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hey there i’m full of Molina and on this
channel we analyze and dissect and have a lot of fun sharing as many little
miserable moment as we can in our favorite nerd properties like get ready
because just like the trailer before it start wars the force awakens the movie.!
is insanely packed with references and easter eggs and cameos and interesting
imagery a whole sort of trivia and I’m just preparing you because this is going..
to be a huge video but totally worth it because there’s so much cool stuff and I
definitely think we actually spotted a few things that I haven’t seen anywhere
else oh and obviously with the movie being so
jam-packed the Attic cut a finger to the lucky for you I’ve got a good idea on
what those deleted scenes were and i’ll go over those to know if you think I
miss anything feel free to let me know in the comments but there’s a good
chance we already covered it in one of our other star wars references any
strike videos for the trailer breakdown so check those out after this if you
want to see even more all right going in order as it played out in the movie
let’s get to it spoilers galore starting at the beginning the opening shot of the film which is up
there as may be one of the coolest looking ones they’ve ever done shows us
a new level of Star Destroyer eclipsing a planet star destroyers called the
finalizer and this epic ship is twice as big as the old school star destroyers
and it actually had to be built in secret because it really blatantly
violates the treaty between the first order in the New Republic but since this
epic shot is also the first thing we see you might not be surprised that there’s
some interesting imagery choice is going on here to the tip of the finalizer very
much resembles the crossguard of kylo Ren’s lightsaber and this ship with that
cross guard style mass begins to block out all of the light in the shot almost
completely bringing darkness to the planet below but when there’s just the tiniest sliver
of light left a few ships shoot out of its side escaping through the light specifically including the ship that
finish on all right JJ did a lot of this kind of stuff in this movie moving on in
Star Wars the language we hear our main characters speak sounds a lot like
English but they call it basic over the first non basic words the movie are some
concern beeps from bb-8 when he sees the first order approaching – cuckoo but the
first English or basic words that are spoken are by Mac spots at Al’s lor san
tekka and his line is this should begin to make things right this that’s the first line of the first
Star Wars movies since the not love three equals so another translation that
might be like damn shots fired lor san tekka and JJ that’s
an official translation moving on when the troop transporters
carrying finlande on the stands of jakku their design and the choreography and
the cinematography they’re all nods to the landing craft
touching down on the sands of Omaha Beach specifically the way was depicted
in one of JJ’s mentors movies Saving Private Ryan directed by steven
spielberg in both movies we get shots of the concerns soldiers packed into the
vessels and they can’t see whether about to land but the moment the vessel doors lowered
the soldiers up front are immediately killed chaos ensues and when Finn spaces out
due to all the violence it’s almost identical to the way tom
hanks spaces out also not being able to comprehend it all JJ is borrowing that movie is realistic
depiction of invasion and the surrounding tragedy to make us right out
of the gate realized these stormtroopers are actual people who are actually dying
and that’s all before we’ve even seen one of them take their helmets off also
this isn’t the only World War two reference in the movie but that’s later
let’s keep going the x-wing that PO jumps into but is
quickly disabled is actually not fancy new technology it’s more of a modified
version of what the rebels already had back in the original trilogy and the
point of this reference is to show us that the resistance isn’t hot
well-funded they are working off what is now very old technology meanwhile the first order moments later
shows off their fancy brand new ships when kylo Ren arrives and his personal Luke salon class shuttle and it’s twice
as big and way newer than Vader’s old lambda-class shuttle and it’s obviously
like nine Greek letters better a few moments later we see one of the most
memorable amazing moments in the movie when kylo Ren uses his force abilities
to freeze a freaking blaster bolt midair considering blaster bolts are kind of
like shooting lasers that’s something we’ve never seen the force due
manipulate light energy the way that being freezes in the way it looks I mean
it’s weird to say this but it’s actually scientifically accurate and that’s
because i’m pretty sure the filmmakers studied this actual experiment in real
life where star wars obsessed scientists wanted to see what it would look like to
freeze a blaster bolt midair also this new manipulating of light that
the force can do it’s not our only knew for stability but let’s keep going
that’s one known that the legendary John Williams came back to compose the music
for the force awakens but that means that JJ wasn’t able to go to his go-to
composer for everything from alias two star trek Michael chiquinho that guy is
totally great – he won the Oscar for his score for up I can still home like every
score from Los but Aquino actually considers John Williams to be his hero he even said he’d rather hear new Star
Wars music from john williams then from himself he got rewarded because he’s the
Stormtrooper that pushes poe dameron down in front of Kyle that’s a pretty good trade a few moments
later when bb-8 sees the explosion and me things Oh might be dead his sounds are
incredibly emotional and sad and that makes sense considering actual humans
perform bb-8 voice you might already know that was actually Bill Hader and
John Ralphio himself ben schwartz and it really is their performance because what
they did is they spoke words and made sounds into an ipad app that digitize
their voices into robotic sounds fun Bill Hader fact he’s actually a huge
