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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I never [Music] [Applause] [Music] something to sing about and I want the world to know just why the moons ago my stars are winking up above I mean I have something sing about now my heart is so full of song just I want to brag I never knew him any why the Robin spit out singing sweet little didn’t did it is to the powers I thought he’s saying just because it was spring down yeah but now I know it was love I felt the same thing [Music] featured vocalist Terry Rooney in his orchestra and I was time to say goodbye to our old friend Terry a few hours Terry will be on his way to Hollywood to make a picture good luck Terry and success to you with the movie star [Applause] what’s using my sticking around here when he won’t give you a night off [Music] yes all yours Terry thanks for a wonderful send-off as you probably know Hollywood calls and I’m about to trade close-ups with Montgomery and Taylor and that other big good-looking fellow or you know I mean gable and may the best pro feel win Inaba we’re saying goodbye [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now can we get all done here or this is goodbye in anybody’s language we all call about Peter Fame now look I don’t want anybody to come to this train with me oh now wait a minute no no no I get embarrassed standing around saying goodbye goodbye goodbye for a half hour makes me self-conscious anyway I’ll be back in a couple of weeks Hollywood make one of those movie heroes out of you I mean I’m a cinch can’t miss ain’t kiddin you wouldn’t toy with me oh don’t worry I’ll be back I mean while you’re all set I’ve seen to that anyway I don’t even read it with you Rita hey Rita Rita Terry wants to see it come on canary got your nose wet and you don’t think I’m gonna be my baby for longer yeah yes we don’t for you so now I’ll be the booking good night off oh here we go hey I’ve got a job for you yeah yeah they got the wedding march Mon grand 21 still a good tune we’ll give it a shot neon you make a nice arrangement something speeding huh what do you want to do with that old tomato come on Jake what do you need a blueprint oh I know what you mean you you mean something like this [Music] that must be Roni come on kids Gary Rooney yeah I’m Hank Meyers publicity Department gave our studio dad a meet you all right today come on kids okay this is Jam Joe and an orange all right on the courts kids come on we got work to do here right up man well shoot from right down there ready there you go girls land it up give me that smile now hold on that’s good next oh then that’s good next hold that now good there huh that’s enough kids yeah into the court I’m sorry all right guys are outside okay Terry far for you to come on I test how do you do names Rooney mr. vegan Oh mr. Regan yes mr. Regan mr. Hank and mr. Rooney are here yes go right in thank you thank you how do you know mr. Regan no that’s not Regan that’s his secretary Eddie burns well hello anyway hi mr. berg horror mystery game is expecting you thank you so much thank you Ivo here’s your new leading man for any ole love name’s Terry Rooney hey mr. Hagan I’m very happy to be here oh sorry you’re happy to be here uh yeah you’re happy to be here course you are Hollywood is the natural goal of any actors ambition oh you’re wrong Leo he’s not an actor there’s a hoofer Hollywood is the natural goal of any hoofer and Benneteau Regan will try to make you an acting thanks mr. Regan thanks very much come over here yes between you come over here at once come to my office immediately in Hollywood mr. Rooney yes thank you in Hollywood mr. Rooney we create we create not only pictures but actors and actresses as well we create and and mold them we even try to mold hoofers you’ll find out early please please don’t turn away yeah I’m speaking I’m so sorry the hair you always comb it that way oh yeah yes yes I do but I can change it if it’s important important in the importance here they are grief trouble and worry mystery this is mr. Terry Rooney who was to play the male lead in any old love mr. Easton in the makeup department the hair of I wishes it belongs on an entirely different face mr. Regan well fix it hmm so easily said mr Davey Annie our wardrobe expert the clothes gentlemen no wear clothes like that of course of course that’s why I brought you in here mr. Phan er dialogue director speak to me why sir it’s rather hard to think of anything to say do you mind to repeat this once more I said it was rather hard to think of anything to say once more please I just said it was rather hard to think of anything you’re saying thank you impossible the addiction those are it will take months and the voice is not in the mask I place it in your hands gentlemen you have work to do I want to shoot him in two weeks yes you see what I mean in breathing you must remember the diaphragm very important like this why I thought I knew I’d agreed I’ve been doing it a long time you know please now once more for the addiction Jeep did you blue under honking horn and he laughs when the hounds came running like that yes exactly mm-hmm the Duke blue and the hunting horn and left with the hounds came running please don’t do as I say stay as I do a bit lower lower lower yes the duplo one is hunting