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99 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look

  1. Let the past die they said and look they’re using old movie clips to promote this movie my gawd I’m saddened

  2. 50% desperate nostalgia trip to with hope to bring old fans back (that really reminds people of better trilogies), and evil Rei that is probably not real Rei but some sort of vision she has in place of power, you know like Luke had on Dagobah. She's a precious marry sue, no way Jar Jar Abrams would turn her or even be allowed to by the PC police.

  3. Hmm I feel the eclipse is hiding behind that fleet in the clouds. Also will we possibly see the world devastators? Also could Thrawn be amongst the Dark Imperial fleet? This has Dark Empire all over it.

  4. The dark rey with double lightsaber is probably just a vision like Luke had in empire and the red laser hitting the ground is obviously just the next super weapon

  5. For everyone saying they are being drawn back in. Just remember how amazing/deceptive The Last Jedi's trailer was. They even teased Rey and Kilo joining forces….I'm not buying this.

  6. Does anyone think we will learn anything about Snoke in this movie? Or will they just kinda be like yeah he was a character lol.

  7. So this starts of with footage ripped from objectively superior films, pretending it’s all one continuous story that has been planned from the beginning, which isn’t true, the sequel trilogy wasn’t even fully planned before they began filming. Also how is the shot with all the star destroyers supposed to be imposing when a single x-wing could use hyperdrive to wipe them all out. Then there’s Y-wings, which we all know why that’s a problem and raises questions. And finally there’s Rey with a red lightsaber. Yeah sure, I totally think they’re gonna turn My-Rey-Sue into a villain, and why does she look like she somehow died while standing up, she has no expression, she just looks bored like always.

    In short, all spectacle with no heart, just continuing to ruin the original characters but using them for marketing because they have no faith in their creations.

  8. Yo I don't care how bad so far this trilogy turned out to be,
    the sound of a lightsaber hits me with goose bumps everytime

  9. Just makes me think of Luke's encounter in the cave on Dagobah, that's what immediately popped into my head with Rey at the end.

  10. Reys clone?and they were both cloned from vaders DNA but she escaped to jaku years ago with the help of rebels that will be in the mandalorian which will spin off into ryan Johnson's trilogy this equalling maximum profits for Disney through merchandising

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  12. Can’t believe after all these years the saga finally comes to an end , avengers end game was so hyped up but that was the end of a 10 year saga this is the end of a story that started almost 40 years ago

  13. Finally the true Empire has returned to slap some sense into the Resistance and First Order, or at least that's what it looks like with the old Imperial Star Destroyer Armada.

  14. Didnt move me at goosebumps.nothing.i now people defend sequels but agree atleast that past 3 movies could hv been better. Kathaleen just doesnt have that "kevin fiege" vision and understanding of the universe . Star wars needed that

  15. I have to admit

    Red is definitely a better color for the eyes as the laser is way too bright at night if it’s blue

  16. I see this and I'm not excited, I see this and all I see is a ruined saga, I see this and I remember how they tossed Lucas to the side and disgrace our noble Luke, Mark Hamill, I see this and I see all the sjw propaganda they tried to force down my throat, I see this, your comments, sicken that you all have forgotten, I see that you have forgotten that this is no longer star wars, our beloved series, but the work of something evil, I dare say, the Devils work.

    Good bye star wars time to let go.

  17. This looks like a movie that a hardcore star wars fan would come up with. I was already disappointed after the disaster that is The Last Jedi and the lazy plot that was in The Force Awakens, and I don't think this ones going to be beyond my expectations at this point, but ofc I will judge it after I see it. I'm hoping this one will redeem itself cuz I'm just not enjoying this saga as much as the others

  18. That voice that says "Your journey nears it's end" sound a lot like Darth Malak from Star Wars Knights of the old Republic.

    Of course it can't be him but it sounds like him.

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