star wars nerd and like 10 years ago he was begging to be a lowly production
assistant on this star wars documentary just because he loved it so much and i’m
also not surprised that he got the job as bb-8 voice because a lot of people
don’t remember years ago he is to go around doing these amazing impression of
non-human Star Wars characters they’re just so good watch your job without dying when you’re dying on you amazing and for Ben Schwartz I here’s a video of
another time that he added his voice to a part of Star Wars that doesn’t really
use words yeah ok then we meet captain phasma who’s our
first game is around cameo gwendoline christie and while you probably didn’t
know that a lot of people don’t know that her shiny armor it’s purposely made to stand out within
the star wars universe because she wanted to be a symbol in star wars
history it turns out it actually melted down from one of those Rome ships that
they use on the Emperor and Padme his homeworld Naboo and her armor
specifically came from one of the Emperor ship so fast my uses it as a
symbol of his power then race cabbages and there’s a specific moment where she
pulls out a salvaged old Star Destroyer part it’s a capacitor bearing but the
framing of this shot is very purposely mirrored almost exactly in a much more
time active moment later in the movie when Ray’s pulling out parts of the
fancy new circular base and the way she repels around these old destroy walls
it’s also mimicked in her escape from the new vessels interrogation area it’s
just a bunch of setups and pay off ready then takes her findings back on
her speeder and sure it has some similarities to luke’s speeder but it’s
actually hard to place what kind of speed it is and that’s because as it
turns out rebuilt it herself from other party scavenge fact you might not have
noticed there’s no seat she’s sitting on the engine and the engine is a recycled
hot racer engine there’s also other podracer parts floating around on jakku
and the tattered podracer flags at moms clouds castle they all give us the
detail that’s pretty easy to miss in this time of the star wars universe know
hun podraces anymore actually get that because a silly spectator sport doesn’t
make as much sense once the Emperor takes over and everything is terrible can’t say I miss it either molecule and
the movie doesn’t have a ton of nod to the prequels but there are some then we
get another epically beautiful shot where ray cruises past the outside of
the down star destroyer and it’s actually known to be the inflict ER it
was a story that went down back in the battle of jakku had a whole story about
why it’s crashed into that very spot in the sand if you want to know that story
it’s in the new star wars book lost stars i’ll put a link to the description
to it but when I think it’s cool about this shot and shot we get a little later
where she’s standing behind a super star destroyer it is the first time we’ve actually been
able to grasp the scale of these huge ships next to a human being it finally
gives us a relative size for all those shots that are in space and hold the crap that means all those battles
are so massive Raven drags his cabin genes to unkar
plutt who seems to run things here on email post and the actor underneath that
blob eNOS happens to be Simon Pegg his voice was heavily altered but he’s
actually really in there wearing all that stuff Star Wars I’ve burned tower only his
facial expressions were enhanced with CGI is also fun to note that simon
Pegg’s one of the stars of the new star trek movies and he’s writing the new
ones i guess you can join Finn in the list of really likable traders when Ray
goes home and get a really good look at her belongings including this little
rebel pilot doll that she clearly made herself and would probably do really
well if she sold it on etsy particularly has a thing about rebel pilots later
she’s outside of her home which is a down to 84 @ @ if you say it that way
I’ll let you guys debate that in the comments in any way when she goes out
there she puts on an old rebel flight helmet and as she imagined what it would
be like to be a rebel pilot you can see on the side the star wars are best letters fresh and
and her which in english spell r ke h as in ray not just some cute
production designer joke though the helmets markings actually mean it
belongs to the turf in yellow aces specifically captained Ozma tray of
female x-wing pilot so here’s my theory considering how obsessed ray is with
this pilot and her adventures and how little she seems to know about her own
path couldn’t it be the case that Ray actually named herself after captain ray
like having forgotten her own original name it would mirror how kylo Ren chose
to go buy a new name when he changes identities how r n is actually been and then ray could be bay bay Skywalker
her for bacon lb that’s terrible note forget the bay part the theory kind of
hold up no bae moving on right rescues bb-8 from titos net and i’m pretty sure
that’s the moment where Star Wars character says job I think Tito mutters it right there if
you don’t know by the way job is this trademark phrase of conor o’brian it
means nothing he just loves it he put it in the simpsons of the iguana Jeb is fantastic bag JJ to put in Star
Wars and you got jumped up in i did this is fantastic pretty sure that’s where it is and
speaking of trademark phrases when ray tells BBA to stay off Kelvin Ridge it’s
a reference to JJ Abrams is grandfather Henry Kelvin he actually puts that in
all of his projects it was big and lost that’s a major ship and star trek so now
you can add Kelvin Ridge to that list that’s going to finalize our PO played
by Oscar Isaac being enforced tortured and interrogated by kylo Ren and just
outside the room is general Hawkes played by Donald Gleason a lot of people
like to point out that Isaac’s and glisan were in a movie together about a
very advanced roid called it’s mocking up the movies great actually I don’t think it’s nearly as fun as
reminding people that kylo & powered a movie together to the movies you pick a child about the key that
scene is equally intense back on jakku the only quick thing worth pointing out
