinity Wars”–
this is not a spoiler. You guys have seen
“Infinity War.” When Peter Parker goes
away, I had to pick him up and put him on my lap. Because he was
convulsing in tears. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, wow. And then, in “Endgame,”
when Peter Parker came back, he’s like, yes! I knew it! I knew it! Like, Black Panther’s
fine, T’Challa. He was like, Peter Parker! He was all right. And Martin Scorsese says those
movies don’t mean anything. [LAUGH] They mean a lot. They mean a lot to him. When you are out
in public trick or treating with your
children or whatever, do people recognize you
more from “This Is Us,” or from the OJ mini series, or– You know, it’s interesting. Sometimes, I fool
myself into thinking I’m still kind of incog-negro– [LAUGHTER] –that I can just sort of walk
through life without anybody noticing anything. And then, quickly,
I’m reminded, oh, no, people know who you are, right? So if you happen to be in West
Hollywood or Beverly Hills at some sort of
upscale eatery, that’s usually going to be
like the “OJ” fans and whatnot– although
they’re all over. “This Is Us” can be
at the Von’s, you’re at CVS getting something. And people just want a hug,
you know what I’m saying? They look at you. They’re eyes immediately
become watery. And they’re like,
could you hug me? And I’m like, I’m just trying to
get these Pringles real quick. [INAUDIBLE] the Pringles. But we hug it out. It’s cool.
– That’s nice of you to do. Yeah, man, you got to– I feel like you were so
good in the OJ mini series as Christopher Darden,
I’ve almost forgotten who Christopher Darden is. And you’ve replaced him, like
you swallowed him up, in a way. Have you ever met him? Did you talk to him? So I reached out
during filming. And I tried to
Facebook friend him. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, really? I was like, hi, my name
is Sterling K. Brown. I’ve been tasked with portraying
you on the new mini series. I didn’t hear anything at all. And so during the whole time
shooting never heard anything. And I met him briefly just
within this past year at an event that my wife hosted. He was very kind,
very shy, very quiet. And we didn’t say too much. And that was the extent
of our interaction. Were you disappointed
that he didn’t say much? You know, it was interesting. I think everything
happens exactly the way that it’s supposed to. Because if we had met and we
just didn’t get along at all, then I was like, oh,
now I have to play you. That’s kind of
awkward, et cetera. No, I’m not disappointed. I was cool with it. JIMMY KIMMEL: Good. You’ve been an actor
for quite some time before people started to know
your name, and your face, and all that. Yeah, incog-negro, that’s
what I was trying to tell you. That was who I was. You did a play. What year was a play
you did with Al Pacino? That was like 2002 or 2003. And it was an
unbelievable cast, right? Oh, dude, it had Billy
Crudup, Paul Giamatti, Chazz Palminteri, Steve Buscemi,
Charles Durning, and, like, me. JIMMY KIMMEL: Really, like– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Eight of the greatest
actors in the world. Absolutely, incredible. We had two months of
rehearsal for a four-week run. Alan and I got to
know each other by playing chess together.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, really? Yeah, he brought a chessboard. And he’s like, you play? And I was like, yeah, I
play from time to time. And he was like, let’s go. And we’re playing. And he talks crap
while you’re playing. He was like, I wouldn’t do that! And I was like, all right. But I beat him five times. And he won three times. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, so you took– [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] Represented. Yeah, but we had
so much fun, man. He would tell all these
stories about old Hollywood, some PG-13, some rated
R. I’ll let him share with you when he comes for you. But he’s a hoot. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, you
had a lot of fun with him. Had a blast. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah,
he is a lot of fun. He’s a fun– you
would never know what you might get from him. He’s incredibly eccentric
but owns his eccentricity. Like, he is who he. He’s not afraid to be that. And he’d be in rehearsal. And he would do things
that I would classify, as a young actor, as strange. JIMMY KIMMEL: Like what? No, just, like, he’d
do different voices, or things that just seemed odd. I was like, is he going
to do it like that? Like, that’s not
the Pacino I know. But he allows himself
a process, right? Sometimes, when
you’re a young actor, you want to look
good all the time. He’s not afraid to
look bad knowing that he’s ultimately going
to end up in another place. It was a big learning
lesson for me. So in front of the other
actors, he will experiment, he’ll try things.
– Totally. And then, when he gets out on
stage, he saves the good stuff. And now, do you do
that same thing? I to. I try to do something where I
never look for an end result. You’re always in a state
of rehearsal, right? So I’m not trying to get
to the end of anything, but just play what’s
authentic to the moment. JIMMY KIMMEL: I see. Oh, that’s good advice
for actors, right? Thanks. I mean, for everyone else,
it’s completely worthless. But we’re actors.
