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100 thoughts on “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Movie Review- REEL IT IN

  1. See, maybe if they handled it better, Ralph wouldn't mind it, but I Want more marvel overlap between movies.
    I hated it when Batman or Spider-Man would be treated as the only superhero in the world.

    We know now that in the mcu they're not. When stark got into serious shit in Iron man 3, why the hell didn't anyone else help? When Steve and Natasha had to deal with shield being tainted and go on the run, where was Bruce or tony or Clint?
    Big things happening are not going to be ignored by these characters that helped save new York together.

  2. That wasn’t Spider-Man; he had no sense of responsibility, and he whined more than Frodo throughout the whole movie.

  3. I'm surprised theirs no comments… anyways I liked this movie one of my favorite MCU films!!:)

  4. Green goblin who is green
    Doc ock who wears greenish coat
    Sandman is wears a green shirt
    Lizard who has green skin
    Vulture who has a green helmet…
    I see your point!!!

  5. What I hate is marvel is now making fun movies not great movies. Example, there is The Godfather and then there is Spider-Man homecoming, obviously godfather is the better movie, but homecoming is more fun to watch. That’s what marvel is doing now. Thor movies had story maybe not the best but still had a story that mattered, Thor ragnarok was a clusterfuck of cg colors and worlds with shitty comedy. They went from a good movies about Spider-Man that was about who you should be. This one was just absolute shit and nothing but a fun watch.

  6. Ralph, did you like the John Hughes references? They even had a very obvious homage to Ferris Bueller. But it was part of the film's charm. But I do hope they eventually explore Spidey's other arcs when he's older and in his 20s already so that he's not in high-school or college anymore. Kinda like in the PS4 Spidey game? Will you review that one too? Thanks for the review of Homecoming! Rock on! 🙂

  7. Cute trivia: Someone asked Tom Holland if the kid wearing the Iron Man Mask in Iron Man(2?) that Stark saved was Peter.
    Tom was like "That sounds awesome. I'll say yes."

  8. You’re tripping? That scene where he is in the rubble is the best of the movie. The look of true fear in Peter’s eyes when he’s confronted with the very real fact that he might die right there and then is priceless. We’re reminded he’s just a human, and even worse: he’s just a kid.

    I didn’t think the dialogue after that was cheesy at all. It was just Peter cheering for himself to go the extra mile. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives when we’re near the goal, but way too tired or scared to continue.

  9. Ralph…have you never met a mixed race person before? "Let's make the love interest black" sounds like the writing room for The Flash TV show.And uh Ralph…have you never met a mixed race person before?

  10. i'm pretty sure Peter and Liz's romance felt distant and forced because peter is juvenile and doesn't have a clear image of love quite yet and doesn't fully understand it plus ithink in far from home (the next Tom Holland spiderman movie) Zendaya is supposed to be the love interest or something? Not quite sure.

  11. The green in Spiderman villans is there to symbolize their greed and evil. This can be seen in the dinner table scene from Spiderman when Peter wears a green shirt to show how he was just in a fight with the green goblin. And Norman wearing blue to symbolize him trying to stay normal like Peter (who always wears blue even as Spiderman)

  12. I grew up on college age Peter Parker from the 80's so ive had to sadly accept that every SM reboot will de-age Spider-Man into a Millennial Facebook blogging wimp.

  13. I know I'm in the minority here, but I did not like this movie. One of the most glaring inconsistencies is that this movie takes place months AFTER civil war, where Spider-Man held his own against other superheroes, but somehow he's a bumbling, clumsy buffoon in this movie.

  14. Late comment I know, but the reason so many Spider-Man villains are green is because Spider-Mans main color is red. Red and green are complementary colors

  15. Okay this is just my opinion, please don't kill me.
    This isn't the best Spider-Man movie that have been made yet. It doesn't capture the essence of Spider-Man in the best way. Into the spider-verse however shows better what the meaning of being Spider-Man is. Also i didn't really like that Spider-Man in Homecoming didn't get any real consequences, the only one was that his suit got taken but he got it back in the end.
    JUST GONNA SAY, i love this movie, it's really good aight. But it isn't my favorite Spider-Man movie.

  16. Vulture is my favorite, i love how he was a mix of a mob boss and a dorky dad, he literally says "HotDog!" Its not a new concept but it was done so strangely it threw me off and his performance made me laugh the whole time. And his suit is so badass!

  17. I have that Jake shirt. <3 Also the new Spiderman comes out on my birthday this year and I'm pretty hyped about that.

  18. I think why Tony is in it is because Sony technically still owns the rights to Spider-Man so Disney needs a character that they own in there, like in the sequel it'll be Fury.

  19. Just gonna say the original 3 were shit and Toby McGuire was fucking awful. This guy actually is fun and makes sense, doesn't just seem like he's a complete fucking asshole off screen, feels like there's a reason people like him and could like him… unlike Toby McGuire who the whole time you watch it it's just like "wow this guy must be a fucking asshole in real life. I fucking can't believe this guy would be liked by ANYBODY." This is legitimately the first spider man movie I enjoyed.