is that unkar plutt refers to be ba as at him and then throughout the entire
rest of the movie people call me baji him and they might not seem unusual
except almost all the way up until the film’s release VA was confirmed to be a
girl that’s because Lucas Films president Kathleen Kennedy referred to
her as a girl and so did the designers of BBA so why do people keep calling to
him they don’t give us much of an answer
actually they just say that somewhere in the design changes they change something
about bb-8 that made him definitively a boy and like the only thing I can think
is that somewhere online they added a wiener like I don’t know haha else they would
be able to just suddenly shift genders thinking about it I guess they wouldn’t
really want to have to explain why two dudes were hired to do the voice of
female droid that sounds way more possible actually then then adding a
wiener it just it just wouldn’t be practical
you can’t you wouldn’t be able to roll with it was more on the finalizer we see
Finn take off his stormtrooper helmet and revealed to PO that he’s rescuing
him and it’s a direct reference to loose revealing to lay in a new hope I’m Skywalker here to rescue you then
it’s been in po try and make their escape we get our best look at petty
officers annison he’s actually game with their own champion number two Thomas brodie-sangster you might better
remember him as the adorably horny little kid from love actually unfortunately if you’re a big fan of his
that’s all you get because he died by 10 seconds later in that same escape seen
you actually also hear the infamous wilhelm scream that’s in every star wars movie i Doan
fence cape on the TIE fighters and the finalizer fires the ventral cannons we
see some really unusual blast rather than the lasers were used to I mean one of those things takes up the
whole side of the TIE fighter and the thing is that this could be part of this
huge reveal in the way the first order works now apparently the new Star Destroyer the
finalizer it has a brand new weapon that is very expensive and very special
because it’s powered by Kyber crystals and why that matter Kyber crystals are what Jedi’s used to
make light sabers the bad guys sit sabers are usually made using these
knockoff synthetic crystals but not the jedis and actually not pile of red Sabre
either but the fact that the first order is now using weapons powered by Kyber
crystals tells us that the first order is actually using technology powered by the force so that means snow
kit intermingling the first order and the dark side way more than the original Empire ever
did which is gonna make a huge difference when the first order is
trying to take on Jedi also while Finn and power escaping we
get the reveal that Finn doesn’t actually have a name but rather he is
referred to by his number fn-2187 now there’s one kind of obvious
reference there because cell 2 187 is where they found princess leia way back
on the Death Star Curtis 127 you go again but the number 2
187 is itself a bigger reference to the nineteen sixty three short film 2187
directed by arthur lipsett it’s one of those super artsy short films it’s a
hell in black and white but it completely inspired george lucas and is
making a Star Wars like I’m talking droids and the force and it’s just so
much stuff i would have to save it for another video but i will point out the
way that they use the numbers in 2187 that these are some of the last words in
the short film somebody walks up and you say your
numbers 2187 isn’t it so not that references would ever be in
competition with each other but isn’t it cool that sure in the original it was
Leila’s cell on the Death Star but here in this 2187 is exactly how people refer
to Finn and that’s also the way they use it in the short film they walk up to him
and call him number 2187 very cool reference moving on when phasma reports back about
fn-2187 going rogue you can seed young fan maybe around eight or nine years old
and probably the AG was when he was taken by the first order then as general
Hux and kylo Ren bicker like siblings ren says that perhaps nope should have
used a clone army it’s obviously a reference to the past
days of the clone troopers based on Jango Fett but it’s also really
interesting because it’s reinforcing stormtroopers are real people but it
actually is opening up another really interesting possibility they might not
all be human if it is the only one we’ve seen take his helmet off speaking up in
he and Ray finally meet and it’s very fun and she doesn’t need hand-holding
you okay for me and the two of them and bb-8 run through this archway that marks
the entrance to the name outpost and is actually a design that we never got to
see but was supposed to mark the entrance to Jabba the Hutt’s palace way
back in return of the jedi I’m it actually makes a lot of sense here
though since nema i’ll post was named for NEMA the hut on Lady hunt and thank
God we didn’t have to see her also this exact same part the camera
actually pans right past the Millennium Falcon most people just didn’t notice it oh and of course ray calling it garbage
is I call back to Luke calling it a piece of chunks which might seem harsh
since ray collect junk for a living but the Falcon actually is a really old
freighter ship now you can actually see it at one point flying around in the
prequels and that’s more than 50 years before the events of this movie but at
least she’s got it where it counts its latest owner is revealed to be on guard
plot you hear him yell that’s mine a Hawaiian ray Grand Theft Auto is it
and this is a really good moment to reveal another scene that was deleted
apparently on car actually tracks the Falcon to tackle dan I and maz kanata castle he then get in a
fight with our heroes and finally something that’s been teased that before
but we’ve never seen chewy tears is freaking arm off it’s not wise for sort of work that’s
amazing I totally hope they shot it and it makes its way onto a blu-ray or
something because I got to see that Wookiee yank that’s not what I mean come back to the
AC now we can see how the Falcon has held up and it’s not well at all
actually you can see the Gunners seat that Finn’s operating is really rough