[LAUGHTER] We’re actors! Just try to be in the moment! And I’m impressed you won
five out of the eight games. Was he mad that the young
guy comes in and beats him? He was a little upset. He was a little upset. And I got a chance to
talk crap back to him. And it was fun. JIMMY KIMMEL: That
sounds like fun. We’re going to take a break. When we come back, you’ll see
a clip from the new movie. It’s called “Waves.” Sterling K. Brown,
we’ll be right. [LAUGHTER] RONALD WILLIAMS: We
can go right now. We can go? RONALD WILLIAMS: We
can go right now. That’s what’s up. RONALD WILLIAMS: You think
you can take your old man? You think you can– You guys– What’s up? –can we not– [INAUDIBLE] RONALD WILLIAMS: It’s
that shoulder, right? Come on. What’s up? RONALD WILLIAMS: Did you start? Did I start? RONALD WILLIAMS: I’m just
making sure you started. Nah, did you? Get out of my ear. Let me know when you’re ready. WOMAN: Can you not
hit your sister? RONALD WILLIAMS: You all right? I’m fine, man. You let me know
when you’re ready. You doing OK? You let me know. You let me know. WOMAN: Can we not scare
the people, please? [APPLAUSE] That is Sterling
K. Brown in “Waves,” which opens November 15th. This is not a movie
about arm wrestling. That is just a
moment in the film. Just a moment. It’s a family drama,
tragedy, takes place to this African-American family. You see the steps that
build to that tragedy. And you see the steps that
they take to try to put their family back together. JIMMY KIMMEL: Your wife in
the movie is Renée Elise– Goldsberry. –Goldsberry, who most people
would know from “Hamilton.” She was– You guys know “Hamilton.” She was one of the
original cast members. She played Angelica Scarlett
in the original “Hamilton.” And I’m a huge “Hamilton” head. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, you are?
Oh, wow. Oh, dude, when
I first met her, I started playing a song
from the play to her and lip syncing her
singing the song. And how did she react to that? She loved it. She loved it, OK, good. It was– I– it was endearing. It could have gone too
far and been strange. But I kept it right on the edge
of, like, oh, you’re a fan. You walked the line down– I walked the line. I’m like Joaquin Phoenix. I walked the line. And you’re, also– speaking of singing–
in “Frozen 2.” I am in “Frozen 2.” [APPLAUSE] –cast members of the
voice cast of “Frozen 2.” They threw a little
color up into Arendelle. Your boy had to come represent. Because black folks are
in fairy tales, too. Right? [APPLAUSE] You know what I mean? And it’s frigging awesome, man. I’m really excited. I actually haven’t seen
the whole thing yet. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, you haven’t? But every time you go into the
booth, they show you something. They show you how
they animate you. And they use parts of your
face for the character. Because they say, like,
you have a big smile. So I’m like, do I?
I don’t think so. And so then I see how
they animate my character. And they make him smile like me.
And I was like, oh, snap. That’s how I smile.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Really? Yeah! JIMMY KIMMEL: I didn’t
know they did that. They do a lot of stuff. So they have a
camera on your mouth? They have a
camera on your face the whole time that
you’re recording, just doing the dialogue. And they use that recording to
help make the facial features for the character. Wow, that’s crazy. It’s really cool. Do you have to get
makeup before you go and do a voiceover?
– No. – You do not.
– No, no, no, no, no. JIMMY KIMMEL: It’s
just au natural. All this prettiness
just goes away. And I assume this is a
new character added to– not a character we– New character
added to number two. But he’s supposed
to have been a part of this world for a long time. Because he was a lieutenant in
the army of their grandfather. So he’s somebody from
their past and helps them connect to things
that happened in the past. Can you say if you
sing in the movie? I cannot.
JIMMY KIMMEL: You cannot. They’ll take my pinkie toe.
JIMMY KIMMEL: I see. They’re that strict, huh?
You can’t even say– because, like, Kristen Bell can
say, yeah, of course, I sang. Well, because she
sang in the last one. – Right.
– Right? But now, hopefully, people
will go November 22nd and see if I sing in the movie! [APPLAUSE] JIMMY KIMMEL: I don’t think
you’re going to have trouble getting people to the movie. Hopefully, this
one has some legs. Wow, you got two big movies. One of them is, of
course, “Frozen 2.” It opens November 22. And the week before
that, go see Sterling in “Waves,” November 15. Sterling K. Brown, everybody. [APPLAUSE] We’ll be right back.

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