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Finally Star Wars meets guardians the galaxy kind of meets Indiana Jones, that’s kind of I’m getting here. Hey guys What is going on so as today? We got the solo teaser trailer finally and the TV spot yesterday, which don’t worry I’ll talk about both in one video. It seemed like forever as we waited for The Last Jedi I have to fizzle out of theaters and while it will remain to tantalize our brains for the next two years We have something new and fun to focus on for the horizon That’s of course the new Han Solo movie, which I’m looking very much forward to so much more now that the trailer is out I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t care much for it before however now after this teaser trailer I’m fully onboard Now while much of what we’re seeing in this trailer is brand new Canon meaning everything we knew from legend Han Solo and Lando are out of the window for as much as we know it doesn’t mean we Can’t speculate and just have some fun with it Just as to what will come and to expand than what we already know so before I get on with the main teaser trailer there Is one thing from the TV spot in yesterday’s short teaser that I want to cover this scene That’s either, Corellia, or it’s Ord Mantell the scene with the Train I could be entirely wrong about this But in the case that I’m not I just want to lay what I know on the table first of all Totally unrelated it reminds me of shadows of empire. You know the old game from n64 however If this planet is the planet of Ord Mantell then I’ve got a couple things to say about it Ord Mantell housed a base of operations for the Black Sun crime syndicate it later came under the control of Palpatine and the Galatic Empire as a whole and Han had a run-in with the bounty hunter on this planet as well now I don’t really care too much for that but what I do care about is that during the Clone Wars a Battle was fought on the planet between the shadow collective now the shadow collective was a criminal organization And it was led by Darth Maul could that mean that we have a chance of seeing Maul in this movie even for a glimpse? Wouldn’t that be something so we start off the teaser trailer with Han enlisting in the Empire He’s now set out to do something with his life, and as he’s asked which faction he wants to join He tells the Imperial in-charge that he wishes to become a pilot as we saw in the short TV spot as he tells us in this teaser trailer long one that he got kicked out of the Academy for having a mind of his own We can only question just what this mind of his had led him to do now in legends Chewie went on a mission to save Wookie enslaved by the Empire in short which was where he met Chewie How he meets Chewie in this film I have no clue we’ll have to wait and see what the new Canon will be for that however joining the Empire Then hating it as he later does leads me to kind of think that saving Chewie from a wookie slave camp is a great way to spark their friendship and The life debt that Chewie owes to Han which is what keeps him by his side for all those years at least in Legends as the teaser continues to show cinematic beautiful shots of the pristine Millennium Falcon we see Woody Harrelson’s character Tobias Beckett who Thanks to a Lego set has seen to be depicted as Han’s mentor someone who shapes the young man into the galaxy’s finest Smuggler now we’ve also seen one of the toys having revealed Han and Beckett’s in disguise along with a TIE fighter So does this mean they steal one from the Empire could that be a reason? Why Han charges obi-wan and Luke so many credits to stay away from Imperial entanglements? Because he now has a bounty on his head himself from Palpatine and the Empire Anyways Tobias tells on he’s putting a crew together, and this is where I think the movie will take a very fun Indiana Jones meets guardians of the galaxy type of feel giving us Han Beckett Lando Chewie and Amelia Clark’s new character, Keira or Kira who we don’t know much about yet however with her toy said she has come with Hans landspeeder han Solo and a Karelian hound which means we might just get to see Corellia after all the planet that Han is from as we near the end of The teaser trailer as it just goes on building the story and making it exciting for us not revealing too much here there We see the Falcon gliding through the stormy skies Where we see this in its actual real original shape I guess something happened to it in this film that breaks off a piece of The ship or perhaps a reason as to why that piece is gone Is that maybe was an escape pod of some sort and it was ejected or? Evacuated who knows also for all the people on Twitter that are messaging me this fast Just as quick as the trailer has come I’m making this break down right away. That is not Maz Kanata That is some four-armed alien monkey looking species. I don’t really know what it is But I guess we’ll see May 25th when the film comes out now as for what else is going on I’m not gonna try and pretend that I know exactly what Disney is writing here Or is if I know everything about Han Solo up to this point as it’s all new for Han from here however a few things that have been heavily rumored backed up with leaked set photos and crew members spilling the beans is that vader and Boba will be in the film short spots of course, but important and looming ones just like Rogue One and that be something I’m really interested in seeing of course It’s a type of buddy system where Vader hires boba for the Empire to hunt down solo and its team perhaps That’s how they will die or maybe there’s some other fate for their destiny who knows Either way the trailer has done its job to get me excited, and I know after The Last Jedi many are skeptical But I hope you’re with me on this one Whether we see Vader Boba or Darth Maul it really doesn’t matter as I think this film could be a great spin-off that we’ll time many more things together for us and might I just add the fact that this movie is so pressure free and It can’t change the first six movies as we know them But rather just add upon them positively much like Rogue One did by building the bridge between Episode three and four Perfectly makes it such a breath of fresh air Something to just enjoy and have fun with a cool summer flick if you will it almost seems like a type of space Western to me like Indiana Jones and guardians But built in a Star Wars universe. I hope it’ll be nothing but fun anyways guys I don’t want to drag this on I want to know what your thoughts are about the trailer and as new information comes I’ll be making new videos about it of course Stay tuned for the live stream that I’ll do later tonight and the Obi one video coming tomorrow as well feel free to hit that Thumbs up button to help the channel out And I will see you all in the next episode of Star Wars Theory until then my fellow Jedi and Sith friends Remember the force will be with you always

100 thoughts on “Solo Trailer FULL BREAKDOWN and THEORIES – Star Wars Explained

  1. They referred twice that Han Solo was being sought by The Empire but I thought it was Jabba The Hutt that sought out Han Solo? I didn't know Han and Vader even knew each other until The Empire Strikes Back.