  20. Falcon wasn't shoehorned in. Paul Rudd wanted him to appear in Antman and so he did. That was all Paul Rudd's doing.

  21. With the romance between Peter and Liz I think the point of that was to show that they didn’t really know each other. Peter didn’t really know about this girl they didn’t go together… I think that with the movie wanted to get across, Peter is still learning about life and I think the movie wanted to show that when he came to the romance

  22. Also, this movie finally shows Spiderman in a place without towering buildings and how it changes his dynamics. One of the best scenes in the movie, by the way.

  23. it looked fake because marvel, even though they had a suit specially made for tom holland they decided to use cgi instead

  24. I’m a straight guy, right, but how the fuck are we expected to believe that Tom Holland is unpopular? Like, what? You could cut your finger on that man’s jaw.

  25. Can someone explain to me why the reveal is so cool? I feel like the mix of Peter’s love interest not being really fleshed out, along with the drama that the reveal scene presents itself was really weird. It was surprising, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t understand the purpose of it. I thought because I don’t really care about the female love interest, why should I care if her dad gets defeated by Spider-Man?

  26. I thought the bit where Michael Keaton kills the guy but wanted to just torture him was well-done because it shows he's dangerous but he's still sympathetic, which is exactly what Black Panther should've done with Killmonger.

  27. The vulture in this movie kind of reminds me of frank sabatka from the wire. The city fucked over him and his people so he decided to get involved in illegal trading to stay afloat

  28. What they did with the Tony and Peter relationship is beautiful by pulling Ben out of the movie that role needs to be filled and its filled by Tony, Tony is the new Ben hes the one pushing peter to greatness, Tony doesn't want to stop the kid from being spider man cause he knows hes gonna be spider man no matter what, hes trying to teach peter responsibility and to not get ahead of himself and im not gonna go into details about the recent events but i do think that what happened was purposely symbolic for peters character in that way (im sorry i just dont wanna spoil but still get my point across)

  29. "It is a perfect Spider-Man movie"
    Waiting now for HiTop to burst out from a wall with at least thousands of Raimi Trilogy discs.

  30. Highly disagree with the "come on Spiderman" scene. I felt that was really emotional.
    Also the couple isn't meant to be "made for each other"..? Hence why they didn't end up together.

  31. This movie is so overrated and corny how can you say its a breath of fresh air when every Spiderman movie is set in high school and out of all of them this is the weakest high school setting, hes not even interested in anything in school, his photography side = one short vlog intro and all they do is go on a school trip so we can get a scene of him saving his friends in a shitty elevator lol every single Spiderman had an elevator scene how is this a breath of fresh air?? There are no stakes in this movie, the villain could be beaten in two seconds by any Avenger but schoolboy Peter has to do alone because reasons and he goes back to school after because more reasons? If he had a passion in school or actual chemistry with "MJ" then might be believeable but nope dosent so instead of saving people and joining Avengers where you can learn tons, go to high school cause the plot armor will save your friends and school from the snap as well as the post-snap 5 year gap gj man

  32. at exactly 6:08, your head went to the back of the upper side of the poster while the bottom stayed forward, it still beats me how this came to be… by some reason did you have the image split in two? why?…
    ps: this came out more nitpicky than i expected

  33. I feel that in a way the line "with great power comes great responsibility" was delivered when Tony Stark tells Peter that if he's nothing without the power of his high tech suit then he shouldn't have it.

  34. For your complaints regarding the joke in the Michael Keaton killing his henchman scene. The point of the joke while also to be funny, imo was also to try and show that vulture wasn't that bad of a guy. He didn't actually want to kill the guy.

    The point of the scene was twofold. Its trying to show that vulture is a bad guy, but not that bad of a guy at the same time. It achieves both with the joke, because it shows that he never actually intended to kill him, making him seem good, but also shows he didn't actually care once he realized he did making him seem bad. So the joke isn't unnecesary.
    That's the entire thing with vulture. Many of the actions he does in the movie aren't that bad. The worst he actually does is killing his henceman and notice that his henchman was being a huge dick to him and was threatening to rat out everyone for his own selfish gain.

  35. Wait is that the same fat kid that does the distraction in Infinity War? I have not seen this movie yet but I did see infinity war

  36. Man, hearing people who know pretty much nothing about spiderman say homecoming nails spiderman is insane. I could write a book about everything they get wrong, which is everything. He does a great job of playing a normal, non spiderman kid in modern middle school. Far from home is a pretty good movie though, just have to toss out literally every single thing you know about spiderman before watching it

  37. And it was force diversity : flash thompson isn't a rich indian jerk, he's a white blond dumbass, Marijane is a red head not a black chick. Instead of creating new characters, they swap. Imagine that : remake of Harry Potter : Harry is a gay chinese boy, Hermione is a eskimo amputee and Ron is a thai ladyboy.

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