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Speed Dating at the NoMad Spot. Hey girl. Hi. – How are you doing?
– I’m alright. So you’re fine then? Yeah, I’m fine. So… …you are really fine. What’s wrong with you? Do you have any loose screws? Would you like me to have any? Easy, easy! I was just kidding. Let’s talk about you. Well… What I am looking for is — I can only hear blah blah blah. Oh God, I’m done! What does a perfect date look like for you? – Maybe a —
– Mine’s starts with a car. Okay? Okay. You’re in the trunk. Unconscious. And I’m driving. Conscious. And then you’re unconscious again. And I make… I don’t know… Some toasts. You. In a basement. With the others. – Hey good evening, I’m Gina.
– Hi. Look, I’m gonna be really honest with you. There’s been some time since I’ve been with a woman. Due to some family pressure you know… I’ve been playing on the other side. But now I want to get back to the real game.
Do you know what I mean? So, I was thinking… What about a “ménage à trois” to be easier for me? For example. With that lad over there. What do you think? This cannot be happening… – Sounds good right?
– Yeah yeah… Oh, what a shame. We’ll talk later. Ups! It was a pleasure to meet you. It would have been a pleasure as well, if you weren’t so weird. EDIT AND GRAPHICS BY DIRECTOR, SOUND OPERATOR, SOUND ASSISTANTS, DOP AND WRITERS CAST (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) SPECIAL THANKS TO BASED ON THE FILM

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