and clunky and in another parallel to New Hope’s actually shot very similarly
to han and luke escape light on the balcony they even celebrate the same way the targeting computer is still the
exact same Nintendo Virtual board game but we do see one clear upgrade that
somebody made there’s a new antenna on top of it because if you remember when
Lando tohon that he’s gonna return to Falcon without a scratch you almost
immediately get the antenna smashed off the top this new little antennas
rectangular instead of round I guess the advantage there is that parents can just
recycle the old toy they have to get the new one with the rectangle with the bad
parents as a ray highlights the Falcons she flies through the whole of one of
the old craft starships which is even bigger than the massive flickr we saw
earlier and this is a super star destroyer it’s actually what’s left of the Ravager
that also went down in the battle of jakku it was actually the last Super Star
Destroyer the original vampire hat and the Admiral in charge of that ship her
name was also raised a lot of raising this neighborhood the story of that ship
is in the star wars book aftermath not lost ours are all links that one of the
description to moving on after Rey and Finn escape the Falcon gets pulled into
Han and Chewie these new cargo ship the arowana and it’s gonna be a really long
time before anyone can definitely see it clearly if it’s there but apparently
there’s a cargo container on this ship it is numbered 990 6 75 3 that’s the same number we saw on a
different cargo crate and hangar 51 in indiana jones in there it contains the
Ark of the Covenant it’s like Harrison Ford cannot get away from that thing when Han and Chewie board million Falcon
we get a ton of quick nods to the original trilogy Brian Finn hiding out in the smuggling
compartment that Luke on and obi-wan hidden before other also wearing the
same atmospheric mass that Han Chewie and Leia where an empire strikes back
and that scene back then they’re out there cleaning off my not
bats who have that gross sucker mouth that is on the glass of the Falcon and
also the rat our mouths and tentacles on the Falcons cockpit class and also
references that Falcon famous show off statistic about its castle run distance
but she gets wrong it says it’s 14 parsecs and a million nerd shout 12 at
the same time that Honda and oh my god is a lot of references do you want more ok in that same sequence we get cameras
from the really bad ass stars of the raid as members of candy club and
seriously they’re epic fighters you should watch the raid to see that we
also get hon saying I have a bad feeling about this and it’s the third time has
said that got a bad feeling about this really good feeling about this which
means he surpasses obi-wan to the person who said that the most though he already
had that record if you count the time that Indiana Jones said in Kingdom of
the Crystal Skull and the Indiana Jones reference is go with the other direction
when they’re all trying to outrun the rat stars as one of them comes rolling
behind hon it’s exactly the same framing as the famous boulder that’s chasing indie and Raiders of the
last start and when Finn is looking for God we find and tosses Luke training
remote droid thing and it’s actually technically Hans remote but that doesn’t
matter because the references are done and oh my god when they are on the
Falcon it’s like non-stop references who but luckily the movie takes us to our
killer bass there we get our first good look at supreme leader Snoke albeit he’s
just a giant hologram smoke is rumored to actually only be seven feet tall only but here it’s probably just a
reference to the giant hologram of the Emperor’s and empire strikes back but
did you see that huge crater and smokes head there’s obviously a lot about his
backstory that we don’t know moving on and get back to the Falcon
which means more references been accidentally activate be hollow chess
game but what’s actually really cool about that moment is that it picks up
right after where the game left off in a new hope the little guy that just got
body slam he stands back up and he smacks the opponent over the head with a
mallet and just good for the little guy the other really cool thing about the
game is that they actually went and shot new stop motion animation just like the way they did in the
original then our crew arrives to ma’s pirate castle on taco Donna and inside
that castle there’s a ton of other references in east right in fact I bet there’s gonna be so many
more revealed over time but here’s what I’ve got so far the song you hear when you enter was
written and performed by Broadway’s lin-manuel Miranda and JJ Abrams himself
there’s also a funny little alien who’s played Warwick Davis warrant played wicket the
Ewok in return of the jedi he also played two characters in Phantom Menace
it was a wall and weasel and get w names continue because this aliens name is
wall oven a great name remember kids that there’s also a couple
of droids that are among the oldest ones we’ve ever seen in Star Wars one of
which Emmy 89 kind of looks like an ancient ancestor to c-3po it’s actually
rumored to be like thousands of years old so this might be some of the first
droid ever but onto my favorite cameo that we see in the castle and it’s right
when we walk in the camera purposely stays with this little creature guy for
some extra time and he looks a lot like some sort of Wolfman that’s a really
slick reference to the original new hope as in Star Wars as it was in 1977 on
special edition you see back in nineteen ninety-seven there were the star wars
special editions and they did it again in 2004 and in 2011 George Lucas just
kept going back to the original trilogy and updating the effects and changing a
bunch of scenes and adding a bunch of CGI and that’s why somehow hayden
christensen is in a movie that was released in 1983 and how hon went from
shooting grito first to shooting in self-defense so for the most part this is the moment
when people started really hate on George Lucas and his unnecessary cgi
update one of the mascots of the anti special edition movement was the