horn laughs when the hounds came running please not do do you I said you not left laughs I said laughs I want to hear those pear-shaped bowels pear-shaped whichever the pair did you blew on his hunting pond and laughed hounds came running did you blow on old hunting Cod did you blow on his hunting little higher please did you know on his hunting horn and laughed when the hounds came running did you do on his hunting horn and laughs ah mr. Rooney please now look I’m a quiet peaceful kind of a puddle and I wouldn’t go stand there all day logistic pens me but one more tickle and I’m gonna break off a bacon wrapped around your neck for a scarf I’m sorry but the coat most paper mm-hmm did you blew on his hunting horn and laughed when I would you mind pulling your coat down just a trifle you pull it down and thank you did you blue on his hunting hard and laughed when the hounds came running if you don’t mind you distract me if you know I miss hunting horn well that pear-shaped enough you were just aggravating me Oh who said I’m just whipping up a batch of pear-shaped vowels when I look at that hairline I could almost cry wait a minute just a minute I want you to see this it’ll help you can take my word for it it will help now there there Robert Taylor I look I’ve heard all I want to hear about Robert Allen this pan of mine may not be anything a boast about but I’m not going to wear widow’s peak but honey I’ve worn this face of mine a long time I’ve washed it I’ve shaved it I’ve sung with it and more than once I’ve fallen on it and a weakened doesn’t like it I’m going to take it right back where it came from but I will not wear a widow’s peak sorry which picture did you mean it well we haven’t won it for a picture yet but I thought it’d be nice to have it around before we get used to it one gets used to so much in Hollywood yes never mind Steffi did you see the rushes of Terry Rooney today oh yes I saw yeah she saw a few means alright Busboys but alright but I am NOT interested in your baby stars no no no for my leading man I must have an actor well of course Debbie I know that you have the privilege of choosing your leading men for your pictures but in this case I think you’re making a mistake but I am not running a school for acting no Steffi you certainly are not I’d among the supporting cast at least worthy of my talents yeah I’ll Stephanie we’ll think about it goodbye dear huh oh the egotistical little mink coat what did she think she’s doing who does she think she is take a letter yes miss Stephanie hail hail all Studios dear madam where’s blade on the separate hjerson teri Rooney I gotta see hungry how about you Terry have you got the lines that he wanted run through them again I think I know them now we can make a shot of your life all right let’s make a tape come on come on boys come on hurry up remember please come on speed action Oh Holly miss Emily must be here at eight o’clock wasn’t she Lane mr. great huh all right relax everybody I saw the rushes this morning and the boy is great he’s got it played ok certainly surprised me but I don’t want him to know it you’ve all spoiled Stephanie house by telling her how good she was now telling me was no good how can you expect me to get a performance out of him if I continually telling you no good well it’ll take five years to make an actor out of me don’t let him see the rushes and I’ll fire anybody who tells him that he’s good the firemen’s better than this pictures they say I am I’m gonna do the sensational nose dive of the century it makes honourable master very happy to joke with humble servant it’s no joke IDO at least the director doesn’t think so yes please honorable master would like humble servant bring dinner no no thanks I’m sick and tired of eating in this joint yes please you know Ito you’re the only one around this studio will even deign to talk to me I know what you can say is yes sir please would you rather that I spoke ordinary English sir is that you yes sir my former employers felt that the accent let a certain dignity I look here you’re not gonna stand there in all this heat and tell me this Japanese lingo was an act oh very much so what about you I hear about this tell me about yourself I came here aspiring to be an actor and they couldn’t mold you or they didn’t even try well tell me how do you like being a gentleman’s gentleman oh very much as an actor it was a long time between meals what are you doing for dinner I know of a place on Hollywood Boulevard where they serve wonderful Vienna schnitzel well Mac um well it’s rather embarrassing but it was a young lady that I had oh I’m sorry shouldn’t even you mention makes me forget me with him well you probably late for your date now you better go on oh thank you please come on are we don’t stop kidding me where do thank you thank you please will you go on go home there the topper and the payoff a Japanese who speaks better English than I do for the weakness for Wienerschnitzel how to watch me my weakened condition I know I want to put in a person-to-person call to New York City yes please calling oh hello darling how are you hearing darling how are you oh no no wails for silly a wave doesn’t have feet you ever see a whales foot you’d be amazed mm-hmm oh it was funny when I first got here I thought I could handle it but kind of getting under my skin