  2. I'm VERY excited for SOLO to be released. As you said it's part of the 'New Canon' of SW and that everyone needs to go into watching it with excitement! I'm hoping positivity will surround it b'cause I really disliked how so many people, mostly manboys, got really Righteous in their opinions and then critiquing it with their "version" of what SW is. Guess what everyone? None of us wrote it!

  3. This has the potential to be the best star wars movie of them all but I have my reservations after the hatchet job they're doing with the new ones.

  4. Will we see Boba "disintigrate" the target solo crew. Getting the no disintigrations line from vader

  5. LEGO: Hey! We're here to release LEGO sets about movies and let you guess whats going to happen. Or we can tell you with this LEGO set. Which one is better?

  6. Sadly I'm not at all excited. They will probably destroy Han Solo too.I will wait for all the fan reviews before watching a stolen copy. still vexed with Di$ney.

  7. I loved Rogue One & really looking forward to Solo also!! Hoping 2 see Vader in solo as we did in Rogue One, had goosebumps when he appeared lol.. Wasn't fused on Last Jedi but it's still Star Wars!!

  8. I think maybe that the Wookiees are being enslaved by the Empire, they could be torturing the Wookiees to give them information or something, Han sees them being tortured, and him and Lando save the Wookiees, and that’s how Han started to develop a hatred for the Empire

  9. The front part of the Falcon carries the cargo that Han Solo lost. In turn, forcing a bounty on his head by Jabba??? Hmmmmm

  10. With all the the bitching fans are making over The Last Jedi and the "boycott Solo" crap thats going around its nice to here a positive voice surrounding the Solo movie. I am looking forward to it, as I do every SW movie. I cant help it i am fan and have been since March '78 ( when it came to Ireland ). I think its going to be Shit cool.

  11. They Better Show Dengar Because Dengar Hates Han Because He Lost In A Race To Him , That Is Why Bossk In BF2 Says “Be Glad It Is I , Not Fett Or Dengar Who Found You…” It’s Canon I Hope

  12. Rogue One and Star Wars Rebel’s to an extent RUINED The Force Unleashed! I don’t have much of an opinion on Rebels because it isn’t on Amazon Prime not Netflix yet but it sounds good. Rogue One was okay, but it had too much dying and felt useless and had somewhat of a few plot holes and things that were dumb. I would prefer the doing away of Rogue One and having The Force Unleash instead. Except I do t want that to happen because it can’t and it would be annoying if it did happen. I just wish they never did Rogue One and announced that TFU was cannon.

  13. I wish they had an actor that better resembled the real Han Solo; Harrison Ford. I understand that is hard to do, but they could have done better probably. A funny thing I’ve heard people say is that fans would probably love to just have Harrison Ford play the young Solo and all the fans pretend he is young. Something like that. But the Solo movie will most likely be great. I wonder if they will remedy the error of the “12 parsecs” incident. Parsecs are a form of measurement/distance, not actual seconds. There have been theories that explain how it would make sense if in a certain strange way, but originally it was just a mess-up of Lucas or something, or the character was dumb and he was trying to impress them. But Han isn’t dumb, but trying to impress them is something I wouldn’t be surprised to see him try to do. Lando and some of the others look cool.

  14. I like all of it but the best part is at the end when the video says "May The Force Be With You" 🙂 Thank you for the FULL BREAKDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think this might be around the time the stormtroopers are still using the phase 2 clone armor from the clone wars, so we might see that as well but I'm only taking this with a grain of salt.

  16. darth maul is in the film for about 10 seconds but it isnt because of what u explained on the video

  17. Wish I could say I’m looking forwards to this, but it does seem like it may miss the mark on many things. Not least of which is the casting choice for Solo himself.

  18. SPOILER!!
    I saw Solo last night in Berlin and yes! Maul was in it!!! he was the secret Boss

  19. Just saw the Han solo movie, Obviously you some how saw the leaked movie months before because everything from Darth Maul to the ejected escape pod you got right…. either that or you're a time traveller my g

  20. I just saw the film tonight, wrapped about an hour ago. Let me just say…. Bro…. It is scary how good you are at predictions… about 80%-85% of your info on this video(3 months ago, no less….!!!) was DEAD. ON. Impressive. Most Impressive.

    (Oh, and you'll be tickled to know that I got the biggest laugh in the theater. I yelled out "HAN ALWAYS SHOOTS FIRST!!!" You know the scene.)

    Keep crushing it man, your stuff is awesome!

  21. That moment when he came up



    When is saw his weapon

    Me: ogmgogmgomgomg

    But it kinda looks like an Inquisitor hilt.


  22. There is a mistake with the time line with the Solo movie

    Darth mall is shown but he died in episode 1

    Chewy (not having met solo yet) is with yoda in episode 2

    Chewy is with solo here when Darth M. Is in this same time line but he should already be dead


  23. Must feel nice to be right about such a seemingly crazy theory 👍 both Darth Maul and about the escape pod!

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