original mas Eisley cantina Wolfman and most people watching this video right
now and finally never even seen this guy that’s because Lucas Films is that
everything possible i can to erase them in any reference to him from existence they replaced him with two different
aliens in the original movie but JJ here is very subtly sharing how he feels
about those special editions changes he makes it super clear he thinks the
practical wolfman belongs in a cantina scene he reinforces that practical
effects preference when you realize aside from Moscow not herself every
character in this entire scene is a practical as a non CGI character and to
really point that out this scene actually opens with an almost in it long single take uncut shot
showing us all of them really cool oh and after that uncut tracking shot we
get our quick Judah Friedlander cameo and he’s also
not cgi he just Judah Friedlander in space now all this stuff in math kannada is
clearly obviously just packed with references but it makes you wonder what
stuff we didn’t see because as it turns out this is another sequence that had a
ton cut out of it one of the deleted scenes hasret gaining some extra wisdom
from this priest like figure his name proster online but he was totally cut
out of the movie but even more drastic ma’s herself had this entire storyline
that was also completely cut out it’s because JJ realized that ultimately even
if she continued on with our heroes she didn’t actually need to be there with
that so don’t you cut the whole thing out and you can actually see a remnant
of maza storyline in that one shop in the trailers where she’s handing Luke’s
lightsaber to Leia instead of thin oh and as for deleted Leia scenes yeah
there were major deletions but we will get back to that one of the most talked
about scenes is raised force vision and that makes total sense because there’s a
lot going on there you can actually hear Vader’s breathing not just at the beginning of the vision
but there are hints of it before she’s even got into that room with the
lightsaber and then once the vision starts added to the breathing is Luke
screaming no he finds out that matters is dad and that all goes with the location that
Ray is seen because that’s the exact place on Cloud City where luke and vader
had their epic fight then just before we see all the Knights of Ren we seek
high-low stab someone through the chest with this saber but if you watch it
closely it almost seems like that person might have been about to attack someone
so there’s a slight chance that run was actually saving someone with that attack
let me know what you think about that when you re watch that scene up next in the vision a large figure
polls young railway and that bulbous hand and that deep voice saying quiet
girl it all seems to be very likely unkar plutt so that could mean that he’s
actually not such a bad guy or that whoever left her with them just didn’t
know what a jerk he be then right at the end of the vision if you keep your ears
open here both a young and old obi-wan with Alec Guinness is voice saying ray
and you and mcgregor saying these are the first step that’s so awesome they
had you and come in and record new lines just for that but with the late Alec
Guinness they use this moment from obi-wan saying afraid it’ll be afraid
and they chopped it down so that Sir Alec could savory very cool and one of
my favorite things they did it was just a worth hearing his voice again now also
somewhere else in there you’re supposed to be able to hear Yoda’s voice saying
energy around behind but for the life of me I’ve seen the movie like four times
now i have not been able to make it out let me know in the comments if you hear
it and exactly where it is known about this whole psychic vision thing that’s
happening here with Ray that’s all a very specific but new to the movies Jedi
power called psychometry we’re touching an object allows a force-user to see
visions of the objects memories and also just happen to the past and future and
it’s a really big deal and Star Wars actually and that’s because almost no
one has ever had that power so it lends credence to Ray being a very special
type of Jedi also really interesting to note is that the few Jedi that have had
that power were banned from using it because being able to see through the
eyes of others and witness extreme violence you guessed it Jedi’s believe
that lets the dark Sider so potential storyline for Bray in the future maybe I
don’t know okay up next we have the very crazy angry general Hux speech and
this section after the opening stormtrooper seen its are other major
world war two reference this whole thing is very closely modeled after the
speeches of Adolf Hitler not just the screaming and the uniforms but the body
language the colors the troop formations and really blatantly the stormtroopers
arms shooting up highly Huck’s Nazis have actually always been the main
inspiration for the Empire and Hitler’s rise to power is very similar to the way
the Emperor did force awakens actually picks up where that left off because
after World War too many Nazis went into hiding in Argentina and that’s almost
exactly what happens after the Empire shatter their remnants also go into
hiding in Argentina now getting high in the unknown region of the galaxy where
they could all go be evil and be the new republic would notice also the way the
first order takes young children and then they basically brainwash them into
believing all there to get nonsense and then they turn them into storm troopers
at all is all pretty much exactly what the Nazis did with the Hitler Youth
enough not these ok I let’s talk about what happens after
the speech they use Starkiller base to destroy the hosnian system including
javi and prime which is the capital of the New Republic and since we’ve seen
how it works that’s the first time that a star has been utilized in an act of
war in a Star Wars movie and it’s called the hosnian system as a reference to the
famed Los Angeles high school teacher Jim hosny who taught film to like
everybody in Hollywood when they were teens including all of JJ Abrams is
regular producing partners Brian Burke who produced this movie where two or chi