now listen let’s not talk about that uh forget it are things with you we’ve written a new song yeah come on sweetheart sing it to me I don’t care but Carson Vinnie go on shoot oh wait a minute wait I get comfortable okay Donna come on Ren me asunder [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hang-up with you isn’t you’re breaking my heart anymore this now cut my throat I’m not homesick now please hang up no don’t leave me I know you do all right boys Khloe’s on this camera now just a minute I want you to take this boom up as far as it’ll go and give me a shot at the complete set you got that all right thank you put him up whenever you’re ready all the lights they all set all set mr. brain now listen boys everybody please hey Rooney don’t play with the props we’re dead Andy yes come on let’s get away this is the last shot in the picture and let’s get it right I don’t want much of a fight here but I do want it to be good you understand all right everybody on your toes now oh by the way Terry come here never saves to fight for water okay not never have it no fine right now well don’t let it worry you perfectly simple mm-hmm it’s all a matter of camera angles well you see we’ll get in an angle so that when he makes a pass at you it’ll be like this but take it let your head go back with it do it again all right ready here we go that’s it simple as that simple as that well tell me do those other boys know how to do it just what did you do oh yes don’t worry about that I’ve been doing it for years by the way you’re not afraid are you oh no no I don’t care how hard there’s something I didn’t make a thing years on I hope somebody at lost but knock a pear-shaped vowel out of him and I hope so so I haven’t sucked the green one actor in months get a load of it hi Jeremiah you’re not afraid of us are you it’s all right are you traveling yeah clothes good enough yeah thanks thanks very much Oh too bad too bad too bad all right come on everybody on your souls let’s fire down out make this thing I think they’re boys I want to explain this thing once more to you before we talk to shoot Terry on camera you’re coming down the stairway you understand Joe and Eddie are hiding back there just each to take a poke at that gym well I should say about here Yeah right about your home okay yeah all right come on let’s make a thing cameras ready sound ready all right quiet please I’m camera turning over speed camera fine [Music] [Music] [Music] get this in your camera [Applause] [Music] hello hello darlin well I’m through Terry are you all right knock sweet pop yourself on the first plane to San Francisco I’ll meet you at the airport oh I’d love it but we’ll be going well I don’t know where we’re going but it’d be far away from where they make motion pictures all right I love you darling I’ll be waiting [Music] [Music] I didn’t know anyone can be as happy as I am where we going now City Hall for a license oh sweet I’ve got a confession to make well if it’s about another girl I don’t know but isn’t that I’ve got to tell you that my name is not teri Rooney I’ll break the agreement to you very very gently it’s a it’s McGillicuddy what McGillicuddy McGillicuddy but that isn’t the worst the first name is Thaddius mrs. sadness a new standard I’ve always wanted to be mrs. beddows I’m gonna go and where are the McGillicuddy’s going on their honeymoon the South season we sail this afternoon and what’s more we’re going on a very exclusive a very exclusive tramp steamer steamer the only passengers how do you like beautiful mrs. McGillicuddy [Music] now listen Blaine I want that Terry Rooney picture ready for preview and I wanted immediately well work twenty five hours a day if necessary now where do I get the picture I’ll make it to Chloe room well the Rooney picture be ready for preview the Tigers at least two weeks mr. Regan [Music] today any occasion to see a bonafide collector of anything to do with love and if you should find a moon up in the sky and love on your mind baby don’t you cry just save it can I come your way [Music] I predicted that boy be a star the minute I saw him you still want me to go on cutting him he’s no good by the way Rooney ought to be here right now to sign this contract is tell you running out there I’m fine I’m waiting for him good good I’m getting tired of saying good oh hey a terrible thing has happened we can’t find him teri Rooney he’s disappeared he’s gone we can’t find him he’s vanished oh I see hmm and you’re all afraid to tell Regan well I don’t quarrel boys let me tell him disappear I hope the poor boy didn’t commit suicide that’s ridiculous yeah he’s got some pretty rough treatment around here I make a star out of him then you call it rough treatment here on the telephone call his Orchestra call New York hey we’ve got to find that boy first I’ll have the Harvard rank hey hey please stop Hank listen dear old boy dear old pal I’m depending on you now more than I’ve ever dependent on you before hi every detectives do anything but find Rooney and bring him here before he knows he’s a success now hurry hurry maybe best start with the more good good excellent good good any news oh not a thing hours of working waiting wondering and for what nothing we’re down here to find insanity Rooney now than we were when we started why do I have to be crucified like this