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(candy wrapper rustles) (sighs) – Well Ben, I don’t see any
reason why this won’t work. – Great. – I mean, you’re a little older than most of the guys I bring on, but if you’re willing to work nights, shouldn’t be a problem. – Nights are fine. – And you’re clear on the job duties. – I..I think so. – Stand at the door, greet the customers, make sure no one’s shoplifting, patrol the parking lot every half hour. Easy. – Great.
– Okay. Wait a second, are you.. Ben Whitaker, Jr.? That’s your name? – That’s right. – As in..Ben, Jr.? Ben and Miles, Ben, Jr.? – Yeah, that’s right. – Holy shit man! What the hell are you doing here? My dad loved you guys. Mind if I get a picture? – Sure. – Here, hop up here let’s, um. Here, like, eh, focus. Yeah. (camera clicks) Awesome, yeah, thank you. Wow, um, yeah, yeah have a seat, um. – Okay. – Wow, Ben Whitaker, Jr. (Ben laughs) – Why, in the hell, do
you wanna work here? – I need the work. – I thought you guys made some
serious coin back in the day? – Some folks did. – Huh. Well, I’ll call you next week? – Great. – And don’t forget that
letter of rec’, okay? – Yeah. – Wow. Oh, wait, wait! Before you go, sing that song. – Excuse me? – You know, the song. The big one. ♪ I’ll be true ♪ Yeah, I’m horrible but yeah. Come on, sing it! – I don’t sing that stuff anymore, sorry. (bus rumbles) – All right, I need you
to come from here with it. Make me feel it. Look at the words, look. Look at words and just feel ’em. ♪ Some people, they love many ♪ – [Young Ben] Alright Miles, I hear ya. – Come on though, we gotta get it. – [Young Miles] Yeah, that’s
what you said last time, right?
(Young Ben laughs) – [Young Ben] One more time brother. – I don’t want her to, like – She’ll–
– give me the part and then she’s like, okay, well, I haven’t gotten it.
– She’ll still have song, tomorrow. (laughs)
– Tomorrow. (laughs) – Hey! Hey Ronnie. – [Ronnie] Hey. I’ll see you later. – [Ronnie] Ben! (Ronnie laughing) Hey Ronnie, it’s been a long time. – It certainly has. – Just getting out of choir practice? – Yeah, yeah. Getting ready for the big
homecoming service this Sunday. – That’s Sunday? I thought that was a few months away. – No, hey, you should come. We miss you Ben. – Yeah, yeah, thanks. – Can’t nobody swing low like you. – Thanks, but I haven’t been
doing that for a long time. – You know that’s a shame. God gave you that voice for a reason. Don’t go one talent me now. – I don’t know what god gave
me except for this bum leg. But, yeah, yeah, you right. – So what, you’re just
passing through or something? – Um, I was wondering
if you could write me a letter of recommendation
for a job I got. – Oh, okay, sure. – Ah, they said they needed one on file from a community leader. I’ll come by next week or the week after. Same time? – Why don’t you come
the homecoming service? Pick it up then. – Yeah, yeah, (Ronnie laughs)
that’d be fine. I’ll see you then. – Hey Ben, what’s the job? – Security at Superlo. – Oh, all right then, congrats! – [Ben] Bye Ronnie. – I’ll see you Sunday. (Ronnie sighs) (traffic rumbles) (knocking at door) – Excuse me sir, I have a
letter here for Mr. Ben. – (laughs) What are you doing here? (Carla humming) – [Carla] You didn’t come
to the church this morning. – I know, I just couldn’t. – Well, lucky for you I had to bring you that stupid letter. Ronnie was really upset with you. – (laughs) Thanks for bringing it. You came all the way back to
Memphis for the homecoming? – Well, they were honoring mama. – Oh that’s right, I’m
sorry I wasn’t there. I just didn’t didn’t realize. – Never do. (Carla sighs) He’s good. – Who? – Miles, Ben. I know you were wondering. (Ben tuts) He was suppose to come with me, but he had to stay and do
press for a re-release. – It seems like every other day there’s an anniversary of something
reminding us how old we are. – (laughs) Speak for
yourself, I’m flourishing. (laughs) Ben, you know what. – Carla, I can’t, I don’t. – Baby, please? – Carla, I don’t do that anymore. – But Benjamin, you wrote it for me. (bin clatters) – Hey, can I get one of those? – [Smoker] Yeah, sure. – [Ben] I’ve been trying to quit. – But Benjamin, you wrote it for me. ♪ Your love ♪ ♪ Can not be separated ♪ ♪ And darlin’ ♪ ♪ Your love can not disappear ♪ ♪ Not even when ♪ ♪ The moon and earth has melted ♪ ♪ And the sun, the sun
rolls back the years ♪ ♪ And darlin’ you can’t hurt it ♪ ♪ And no darlin’ you can’t bruise it ♪ ♪ And darlin’ ♪ ♪ We can never lose it ♪ (crowd cheers) ♪ Some people they love many ♪ ♪ And others they love few ♪ ♪ But you ♪ ♪ It’s you and me baby ♪ ♪ I swear ♪ ♪ I’ll be true ♪

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