and alex kurtzman who co-produced the star trek movies with JJ money even
taught the son of lawrence kasdan who co-wrote this movie and return of the
jedi and empire strikes back so i guess all these people just felt like they
owed this old high school teacher something so they named an entire star
system after him and then they blew it up anyway back to the destroyed New
Republic capital we actually only get this really brief shot of it before it’s
going out except that one shot is a remnant of another huge story line that
was totally cut out of the movie and it’s the big layer storyline
that I alluded to earlier so in that one shot of her husband and
prime the camera focuses on this girl that you might have wondered is she
important out did we see here before well she used to be important that’s
course LOL and i’m gonna save a lot of these smaller details for another video
but basically in the time that passed since returned to the Jedi the New
Republic really desperately wanted to pretend that everything was fine you
want to ignore it in the first order was doing it even though it was breaking all
these treaties that they had established Princess Leia originally was seen as
this kind of hero when she kept pointing out how stupid it was to ignore the
first order everyone in the Senate kind of started to hate her and it definitely
stopped trusting her so that’s why I layer formed a resistance separate from
the New Republic and there was a whole story line in the movie that explained
all that in it now generally I feels that she finally has enough proof to the
New Republic to act and send their fleet to take out the first order or arrest
them or do something because they know that they’re building this insane weapon
but since she knows that no one in the New Republic trust her anymore she had
to send one of our commanders forcella to meet with the New Republic Senate to
convince them to prepare for war would you like anything at all yeah all of this stuff was comfort I’m
and they were also scenes in it where we learned that he Threepio is in charge of
these droids that spy on the first order Leia gives a passionate feet to her
troops there’s all kinds of characters and leaders of Naboo whole new
chancellor and it’s all gone we do however know how the story line
and because we see the killer son being hit hard and Prime and there’s course
Alice screaming he’s standing next to the new chancellor and yet proof there
there if you thought the movie was missing a
bit of the three politics of the New Republic
or lay up being a really badass general keep your fingers crossed for the
deleted scenes because I think that’s all in there ok so then later when the first order
attacks Moses castle hon uses chuys broadcaster and even though he actually
used it a little earlier in the movie find out that these two times like the
only times han has ever used chewy signature weapon and when he sees that
it can blow a freaking stormtrooper across the battlefield of course yeah
he’s a big fan of it later when the storm troopers surround chewy and hard
and have them put their hands up it’s all a call back to with the moment
return of the jedi where the same thing happens except here the resistance comes
to the rescue and back then it was a bunch of teddy bears or he walks oh and
in this epic rescue sneak attack we get a moment where finn watches po flying it
says that that’s one hell of a pilot and yeah he is because in that 22nd uncut shot ho takes
out & Tie Fighters and three storm trooper if you’ve ever heard of the concept of
an ace pilot is defined as a pilot who has shot down at least five enemy planes
over the course of their career so that means PO is the double ace pilot in just
these 20 seconds yeah he’s definitely one of the best pilot ever and considering the gift that Luke gave
his family and the comic book shattered Empire there’s a chance that there’s actually
some force at work in po link to that story in the description – and then when we finally do get laying
in this movie how she arrives in a modified version of a B wing from Return
of the Jedi and it’s actually another ship it’s not like a new version it’s
been cobbled together from parts left over from the original trilogy and it
really underlines that the resistance doesn’t have nice anything like all of
their stuff is left over from the Galactic Civil War even their leaders
then right after she lands we get is really easy to miss cameo right before
han and Leia even talk we see what seems like a standard protocol droid but if
you look closely it’s actually c-3po of course you probably don’t recognize
them because of the red arm ok no I’m kidding yes i know you can recognize the
but did you know that the red arm is going to get its own story in another
part of the saga apparently has to do with a sacrifice
that another droid made and talking about it makes c-3po very
sad and it’s kinda feels like three people got like really close to another
droid while are two was asleep and I mean jerk good for him it is legal matter anyway
once the gang goes over to the secret resistance face back on the car to get a
few more cameos including carrie fisher’s daughter Billie lourd can along
from Los and JJ zone good luck charm Greg Grunberg who’s been pretty much
everything Jay does he even snuck a man at her stepdad and star trek that Carson
it with your friends but here he snap Wesley a grownup version of 10 min
Wexley from that Star Wars aftermath book the most interesting thing there is
that in the book it doesn’t come out and say it but it leaves you with the
feeling that he could have some of the force in him so let’s just keep an eye
on snap as the movies keep coming out oh and that doctor who is like hardcore
flirting with two weeks he’s like column all brave and stuff cheese lady
Shackleton from Downton Abbey but more interesting she’s the niece of
christopher lee who played Count Dooku now she’s Chuy’s girlfriend which is
just asking for trouble with Mars also the resistance base here looks almost
identical to the rebel bases in the past and it’s like oh god the resistance just
need some new funding then went on a layer talking about their son who has