any news clelia news but it’s all bad nothing but mystery but I can’t get the idea of suicide out of my mind torture me with that word once more and you’re through with Gaynor pictures I’m just as anxious to find him as you are he bore on five bucks from you the other day in the lunchroom five five dollars and I’m talking immediately five bucks means a lot to me on my salary hate finding and I’ll double your salary agreed he’s found I mean I’ll find it just a minute is this some foul scheme of yours are you holding out on me Bo I wouldn’t do that well I she bites right slurp down boy Oh come on boys [Laughter] [Music] Hey he’s out mister most terrific fighting years [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] terribly expensive sweet yeah can we afford it no you care no oh wait what leave that on we’re going out take a nice long walk so we get our landings good oh you have such lovely idea things Oh mrs. mcgillicuddy I strive to please in fact I strive to please mr. McGillicuddy there’s something strange about me people can be staring at me what is it because you’re so beautiful oh you think that’s it you know that places like these people actually earn a living making faces really absolutely your man who did it for example they do things like this sir the double take and then there would be the triple take which was I know with the triple take with a slow burn with a one I fade away which is this and another one well that wasn’t Charlie Murray all we did this [Laughter] see what a motion picture I can do for you my imagination or why am i voice doesn’t what I mean I’m singing something any old love from the picture [Music] please it take it it’s a flower thank you so much thank you thank you thank you come over there [Music] look they have pictures of you plastered all over the place yes darling things have been happening while we’ve been away but you didn’t tell me they made any record that did well I didn’t they probably did more of a soundtrack performance is very very high performance mr. Alleyne thank you very good back again happy [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] a hotel [Music] on earth yes hello here in my office Francisco hello mr. Regan give me the phone boss mr. Regan wants to talk to you Regan yeah I’ll be all huh what do you say Oh Hank what are you staying have you popped any reporters no I haven’t talked to anybody nobody well nobody would have crazy money if that means anything well don’t talk to him don’t talk to anyone don’t even talk to yourself all right but you oughta see what they did to my Mac Bo and I are leaving right away by playing Yeah right away just as soon as we can get to the airport don’t talk to anybody will you claim the classical we get there never come my kid the contract thanks a lot thanks for watchin y’all get out of this gosh mr. Rooney you don’t realize and I guess they must’ve liked my picture liked it liked it [Music] hey canary he said man both of these oh darling I’m so proud of you I don’t know what to do you think I married a celebrity didn’t even know it oh there’s nothing at all anybody in my place would have done the same you’re not having a slight attack of swell head are you gues darling I’m afraid so I’ve got a good old feeling coming over me now you’re now over a hundred and twenty nine million dollars mm-hmm mere Bagatelle I’ve done it for a box of candy you take chewing gum and like it probably Hank in the National Guard oh yeah you want get you some fixed up I won’t say anything about you you say surprise it’s the door step right this way sir hi Terry thank you let’s see maybe when I say I’m glad to see you I’m just beginning to talk hey Hank I want you to forgive me for putting the slug on you last time I saw you but you know forget that I had it coming to me where are you been I’ve been running myself bowling they’re looking for you Terry here’s the contract all ready for you to say hello feel let’s get our hellos over with have another drink or something and then we talk about the contract later oh well while you were talking you just take a look at that money Oh better take a peek Terry you’ll be pissed every word of it see those pages and you’re worth every penny you know what the pictures doing across the street doing very well very well it’s terrific I can’t sign this what’s wrong just can’t sign it why oh why this is uh this is mrs. McGillicuddy this is Hank nobody always a nice name anymore and it’s mr. Regan how do you do but why can’t you sign the contract the reason herself well why does mrs. McGillicuddy got to do with the contract of course we don’t know what arrangements you have with her Terry but this is something now look pop paid you don’t understand Rita is my wife my real name is McGillicuddy and it says in the contract that I must remain single you’re a wife but you can’t you just can’t Heather why what I have and I’m going to keep her look at that thing darling a tough lawyer that’s silly just one picture we could go on keeping it a secret one picture is for seven years and look at the dome this is for so much money why could we take nests still be married honey Onias Oh sweetheart now listen tell me what is this all about anyway don’t they have married people in Hollywood why are silly claws like that don’t you understand you’re the potential heart interest of every woman in America it’s your stocking trade yes I’m not charming you mean I can have it okay look if you think I’m going to give up this gal for any movie contract you are crazy now it’s over very nice and I thank you but we are going back where we belong with the band it’s very sweet of you darling but this is too important to decide like that I couldn’t I go to Hollywood it’s just a visitor as mrs. Thaddeus McGillicuddy what a moniker fattiest McGillicuddy are you kidding Terry oh no absolutely on the level I’m sorry Hank but they do it to me when I was asleep well I’m glad you woke up and time to change it couldn’t you WA well wait a minute I think I got it come here Bo listen to this where Terry would you be winning with it out of Hollywood n’t go to work I mean take a job a cover up job well that’s swell now we’ve got nothing to worry about here’s what you do you come down to Hollywood is Terry’s confidential secretary take care of all his personal affairs family then all that stuff huh hey of course darling I think it’s Bob you’re a genius sometimes sometimes I think I deserve more dole all right come on give me the contract [Music] nobody did it that’s here well morning how’s everything Snooks don’t look Smee what they ask you what is that Wow oh that whiter it’s a bungalow yes I know but who food don’t stall it’s me you know it’s Terry Ruiz is it you know darn well it is five rooms and three baths what I asked you is he going to do with three baths he’s not running a laundry although he should be who lives here this is her hideaway you remember mrs. mcgillicuddy yes I have a vague recollection and you can see her oh do I every night no not if that the neighbors might talk Oh the neighbors the neighbors [Music] let me take care of her why don’t you get some lights on I’m here I suppose I gotta go on wearing these to the cutest bedroom did you ever stop how many – you may not the other one so you thinks I should carry him in not me he’ll build him up I wish some darling you come in with me on this and I’ll team you with Rooney for more publicity than you’ve seen in a year get this hollywood’s newest love interest you like it mm-hmm why eat it up good again and I’ll get started with the story cut cut Steffi darling what is the matter you’re not giving me anything can I make a love scene with a icicle he doesn’t give me anything nothing Carrie oh I know I know it’s bad well listen I can give you the scene if you just get these people office it man that guy getting never metal doesn’t take long with their heads to start swelling that’s not so oh you too eh listen don’t you go getting gaga over that guy you’re not in his class he only goes for stars like Stephanie oh that’s so that was no temperament blame something upset me on this date I think I gave it to see now all right Tony but look warm up to stepping a little bit she needs it please forgive me for clawing now you see you have such a very great actor sign I’m practically no actor at all I never even expected to be on the same set with you you know I guess I’m a little bit scared it’s so sweet of you to say those things to me you look good once again with me alright let’s do it once again now come on action I can’t give you up like this darling what is so difficult seems they are now but I can’t give up hope it’s all I have maybe someday in some faraway place no no no far away please darling no Barney please here and now here and now how would you mean perfect garland sorry Canaria how to do that to him but the only reason I came on the set is because I haven’t seen you for two or three days yeah I know I couldn’t buy that love scene when I know you were there standing watching me I had an impulse to drive run wash over to you [Music] I’ve seen with you not Terry you’re not gonna try to get with me I know but you’re doing any good all the doors are locked take care of themselves but it was too small right don’t you ever knock chump I see you’re rehearsing a little scene you told me about it looks good too hmm a critic huh well I’m glad you like it Thanks it certainly does look good I’d like to have you know miss rounds how do you do mr. Rooney oh how do you do miss Robbins how do you do I’m very happy to meet you we’re just going over the fan mail situation oh I thought it was rehearsing well yes and no you see sometimes they rehearse while they’re running through the family oh yeah I’m glad you do miss macgillicuddy will you run and see if the mail is way too sanguine thank she’s my confidential secretary very confidential like faith you’d be surprised yeah we think so don’t we carry well for a secretary but then again the average run of girls around here very high standard of looks you know and well lad if you’ll excuse me I’ll run inside and get out of this color before it cuts my throat all right here take your time Terry hey what are you up to now just a little blind item for my column Oh what rising young star was caught making love to his prettiest secretary now listen if you print that story you’re gonna ruin two lives what live yours and mine Oh first of all if you’re printing I’m gonna sock you on the nose if I sock you on the nose I’m gonna lose my job so figure it out but it’s a story yeah well there’s a bigger story than that around here if somebody was bright enough to spot