been seduced by the dark side she says there is still light in him I know which
is almost an exact quote of her mama Padme saying about Anakin in kind of
both those references to loop thing about Vader there is to creating and
it’s interesting that Luke and Padme are saying it to obi-wan and here later
saying it to Hans kinda like that will be one of this movie then after kylo has kidnapped play and force infiltrate your mind it’s
worth pointing out that he sees her dreams of a place that has a vast ocean
and an island which exactly describes where ray Fiennes Luke at the end of the
movie also interesting despite kylo being the ultimate fan boy it’s actually
ray who brings up darth vader and she’s the only person to mention that name in
this movie his presence is definitely everywhere and his presence and this is
around we’re very famously pulls a Jedi mind trick on a stormtrooper and it’s
actually only the fifth time we’ve seen that work in the seventh movie so far
and the Stormtrooper just so happens to be played by daniel craig i’ll say his
voice down super American actually so it’s a pretty
easy to miss but his character’s name is a little less subtle it’s jb
double-oh-seven back on the car the resistance starts their plan to attack
Starkiller base and we get lots of glimpses that all the characters whose
teams were cut out sorry to them but we also get reintroduced a little 9 number
who last Co piloted the Falcon with Lando we also get everybody’s favorite
modelling admiral ackbar and while it was really awesome to see him it cannot
believe that they didn’t have a car come running out when r 2 and vba put their
star charts together and have him yelling it’s a map missed opportunity if
you ask me back over on circular base after Ray has
escaped we get a nice little tour of the facility and it’s just interesting to
note how you can see lots of places where the mechanical structures give way
to natural rock formations in the holes and it really helps illustrate that
store killer bass is not just some man-made weapon it’s actually carved out
of the rock of this already existing icy world we just never learned the planets
original named after the Falcon gets through the shield and lands on circular
base there was another deleted scene that has no troopers searching the
Falcon but you do get to see those snow troopers for like literally less than
three seconds on the base and their costumes are exactly the same designs
that were meant to be used way back on top and empire but they didn’t end up
getting used until now then we find out that fit as a janitor
and that’s not just a good setup for a wife and knows about the trash compactor
it actually answer is a big question posed in the famous nerd analysis movie
clerks take the average stormtrooper knows that install a toilet me closing that was killing and white
uniforms and now we know yeah actually storm troopers have low
level non war-related specialties like sanitation side note the director of
clerks is kevin smith and he’s a huge star wars nerd and he’s got a voice
credit in the force awakens somewhere i just have not been able to find it let
me know if you know where it is up above in the air attack on Starkiller base we
get some great shots of resistance pilot a little at sea and that’s a reference
to hello nasty the Beastie Boys album that
Jade a big fan of it has the intergalactic on it which is a really
good fit better than a sabotage tongue Houston star trek his helmet also says
in our bash born to ill which is the combination of the born to kill helmet
from full metal jacket and license till the first 50 boy studio album damn JJ
like two loves the Beastie Boys and another resistance pilot just pava is
actually introduced in the book the weapon of a Jedi where she’s like super
into loop link below but the actress jessica hand wiki marks our third game
of throne cameo you might remember her as one of the sand snakes from Dorne
who’s like really into whips also when you re watch the sequence
after chewy has told hon that he’s cold pay extra attention to Han and fins
jacket it’s very subtle but we make sure that even though he’s cold his old
friend Han gets his jacket bag and at some point it seems like Finn has
learned from this because he’s given his new friend Ray his jacket and is
ever-changing jacket thing just a nice way to show the growing relationship
between Finn and Ray as it compares to Han and chewy but it’s actually probably
something that we see a lot more of in another deleted scenes in this 102 we
have got to set the charges for the bombs but rain Finn have to go to a
different part of the base to give Han and Chewie access in order to get there
quickly ran Finn steal another vehicle they take out some snow troopers and
raised shows off more piloting of their snow speeder and you can actually still
see the snowspeeder in the background just before they run back into the base
another interesting choice and JJ’s imagery is less settled in the opening
shots but it’s still pretty cool when Hans talking to Kyle oh and the light on
Kyle his face changes from light to darkness and then his entire face gets
cast red light like the fifth color just as
his descent into the dark side is complete it might not be the most subtle
imagery but it’s just straight up a cool way to tell us information without
having to explain it just literally with dialogue also in this moment where the
spoiler spoiler for the how are you still watching the TV care about
spoilers a moment where Han guys you’ll note that Rey and Finn have to watch
their mentor type be struck down by a lightsaber and it all just mirrors
pretty exactly Luke watching Vader kill obi-wan and also again it makes hon this movie
adobe wall then hands body falls down into the void and it’s reminiscent of a
bunch of other Star Wars falling deaths including Darth Maul mace windu overfed
the Emperor kind of similar to Luke falling in Empire Strikes bag mostly
similar to the Emperor and dark more accepted you know Darth Maul didn’t
actually die then very crazy it for another time . it was
the following they got it started having safety nets or something ok moving on then pin and eventually ray
have some pretty badass duels with kylo out in the snow and man about the way