it what listen do you think Terry will need be fooling around with a funny little secretary with a glamorous name like Stephanie Hales here in the studio oh you better shop near pencil that’s very interesting now there’s one thing I’m sure all our readers will want to know what is your ideal of feminine beauty well I yeah well that’s a funny thing that you’d ask him a question like that you know Terry was saying to me only this morning that his idea of feminine beauty is Stephanie Hales a little less statuesque than Venus de Milo perhaps more delicate possibly more flaming am I right Terrence exactly my words in fact practically forbade him how lovely now mr. Rooney won’t you tell me what was your first your childhood love well you see what Terry well yeah Oh Hank may I handle this one please well my first my childhood love what goes way back way back in fact she would the dog catches daughter in my hometown and every time my pooch was snatched your what I like that every time they snatch my pooch Oh she’d get it back to me by hook or by crook in fact it happened so often that her old man began to think my dog was cantatas what are the characteristic things about Terry is his love for animals yeah it’s particularly dogs please honorable master in executing humble servant Oh the one man who said thank you please well I’m awfully sorry to break up this much in this way Pleasant well it’s been delightful you won’t come again well yeah thank you I’ve enjoyed it and anything you want just called Ito he’s here Hank thanks so much what a queen what’s his name ito Ito oh he had doors Terry why one Terry disappeared we’ve had trouble restraining Ito from committing Charlie carry her Harry Carol the nice interview wasn’t it did you get everything you wanted plan hate any hug Steve I Terry boy how you feeling good here’s your tickets tickets for what take this for the opening of the pipeline tonight you’re taking Stephanie oh yes I’m not going to any opening tonight what do you mean you’re not going any opening I am NOT going to any opening tonight I’ve been working for a week on this the reporters the photographer’s they’re all gonna be that’s important to me now look you could save yourself all that I am NOT going to any opening oh stand still and let me talk to you will you tell me what you want to act like this well what about what about Stephanie you can take her and put her back in the woodwork oh don’t be so unreasonable I say a things important it’s important attention spans huh I’ve got a wife and I like her and I’m gonna see her once no I cut out that white stuff for ya I’m not going to any opening come here and listen to me what do you want to be such a bullet no II call mr. Regan on the phone and tell him to go right over to Rooney’s bunk oh yes that boy is going next again get me Regan Thomas quick certainly it’s important now Terry why don’t you do this for me you know what I do for you why I’ve worked my head to the bone to put you on top and I’d cut my arm off to off to here to keep you there having me run around every night with Stephanie Hales is keeping me on top huh say what am I an actor a stooge I’m supposed to be an actor well at least that’s the rumor well if I’m not good enough I can always go back at the band and something tells me I’d be a whole lot happier if I did it but Terry you’ve not a duty to defend I’ve got a duty to myself my wife and that fine elaborate scheme that you cooked up for San Francisco is going to work either it’s got me and Rita absolutely insane well I’m out too previews and openings and cocktail parties and Men and testimonial dinners go for the glory of dear old gay law she sits up in the hills twirling her thumbs she isn’t yelling is she no she took with her sport for that I don’t know if she feels now I don’t blame her he’s right be all of course he is even entirely unfair to Rita I can see now the whole situation has been a terrific strain on it Terry well let me do something your permission Hank get a drawing home to New York why are the office there and get a reservation to the best hotel and get tickets for every theater in town right for Rita what kind of a solution is that mean that’s only half the plan Jerry when you finish this picture I’m going to give you four weeks vacation to go to New York and be with Rita that’s great Bo there you are Carrie and that solves the problem wait a minute wait a minute let me understand this you promised me four weeks off after I finished this picture yes all weeks successively successively and positively if you go to the opening tonight okay that’s great all right that’s swell of you Bo gee what a grand time those two kids are gonna have on those four weeks what four weeks every time what is best on I think of Regan or front no back what time do you think you’ll be home oh I don’t know darling you know how these things are I may have to stay in town if I expect to be on the set at 9:00 in the morning do you’ll have to go well you know practically a command performance darling listen to me this isn’t going to work out trying to live this way know that it’s a dog’s life for you and I don’t mind telling you that it’s getting the best of me driving me crazy look darling we’ve got an idea how would you like to go east and visit your mother and see the boys while I finish the picture