light sabers at night melting the snow that was all very cool but also cool is
the fighting style that they’re using it actually lifted from the original
trilogy despite modern technology being able to recreate all the lips and
parkour and fancy stuff they did in the prequels it actually makes sense that in
both the original trilogy and now in force awakens no Jedi have actually got
in the level of training that allows for all those fancy moves even Luke never
gets that great at handstands know in their universe it does make a lot of
sense that this is a battle of mostly brute force and now jabbing style of the
tag a prequel fighting so much has been done a long time also another reference despite being her
kyle is actually trying a very cocky one-handed style of fighting he’s
mimicking Darth Vader’s form when he was toying with Luke that cockiness just
doesn’t work out quite as well for Kyle and moments later when the lightsaber is
stuck in the snow and Ray force Yanks it out it’s a lot like how Luke did it in
the beginning of empire there’s a much more interesting reference going on here
to a very old but very legendary tale that actually inspires a lot of this
entire movie but since we’re almost done i’m just going to point out very quickly
some of the last Easter eggs and references before i go into that include
trench run much like the one in New Hope but just for a moment where pose flying
in the trenches Starkiller base and after the win in the celebration back
onto car but just before you see layout flying solo at the bottom of the screen
you’ll see just a little glimpse of our – Katie a pink version of r2d2 that was
created by star wars fan Alvin Johnson has a tribute to his daughter Katie who
unfortunately died by in 2005 but by putting the droid in this
movie she now has a legacy as big as Star Wars and then the star map that
bb-8 and r2 d2 put together is actually very specific style of map it existed in
knights of the old republic these maps are very special they’re very old a
chart many systems that there’s no other record of and these maps might even have
connections to the force itself so they’re really fancy maps finally the last basic language words of
the film are may the force be with you but the actual
final lines of the film just like the first ones are series of
beeps and whistles except instead of bb-8 from r2 d2 me
good okay returning to the huge reference that is going on throughout
the entire movie let’s go back to that battle in the snow
that rate had a vision of before this entire story of hers and kylo Ren’s is
very reminiscent to the tales of King Arthur the force awakens actually gives us all
sorts of little references to that time . remember when high-low Ren’s
lightsaber was first unveiled there was all that attention paid to the
crossguard that’s because that’s something we’ve never seen a lightsaber
before but it’s very common in medieval broadsword also kylos appearance is
similar to that of King Arthur’s nemesis Mordred the shaggy hair the dark clothes
it’s actually looked at seen a lot in medieval warden type characters kind of
like Jon Snow is or I the Sheriff of Nottingham also some other uniquely
medieval references include a castle that covered in old banners
stormtroopers using shields kylos men being referred to as knights and knights
of ren even feel like the knights of the round table that surround King Arthur
except they think I love arthur and the wrong all in one of his other soldier
types where’s the metallic armor other night but back to being mistaken about
him ordered isn’t the chosen one and neither is kylo just like in King
Arthur’s origin the chosen one is actually the young poor orphan ty still
kind of think the lightsaber or sword is his birthright especially because there’s an evil
practitioner of dark magic snowboard Morgan la Fey and Arthur stories
misleading here but when the swords last saber is placed in stone or in this case
know the one who thinks it’s his birthright can’t get
it out instead the sword will only go to the true chosen one a young Arthur or in
our case right now pulling the sword out of the stone man Arthur was destined to
become king so we’ll see what that means for Ray but it’s also worth noting that
a lot of those are 30 and stories a lot of versions of it Mordred and Arthur are
related so that could be a clue to Ray and wrens relationship it’s also worth
noting that a lot of people have used this same comparison to describe the
original trilogy with luke and vader and those roles and the Emperor as the
Morgan la Fey type and actually i’ll say that even if that’s the case it also
works because if you say Luke is actually King Arthur well in those
stories when Arthur is gravely hurt his mythical sword Excalibur is sent flying
into the hands of the old and wise lady of the lake she holds a sword for
safekeeping until it died there needed again until Arthur is time to return
with Mars is our lady of the lake she not only sees that the sword is needed
again giving it to Ray but it also makes its way back to the original King Arthur
to mark his return when Bray hands it to Luke oh also remember where mazza’s castle is
yeah she lives on a lake ok that was fun and a holy crap so many
freaking observations and reference histo actually what the hell one more
quick observation right at the end when we see Luke before ray has interrupted
him and before he looks away it looks like he’s looking at a gravestone lot of
theories rajita you tell me what you think that could be about it in the
comments and let me know anything else you think I might have missed I didn’t leave out some things that I
didn’t find too interesting but some other stuff is in those other trailer
breakdown videos that i mentioned so check those out or any other videos that
you might interest you there’s a lot of them but if you like this video make
sure to share it i think there’s some really good stuff here so it’s a good
share huh I’ve until milena you can follow me
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missing and I’m just so mad I haven’t heard the yoda line clearly I gotta go bye

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