I could join you and say Oh three or four weeks and then when you go someplace together well nobody ever heard of it you all right you want me to no wait I didn’t say I want to get you I just want it might be a good idea that’s what I mean I’m not going oh yes you’ve got I am NOT going but you made a promise and you mustn’t break sure you understand Richard I know well you don’t like the idea of going east I really haven’t given it much thought you said you wanted me to go did not say I wanted you to go oh I must have misunderstood all I meant to say with the Regan promise if I went to the opening tonight you could go least and I could possibly join you later that’s all well then by all means go the matter with us here we are turn your hobby like a couple of children over nothing at all no nothing you’ve arranged for me to go away that’s all and I’m going I did not arrange beautifully I have a lot of packing to do anyway and you’d only be in the way if you stay I probably would [Music] [Music] well leader hello have you been where have you been oh just a little trip to California I see the boys are still yeah yes they’re still here why I don’t know look at this business do you mind if I go up and say hello to them no no go right ahead read it stop in my office and see me [Music] so much like pitas barks [Music] [Applause] mr. Richards can we have five minutes please can you have five minutes you’re taking it aren’t you oh I’m back and get your hellos Oh is she coming back to see mr. bang yes I saw everything is coming along beautifully fine and he’s coming east in about four weeks is any truth to the stories in the paper about him not his thing just a lot of press agent drool you sure well I know the press agent boy I’m sure glad to hear that we were all beginning out of getting worried weren’t you yeah we thought well you know what he said when he left the one you left the band about fuck you being on the west coast and everything stop kicking me will you well I guess I’d better go in get the piano warmed up [Music] telling or isn’t going to be easy enough but you must can’t stand the idea of hurting her we’ve reached the point where you and I aren’t the only things of Napa [Music] Fairplay a love scene why not where’s your children I could kiss your boat don’t you kiss me oh that’s technically come on let’s go ahead and say hello to Terry hello mr. Rooney hello that last scene with a knock you like it Terry universe Robert cigars yeah sure we’re built for an interview Sunday oh yes that’s right something it is we’ll have a good long gap fish this time very happy to see you if you’ll excuse me I gotta go change my time Miss Robbins wouldn’t you like to sit down I’m going to steal from Amy will you come with me while I fix my makeup you have an interview with me today I have something most exciting to tell you something about Teddy and me [Music] hi guess we missed her miss Terry – of course but Terry you can kiss him goodbye he’s cooked what do you mean haven’t you seen the paper Stephanie a US reveals engagements a truly sensational dancing star and exotic actress plan to make their real romance real when their current picture in there’s something terrible it happens this is just more silly stuff doesn’t look like silly stuff there don’t be ridiculous besides it’s impossible for him to be engaged two-stepping why is it impossible because be it well we hadn’t intended telling you until he came ‘yes but we’re married we thought you were working out there hey wait a minute how can I print about him being engaged to her when all the time he’s married to you trying to tell you alright take your places girls please come on it’s just a minute Hank please write what is it relax girls Kachinas haven’t you what wow she certainly made it on thick but you can read that later now listen nobody has got to tarry with this yet and nobody is gonna get to him I’ve got both doors guarded well that well kill me he sees her story why should he kill you he’s a publicity gag it’s alright yeah but there’s a lot more than you conceive and take my word for that murder is at least you’ll do to me where Stephanie I don’t know she’s not working today yeah I know that did you haven’t say what she’s gone go well she’s not home and I’ve paged every beauty shop in Hollywood already in waiting well very cute very cute Oh mr. Blaine huh just the one I’m supposed to marry my luck I get how goes it alright what dirty press agent Ricky up to now no you’re wrong I’m working on a high spiritual plane Oh primal boy man you’ll never know how hard I’m praying a nice for you well what’s doing who’s writing who today um nobody murdered anybody give me that I’m doing a crossword puzzle in here I’ll get you another one amen oh I’m ready whenever you are all right Betty My dear telly I want to be the first to congratulate on quad here what is this it’s violas orders that you’re not to be disturbed while you’re working and he oughta know better than that congratulations telling my boy what is the matter with you there’s nothing the matter with me it’s an old superstition that an actor can’t be congratulated until this picture is finished you don’t know that boy he’s up yeah he’s out cold I’ll take him outside give a little air that’s all he needs I brought it for your scrapbook wait um so this is what you’ve been doing we’re trying to keep this from me I am trying to keep anything from you Terry my word of honor I have nothing to do with this your idea publicity my idea nothing take my word for Tory I had nothing to do with it and I thought you were my friend I am your friend let me explain to think Twitter will I have anything to do with that tear you gotta believe me will you let me explain it to you now will you go away where’s edo edo edo follow mr. rooney to his bungalow and beg him to stay there like Bangalow missiles that lets me up hold everything see you later daddy you’re excused I kill you for that story or kiss you for showing up don’t give me that how dare you stop today Steffi you got me in a jam did what you told me to do and got geillis to do a million dollars worth of publicity I certainly didn’t tell you to say you were engaged to me for a few weeks objects he does nothing but object cigarettes de contas in to think my name with this and he objects even finish the picture tell me public I am through oh you’re through alright unless you go and meet a Terry Rooney’s house and tell him you’re responsible for this you will go off I have to drag it by the hair of the head you can’t talk to me like this I never wanted to smack a woman but I’m awful close to it right now go ahead and strike me you woman striker Oh Steffi I didn’t want to have to tell you this but I suppose I’ll have to the boy is married because we were trying to keep it a secret trying it seems to me you have succeeded now you don’t want to hurt Terry and his wife do you wanna be not so many many times I know what it needs to be I will go with you but please please don’t scold me darling you’re a haywire Dame but I love you cut out the animal master stuff he’s no home huh any idea where it went no sir please did you phone the studio no sir I’ll give me the gate why didn’t you follow him when he left the stage no sir as Terry would he come back to the lot don’t you do something no sir please why don’t you beat it I resent your tone I came out to Hollywood to be an actor not a servant I shall go young bugger ISM I shall feed it and I shall not come back I bid you good day good day racking up one of the spring I fear parole Ben PAP is going nuts get on the wire please calling oh right if it’ll make you fellas any happy you think it was your my word no I’m not hello I want to put in a person-to-person call for Terry Rooney at the gainer studios in Hollywood yes you’re going to see how ridiculous all this is imagine darling Terry I thought he was gonna get us in his second picture but candy it wasn’t that kind of a picture there wasn’t a band in it every pictures got a band in it at least a fiddle no oh well then try Hollywood 1 2 5 2 1 yes that’s our hideaway little hello hello is mr. Terry Rooney there who’s this speaking this is a friend he’s hello what’s the matter eater you win there was Stephanie Harris at the house gee I’m sorry chicken don’t be I can’t stand people being sorry for me at our hideaway he took her to our house it’s like the Olson house you so so yes and how is the little lady old swells for anything well hello up there I’m glad to see we finally got the break at last it’s on the front page of every newspaper in town that mrs. Terry Rooney is singing at the Palomino rule how did you know I was mrs. Terry Rooney well I overheard you telling the boys on the stand while I was standing in the bar in a newspaper man a friend of mine over heard me mention it well mrs. Terry Rooney is not singing at the Palomino roof oh now listen girlie and don’t call me gurney if you think you can use us just because you overheard what I was telling the boys you’re wrong now listen for one night only just for the night I’ll give you $1,000 every table has been reserved by telephone we sold out before we open they’ll be a riot if mrs. Terry Rooney doesn’t appear oh now listen she set out and brothers she don’t mean in oh so that’s the way it is huh well now let me tell you fellas something you get down there and get those instruments before they hit the ashcan wide you better go with him all right just sit tight chicken mr. Rooney may I congratulate you I hope you have a lot of happiness is there anything I can do for you no thank you I can’t think of anything it would help well do you still wanna know do I still work it’ll cost you two thousand bucks for the night and we knock off at 12:30 oh listen to reason give us a quick yes or no yes and in advance boys you can trust me in advance okay Maurice let’s see you want eight uppers eight lowers in a compartment right no compartment I’ll take a lower [Music] ladies and gentlemen now I have your attention please I take great pleasure in personally introducing to you mrs. Terry Rooney [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all these go to car 43 down the station the trunks are down they’re ready all right I’ll get a couple men to help me [Music] we all our getting out of here where’s Rita she’s on doing her number she’s made up her mind never mind a lot about it not it what you born then until the boy stop my muse I can’t do that Terry she don’t get in there tell about my music come on [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] come on canary gonna be okay [Applause] you

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